Immortal - Book 2: Chapter 9 - Crown Prince Hao San

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Book 2: The Golden Lock of the Eight Gates

Chapter 9: Crown Prince Hao San


Zhong Shan, at the moment, didn’t have the time to enjoy their closeness. He used both of his hands to tightly hold onto the rock while pressing down on Tianling-er.

The back side of the big rock had been carved by Zhong Shan into a smooth convex shape. The purpose was to keep the rock intact under tremendous force. He was successful; since it didn’t crack from the initial impact then it wouldn’t afterwards.

Accelerating faster and faster the big rock carried both of them upwards.  The two of them were quickly acclimatizing to the speed.

Tianling-er was pressed down under Zhong Shan’s body. Her face had turned fully red and her eyes were closed as tightly as she could.

Gradually, the pressure from the rock grew weaker and weaker.

“Zhong Shan, you can let go of me now.” Tianling-er called with a small voice.

Zhong Shan simply ignored her; he knew the most dangerous and critical moment was about to come any moment. When the speed decreased to a certain point, that would be the moment they separate from the rock and fly out.

They had to pressed down against the rock as closely as possible.

Zhong Shan held tightly to the rock and pressed down on Tianling-er even harder.

Seeing Zhong Shan ignoring her, Tianling-er was annoyed, but still blushed. Yet, for some unknown reason, she was not bothered from being in close contact with Zhong Shan.

Finally, the force of the rock had dissipated and the two bodies separated from the rock and continued upwards.

Tianling-er took the change with surprise. Originally, it was the rock pushing her against Zhong Shan’s body, but now, it seemed like she was rushing into Zhong Shan who was stationary.

At that instance, Tianling-er finally understood why Zhong Shan didn’t release her earlier. She looked at Zhong Shan in awe. It seemed that there wasn’t anything in the world that could stop Zhong Shan. Zhong Shan too impressive, almost magical.


A large rock, amidst a large amount of steam, blew out of the three thousands meters high volcanic crater.

They were out, they were out. They were saved?

At that moment, both of them felt like screaming on top of their lungs. The air outside was refreshing; no, actually it was revitalizing.

They both took deep breaths.

After they flew for about 30 meters, the rock suddenly stalled in mid air, then it fell straight down.

“AH~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~”

Tianling-er screamed.

“Bang~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~ ~”

The rock fell down onto the edge of the crater and rapidly slid downhill.

“Huhuhuhu~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~”

The bottom of the rock was very smooth, so it moved down swiftly. But the terrain was rugged leading to a very bumpy ride. Despite being held in Zhong Shan’s arms, she almost couldn’t stand it.

Finally, the long ride down ended.


In the end, the rock came to a rest in a quiet valley.

Tianling-er felt as if her bones were going to fall apart.

Zhong Shan carefully got up and asked, “How are you doing? Everything alright?”

“I-I’m alright.” Tianling-er stammered.

“En, that’s good. Let’s rest a bit and then I’ll take you to find da shixiong right away.” Zhong Shan said.

Zhong Shan always kept his words. Since he had promised Tianling-er earlier, he would certainly take Tianling-er to find da shixiong. However, he had his own responsibilities. He was going to take her to see da shixiong and if she wanted to stay with da shixiong, then he would have to stay with Tianling-er as well.

He had promised Tianxingzi to return Tianling-er safely, he wouldn’t allow any mishap to happen to her.

One month later, it was at a very peculiar place deep inside a mountain.

The mountain wasn’t very tall yet, at the moment, it was enveloped by great mass of white fog. The appearance of fog was unnatural. It was obviously the result of some sort of magic formation placed around the mountain.

Many taller mountains circled this foggy mountain like an arena covered by a white curtain in the middle of a great colosseum.

On the peaks of the surrounding mountains were crowds of people. People from various backgrounds stood on the top of different mountains. They all gazed at the foggy mountain but not a single one rushed in. They all just quietly waited.

On top of the mountain to the north, a group of people from the Kaiyang School stood there.

The group was led by the second generation da shixiong Tiansha and third shijie Beiqingsi. There were eight other people standing behind them as support.

“Shimei, what do you think?” Tiansha glanced at Beiqingsi and one could see the adoration in his eyes.

“Qingsi doesn’t have an opinion. I’ll listen to da shixiong.” Beiqingsi spoke flatly. Her eyes were locked onto the foggy mountain and didn’t pay much attention to Tiansha. Evidently, she didn’t particularly cared for Tiansha’s adoration.

Tiansha frowned. He closed his mouth and turned to looked at that foggy mountain as well.

On the peak to the east, which was one of the better geographically situated peaks, was another group of people. It was composed of about 20 people and the leader was an imposing lady.

The lady was tall with slender, beautiful legs. She wore black silk and even without seeing her face, one would still be struck by her beauty.

The lady held herself confidently. She had bright eyes which revealed a strong sense of pride. It was the kind of pride not from one who looked down on others, but rather a natural outcome from her self-confidence and grandiose presence.

“Mr. Shuijing, Hao San is right in front of us. Tell us, what should we do about it?”  The lady turned her head and looked at a man behind her with smile.

The man had an appearance of a mortal at the age of 40.  He wore a smooth white robe with a scholarly and elegant look.

The man was holding a white, feather fan in his hand. He moved his fan slightly as if he had everything planned out in his mind.

When asked by the lady, the man, Mr. Shuijing, slightly smiled. “Princess, you already have a plan. Why ask me?”

“Qianyou, I’ll go down now to capture Hao San for you.” A handsome teenager by their side quickly spoke with great eagerness.

Unhappy with his rashness, Princess Qianyou slightly crossed her eyebrows and said, “With so many people waiting, wouldn’t you created riot if you rushed down? Besides, you think that Hao San is an idiot?”

The teenager, somewhat displeased, angrily looked at the foggy mountain in the distance.

“My Prince, be patient. It will take time to catch the big fish.” Mr. Shuijing said with a smile.

“Who asked you. I’m talking to Qianyou, there’s no place for a subordinate to speak here.” The teenager angrily said to Mr. Shuijing. It appeared that he was unleashing his displeasure upon Mr. Shuijing.

“Gulin, shut up. How can you speak to Mr. Shuijing this way?” Princess Qianyou immediately scolded.

Mr. Shuijing stood at the side awkwardly.

“He is a subordinate of my father. Did I say anything wrong?” Gulin replied right away.

Looking at Gulin in disgust, Princess Qianyou said, “It took me a lot trouble to invite Mr. Shuijing to come with us. If you are going to act this way, then go back immediately. Don’t follow me around.”

“Alright, alright. I’ll stop talking.” Gulin tried to appease Princess Qianyou while looking at Mr. Shuijing with wrath.

Princess Qianyou frowned and in silence turned back to look at that foggy mountain.

Though the mountain was surrounded by a vast expanse of white fog, it was clear in the center. The top of the mountain was flat, overgrown with grass and trees.

There was a temple on the top. A huge square was in front of the temple and there were two people there.

One, in black, looked to be about the age of a mortal at 50 and knelt on the ground with a horsetail whisk in hand. He seemed quite worried and frightened.

“Crown Prince San, don’t. This is the fiftieth one. You can’t take it any more. You won’t make it if you keep this up. I can’t watch you end the Hao family like this.” The man in black panickedly tried to persuade the other person.

In front of the black clothed man was a man in a splendid white robe. He was quite fair looking but his hair was let down loosely, most having turned grey.  This was the one everyone was after, Hao San.

“Old Wei, you’re an eunuch. What do you know?” Hao San sadly smiled.

“Crown Prince San, Old Wei and Old Zhao have served you for many years. Now the whole Hao family is left with only you. If you perished, then who would avenge those enmities of the past? Who would bring the Hao family back to its old glory? Crown Prince San, you can’t eat it any more.” Old Wei said.

Looking at Old Wei, Hao San sadly smiled. “I’m the only one left? Haha, look out there. Will those people out there leave us alone? They want to annihilate my family. It’s death either way. It’s just that you got implicated as well.”

“Crown Prince San, Old Wei will always be the servant of the Hao family living or dead. It’s my blessing to be able to serve you. I’m not afraid of death.” Old Wei said immediately.

Hao San sighed looking at Old Wei in front of him.

“Old Wei, we are doomed this time. But, you can have a peace of mind knowing that the Hao family will not be extinct after I die. I have a blood descendent whom I have sent to the Dragon Palace. He will survive. Let my death attract all so he may have a better chance to survive.” Hao San firmly stated.

“Really, is it true?” Old Wei said with amazement as if it was his own grandson.

“Yes, he’s in the Dragon Palace, his safety is guaranteed. Bring over the ‘Butian Pellet’.”

Hao San said without hesitation.

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