Immortal - Book2: Chapter 11 - Roaming Snakes

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Book 2: The Golden Lock of the Eight Gates

Chapter 11: Roaming Snakes


“Zhong Shan, how do you know that da shixiong is here?” Tianling-er asked while walking

For some reason, Tianling-er wasn’t anxious to meet up with da shixiong as before. On the way here, Tianling-er kept persuading herself that she truly wanted to see him, she had to see him. Besides, she had reached the tenth level of Xiantian already and would reach the Gold Core Stage soon. Once she reached the Gold Core Stage, then da shixiong had to address her his little shimei and she wouldn’t be just a little girl in da shixiong’s eyes anymore.

“They’ve tracked down Hao San to the area right past this canyon. A crowd of Immortal School disciples have surrounded him; I’m sure we will find people from our Kaiyang School as well.” Zhong Shan said after a moment of thought.

“Oh.” Tianling-er nodded and lowered her head deep in thought. She kept kicking pebbles along the road as they moved forward.

Zhong Shan shook his head in amusement.

Finally, they came out of the canyon. Right at the opening, they could see a mountain completely covered by white fog with many taller mountains circled around it.

There were people standing on top of each of the taller mountains, all staring at the foggy mountain in the center with grim faces.

Upon seeing the scene before them, Zhong Shan became concerned at the current situation.

“Da shixiong, it’s da shixiong. And third shijie.” Tianling-er abruptly pointed to the mountain top to the north excitedly.

What Tianling-er didn’t realize was that she noticed da shixiong and Beiqingsi at the same time. If it was in the old days, her eyes would focus solely on da shixiong and ignoring the existence of anyone else.

The moment Tianling-er saw da shixiong she was happy, like a subconscious reaction, and quickly ran out of the canyon towards the mountain where the Kaiyang School occupied.


Zhong Shan wasn’t fast enough to stop her and Tianling-er had already dashed out. Zhong Shan sighed slightly and ran after her.

The two runners inside the valley instantly attracted the attention of all the spectators.

They had all been focused on the foggy mountain. While they waited for Hao San to show his face, they were also wary of the other groups. Unless one had overwhelming might, the first group to rush out definitely wouldn’t be the one who was victorious in the end.

The sudden appearance of Tianling-er and Zhong Shan stunned all the spectators. Were these two after Hao San?

Some of them became alarmed, yet the two were rushing towards the mountain to the north, not the foggy mountain.

What were they up to?

On top the mountain to the east, “Qianyou, those two are moving in.” Gulin called out the young lady next to him.

Princess Qianyou frowned when she heard Gulin and glanced at Gulin as if finally fed up with him.

“Prince, those two are only at the Xiantian stage and they are running towards the north side. It’s unlikely that they are after Hao San.” Mr. Shuijing explained.

“Only Xiantian stage?” Gulin finally believed Mr. Shuijing.

On the north side, where disciples from the Kaiyang School were, “Da shixiong, it’s Ling-er. And the new disciple of our school.” Yunqian recognized the two immediately.

Da shixiong was first taken back seeing the two moving towards them at a fast pace, then he glanced at Beiqingsi next to him and frowned.  

Tiansha wasn’t a fool; he naturally knew that Tianling-er admired him. However, Beiqingsi was right next to him now. He wouldn’t want Beiqingsi to misunderstand anything.

At this moment, Beiqingsi was also focused on the two people down below. To be more precise, Beiqingsi was staring at Zhong Shan. She couldn’t help but remember their last meeting at the hot spring.

Zhong Shan? Why did he show up again? She purposely had missed the meeting in the Kaiyang Hall to save herself from the embarrassment of seeing him. It hadn’t been very long since their last encounter and they were going to meet again?

Beiqingsi also slightly frowned. She didn’t know how to face Zhong Shan later.

However, Tianling-er was fast approaching and Tiansha and Beiqingsi couldn’t pretend not to see her coming.

Zhong Shan closely followed behind Tianling-er. He had sensed the danger in the gazes from all the powerful men on top of the surrounding mountains. Their gazes were hardly friendly, obviously they had unknowingly disturbed the others by rushing in. Could it be that Hao San was inside the foggy mountain?

As they were running, suddenly, a tremendously loud noise coming from behind.

“Ang~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~”

The loud noise made Tianling-er stop and turd around to face the foggy mountain in shock.

All the people on the surrounding mountains had turned their attention from Zhong Shan to look at the foggy mountain as well. After all, their target was hiding there. Even the people from the Kaiyang School focused their attention towards the foggy mountain.

As the great din died away, the white fog gradually dissipated. Everyone noticed that the foot of the mountain was not the color of the earth, but that of gold.  Apparently, the magic formation had turned the ground at the base of the mountain into pure metal to defend the mountain.

When the formation was removed, the golden ground slowly changed color. As this happened, many white flags appeared around the entire mountain.

A flag formation.

A old man in black with a horsetail whisk in his hand signed with his hand and all the white flags flew into his hand.

Snakes, fifty-one of them, giant thirty-meter long snakes angrily hissed with their heads raised. It was a fearsome sight. There was also a single 150 meters long snake, no, dragon, it was a Qiu Dragon. There was a horn on the head of Qiu Dragon pointing sharply towards the sky. Its appearance was even more shocking.

A Qiu Dragon?

Each group of disciples broke into an uproar. How could it be? How could it be a Qiu Dragon?

The Qiu Dragon was 150 meters long and one third of it, at least 50 meters high, was standing in the air. Both of its eyes were cold as ice. Its gigantic body looked extremely terrifying and immensely powerful.

On the huge dragon horn, stood a white haired man in white. His eyes were filled with defiance and indifference.

“Ang~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~ ~”

The Qiu Dragon roared towards the sky once more as if flexing its muscle to scare its foes.

As it roared, the fifty-one snakes, divided into three groups, quickly slithered down the mountain towards three different directions.

One group of 16 big snakes happened to move northward.

Tianling-er hadn’t recovered from the shock of seeing such an earth-shaking scene, Zhong Shan already felt that the hair all over his body had stood up.

“Go~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~”

Zhong Shan shouted with bloodshot eyes and pulled Tianling-er in a mad dash northeast, rather than directly north.

The speed of the snakes was terrifying. In no time they had already descended the mountain. Moreover, some of them even raised their heads before smashing it into the ground. They entered the ground just like that and disappeared underground.

While running away, Zhong Shan was even more anxious now seeing the snakes burrow. They were closing in. They seemed bloodthirsty and moved towards Zhong Shan.

The people from the Kaiyang School were in shock. Beiqingsi and Tiansha quickly rushed downhill, followed by all the other members.

On top of the mountain in the east, Princess Qianyou looked at all the slithering snakes and the Qiu Dragon with her brows knitted.

“Qiu Dragon? It really is Qiu Dragon?” Gulin also frowned as he watched all that had happened in surprise. He realized the difficulty of the current situation.

Mr. Shuijing moved his feather fan back and forth with slightly squinted eyes. He glanced at the Qiu Dragon and Hao San who was on top of the dragon head, then he focused on the black robed Old Wei.

Gulin moved his attention from the Qiu Dragon to Princess Qianyou again. When he saw the grim-faced Princess, suddenly spoke impulsively, “Qianyou, I’ll send people over to capture Hao San for you.”

When he finished, he turned around ready to give the orders, “You guys………………”

“Shut up.” Princess Qianyou glared at Gulin.

Mr. Shuijing slightly shook his head as he swayed his fan. Obviously, he also considered Gulin a liability.

The speed of the snakes was swift and they were gaining on Zhong Shan and Tianling-er.

Tianlling-er had also come to her senses. She ran with Zhong Shan towards the slope ahead of them while Beiqingsi and Tiansha had almost flown down to where they were. Almost. Yet, the giant snakes behind them were advancing quicker than the people flying above.

“Jump onto the boulder. Jump.” Zhong Shan shouted.

Right in front of them, there was a big, black rock. If they could get onto the boulder, then with one more jump, those who were flying above could catch them with their flying swords and they would quickly fly to safety.

Tianling-er could already smell the stench coming from the mouths of those snakes. She did as Zhong Shan had instructed without any hesitation.

The two of them almost landed on the boulder at the same time. Then, both of them used all their strength to stomp on the rock. The boulder shattered into pieces but the two flew up.

“Boom~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~”

Right next to the broken rock, with the shaking of the ground, a large amount of dirt and rock shot into the sky. A snake head, the huge head of a red snake emerged from the big hole with its mouth wide open at deadly speed preparing to chomp on the two in the air.

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