Instant Kill - Volume 1 Chapter 2

Guo Lei is the name of the Fu Warrior who entered, because his voice is as loud as thunderbolts, people nicknamed him Thunderstorm. As time went by, everyone has forgotten his real name. Guo Lei is a small team leader within the Fu Warriors of the Guo Clan, but because no Fu Knight adopted him, he continued to serve as a guard of the Guo Clan.

"Patriarch, Uncle Guo Yi came back with severe injuries! We rushed here after learning where the FuZhou Master was, please save Uncle!" said Thunderstorm in a lower voice which still sounded like rolling thunder.

Patriarch Guo Da Guang was shocked, not believing this news. He quickly sobered up and said, "Quick! Carry him in quickly!" He then ordered everyone else to leave. He ran to the front of Chen Chun Zhai and with a bitter smile, he said: "Elder Chen, I'm really sorry to bother you."

Chen Chun Zhai was silent, nodding his head gently.

Guo Da Guang said in a relieved tone, "All materials will be paid by the Guo's family, with an additional one thousand five hundred Black Fu Bills."

A burst of noise came from the outside and a group of half naked Fu Warriors entered. Guo 12th noticed that all of these Fu Warrior had patterns all over their bodies.

Four big men came in lifting a stretcher where a sturdy middle-aged man laid unconscious. They placed the stretcher on the table and took off the animal hides worn by the man. The man's body was covered with layers of patterns, causing his skin to be barely visible. Four huge wounds can be seen, from the top of his chest to the stomach, with blood oozing out rapidly.

Chen Chun Zhai walked over there, with Guo 12th following as it was a good opportunity for him to learn. Guo 12th has seen many people die in his previous life, he was not afraid of the bloody appearance of Guo Yi. Chen Chun Zhai saw Guo 12th's calm and collected reaction causing him to give an even better evaluation.

"He is a Fu Knight!" Chen Chun Zhai said in a surprise after seeing Guo Yi.

Fu Warriors and Fu Knights are on completely different levels. Fu Warriors are generally weaker and have a lower cultivation level than Fu Knights. It is extremely difficult to rise to the levels of Fu Knight from Fu Warrior. Not only do one need to spend a lot of money and materials, they also need the help of either a FuZhou Knight or a Fu Knight.

Patriarch Guo Da Guang's forehead was full of sweat as he saw how Chen Chun Zhai has become a little annoyed, and quickly said, "Elder Chen, Guo Yi didn't follow any FuZhou Knight or Fu Knight, he became a Fu Knight through the training of the Guo Clan."

Chen Chun Zhai was relieved. In general, one who has risen to the levels of a Fu Knight would require the help of either a FuZhou Knight or a Fu Knight. But Guo Yi was able to reach the level of a Fu Knight by solely relying on the cultivation techniques from the Guo Clan, his ability should be treasured by the clan.

Chen Chun Zhai replied coolly: "I thought he was Fu Warrior!"

Guo Da Guang said hurriedly: "Trust me, I know the rules, you will be rewarded if you save him."

Guo 12th understood that they were negotiating. He could tell that Chen Chun Zhai was being aggressive. It seemed that Chen Chun Zhai just wanted to confirm the Patriarch's promise, not wanting the Patriarch to play tricks later.

Chen Chun Zhai said, "Bring a pot of hot water, and also gather a few quick-handed people.

The Patriarch yell: "Quick, ask people to come quickly!"

Guo 12th said: "Grandpa Chen, let me help!"

"You? Are you not afraid?" said Chen Chun Zhai, he recognized the qualities needed for a 8-year-old child to offer help in such a bloody atmosphere. From Guo 12th's calm expression, he could tell that there was not a hint of fear in the child.

Chen Chun Zhai unconsciously said: "Okay, go clean up the wounds." He treated this as a test for Guo 12th.

Guo 12th was a soldier in his previous life, it was not difficult to stop the bleeding and place bandages over the wounds.

Guo 12th brought in a big wooden tub, and began to clean the wounds with a cloth. The wounds were very severe causing onlookers to become frightened from just a look. The wounds should be caused by the claws of a monstrous beast. Luckily it was not life-threatening, Guo Yi is unconscious because the amount of blood loss is just too severe.

Even though the wounds are large and scary looking, Guo 12th is able to clean them up quickly because they just reached the flesh without damaging any internal organs. From this incident, Guo 12th realized that even though he is only 8 years old, he had the strength of an adult from his previous life.

"All set, Grandpa Chen." said Guo 12th.

Chen Chun Zhai was surprised, the techniques used by Guo 12th was strange, fast, and clean. It was equivalent to the work of a professional. he asks, "Good! 12th, where did you learn this from?"

Guo 12th responds with, "Just cleaning up the wounds is not difficult at all."

Chen Chun Zhai was speechless from the response. He walked to the front of Guo Yi, observed closely, and said: "Patriarch Guo, more than 70 Light Fu on his flesh is damaged and will have to be removed. You don't have to worry about the wounds. I have 4 Fu medicines in hand, it should be enough to save him. However, you will have to find a FuZhou Master to heal him with Light Fu when he gets better."

Guo Da Guang said: "We will, we will! Elder Chen please save him."

Chen Chun Zhai stared at the wounds, while a chopstick-sized wooden needle covered with patterns appeared in his hand. The wooden needle moved along with the patterns on the wounds. Guo 12th stood close by and he clearly saw how the wooden needle began to glow.

Along with the movements of the needle, the patterns on Guo Yi's wounds gradually disappeared. The skin turned back to its original color. After half an hour, the skin around the wounds were clean with no patterns remaining. Chen Chun Zhai put away the needle, and a green leaf appeared in this hand.

Guo 12th thought the leaf was special just from a look. The leaf had layers after layers of patterns. A faint medicine fragrance can be smelled. He thought, "Can this be Fu medicine? It is really magical, completely different from the medicine used in my previous life."

Chen Chun Zhai placed the Fu medicine on one of the wounds and gently touched it with his fingertips. Guo 12th suddenly felt a wave of soul energy, the energy was very clear causing him to be shocked. 12 Guo suddenly thought, "Did he use the power of the soul to activate the Fu medicine? How can the power of the soul be used?"

He was astonished by what happened next.

The Fu medicine melted very fast and spread along the wound. The wounds healed quickly, in about 2 to 3 minutes, there was only a red line left on the wound. After Chen Chun Zhai used 4 Fu medicines, the wounds were completely healed. Although Guo Yi was still unconscious, his life was not at risk.

Chen Chun Zhai washed his hands and said: "Patriarch Guo, we were truly lucky this time. If I did not bring 4 Fu medicines with me, the amount of blood loss would have killed him. You owe me 160 Black Fu bills for the procedure, and 2000 Black Fu bills for each Fu medicine."

Guo Da Guang answers straightforwardly, "Okay! Thank you Elder Chen! Thank you so much!" He knew that Chen Chun Zhai was not overcharging him, and just asked for the amount to cover the cost. If he went out to buy the Fu medicines used, it would cost him around 2600 to 3000 Black Fu bills each. He knew that as a FuZhou Master, Chen Chun Zhai can buy them at a better price.

"Black Fu Bills?" Guo 12th thought to himself, this place did not use gold or silver as currency, instead, it used Black Fu Bills? How did a Black Fu Bill look like? Why didn't he know about this?

"12th young master!"

Guo 12th turned around, and saw Uncle Puer timidly standing by his side and asked: "12th young master? Uncle Puer, why are you addressing me like this?"

Puer humbly smiled and said: "12th young master, you are now a noble, I can not address you like before."

Guo 12th shakes his head, he did not like such titles and said: "Uncle Puer, what can I help you with?"

Uncle Puer glanced at Chen Chun Zhai secretly and fearfully mumbled: "12th young master, your father wants you to come back home, he also asks the FuZhou come together with us..."

Chen Chun Zhai quickly gives Uncle Puer a glance causing him to stop talking.

Guo 12th was planning on returning home soon, even though his father Guo Liang did not show any love for Guo 12th he was still his father in this life, he says, "Grandpa Chen..."

Chen Chun Zhai clearly heard the conversation, and nodded with a reply, "I will go with you." Even though he has only met Guo 12th for half a day he was attracted to this special child.

Guo 12th smiled and said: "Thank you Grandpa Chen."

Chen Chun Zhai said: "Let's go, it is late." He was followed by 4 Fu Warriors, the other Fu Warriors were watching over the children.

Following Uncle Puer, they quickly arrived back home.

Guo Liang along with his 6 wives and a few hired Fu Warriors, respectfully greeted Chen Chun Zhai. Guo Liang tells the servants to bring out the food. Big pieces of meat, large pots of soup, and a big basket of steamed buns were served.

Both of them did not have dinner yet. Guo 12th was extremely hungry and quickly began to eat.

There is no expectation with the food here, you only need to filled up. Very soon, the food on the table was gone. The servants brought out warm water for everyone to clean up, afterwards everyone sat back down to their seats.

Chen Chun Zhai looked at Guo Liang, and said with a surprise, "You are a Zhou Warrior?"

Guo Liang said bitterly: "Yes, but I was unable to improve further, so I came back home to get married and contribute to the family. Haha, I am simply the most common Flame Zhou Warrior."

Chen Chun Zhai asks, "How many Fu can you use?"

Guo Liang said, "Around 20 to 25 Fu, I can't used any more than that."

Chen Chun Zhai nodded, "It is pretty good if you can use 25 Fu, but after 25 Fu, how long do you have to wait to use another one?"

Guo Liang said: "I can recover in 15 minutes."

Chen Chun Zhai said: "Then you are a pretty good Flame Zhou Warrior, which Flame Fu can you use?"

Guo Liang showed a hint of embarrassment and said: "I can only use two Flame Fu, the Rocket Fu, which can be fired up to 50 steps away, and Explosion Fu. I cannot find any other Flame Fu that are suitable to me."

Even though Guo 12th did not understand what was going on, he memorized the conversation in order to understand it out later.

Chen Chun Zhai thought for a moment and finally said, “I really like Guo 12th, he has great potential, take this Fire Moon Fu as a gift. This Flame Fu needs to be refilled after activating 6 times, if not, it will be destroyed after its 8th activation.”

Guo Liang was overjoyed, this Fu was made by a FuZhou Master it is a lot more powerful than the ones created by a Fu Knight. With this Fire Moon Fu, his strength can at least be doubled. He said his thanks in a hurry and put the Fu into his bag very carefully.

With a wry smile, Guo 12th began to feel a bit of resentment towards his father for being so thoughtless.

Guo Liang said, “12th is an honest child, please look after him.”

Guo 12th almost laughed out loud. In fact, being a monk in his past life, he was very honest. He chanted Buddhist scriptures all day, he stayed in the temples his whole life. Reincarnated to his second life, he went through countless hardships. Although he strived to be honest, it was not easy for him.

Guo Li, Guo 12th’s biological mother was as silent as the other 5 mothers. She sat there the whole time and later returned back to the rooms inside. Guo 12th wondered why the mother-child relationship in this world was so cold.

Soon, the servants brought out two crates. Guo Liang handed a small bag to Guo 12th and whispered, “12th, here’s some money for you, there are 60 Black Fu Bills, 100 Silver Fu Bills, and a few Green Fu Bills. Inside the crates are some clothes and a blanket for you, buy anything you need. Keep this money safe, understand?”

Even though it was not a lot of money, Guo 12th felt his father's sincerity. He nodded and thanked his father with a smile.

Guo Liang went inside the room and brought out a small wooden box. He said, “Elder Chen, I obtained this bone a long time ago, but could not get a good price for it. It has no use for me now, please take it with you.”

Guo 12th curiously looked at it while Chen Chun Zhai showed no interest. He opened the box and his expression suddenly changed. “A patterned bone!” he cried. This bone is the same size as an adult's palm. It is snow white with light blue patterns faintly visible.

Chen Chun Zhai placed the bone on his forehead, and a dazzling light began to glow from the light blue patterns on the bone. A while later, Chen Chun Zhai happily said, “Good, it turns out to be a complete patterned bone, a very good gift.”

Chen Chun Zhai passed the bone to Guo 12th, and said, “I am not sure what beast this bone belongs to, but it is surely from an ancient beast since the beasts nowadays do not have such nice bone patterns.”

Guo 12th handled the bone very cautiously and Chen Chun Zhai laughs and said, “You do not have to be so cautious, this bone is very hard, the only downside to it is its size. The value would be very high if it was a little bit bigger.”

Guo 12th took a look at the bone and it was beyond his understanding of what it was even with his experience from his previous lives. He could not think of anything similar between any animal bones he has encountered with and the patterned bone he is currently looking at. The bone had a shiny glow and was clear like jade, it also resembled naturally formed rocks which have their own unique beauty.

Guo 12th placed the bone on his forehead similar to what Chen Chun Zhai has done. Soon a dazzling light began to glow from it too. Chen Chun Zhai had his mouth wide open and was completely shocked at what he has just witnessed. This child can also activate the patterned bone which was a FuZhou Knight's ability.

The patterns on the bone was very complex, Guo 12th quickly felt lightheaded. He placed the bone down while shaking his head and said, “Ah, very complex patterns…”

Chen Chun Zhai looked very serious and asked, “12th, can you clearly see the patterns inside the bone?”

Guo 12th did not understand why Chen Chun Zhai looked so serious, he replies with, “Yes, I can clearly see the patterns, but it is very complex, I am confused from just looking at the lines.”

Chen Chun Zhai had mixed emotions, this was the first time he had met a child with so much potential. His ability was promising.

Even though Guo Liang was a Zhou Warrior, his knowledge and experience were limited. He did not know how amazing his own son was.

Chen Chun Zhai put the bone away and ordered a Fu Warrior to carry Guo 12th’s crates, then he said his farewells to Guo Liang and left.

Guo Liang sent them out to the door, and watched them walk away.

After awhile, Guo 12th would occasionally turn around and see his father still standing by the door. He pondered on why the people of this world do not show their love towards their families. His father probably cared for him, but concealed it, Guo 12th did not have the soul of a typical child, he could easily see through his father's masked feelings with his observation.

That night, Guo 12th followed Chen Chun Zhai and slept in a grand hotel.

The next day, Guo Da Guang brought parents to say their farewells to their children. 14 children were definitely leaving. 4 who had Fu Knight potential, 9 who had Zhou Knight potential, and Guo 12th who was the only one with FuZhou potential. 26 children with Fu Warrior potential was also selected to leave. There would be a total of 40 children leaving.

The Guo Clan lived near the Qing Chang River.

The easiest and safest way to travel through was by boat. No one would walk on the road if they could use boats, since walking on the road was very dangerous.

There were three ships in total, Chen Chun Zhai led the 14 children and more than ten Fu Warriors to one of the ship. Hong Chang Feng along with a dozen Fu Warriors and an Ice Zhou Knight went on the ship that was in the front. The rest of the 26 children went on the last ship.

Guo 12th was not as excited as the other children which made Chen Chun Zhai very surprised. While other children were playing at the deck, Guo 12th followed Chen Chun Zhai to the cabin and asked, “Grandpa Chen, is there any books here?”

Chen Chun Zhai was shocked and replied, “You know how to read?”

Guo 12th nodded, “I know a little bit.” He did not know whether the words here would be the same as his previous life.

From Chen Chun Zhai’s waist, he took out a few books. Guo 12th was amazed and quickly asks, “Grandpa Chen, where did you get these books from? How can they appear out of nowhere so suddenly?”

“This is a Fu hidden bag, which can only be used by FuZhou Knights, Fu Knights, and Zhou Knights, Fu Warriors cannot use this item. It can be used to store Fu or small objects, you will be able to make these yourself in the future.” says Chen Chun Zhai.

Guo 12th was shocked. This world really have magical items, in his previous life these items would only appear in novels. He could not wait to become a FuZhou Knight and quietly yearned for that moment in his heart.

Chen Chun Zhai had a total of three books. They were “Animal Research”, “Tree Species”, and “Jade”.

Chen Chun Zhai said, “You need to study these to become a FuZhou Knight. You can ask me any questions, I will be in the next cabin."

Guo 12th was overjoyed, he said in a happy tone, “That’s great, thank you Grandpa Chen.”

Chen Chun Zhai was happy and said softly, “Relax at the deck when you are tired. We will be living in the ship for 3 months.” Then leaves the room.

Guo 12th could not wait to open the first book “Animal Research”. This book introduced the beasts of the world. He noticed that the animals from this world had similarities to the ones from his previous life, even the names were similar. But there would also be essential differences between the two.

For example, the wolves here looked similar to the ones in his previous life, but the wolves here were classified into many categories. The fiercest wolves were the same size as a calf and according to the book, these wolves were strong to the point where even Fu Warriors cannot rival them. However, these types of wolves were uncommon and it was mostly just common wolves roaming around. Common wolves were fierce as well, with sharp claws and teeth, which would cause ordinary people to have trouble escaping.

The “Animal Research” book recorded more than 50 types of animals. There were even a few birds recorded, but the majority of the book had information on beasts which lived on land, to Guo 12th the information from the book was eye-opening.

The next book, “Tree Species” recorded many different types of rare tree species. Again many of them were similar to the ones from his previous life. The trees in this world were not used to make furniture, but to make Fu. FuZhou Knights and Fu Knights would use different tree species as raw materials.

The book, “Jade” held information on different types of stones and jades used as raw materials for creating Fu.

A month later, Guo 12th spent most of his time relaxing his mind. The experience he gained from his previous life helped him become more composed and patient. He not only finished reading the three books, he also fully memorized them. Thanked to his strong soul, he had an extraordinary memory.

Since this world was still very strange to Guo 12th, he would always have questions for Chen Chun Zhai and would also ask for his advice. Chen Chun Zhai was impressed by Guo 12th's hardworking actions. Guo 12th had unwittingly learnt a lot from Chen Chun Zhai. And finally began to get a better understanding of this world.

Although it is hard to believe, Guo 12th understood that he has entered a strange world of FuZhou. FuZhou in this world is comparable to science and technology from his previous life. Both plays an extremely important role in the development of the world. Only those who have mastered the power of FuZhou can stand on the peak of this world.

From the month of studying and learning from Chen Chun Zhai, Guo 12th understood the cruelty of this world. Guo 12th learnt that not only was there fights with monstrous beasts, there would also be fights between men. In this world there were many secret areas, many strange existences, and many rare raw materials for Fu making, but in order to find and obtain them, one had to kill all their enemies.

How big was this world? Even FuZhou Master Chen Chun Zhai cannot give a clear answer. This FuZhou world, to Guo 12th is full of wonders and adventures, Guo 12th was filled with admiration, thinking about the world.

The weather gradually became colder. Guo 12th could not find suitable clothing from the crates. Luckily Chen Chun Zhai gave him a leather robe, otherwise he would freeze to death by the time they reached their destination.

On their way to their destination, there would occasionally be beasts that would come drink from the Qing Chang River. These beasts had a very bizarre appearance, which caused Guo 12th to be filled with astonishment.

Ke Lala!!

A black dot appeared in the sky and it was moving very fast as if it was flickering. It was a big bird which resembled an eagle. Guo 12th instantly recognized the beast since he read “Animal Research”.

“Thunder Eagle! Hide!” he shouted and ran as quickly as he can to the cabin.