Instant Kill - Volume 1 Chapter 4

Hong Chang Feng quickly walked behind each Fu Warrior and gave them a slap in the back. The Fu Warriors quickly got excited as though they have been injected with stimulants. The FuZhou on their body began to glow. Guo 12th discovered this and asked, “Huo Bao, do you know what is Grandpa Hong doing?”

Huo Bao was definitely aware of what was going on since he also had Fu Warrior potential. He said, “Grandpa Hong is a Fu Knight, he is now activating the FuZhou on the Fu Warrior’s body.”

Guo 12th curiously asked, “They can't activate it themselves?”

Huo Bao smiled, “Of course they can, just not as fast and effective as a Fu Knight.”

Guo 12th nodded and continued watching.

Hong Chang Feng activated the FuZhou for all the Fu Warriors, and quickly returned. Fu Knights were not suitable for battle.


The wolves started to howl. They did not immediately attack, they quickly surrounded the sleds and began to run in circles. It was frightening to see over 400 wolves running extremely fast. You could barely hear them run, it was like seeing ghosts.

The fur on the Ice Blood Wolves were not red, it was either light green or white. A moment later, a cold aura appeared and began to spread, this was an unique ability of the Ice Blood Wolves. Even though the cold aura was not lethal, it would cause everyone's reactions to slow down. Once the aura has reached its peak, the Ice Blood Wolves will launch their attack.

“In your dreams! Fire Rain's Heaven Descent!”

Guo 12th tiptoed up to see what was happening. A red line rose from Chen Chun Zhai’s hand and it quickly dispersed. One became two, two became four, Four became 16… More and more red lines appeared, as the 4 words were being chanted, “Fire Rain's Heaven Descent.” Suddenly a burst of fire rained down like a waterfall.

The wolves were too fast, they ran through the fire rain. The fire rain was not strong enough to defeat them. However, the cold aura completely disappeared and the fur on a few wolves burned since some ran slower.

With a loud howl, the wolves no longer ran, they launched the attack immediately.

The wolves quickly gathered and attacked in one direction. Guo 12th was shocked, “The wolves know how to coordinate their attacks?”

A Fu Warrior shouted, holding a meter long stick in his hand, it was strange that he held it sideways. An Ice Blood Wolf leapt up and attacked him furiously. Guo 12th watched carefully. He saw a flash on the tip of the stick and the Ice Blood Wolf was cut in half.

This happened in an instant, Guo 12th clearly saw a crescent shaped light appear on the tip of the stick, and with a blink it disappeared. It appeared for less than 2 seconds. Only 2 seconds, and the Ice Blood Wolf was cut in half.

Huo Bao seemed to know what Guo 12th was thinking, he said, “That is a Fu blade. That warrior is well trained, he has good control over the blade. Normally a Fu blade cannot be activated for too long, but with his way of activation, it could last longer. It should be a high class Fu weapon.”

The battle was beginning to heat up, with howls from wolves and shouts from Fu Warriors. Hong Chang Feng shouted, "Fire!"

The few Fu Warriors in the back held onto longbows and began to shoot. With a glance, Guo 12th knew that the longbows were not the same ones from his memory. The arrows were shot upright in straight lines at the speed of light and explode when they reached the target.

An arrow can kill an Ice Blood Wolf, just like a bullet from a sniping rifle from Guo 12th’s previous life.

Approximately 20 Fu Warriors were directly fighting the wolves. A few Fu Warriors standing behind supported with bows and arrows. Although they were holding the wolves back, there was already signs of weakness in front of such a large group of wolves.

Chen Chun Zhai did not do anything after releasing the fire rain. He was the commander and was responsible for the safety of everyone. He was waiting for a good opportunity to strike back.

The Fu Warriors rushed into the wolves, but they could not hold off their attacks. Some wolves took the opportunity to rush in front of the wall of sleds. The dog trainers ordered the snowdogs to attack the wolves. There were about 800 snowdogs, being a ferocious beast themselves, within seconds they ripped the wandering wolves into pieces.

The Ice Blood Wolves' cold aura was their trump card. Once the cold aura disappeared, they were no longer threatening.

Ah Woo……Ah Woo

The howl of the Wolf Emperor can be heard, the wolves instantly stops attacking and began to retreat. In just three minutes, over 70 wolves were killed. A dozen Fu blades were drenched in blood. A few Fu Warriors were wounded, and one had their neck bitten off, and died amongst the wolves.

Guo 12th watched the horrible battle without any discomfort, he had experienced battles a hundred times more tragic than this. He said, “The wolves are leaving!”

Huo Bao asked curiously, “How do you know?”

Guo 12th said, “Because they would not gain any advantages if they continued fighting. Even though they could kill us, the majority of them will also die. The Wolf Emperor without his large group would not survive for long too.”

Sure enough, with a few howls, all the wolves ran into the mountain.

A total of 8 Fu Warriors were injured, two were heavily injured, and one was dead. Encountering the wolf group when they almost reached their destination made Chen Chun Zhai gloomy. The death of the Fu Warrior made him even angrier. He said, “Immediately start the treatment, keep everyone alive, and rush to the last supply center as quick as possible. It’s getting dark! Quick, prepare the sleds.”

Everyone knew the importance of this matter, when it was nighttime in the mountains, it will be colder and the risk of encountering dangerous beasts also increased. It would not be a surprise if the group gets annihilated when a beast appeared. This thought caused everyone to be very anxious.

The night came quickly. While rushing to the last supply center, Chen Chun Zhai shouted loudly, “Do not look so sad! Keep an eye out in all directions! Archers, be prepared to ward off any beasts that approaches.”

Guo 12th saw that Huo Bao looked anxious, he said, “Huo Bao, relax, we will be fine.”

Auntie Lan was also very nervous, she held 12th very tight. Huo Bao said, “12th, you do not understand, the nighttime in the mountains is extremely dangerous. It is very common to be attacked by beasts, especially for a group that is moving as fast as us. Hopefully we will arrive at the supply center faster.”

"The snowdogs began barking towards the hooves!"

“Here comes the rescue team!”

The sound of the horse hooves grew louder and stronger. Guo 12th closed his eyes and listened carefully, a moment later, he said, “There are one hundred and twenty riders, I am certain of it."

Huo Bao laughed and said, “That can't be right, you cannot even see them...I heard that there weren't many horses in your hometown.”

Guo 12th smiled and said, “I guess!”

The cavalry was a very powerful versatile force. The horses here were strong. They could not only travel long distances, their short sprint was also impressive. Guo 12th had his own cavalry in his previous life. He loved horses, his black stallion have saved him many times by taking him out from the battlefield.

“Elder Chen, order the sleds to move faster, twenty riders will lead the front. I will take take one hundred riders to the rear, don’t worry, we won't leave anyone behind!”

The person who called Chen Chun Zhai, Elder Chen should have great abilities. Chen Chun Zhai felt totally relieved, and said loudly, “Elder Dao! Thank you!”

The sleds continued ahead.

Huo Bao was shocked, “One hundred and twenty riders!” He could not believe his eyes, “There is really one hundred and twenty riders! 12th, how did you guess? That’s impossible!”

Guo 12th laughed and hid his head behind Auntie Lan’s arms. There was nothing to worry about since he was a child. In fact, he thought it was nice and warm resting in Auntie Lan’s arms. The wind outside was like a sharp knife, cutting on his face.

Huo Bao suddenly thought Guo 12th was mysterious. But he could not do anything if Guo 12th did not give an answer.

About a hour later, dots of light can be seen not too far away. Huo Bao said excitedly, “I see lights! We have arrived!” He was just a 12-year-old child and after a day of difficulty, seeing the destination really made him happy. Today was truly difficult!

Even though the supply center was not big, it was safe. It was surrounded by walls which kept most of the beasts out. In additions, all supply centers have an underground hidden room, in case unstoppable beasts entered, it was a life saving place.

As everyone arrived in the supply center, freshly cooked meat and a big pot of soup was prepared. Everyone was sleepy and tired, especially the children. They ate with big bites, and went to bed straightaway.

The next morning, after breakfast they continued towards the North Fu Sect. It was a smooth journey since they were escorted by the cavalry.

The North Fu Sect was the overlords of the north, thousands of family depended on it. In the north, the North Fu Sect was the most powerful.

Guo 12th saw a huge mountain city. It was the headquarters of the North Fu Sect, covering a radius of thousands of miles. It not only brought together numerous experts, but there was also a countless number of ordinary people living there too. Many merchants set up their business headquarters there. This was the largest city in the north, a holy land for learning FuZhou, and a distribution center for rare Fu materials.

When they arrived into the city, 26 children with Fu Warrior potential were taken away. The 14 children including Guo 12th were following Chen Chun Zhai, they arrived at a carriage and headed towards the mountain behind the city. It took them half a day to get through the mountain. The back of the mountain was a restricted area, only people of the North Fu Sect were allowed to enter.

While traveling through the city, Guo 12th noticed that even though the city was large, the people living there was not luxurious. So far, this world gave him the feelings of simplicity, but what really intrigued him was the power of FuZhou. He made up his mind to learn FuZhou so that he could have another powerful secret for his next reincarnation.

He has always wondered how such a large city with such a huge population, can get all its food for the people living here. What was the solution to this problem? It was impossible to just rely on hunting. If one pig a day was enough to feed 3 people, this city had at least millions of people, could there be millions of pigs to eat everyday?

He also knew that grains cannot be grown here. All of the grains came from the outside. The people here mainly ate meat, not grains. Where did all these meat come from?

Of course this was not an issue he worried about, it was just a question he had in mind.

The carriage arrived at a mountain pass. There were dozens of Fu Warriors standing guard and a few Fu Knights wandering about. After a quick inspection, the Fu Warriors allowed the carriage to pass.

One gate after another, the inner they went, the more strict the inspections. To Guo 12th’s surprise, they were still at the outer edges of the mountain. Chen Chun Zhai told him that they were still far from the inner court.

“When will we reach the inner court? It is almost nighttime.” Huo Bao asked Guo 12th quietly. He was not as patient as Guo 12th.

Chen Chun Zhai responded, “What's the rush? We will not reach the inner court today and will have to stay here for a night. There are more people coming as well, we will test 12 more people.”

The carriage stopped in front of a courtyard. Chen Chun Zhai said, “This is the outer reception courtyard. 12th and Bao, follow me. Chang Feng, you take the remaining children.”

At the entrance of the courtyard, an old man came up with a smile, “Elder Chen...You find anyone good this time?”

Chen Chun Zhai grinned and answered, “Elder Zhao, we will be conducting the tests tonight, come check it out if you are interested.”

Although Elder Zhao’s hair and beard were completely grey, and had a big age spot on this face, he was still strong and hearty. The way he held his cane was like holding a sword.

Chen Chun Zhai said, “12th, this is Grandpa Zhao.”

Guo 12th stepped forward and saluted, “Grandpa Zhao, nice to meet you.”

Elder Zhao laughed, “Did you come from the South? You will get used to the cold in a few years. Your name is 12th? What a strange name.”

12th smiled and said, “Grandpa Zhao, my surname is Guo, full name is Guo 12th.”

Elder Zhao laughed and said, “You must have been the twelfth child! The Southerners have good fertility.”

Elder Zhao arranged rooms for everyone after the small talk. Chen Chun Zhai and Guo 12th were given a small courtyard. They moved in there together with Huo Bao and Auntie Lan.

After dinner, Chen Chun Zhai took Guo 12th and Huo Bao out to the courtyard. The reason he took Huo Bao was because he also wanted to test him. The tests today were hosted by Elders within the inner court. Here they tested for special classifications, the test results will be much more accurate than the ones taken at the Guo Clan. This will determine which path the children will take for learning and developing.

A row of elders with white beard, black and white beard, or brown beard were present for the testing. Each one had a different expression, some were serious, some looked kind, or was laughing, Guo 12th counted 27 elders total, there was no nobody which looked young. Upon closer review Guo 12th noticed the row of elders had 2 old ladies sitting together having a chat.

Chen Chun Zhai came in and saluted, “Chen Chun Zhai has come to see Shi Shu and Shi Gu."[1]

Guo 12th also stepped forward and saluted, “Guo 12th has come to see all you Grandpas and Grandmas."

An Elder sitting in the middle twirled his beard which reached his chest with his hands, smiled and said, “Little Chen, no need to bother. Is he the child you mentioned in your letter...the child with FuZhou potential?”

Chen Chun Zhai responds, “Yes, Shi Bo, his name is Guo 12th. I have never seen anyone with higher potential."

This Elder was very influential within the North Fu Sect. He was a peak FuZhou Master who was about to breakthrough to become a FuZhou Grandmaster. He was much more powerful than Chen Chun Zhai. His responsibility in the North Fu Sect is to nurture his disciples. He had a countless number of disciples. His name was Chang Ye Ran, nicknamed Wild Uncle.

Chang Ye Ran gently stoked his beard, said cheerily, “Ha Ha, We have all read your letter...everyone has come to see..."

An old woman said, “Little Chen, if he's really that great...I want him as my disciple!” she was Chen Chun Zhai’s Great Aunt.

Chang Ye Ran said with a cough, “Aunt Chen, it is not time to take disciples yet, everyone has come to see too.”

Aunt Chen said, “Everyone have disciples except for me. I will not compromise this time!”

The Elder next to her said, “The test has not even started yet, why are you so impatient!”

“Of course I am impatient! Ahem, I know everyone of you fight for the ones with good potential and hide from the ones who don't. This time I was the first to react, if you guys don't let me get a good disciple this time...Women are not so easy to deal with!"

Ye Ren Chen coughed again and said, “Aunt Chen. Don't forget, it's not only up to the masters to pick their disciples, the disciples can also pick their masters. Now, let us begin the test, the 13 other children will go first, 12th will go last.”

Within the 13 children, 4 have Fu Knight potential and 9 have Zhou Knight potential.

The test was very detailed, all the elders were a little disappointed because they were not satisfied with the children’s potential. The best among the 13 children only had low level Zhou Knight potential. Even though the test was not 100% accurate, it has at least 80% accuracy.

After the 13 children left, Chang Ye Ran sighed, "There are fewer and fewer children with good potential. What are we going to do in the future..."

The next to go was Huo Bao. The test result was not bad, he was classified as a mid-high level Fu Warrior.

Finally it was to Guo 12th's turn, all the elders got off their seats and gathered around. Guo 12th was somewhat nervous. He understood that his potential will decide his learning conditions, whether he will have a good teacher, or the resource materials that he can use. He clearly understood that this is a critical moment.

Chang Ye Ran took out a long ruler. Technically this was not a ruler, but a specially refined FuZhou tool used for testing potential. The shape is similar to a ruler, with flashing rays of silver. Chang Ye Ran got in front of Guo 12th and said, "Child, do not be nervous." and placed the long FuZhou tool on his forehead.

"Remember, starting from the as much FuZhou inscriptions as you can..if your head begins to ache or you begin to feel dizzy immediately stop, do you understand?"

Guo 12th nodded, closed his eyes and focused his mind.

He successfully sees the FuZhou inscriptions. At the beginning, the inscriptions were very simple it was very easy to follow along, Guo 12th did not think it was difficult. After all, his soul was stronger after having two awakenings. Gradually, the inscriptions became more and more complex.

Huo Bao was standing to the side and he could clearly see the FuZhou on Guo 12th's forehead. Starting from when Guo 12th closed his eyes, there were FuZhou inscriptions flashing one after another, very fast. After the flashes of more than 20 inscriptions, it slowed down and continued to flash every 15 seconds.

The elders became fanatical, some even started shaking with excitement, Chang Ye Ran's mouth was wide open. Aunt Chen almost drooled, as if she had found a rare treasure, she was tightly clutching the old woman's arms next to her.

The speed of the FuZhou inscriptions were beginning to slow down even more, almost one per minute. Guo 12th was obviously a little tired, but he still did not give up, still trying his best to read the next word.

Finally, Guo 12th stopped. His soul still had strength, but the FuZhou inscriptions were too strange. The inscriptions were getting more and more complicated, he did not want to waste his previous efforts by reading it wrong. It took him two or three tries to figure out the more complicated inscriptions and the time it took was too long.

Guo 12th let out a big sigh, and said regrettably, "The FuZhou inscriptions were too complicated. I don't think i can..."

Chang Ye Ran gently patted Guo 12th on the shoulder and said with a gracious smile, "Child, very good, very good!" It was not only good, his potential was one of the rarest and highest levels, a FuZhou Grandmaster potential.

"Little Chen, take 12th back to rest, there is no need for the rest of the tests. Just bring him to the inner court tomorrow."

Chen Chun Zhai bowed and took Guo 12th and Huo Bao away. When they stepped out of the door, they heard someone shouting, "He will be my disciple, do not steal him from me! Whoever wants to take him will have to take him over my dead body!" It was the voice of Chang Ye Ran.

A sharp shout from Aunt Chen,"You old f**k! Others might be scared of you, but I am not! I said from the beginning, he will be my disciple!" Aunt Chen was screaming.

"Don't f**king say that! You don't even know what 12th thinks..."

"I will fight for this...."

"Do it! You old..."

As they walked further away, the noise became fainter. Guo 12th heard everything with a cold shiver. Chen Chun Zhai covered his forehead with one hand and held Guo 12th's arms with the other. He wanted to leave as quick as possible since it was embarrassing.

Huo Bao was also frightened. He looked pale and followed after them.

When they reached the small courtyard, Chen Chun Zhai said goodnight and went back to his room. Guo 12th also went back to his room and began to chant. This was the secret to his successful reincarnations, he had to continue chanting.

An hour later, someone knocked on the door, Fu Warriors opened the door and Chen Chun Zhai went out. A while later, Chen Chun Zhai came back and closed the door. In less than ten minutes, someone knocked on the door again, Chen Chun Zhai went out again, and came back. Back and forth, four or five times, Chen Chun Zhai simply did not sleep. He brought a chair and a leather robe outside. He sat in front of the gate ignoring the cold just to keep the gate opened.

"Ha Ha, Little Chen has not slept yet, I have something to discuss with you."

"Elder Wu, 12th has already gone to bed, let us discuss this tomorrow at the inner court..."

"Ah, Elder Wu is also here..."


Guo 12th thought that this has gotten a little out of control. The elders took turns coming over and disturbed them. Chen Chun Zhai was afraid to offend anyone because he was younger than the powerful masters of the North Fu Sect. This made him very upset.

"Little Chen..."

Guo 12th could not help but have a cold shiver, he knew that it was Aunt Chen's voice.

"Shi Gu."

"I am your Great Aunt! Not your Shi Gu."

"Yes, Great Aunt..."

"He He, Little Chen..."

Chen Chun Zhai had a shiver. Guo 12th stopped chanting and hid in the blankets as Aunt Chen's laugh was horrifying.


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