Instant Kill - Volume 1 Chapter 6

Between these three days, only Chang Ye Ran had sent Guo 12th an invitation, all the other elders did not approach him. Guo 12th wondered if there was a tacit agreement between everyone. He couldn't figure it out, and just chose to not think about it. 12th was patient and decided to wait and see how things would develop, since he did not have anything to lose.

The carriage soon arrived at the gate of a manor. The manor was located to the north of the town, covered a very large area, and guarded by ten Fu Warriors.

A middle aged man came out and welcomed Guo 12th with a warm smile, “Are you little brother Guo 12th? I am Chang Hao Ran, my father is waiting for you inside.” 12th looked at his identification card and figured out that he was a Fu Knight.

Guo 12th smiled, “Uncle Chang, nice to meet you. I am Guo 12th and this is my brother, Huo Bao.” Huo Bao bowed and saluted. Then they followed Chang Hao Ran into the manor.

Guo 12th suddenly realized that there were no other guests. He asked, “Isn’t this a banquet?”

Chang Hao Ran smiled, “Yes, the banquet is for you. You are the only guest invited by my father.”

Guo 12th couldn't help but laugh, who would host these types of banquets? This excuse seemed awful. Following Chang Hao Ran inside, he realized that this manor was a hundred times bigger than the small courtyard he lived in. It was easy to get lost if he was careless.

Ten minutes later, they arrived at a charming little room.

Chang Ye Ran was standing by the door and said happily, “Here you are, 12th! Come sit inside, it is cold out there.”

The wooden floor was covered by a thick animal fur. Chang Ye Ran asked the servants to bring four low tables. He sat down cross-legged and said, “Let us all sit down. Hao Ran, tell the kitchen to serve the meals.”

Guo 12th smiled, “Grandpa Chang, are we having Fu food?”

Chang Ye Ran nodded, “You are right. You probably never tried this before. Ha Ha, Fu food is what FuZhou Knights should be eating.”

The servants brought out a few dishes on wooden plates. When Guo 12th saw the different dishes he had a look of surprise because the dishes contained, stir-fried vegetables, mushroom stir-fried with pork, a steamed fish, and soup. He could tell it was carrot pork rib soup from just the smell.

Guo 12th was on the verge of tears. These so-called Fu food were the home style dishes from his previous life. He was very happy that he could eat these dishes again.

A bowl of rice was served to him.

Guo 12th laughed at the thought of never having rice again in this world. He really did not expect to see it here, he felt this trip was worth it. 12th was a glutton in his previous life, he loved eating and also enjoyed cooking. In this life, he never thought of enjoying good food because he was always trying to adapt to the new environment.

Chang Ye Ran smiled, “These ingredients were all planted by me and grew up relying on my cultivating Fu. Check out how they taste.”

Guo 12th noticed the rice was a little different from the ones in his previous life. It was a little bigger, had a better smell, and appeared to be light green. He tried a mouthful, it was very delicious, soft and smooth, sweet and waxy. He could not help but praise, “Good! Very tasty rice!”

Not only the rice, but all the dishes tasted surprisingly good. 12th could tell that the dishes only used a bit of salt with no other seasonings.

Guo 12th was reluctant to eat fast. He ate slowly to carefully taste the flavors.

Huo Bao ate at a great speed and even finished his bowl of pork rib soup within three minutes. He licked his lips and mumbled in a low voice, “It is very tasty, but not enough to fill my stomach.”

Chang Hao Ran finished his dishes fast too, just not as fast as Huo Bao. Only Chang Ye Ran and Guo 12th ate slowly.

Chang Ye Ran paid attention to his eating manner, and Guo 12th cherished the taste from his previous life. However, Chang Ye Ran misunderstood Guo 12th's actions. He mistakenly thought that Guo 12th was acting calm when faced with the temptation of delicious food, he thought 12th's mind was strong and mature and therefore could resist temptations. He believed 12th was a really good candidate for FuZhou cultivation.

It took Chang Hao Ran and Huo Bao less than ten minutes to finished all their food, while Chang Ye Ran and Guo 12th spent forty minutes. All the bowls were clean, not even a drop of soup was left. Nobody in this world would waste food, not even wealthy people.

“Thank you Grandpa Chang for the hospitality.”

Guo 12th sincerely thanked. He was thankful that he could taste such great food, which made him remember his previous life.

Chang Ye Ran was satisfied too, especially after seeing Guo 12th's expression, he smiled, “12th, you can come over whenever you have time. It is not a problem to treat you to few meals even though Fu food is limited.”

“12th, what plans do you have for the discipleship?”

Guo 12th said to himself, “Oh! It is starting.” Chen Chun Zhai already reminded him earlier, therefore he answered leisurely, “I am still thinking about it, he he, Grandpa Chang, I just arrived in the inner court and started to learn. I want to spend some extra time to get familiar with the things here first.”

These words were perfect.

Chang Ye Ran smoothed his beard, hesitated for a moment, and felt puzzled inside and thought, “This child has great skill in speaking, he can speak without causing any misunderstandings.” He then said, “Oh, you can come see me if you encounter any problems. I will help you solve them!”

Guo 12th neither accept nor reject, instead, he said respectfully, “Thank you Grandpa.”

Chang Ye Ran knew that Guo 12th just answered for the sake of courtesy, he did not even know how to respond. He cried inside, “What the heck, is he really a child? He is more cunning than adults.”

In fact, Guo 12th did not mind taking Chang Ye Ran as his Teacher. He just wanted to learn more about him. As the strength of his Teacher was linked closely to the success of his own growth, he did not want to act rashly.

Chang Ye Ran used the most common method to attract a disciple, which was to befriend them. However, this method required time and patience, and he could not be too forceful. “12th, with your potential, you can practice both Fu and Zhou at the same time, but I suggest for you to practice Fu first, then consider practicing Zhou.”

12th’s interest increased when it came to FuZhou. Even though he read a lot of books, he still had a lot of questions regarding FuZhou because he never had any opportunities to perform what he has learned. It would be nice to get advice from Chang Ye Ran. He asked, “Do you know what is the fastest way... to cultivate into a FuZhou Knight?”

“As far as I know, four years! Your cultivation will be a great success if you become a FuZhou Knight by the age of 12!"

Guo 12th was silent for a moment, and asked, “What about those who have middle protential?”

Chang Ye Ran said, “Around 8 to 30 years.”

Guo 12th was shocked, “That long?”

Chang Ye Ran said, “FuZhou is a very profound art. One is unable to comprehend the true meaning of FuZhou if they do not spend enough time on it. In order to succeed, one will have to dedicate a lot of their time, one needs to have a strong understanding of FuZhou, they cannot give up and always think about learning more…It is not easy to cultivate into a FuZhou Knight."

“No need to worry, Ha Ha, you have plenty of time to learn as you are still young and just started."

12th knew that ordinary people would not live a long life. Same as people in his previous life, they could probably live up to 60 years old. Those with stronger bodies might live up to 70 or 80 years old. It was rare for ordinary people to live up to that age. The environment here was harsh and there would often be savage beast attacks. It was a blessing to live to an old age, but it was normal to die young.

It was totally different for people who practiced FuZhou. Their life could be doubled if they successfully cultivated. FuZhou Knights, Fu Knights, and Zhou knights can live up to 120 years. Fu Warriors can live up to 100 years, just a bit less than the Knights. If one cultivated into a FuZhou Master, Fu Master or Zhou Master, they could live up to 200 years. Fu Warrior Master could live up to 160 years. Of course it was another story if they died in battle.

If one even further cultivates into a FuZhou Great Master, Fu Great Master, or Zhou Great Master, they could live up to 300 years. Fu Warrior Great Masters can live up to 250 years. But it is very difficult to cultivate to the levels of Great Masters. Even for big sects like North Fu Sect, there will not be more than forty people who has reached the levels of Great Masters. They are the true pillars of the sect and do not appear easily.

Guo 12th did not care about these life issues since he had the ability of soul reincarnation, which was almost the same as being immortal. What he need to avoid was his soul dissipating so he can reincarnate successfully.

“This is a book Fu Knights commonly used, take it as a gift from me.” Chang Ye Ran took out a matchbox sized Fu and gave it to Guo 12th, “Different from other books, this is a Fu book, it contains some of my experiences and insights, this will be helpful to you.”

Guo 12th took it and played around with it for a while, before asking, “How do I use it?”

Chang Ye Ran asked a servant to bring paper and pen. Chang Ye Ran drew a pattern on the paper and said, “This is a Word Lock Fu.” Then he drew another pattern, and smiled, “This is a Fu Key, every Word Lock Fu is similar, but every Fu Key is different. Try memorizing this Fu Key and open the Word Fu Lock using it.”

Guo 12th had read books about the Fu inscriptions during these three days. He had gained a little understanding about the usage of Fu inscriptions, but he had never tried it before. Hearing what Chang Ye Ran said, he held onto the Fu book happily. He saw the Fu inscriptions in his mind and it was indeed the same as what Chang Ye Ran had drew on the paper.

Observing the Fu Key closely, he tried to draw it on the Word Fu Lock with his mind. After five minutes, Guo 12th gave out a sigh of relief because the Fu book he was holding suddenly grew bigger and changed into a bookbox. He was joyful, and said, “Success!”

Chang Ye Ran’s face changed a bit, Guo 12th's potential was monstrous. He gave Guo 12th the Word Fu Lock and Fu Key without expecting him to succeed. Chang Ye Ran planned to help 12th when he could not open the Fu book, in order to entice him. Who knew this child only needed 5 minutes to open the Fu Lock and open the Fu book.

Chang Ye Ran gave Guo 12th an unbelievable look, and couldn't help but ask, “12th, have you done this before?”

Guo 12th said, “Never, this is my first time using Fu words, this is so interesting, so amazing!”

Inside the Fu bookbox, there were eight books. A four book set, “The Making of Basic Fu”, a two book set, “The Record of Special Fu Words”, the other two were “Clear up doubts of Bone Fu” and “The Making of Black Fu Bills”. When Guo 12th saw the name of the last book, his eyes opened and said excitedly, “The making of Black Fu Bills? Black Fu Bills can be made?”

Chang Ye Ran smiled, “Of course they can be made, where did you think the Fu Bills on the market came from? However, they can only be made by Fu Knights and FuZhou Knights.”

In Guo 12th’s mind, only the government was allowed to produce money, private manufacturing was illegal. But in this world, you can create money by yourself. That was incredible.

Chang Ye Ran said, “12th, you cannot make any Fu Bills right now. Disciples can only make Green Fu Bills, and once they get familiarized with that process they can continue on to make Silver Fu Bills. Black Fu Bills are usually made by Fu Knights or FuZhou Knights, but they will be reluctant to make Bills anymore when they have cultivated to the ranks of Fu Master and FuZhou Master.”

Guo 12th now understood how those children with FuZhou Knight or Fu Knight potential could support their own little group after four years. They could simply create the money themselves, they surely will never be out of money. It seems like the only ones who will never have a lack of money will be the Fu Knights or FuZhou Knights. They were more powerful than businessmen since they will never lose.

Chang Ye Ran said, “You can get the books about the production method of Green Fu Bills and Silver Fu Bills from the FuZhou Hall, but the production method of Black Fu Bills will not be easy to obtain. Hmm, you can treat it as a gift from your big uncle.”

Guo 12th did not know how to respond. He was silent for a moment, and then said, “Grandpa Chang, I will think about this seriously.”

Chang Ye Ran was finally relieved, this child was really not easy to impress. After all, He only gave such a statement. He laughed, “Okay, it is getting dark, 12th, go back and take a rest, come visit me when you have time.”

Guo 12th thanked and got to leave. He sat on the carriage and returned to his courtyard.

Nobody came to visit Guo 12th for ten straight days, which he thought was odd. Finally on the day when Chang Ye Ran and Chen Chun Zhai came to visit, 12th understood everything has changed.

Inside the sitting room, a pot of charcoal was burning. They sat cross legged next to the pot. Chen Chun Zhai said, “12th, your Teacher has been determined.”

Guo 12th was surprised, “Who is it? Is it Grandpa Chang?”

Chang Ye Ran said with a bitter smile, “I don't have such good fortune. Little guy, the one who fancies a great master cultivator in the North Fu Sect. You are really lucky.”

Guo 12th asked, “Grandpa Chen, who will be my Teacher?”

Chen Chun Zhai said, “There are three FuZhou Great Masters, five Fu Great Masters, eleven Zhou Great Masters, and fourteen Fu Warrior Great Masters in the North Fu Sect. There is the fewest number of FuZhou Great Masters, but they have the most authority. Ha Ha, this of the FuZhou Great Masters fancied you and decided to take you as their disciple.”

Chang Ye Ran said, “It's a great event when a FuZhou Great Master take in a disciple, but this FuZhou Great Master does not like creating a commotion, and thus he will not hold a grand party to celebrate. Today we are going to take you over to visit him.”

Guo 12th surely understood that the higher the cultivation of his Teacher, the better it will be for his future. He would have a higher starting point with the knowledge of his Teacher, thus distancing himself from his peers. Guo 12th stood up and said, “Ok, l'll go get changed.”

Although 12th did not take a bath, changing into some clean clothes was a show of respect for his future Teacher.

Each great master has a large plot of land, their estate was huge like a state within a small country. Many people relied on the FuZhou Great Masters. Fu Warriors alone would reach up to two to three thousands. There were hundreds of Fu Knights and Zhou Knights. Ordinary people who served in the Great Master's estate was even more massive, having reached the ten thousands.

There was an old man wearing coarse clothing, Guo 12th's first impression of this old man was that he was very old, had a slight hunched-back, started to bald and with the remaining bit of hair left he created a pigtail. The old man had very little eyebrows, a very sparse beard, and when the old man laughed one could see his few remaining teeth, two large veins on his hands and a lot of age spots, this person was obviously very old.

“I am Luo Jie.”

Guo 12th whispered to himself, “Oh, very strong lungs, his voice does not sound like an old man's.” 12th saluted respectfully, “My name is Guo 12th, nice to meet you Grandpa.”

Luo Jie stared at Guo 12th and said, “I am not that old! I am only 218 years old! I am still young, call me Teacher from now on!”

Guo 12th was shocked, 218 years old! He was older than the sum of the ages from his previous two lives. What kind of monster is he? “Yes, Nice to meet you Teacher.” Guo 12th said willingly.

The appearance of Luo Jie did not look like a FuZhou Great Master at all. He knew Guo 12th had great potential from the first glance. This inner power he sensed was necessary for every FuZhou Knight. The potential Guo 12th possessed was enough to compare to the FuZhou Masters. This made him very satisfied, therefore he directly requested Guo 12th to be his disciple.

Chang Ye Ran sighed inwardly. He was just a step away from reaching the cultivation of a FuZhou Great Master, but this step was extremely difficult. If he had cultivated into a FuZhou Great Master, Guo 12th would not have been taken away by Luo Jie. Chang Ye Ran felt dismayed with these thoughts.

Luo Jie ordered the servants to do a few things before greeting, “Ye Ren, Little Chen, sit down please. 12th, come sit down next to me. Ah, it's not easy to raise such a big family… Oh 12th, have you started to study in the FuZhou hall?”

12th said, “Not yet, I just picked up a few books, but have yet started to practice.”

Luo Jie smile, “That's good, that's good. Don't go to the FuZhou Hall from now on. That stuff is too simple and will be a waste of time. 12th, do you...want to live with me or come over once a while? Hmm...I think you can self study for now and come live with me when you reach the cultivation of a FuZhou Knight."

Guo 12th nodded and agreed. He did not want to live with him right now because he just only began studying, most of the knowledge was easy to understand and there was no need to learn it from a FuZhou Great Master. It would be a waste of his Teacher's time.

“Grandpa, here I come!”

A big strong man entered. His body was covered in layers of Fu inscriptions which seemed to be moving if one looked closely. Guo 12th could now distinguish a bit between the professions, and he knew that this man was a powerful Fu Warrior Master.

“Luo Lao, this is my young disciple, Guo 12th.”

Guo 12th did not understand why his Teacher would introduce him to a Fu Warrior Master. He showed his respect and said, “Nice to meet you Brother Luo.”

Luo Lao nodded, “No need to be so polite, how old are you Little Brother?”

Luo Jie said, “He is 8 years old. You can't bully him. Take your team and support 12th from now on.”

Luo Lao said unbelievably, “Grandpa, you are asking me to support 12th?”

Luo Jie rolled his eyes and said with a hint of dominance, “Why? You are unwilling?”

Luo Lao was frightened and quickly said, “Ha Ha, Grandpa, how would I dare… this just happened so suddenly. I will! I will! Of course I will! He is my younger brother…”

Chen Chun Zhai gave Guo 12th an envious glance. He only had one Fu Warrior Master in his group, and he treated him as a great treasure. He never expected Guo 12th, as a disciple, would be supported by a Fu Warrior Master, especially such a powerful Fu Warrior Master. Chen Chun Zhai knew that amongst the supporters of Luo Jie, there was one Fu Warrior Great Master and at least seven or eight Fu Warrior Masters. He never thought that Luo Jie would gift one to Guo 12th without batting an eye.

Luo Jie said, “Luo Lao, don't think you are mistreated, this child will be a FuZhou Great Master in the future.”

Luo Lao smiled reluctantly. Because Luo Jie was his Grandpa, he did not dare oppose his decision. Luo Lao’s team had a total of seven people, including four Fu Warriors, one Zhou Knight, and one Fu Dan Knight who was rarely seen. Using such a powerful team to protect 12th was indeed a bit excessive.

Guo 12th could only express his thanks, but cannot refuse.

Luo Jie handed 12th a Fu book and said, “These are methods to cultivate FuZhou power, I hope you can master these as soon as possible. From now on, come over every 10 days, and I will personally check your progress.”

Guo 12th said, “Yes, Teacher, but…what is FuZhou power?”

Luo Jie said patiently, “The so called FuZhou power is Fu power that is used by Fu Knights, Zhou power that used by Zhou Knights, and Wu power that used by Fu Warriors, all these are actually very similar, it is the power to activate the Fu.”

“Fu power and Zhou power are similar but also different. Fu power tends to restrain the Fu, thus it is relatively calm. Zhou power tends to resist Fu, thus it is more violent. FuZhou power has both features and Wu power is quite special because it can only be activated by Fu inscriptions. When one's Wu power is strong, they can activate specific Fu weapons, such as Fu swords and Fu spears.”

“Whether a person can control the power of Fu depends on their potential. People like you who have high potential are born to possess FuZhou power. For those who have middle potential they will need to cultivate for a long time in order to activate their inner potential, so they can obtain Fu Power, Zhou Power, or Wu Power. There are certain people who have no potential at all…they are the most bitter and miserable.”

Luo Jie was truly a FuZhou Great Master. He can clearly explain all the different powers with only a few sentences. He said again, “The cultivation of different powers will have different methods. The methods I just gave you are meant for FuZhou Knights. Study hard, try your best to bring forth your FuZhou power as quick as possible, and then you can start creating Fu.”

“Fu is the most important, it means everything. When you have cultivated your FuZhou power you can begin learning more about Fu. These are the fundamentals, right now, cultivation of your FuZhou power is your highest priority.”

No matter if it was Chang Ye Ran or Chen Chun Zhai, they were all closely listening to Luo Jie. Even though they already knew about everything explained, they did not express any impatience. FuZhou Great Masters are an existence that garnered their respect.

Luo Jie continued, “Four years, according to your potential. Study the raw materials and its purification methods first. Then study the Fu inscriptions, the production of Fu and how to control Fu. Hopefully you will be promoted to FuZhou Knight within four years.”

Chen Chun Zhai and Chang Ye Ran sat up in surprise, the expectations seemed too high.

“Oh, I hope you can cultivate your FuZhou power within three months.”

Guo 12th did not understood the meaning, he nodded, “Yes, Teacher, I will try my best to meet your expectation.”

Chang Ye Ran said, “Isn't this too rushed?”

Luo Jie said cooly, “Not too rushed, some methods can be studied together but with more difficulty, but if 12th put in all his efforts, I think he can achieve it.”

“Okay, that's it for today. 12th, ask Luo Lao to bring you here 10 days later.”

Everyone stood up and got ready to leave, just as they went out the door, a beautiful girl came in and said, “Grandpa, your guests?”

“Who is this child? He is cute! Call me Auntie…”

Guo 12th could not help laughing, such a little girl wanted to take advantage of him. He said, “I am Guo 12th, a disciple of your Grandpa, according to seniority, I am your Uncle! Call me Uncle…”

Everyone was shocked. It was very strange for an 8 years old child to say that.