Instant Kill - Volume 1 Chapter 7

There was an absolute silence, no one said anything for 30 seconds. And all of a sudden, Luo Jie laughed loudly, causing him to cough. The girl was frightened. She came forward hurriedly and patted Luo Jie on the back using her small hands. “Grandpa, what's so funny! You…Grandpa, is he really your disciple?” The girl asked.

Luo Jie smiled, “Yes, he's correct, you should call him little uncle!”

“12th, this is my granddaughter, Luo Wei Jie. Ha Ha, she has FuZhou potential as well, she is still a disciple, but she will be advancing soon.”

Luo Wei Jie said curiously, “12th? What a strange name!”

Guo 12th grinned, “Not strange at all, if you have 17 brothers and sisters, and your parents didn't want to waste time and effort thinking of names, using numerical ranking is the easiest choice.”

Luo Wei Jie was surprised, “Grandpa, is he really 8 years old?”

Guo 12th did not wait for Luo Jie’s response, “How old do you think I am?” he asked back.

Luo Jie smile, “Okay, this girl is problematic…12th is indeed 8 years old. There is no need to lie.”

Luo Wei Jie said happily, “This child is so funny, he speaks like an elder. He he…” 12th suddenly realized that Luo Wei Jie was walking towards him. He was after all only 8 years old and his body was still not fully grown. When arguing with a 20 years old person, he will be at a disadvantage if they decide to use violence. Therefore, 12th did not wait for Luo Wei Jie to come closer, and said, “Teacher, I am leaving…Good bye…” He quickly ran away regardless of his image.

“Aiyaya, this child is too crafty!”

Luo Jie Yelled, “Little Jie, come back! No respect!”

Chang Ye Ran and Chen Chun Zhai left with a smile. Luo Lao followed them and said to Guo 12th, “Little brother, I will bring my team to your courtyard in a few days.”

Guo 12th said, “Brother Luo, you don't have to live with me yet. He He, but please come pick me up every 10 days, you can decide how you spent the rest of your time.” Of course 12th understood that Luo Lao was reluctant to support him. He just could not disobey Teacher's words, therefore 12th gave Luo Lao the authority to do as he pleased.

As expected, Luo Lao said happily, “Sure…EH…” he realized that he would get in trouble if his Grandpa finds out. “Let us get to know each other first.”

Luo Lao could not figure out why his Grandpa asked him to follow an 8 years old child. Luo Lao’s team had a bit of fame in the North Fu Sect. The 7 man team was strong. It will be shameful if people found out they were following a disciple.

Luo Lao was struggling inside. He did not dare to disobey his Grandpa’s words. And now he could only take it one step at a time. He did not know how to tell his teammates.

12th was not interested in what Luo Lao was thinking about. The only thing he focused on was to get stronger and to remain safe. His safety was required, to successfully reincarnate again, which was his ultimate goal.

It was late noon when 12th got back to his courtyard. The sky was dark, snow was swirling heavily, and the exhaled air was quickly turning into ice on a piece of leather that was covering his mouth and nose. Auntie Lan and Auntie Xin were waiting for him by the door. Seeing 12th come back, they quickly stepped forward, “12th, come in quickly, be carefully not to catch a cold.”

Guo 12th enjoyed the care from them and thus has gotten closer to them. He smiled and said, “Auntie Lan, let us eat together.”

Auntie Xin said, “12th, we've received flour and meat today, Ha Ha, we weren't expect this much.”

12th asked casually, “How much?”

Auntie Xin said excitedly, “300 kg of flour, 600 kg of meat, 400kg of big bones for soup, and 100 Big Fu Bills! These will last for ten days!” She was an ordinary person, living outside and has never seen so much food, therefore she was a little excited. The truth was that the food given to 12th's group was not that much.

There was a total of eleven people. 30kg of flour, 60 kg of meat, and 40kg of bone will be used everyday. Each person will eat around 2.5kg flour, about 6 kg meat, and some soup, however, people in this world had a gigantic appetite. Children like 12th already ate a lot, without needing to mention those Fu Warriors.

Guo 12th calculated a bit and knew that the food wasn't that much, but he did not want to spoil Auntie Xin’s happy mood. He simply said, “I will leave the cooking to you.”

Auntie Xin was in charge of all the chores at home, while Auntie Lan was responsible for taking care of Guo 12th’s daily needs.

After dinner, Chen Chun Zhai brought in a child.

In the small living room, Guo 12th met his second supporter, Chen Bing, who was ten years old.

Guo 12th observed Chen Bing carefully. The child looked indifferent, was not very sturdy, had a slender physique, had shoulder long soft black hair, an oval face, and looked very delicate. But his tilted eyes and eyebrows made him look fierce. His lips were tightly closed, sitting there without saying a word.

Chen Chun Zhai felt uncomfortable, “Little Bing has always been quiet since he was young. He might seems cold on the outside, but he is passionate inside. He will only talk to people he is familiar with."

Guo 12th has met a lot of children with this type of behavior in his previous life. He did not need to do anything. They would get familiar with each other as time passed. 12th said, “Grandpa Chen, take it easy. Just let Chen Bing live here for now, we will consider everything later when he gets familiar with everyone. Huo Bao, take Chen Bing to his room.”

Chen Chun Zhai sighed to himself, “12th acts more like an older brother than Chen Bing.” He said, “I will ask the servants to bring over food and commodities for Little Bing.” He stood up and said, “I will leave him to you 12th. You can punish him if he does anything wrong, you do not need to be considerate of me.”

This was the rule, as a supporter, they need to have the resolve to sacrifice their life for their master, this rule was determined by profession and did not mean they were inferior. Supporters are not servants, but family, Guo 12th clearly understood that. However, in a battle, supporters will have to obey their masters, even if they make a wrong decision. Therefore, it is really important for Fu Warriors to choose their own masters. It will not be only bad luck to choose a foolish master, it might even cause them their lives.

Guo 12th said, “Grandpa Chen, I will take good care of Chen Bing. Now let him get familiar with Huo Bao first, so that they could discuss cultivation methods.”

Chen Chun Zhai was very satisfied with 12th’s arrangement. He left trustingly.

Guo 12th did not mind being lively, but he preferred to be alone. This deep rooted habit was formed in his first life. He was a monk at that time and has always practiced alone. As a monk it was normal to be alone for dozens of days. Over time, 12th has fallen in love with the sense of solitude, and this habit has continued to this life.

After sending away Chen Chun Zhai, he chatted a bit with Huo Bao and Chen Bing and told Huo Bao to take care of Chen Bing. After, he went to the underground laboratory and started to organize everything he had received.

A money bag from his father with 60 Black Fu Bills and 100 Silver Fu Bills inside. On the way to the North Fu Sect, he used around 2 dozen Black Fu Bills. Later, Chen Chun Zhai gave him 160 Black Fu Bills. Therefore he had about 200 Black Fu Bills left. He was really poor.

He will receive 100 Black Fu Bill every ten days as a disciple of the North Fu Sect. The money was used to support the living conditions for everyone in his courtyard. He could not use it for his personal use.

Chen Chun Zhai gave him three books when they were on the ship, “Animal Research”, “Tree Species”, and “Jade”. The golden identification card he received in the inner court. The patterned bone Chen Chun Zhai received from his father.

The Fu books Chang Ye Ran gave him. These books should only be owned by FuZhou Masters, but Chang Ye Ran gave them to him in order to tempt him to be his disciple.

The Fu Books from his teacher Luo Jie. 12th realized that the books were rarely seen Great Fu Books when he opened them. It included all the basic courses for FuZhou Knights, as well as “The Complete Volume on Enhancing Fu” for Fu Warriors. The most precious book was, “FuZhou Power”, which was a book that specifically described the cultivation of FuZhou power.

This book was obviously hand-written, it did not use the common wood printing. Every page contained comments and pictures, which should have been written and drawn by Luo Jie. With a quick glance, 12th could tell that the book was definitely not an ordinary book sold in the market, it should be an extremely valuable book.

Guo 12th understood that he had to cultivate his FuZhou power first in order to learn about the purification of raw material. Knowing that time was precious, he quickly began to read the book about FuZhou power.

Guo 12th was quickly indulged with the book. The book was approximately an inch thick, there were not many words describing the cultivation of FuZhou power, most of them were comments, explaining the methods of cultivation in great details. This was the reason why Luo Jie was certain that 12th could self study.

Guo 12th was reading at a very fast pace. He used two hours to finish reading and then meditated. He was not in a hurry to practice. As a child with the soul of an adult, he was surely different from the other children. 12th wanted to absorb and digest the contents of the book until it was fully understood. He decided to memorize the whole book.

A moment later, he stopped meditating and began to memorize, just like how he chanted the monk scriptures.

For five consecutive days, apart from sleeping, eating, and chanting scriptures during the night, 12th was memorizing the book. . Thanks to his strengthened soul, he had an extraordinary memory. He fully memorized the book after reading it a couple of times. Even though he already memorized the book, he did not stop reading it. He read it over and over again as if he wanted to engrave the contents into his soul.

With the methods of FuZhou cultivation in his mind, he carefully put away the book on the 5th day. He still did not start to practice, instead, he continued to think about the implications of the content. He took notes of what he did not understand and thought about those constantly.

Ten days quickly passed by, Guo 12th gained his own insights and perspective regarding FuZhou power. And today was the day to go visit his teacher Luo Jie. He sat on Luo Lao’s carriage.

“Brother Luo, weren’t you bringing your teammates over? How come I have never not met them yet…”

Luo Lao hesitated and did not know what to say. He wanted to speak with his teammates regarding these changes, but could not utter a word. Plus he did not feel any pressure since Guo 12th stayed in the underground laboratory all day. He then decided to take his time, but ten days has already passed by.

Guo 12th smiled softly and did not ask anything more. He bent this head into the leather robe against the freezing wind.

The whole trip was quiet, and soon they arrived at the estate of Luo Jie.

Luo Lao was afraid to see Luo Jie. He excused himself and waited outside. Guo 12th walked inside, led by a Fu Warrior.

Luo Jie was not in his room. The Fu Warrior leading the way said, “I can only lead you up to this point, Young Master 12th, please go yourself, someone ahead will lead the way.”

Guo 12th nodded and thanked the Fu Warrior. He walked forward without hesitation. Another Fu Warrior was waiting ahead after two corners. The Fu Warrior saw 12th and motioned him to follow him without saying anything. Soon they arrived in front of a stone cottage. There were two Fu Warriors guarding the door. One said, “Master commanded for Young Master 12th to go down directly.”

Guo 12th went into the stone cottage. There was nothing inside except a door, which was a hallway leading downwards. He knew that it should lead to his Teacher’s laboratory.

The hallway was not long and there was no barriers or traps. 12th went inside. He was astonished with his mouth wide opened when he saw Luo Jie.

There was an exceptionally big and sturdy man, naked, standing on a circular stone stage. Guo 12th noticed that there was many Fu inscriptions engraved onto the stone stage.

Guo 12th was not surprised at how sturdy the big man looked, but was surprised over the fact that Luo Jie was standing in front of the big man.

A silver book was floating in front of Luo Jie’s chest. It was about the size of an opened magazine, 2 inches thick, flashing out silver halos. The book was like an object with high speed vibration. 12th could not read it clearly, he could only see the size and the color, but not the contents. He saw Luo Jie clicking on the opened page of the book solemnly with his finger.

A streak of faint red glow popped up and hit the big man in his chest. His body began trembling and the Fu inscriptions on the stone stage began to rotate. A light green glow extended up towards his feet. Soon, the big man stopped trembling and gradually calmed down.

Guo 12th was observing carefully and noticed the stopping point of the red grow was at the collar-bone. The bright red Fu inscriptions appeared on the skin, and gradually printed itself onto the skin, becoming tattoos.

Luo Jie clicked on the open-page again and another streak of red grow popped up and hit the big man on the chest. Guo 12th already figured out that Luo Jie was helping the big man enhance his strength.

Guo 12th waited for two hours before Luo Jie finished the enhancement.

The big man respectfully saluted Luo Jie, put on his clothes and left. Luo Jie used his finger to click on the silver book, and the book closed mysteriously. As Luo Jie breathed, the book shrank quickly, becoming a cloud of glowing silver mists, and floated into his mouth.

Luo Jie saw Guo 12th staring at him with a face of astonishment. He smiled and said, “Don't be surprised, this is the Innate Fu Book of a FuZhou Great Master.”

“Innate Fu Book?”

Guo 12th only understood the basic knowledge of a FuZhou Knight, and did not know anything about FuZhou Great Masters. For the first time he has seen the FuZhou Great Master’s methods of enhancement, he felt it was awesome. It was simply too amazing.

Luo Jie smiled, “Do you know what's the difference between a FuZhou Knights and a FuZhou Masters?”

Guo 12th shook his head and said, “I don't know.”

Luo Jie said, “The difference between them was, FuZhou Knights do not have Innate Fu. They would need to be promoted to FuZhou Masters in order to possess their own Innate Fu, and FuZhou Great Masters… possess Innate Fu Books. Of course, Innate Fu Books have different forms, for example, Innate Fu Volumes, Innate Fu Collections, etc, but, they all share similarities.”

Guo 12th understood that he was very lucky because many FuZhou Knights and even FuZhou Masters do not have the chance to see an Innate Fu Books. He asked, “Was that Uncle enhancing his strength?”

Luo Jie said, “The Fu inscriptions on his body were too messy, I was helping him fix it. He is not my supporter. He was introduced to me by an old friend.”

Guo 12th understood it was not easy to ask a FuZhou Great Master for help. His Teacher would not necessarily agree to help if this big man was not introduced by his friend.

“How were the ten days of practice? Hey! You still have not started?”

Luo Jie was a little surprised. Everyone could not help but immediately start practicing once they have received the methods of FuZhou power, but there were no signs of practice showing on this little child’s body, which made it feel strange.

“Correct, Teacher, I did not start yet.”

Guo 12th said easily, as there was nothing to hide.

Luo Jie sat down cross-legged, and signals Guo 12th to sit down, then he said, “Oh, can you tell me the reason why you are not in an hurry to start?” He was very patient. He can easily control his temper at his age.

Guo 12th said, “Teacher, I believe that no matter how much I practice in the future, the first step is to completely understand the contents of FuZhou power. I cannot start practicing without fully understanding what it truly is. The second step is to remember and further understand the contents. And the final step is to begin practicing.”

Luo Jie praised 12th inside, “This child is not simple. He has a very clear mind at such a young age.” He asked, “Do you understand everything yet?”

Guo 12th said, “I have a lot of doubts and questions, therefore I am coming to consult with Teacher.”

12th took out a paper and a brush, asked all his questions one by one while recording them carefully. Cultivation is very important, which mean one should not be careless. Luo Jie acknowledged 12th's approach to learning. This was the attitude a professional should have, observant and diligence.

Luo Jie explained everything in detail, and sometimes even checked 12th’s notes to see if he had written anything wrong.

There were many patterns written in the book “FuZhou Power”. Luo Jie demonstrated them all, so Guo 12th could have a better understanding. It was difficult to master the essentials of the actions by simply looking at the patterns in a book.

Time flew by. They went through the questions one by one. Luo Jie was teaching earnestly and Guo 12th was learning sincerely. Both of them forgot about dinner. When Guo 12th’s stomach began to rumble loudly, Luo Jie noticed that it was already nighttime. He said, “This should be all, you can start practicing when you have completely understood everything.”

Guo 12th rubbed his sore wrist, placed away the brush and ink, organized his papers and said, “Teacher, I am eating here. I will starve to death before I get back home!”

Luo Jie laughed happily and said, “No problem, no problem, I will ask the kitchen to make more food, let us go eat!” He commanded a Fu Warrior to tell the kitchen and then walked out of the underground laboratory holding onto 12th’s hand.

Guo 12th was very satisfied with the gains today, as was Luo Jie. This disciple was not only smart, but also studious. And 12th again ate the Fu food.

Truly a FuZhou Great Master, the level of Fu food cooking was a level above Chang Ye Ran's. Guo 12th was very satisfied with the Fu food. It tasted even better than all the delicacies he had from his previous life.

Guo 12th said goodbye and left after dinner. Poor Luo Lao just grabbed something to eat outside because he did not dare meet Luo Jie.

Looking at the depressed appearance of Luo Lao, Guo 12th could not help, but laugh inside. 12th did not tease him, as a strong Fu Warrior, Luo Lao was not one to be trifled with. He went into the carriage and looked over the notes he had taken and compared them to the original ones from the book. He tried to find the solutions to the problems by looking through the original notes from the book and comparing it with the new ones.

The next day, Luo Jie sent someone to give 12th, four carriages of basic materials and tools to practice. Luo Jie was not worried about 12th at all, even though 12th has not begun to cultivate FuZhou power yet.

There were four carriages of supplies, three of them contained materials, and one of them had tools that are specially used by FuZhou Knights. Without mentioning the value of the materials, the tools alone were worth 10,000 Black Fu Bills.

Guo 12th was not a naive little child, he was shocked at the amount Luo Jie casually sent to him. This is the advantage of having a good Teacher. In fact it was also because of 12th's own efforts, which had earn his Teacher’s appreciation, thus causing him to send the tools and materials so that he could focus on practicing.

However, Guo 12th could not use any of the tools and materials until he has successfully cultivated his FuZhou power, therefore he moved all the materials and tools into his laboratory. He then took out his notes and started to make the final conclusion. He had already understood the contents of “FuZhou Power”, and also understood how to go on with the practice. He had also figured out all the answers to the questions after his Teacher’s explanations. 12th went through everything again and tried to find any questions he might had missed.

Spending a whole day, Guo 12th made sure that there were no other questions. Only then did he begin to cultivate.

To cultivate FuZhou power, one did not simply sit down and meditate, they had to follow along a set of movements. The set of movements was strange, only requiring one to constantly walk with a strict rule regarding the direction. But there was a lot of movements for the arms and wrists, and the movements of the fingers were the most complicated.

There were 9 sets of basic movements in total, with each set having 36 different moves.

The FuZhou power would be cultivated after successfully finishing the 36 moves of the first set, but it was very difficult to finish these 36 moves. Because besides the moves, one's mind must be highly focused until it reached a state of enlightenment, only then can the traces of FuZhou power emerge.

Once a trace of FuZhou power emerges, it will continues to grow as long as one puts in continuous effort.

The movements of the first set not only cultivated FuZhou power, the 36 moves were also the most basic Fu controlling methods known as the “36 Move Methods”. With 9 sets of movements there will be a total of 324 moves for Fu control. These were the basic methods every FuZhou Knight must be familiar with.

Luckily, Guo 12th had memorized the whole book and could remember all the patterns in his mind, otherwise it would have been difficult to practice while looking through the patterns on the book.

Guo 12th started mirroring the moves. He did not seek to immediately enter a state of enlightenment, instead, he wanted to be familiar with all the moves first. He spent two days to get familiar with all the moves.

Being familiar with all the movements will not be enough to cultivate the traces of FuZhou power, Guo 12th clearly understood this, he stopped practicing the moves, rested, ate, chanted, and slept until he felt refreshed. Eventually he decided to start to practice again.

The 36 basic moves were not very complicated, the only thing a little complicated were the movements associated with the fingers and wrists. After Guo 12th began to feel confident with all the moves, he started to concentrate his mind and performed the movements over and over, in order to reach the state of enlightenment.

Guo 12th was not a child, his mind was completely that of an adult. In addition, he had more life experiences than many adults. He had lived through three lives, with his first as a monk, he had his own unique sense of cultivation. As a result, he quickly entered the state of enlightenment, performing the 36 moves unconsciously.

It felt like sleepwalking, like a feather floating within the wind, the feeling was incredible. Together with the repeated movements, Guo 12th immersed himself in the state of enlightenment. For a total of 8 hours, he was moving tirelessly. At the beginning, it took him 20 minutes for a complete set, but towards the end completing a whole set only took a few minutes. His mind was more and more focused, and a trace of FuZhou power emerged.

Suddenly, Guo 12th stopped moving, in the trance of the moment, he woke up.