Instant Kill - Volume 1 Chapter 8

Standing in the laboratory, Guo 12th had a look of confusion. This was FuZhou power? He had a strange feeling because according to his understandings, FuZhou power felt very similar to soul power. Going through two successful reincarnations, he could feel the power of his soul, and the benefits of it getting stronger, but why does soul power and FuZhou power feel so similar?

Guo 12th cared a lot about his own soul, every night he would still continue to chant the soul inscriptions. The main difference between his current life and his previous two was that he could distinctly feel his own soul now. He could actually feel the power of his soul, which has never happened before, he only had a blurred feeling in his previous lives.

Under Guo 12th’s deliberate chase, he repeated the movements, trying to find the traces of FuZhou power within him. As expected, he had already successfully brought out his own FuZhou Power. But what confused 12th was that his FuZhou power was infusing with his soul.

By concentrating with his soul, the feelings of confusion did last long. A moment later, he started chanting the soul inscriptions. The inscriptions has already been engraved deeply into his soul, 12th noticed that his soul was shifting every time he chanted. The inscriptions were not long, only contained 167 words, he could finish chanting in less than a minute. After a while, he figured out that his soul would condense a little every time it shifted.

Guo 12th let out a big sigh, he knew that he was being impatient. After all he was only 8 years old, he needed more time to grow and more time to understand the mysteries of the soul. 12th naturally felt that the FuZhou power he was currently learning is closely related to his own soul. Whether it was good or bad, he did not know yet.

Guo 12th thought for a moment and then walked out of the laboratory. He felt a little tired after practicing for a few days in a row. He was not very excited even though he has successfully cultivated FuZhou power.

Walking out from his room, he saw two people sitting in the reading room.

“Huo Bao, Chen Bing, what’s up?”

Huo Bao smiled, “12th, we want to perform the first strength enhancement.”

Chen Bing said, “FuZhou Hall.” He meant for the first strength enhancement to take place in the FuZhou Hall. He did not talk a lot, thus only said three words.[1]

Guo 12th asked, “You guys want me to come along?”

They both nodded at the same time, Guo 12th smiled, “Ok, I will go together with you guys.”

12th called two Fu Warriors to go with them. Since the FuZhou Hall was not far away, they did not need to use the carriages. The five of them walked out the door, Guo 12th was still wearing a thick leather robe, as he was still not comfortable in the cold. There was a thick layer of snow on the street but no one cleaned it, they walked through the snow and soon arrived at the FuZhou Hall.

A servant led three of them into the Fu Enhancing Room.

Chen Bing said, “Grandpa.”

The old man sitting inside the room was Chen Bing's grandpa. Chen Chun Zhai came to perform the strength enhancement for his grandson. He also wanted to talk to 12th. Since Chen Bing was a supporter of 12th, he will be relying on 12th for his strength enhancements in the future. Therefore Chen Chun Zhai asked Guo 12th to participate.

Guo 12th saluted respectfully, “Grandpa Chen, nice to see you.”

Chen Chun Zhai looked at Guo 12th questioningly, a moment later, he asked, “12th, you've already cultivated FuZhou power? How is this possible… in such a short period of time.”

Guo 12th said, “Ha Ha, I have cultivated just a trace of FuZhou power yesterday, it can be regarded as a success.”

Chen Chun Zhai shook his head with an amusing smile. It was very difficult for people with FuZhou potential to obtain the initial traces of FuZhou power. Normally after the potential test, children would need to spent several months of great effort practicing to obtain FuZhou power with the results never guaranteed. And because their age was usually young, the children were mostly passive when starting to learn. Even the children with high potential would still need to go through a period of time before they start to understand the importance of FuZhou power.

Guo 12th really did not seem like a child. It was unbelievable that he was able to successfully cultivate FuZhou power in such a short time. Chen Chun Zhai could only compliment in his heart. He said, “12th, your speed of cultivation… Ha Ha, let's just talk about the strength enhancements. There are 5 types of Enhancement Fu, they are Light Fu, Shadow Fu, Bone Fu, Inner Fu, and Cleansing Fu. Cleansing Fu is used to take out the Enhancement Fu that has already attached to the bodies.”

“Light Fu is for Fu Warriors and Fu Warrior disciples. Bone Fu for Fu Warrior Masters, Inner Fu for Fu Warrior Great Masters…and Shadow Fu for Zhou Knights and FuZhou Knights.”

Guo 12th asked, “We can use Enhancement Fu too?”

Chen Chun Zhai nodded, “Zhou Knights also need to engage in combat, Shadow Fu will help them enhance their strength, even though it can't be compared to the enhancements of the Fu Warriors, it is still much stronger than ordinary people. FuZhou Knights must use it too if they prefer to engage in combat.”

“So… Huo Bao and Chen Bing will use Light Fu to enhance their strength this time?”

Chen Chun Zhai smiled, “Yes, the most basic Light Fu will be used for their initial strength enhancement, so they can get accustomed to the physical changes that will occur. But before that, I need to confirm their combat styles… I already know Chen Bing's style, but not Huo Bao's.”

Guo 12th felt a bit ashamed because he has not been giving Huo Bao and Chen Bing any attention since he was busy studying and cultivating. He asked, “Grandpa Chen, what is Chen Bing’s combat style?”

“His preferred combat style is stealth and the use of the bow. This type of Fu Warrior is adaptable and agile. Huo Bao, when you hunt, do you prefer the use of traps or direct attacks?”

Huo Bao answered, “I prefer using direct attacks, until the prey gives up.”

Chen Chun Zhai nodded, “Hmm, I understand, your combat style is aggression.” He continued, “It is the combination of strength and speed.” Chen Chun Zhai told 12th.

Guo 12th asked, “Do we still need another team member with a strength and defense combination?”

Chen Chun Zhai nodded, “Yes, you are missing two members, one should have the combination of strength and defense, and the other should have Bao Hao’s combination, one to attack and the other to protect you and the Zhou Knight.”

“Zhou Knight?”

Chen Chun Zhai said, “Within a combat team, having 4 Fu Warriors is the most common. If the team leader is a FuZhou Knight, 5 people can complete a team since the FuZhou Knight can be either a Fu Knight or Zhou Knight… but if a Fu Knight and Zhou Knight join the same team, the team's combat power will be better.”

“Zhou Knights and Fu Warriors are the same, they both need to rely on the FuZhou Knights or Fu Knights. But Zhou Knights are a lot more flexible than Fu Warriors, they can choose to join a team on a mission, and then choose to either stay with the team or leave when the mission is over. The attacking power of a Zhou Knight is very strong, Ha Ha, they are proud people.”

“There are also teams that are led by Fu Warrior Masters. They normally have their own supporters and is together only when there are missions, for example… Luo Lao’s team.”

Guo 12th smiled, “I understand, now let's start.” 12th has slowly begun to understand the basic rules of this world. Everything he had learned from the past 8 years were useless, but in the last 6 months he had gained a lot of useful information and started to gradually understand the world.

Although Chen Chun Zhai had Innate Fu, he did not use his most precious Fu like how Luo Jie did. He commanded a Fu Warrior with a few words and soon, the temperature of the room quickly rose. Chen Chun Zhai slowly took off his leather robe, and said, “Bao Hao, you first, Little Bing can sit on the side.”

Guo 12th felt a little hot, and he also took off his leather robe.

Huo Bao asked, “Grandpa Chen, do I need to take of all my clothes?”

Chen Chun Zhai said, “Not need, just take off your top.”

Huo Bao looked nothing like a 12 years old child. He had a lot of muscles, a thick chest, and extremely sturdy arms. Together with his shiny triangular shaped baldhead, an aggressive aura can be felt.

Chen Chun Zhai was amazed and said, “Truly like a small leopard, so aggressive for a 12 years old, Ha Ha.” Chen Chun Zhai swept his hand over his waist, and a piece of red Fu appeared between his fingers. The Fu was bouncing on his fingertips, just like a wisp.

Guo 12th hesitated for a moment, he noticed that Chen Chun Zhai’s finger moved similar to one of the movements from the 36 Moves Methods. He wondered inside, “Is that how one controls Fu? But it did not seem like he was controlling it, it is more like natural movements.”

Chen Chun Zhai said, “This is a Light Fu that is used to activate the power of the body. Since Huo Bao is still young, the Light Fu will only have limited power, it will let him get accustomed to the physical changes that will happen."

“This is the strength enhancing stage, Huo Bao, go stand there.”

The circular stone stage looked much simpler than the one in Luo Jie’s laboratory. The Fu inscriptions on it were several levels lower. It did not take 12th long to realize that Luo Jie was a FuZhou Great Master, and his enhancing stage was made by himself, which was definitely stronger than the ones in FuZhou Hall.

Chen Chun Zhai said, “Huo Bao, you should already know the pain which comes with strength enhancement, but to be a Fu Warrior this is unavoidable. Do you have confidence to overcome it?”

Huo Bao fearlessly looked Chen Chun Zhai in the eyes and said, “I can do it!” If one wanted to survive in this world, they would need strength. In the wild only the ones with power will have the freedom to go wherever they wished. Huo Bao already understood this rule from his first hunt.

Chen Chun Zhai moved his hands like a dance, and a red glow was gradually emerging from the Light Fu. He intentionally moved slower so Guo 12th can clearly see the changes, the Light Fu was getting brighter and brighter, he said, “12th, look carefully, Huo Bao, do not move.”

The Light Fu became a streak of red glow. A completed Fu inscription appeared and quickly engraved itself onto Huo Bao's chest. “Chee Chee”, as if a hot iron fell into water. Huo Bao grunted and his body began to tremble violently. Chen Chun Zhai said, “Bear with it! The first Enhancement Fu is the most critical!"

A lot of sweat appeared on Bao Hao’s face, his eyes widen, mouth pouted, and was breathing heavily. The red Fu Inscriptions was engraving itself onto his chest, like an image from a projector. Chen Chun Zhai yelled, “Condense!” The red glow gradually faded away. The inscriptions were fully engraved into his skin.

Chen Chun Zhai smiled, “All set, you do not need to hold it in, scream all you want.”

Huo Bao yelled with a loud roar, “Ah… the f**king pain! Aiyaya…” He constantly waved his hands, performed some attacks, grinding and stomping for 2 minutes until the pain dissipated. His face turned white and he said, “That was horrible…but I made it!”

Guo 12th suddenly sees the same Light Fu appearing within Chen Chun Zhai’s hands, he asks, “Is this a Treasure Fu?” Treasure Fu are Fu that can be used multiple times, it required the maintenance from Fu Warriors to restore the Fu power used. Normally Treasure Fu can only be activated a limited time before it needs maintenance. If it were used passed the limit it would be useless and abandoned.

Chen Chun Zhai nodded, “The effects of one time use Fu is not very good. Treasure Fu are different, Ha Ha, there will be no problems with this Treasure Fu.”

Guo 12th understood a little because he had read about it in books. He said, “Hmm, I understand, Treasure Fu can be used many times, so you can notice if there are any problems, but for one time use Fu, problems will be unknown.”

Chen Chun Zhai said, “Ok, it is Little Bing’s turn. Huo Bao, take a rest. Starting from tomorrow, you guys need to train in the Strength Enhancing Hall. I hired a Fu Warrior Master to be your temporarily teacher. First, get used to the power of the Fu Inscription.”

Huo Bao wiped the cold sweat from his face, put on his leather robe and said, “Thank you for your hard work Grandpa, please accept my respect.”

Chen Bing took off his leather robe and stood up on the strength enhancing stage. He was only 10 years old and was a lot thinner than Huo Bao. 12th was a bit worried that he might be unable to stand after the enhancement. But Chen Bing was even tougher than Huo Bao. He endured the pain without saying a single word. Even when Chen Chun Zhai allowed him to scream, he was still as quiet as a mouse.

“That’s it for today. Strength enhancement is a gradual process, it should not be rushed. Ha Ha, some Fu Knights in another sect wanted to get stronger as soon as possible, so they kept increasing the use of Light Fu without considering the wellbeing of the Fu Warriors. As a result, the Fu Warriors can never advanced to become Fu Warrior Masters. We do not need to be so anxious for quick success.”

“We will perform the second strength enhancement when you both get used to the Fu Inscriptions of this Light Fu. Normally at the second strength enhancement, Light Fu can be used twice, and thus there will be two Fu Inscriptions engraved onto your body.”

Guo 12th asked, “How many times… to become Fu Warriors?”

Chen Chun Zhai smiled, “To become a Fu Warrior…Ha Ha, around 600 Light Fu, and that is only a junior Fu Warrior. It takes 6 years to absorb and understand the 600 Light Fu strength enhancements. Even for Fu Warriors, cultivation is not easy.

“12th, I have just finished the basic Enhancement Fu for Huo Bao and Chen Bing. In the future you will have to do it yourself if there are children with Fu Warrior potential joining your team. You cannot handle the Treasure Fu right now, just use the one time used Fu. This is a process that you must go through, Ha Ha, I will come over and help you double check if I have time.”

Guo 12th said his thanks. It is much better to have the support of an elder than to figure out everything on your own.

In order to strengthen the effects of the Enhancement Fu, Huo Bao and Chen Bing went straight to the Strength Enhancing Hall. Chen Chun Zhai and Guo 12th went back home.

Guo 12th could not wait to practice again when he gets home. He was eager to increase his own FuZhou Power because Chen Chun Zhai has given him motivation as Huo Bao and Chen Bing started their journey to become Fu Warriors, he did not want to be left behind.

Practicing the 36 moves over and over again, 12th’s FuZhou power increased a bit every time. Eventually, he started to feel a sense of pain in his soul, it was a strange feeling because it did not feel like any pain he has experienced before, 12th felt his soul swelling up, making it difficult to continue practicing. He sat down slowly and began to chant his inscriptions.

The feeling of reading the inscriptions was a lot different than usual, each word from the inscription was like water from an oasis, falling into his mouth that was hungry and thirsty. The fresh and pleasant feeling deeply intoxicated his body and eventually reached his soul.

The swelling pain from his soul completely disappeared. Guo 12th realized that practicing nonstop would hurt his soul, but with the soul inscriptions the soul would magically heal. He used a moment to think about what happened while smiling nonstop. He has figured out a method to strengthen his soul while cultivating FuZhou power at the same time. It was to practice FuZhou power along with chanting the soul inscriptions.

12th figured out that FuZhou power is also soul power. When chanting the soul inscriptions, 12th’s soul would become more pure and condensed, but the amount of soul power never increased. The amount of soul power could only be increased a little through successful reincarnations. But now, FuZhou power could increase the quantity of soul power, and the soul inscriptions could refine the soul, making it more pure. They worked perfectly together.

Guo 12th was very excited because he was not expecting such a huge benefit. This meant that he could cultivate much faster than others, when others might need to spent a month he might only need a day. The stronger one’s strength, the safer they would be.

Guo 12th was extremely excited in his mind, he thought this life was lucky. His most boring life was his first one when he chanted scriptures all day for his whole life. He did not experience anything fun, but even though it was boring he did not have any bitterness towards that life. His second life was unlucky, he was born into a poor family, and if not for his own efforts, he would have been more miserable than his first life.

This life seemed like a triumph over adversity, even though he did not know how he lived before the soul awakening, luck has always accompanied him afterward. He has been living happily from the time his soul awakened and until he arrived at the North Fu Sect to start his life as a disciple. The secrets he found out today was very important to him, his next reincarnation might be totally different because of this.

Guo 12th clearly understood the principle over training. He did not plan to cultivate crazily, although he had the soul inscriptions, he was satisfied with cultivating just a little faster than others. In addition to cultivating FuZhou Power, FuZhou Knights also need to learn a lot of other materials like raw material extraction, Fu Inscription study, and Fu making, there were a vast amount of information 12th can learn. Time was limited, and he cannot even waste a little.

After a half day of rest, Guo 12th started the practice on the second set of movements.

The 36 moves of the second set was a bit more complicated than those in the first set. Guo 12th spent three days to master them. According to the experience from the first set, he entered the state of enlightenment very quickly. He noticed that this set of movements had brought him a little more FuZhou power.

Both Huo Bao and Chen Bing have been very tired lately. They went to the Strength Enhancing Hall everyday to do their extreme training. They need to be proficient in many different combat arts. But the most important step was to activate the power of the Light Fu through practice, thus reaching the goal of strength enhancement.

They both worked very hard and has absorbed the power of the first Light Fu in 5 days. Therefore, Chen Chun Zhai performed the second strength enhancing Light Fu for them. The second enhancement added two Light Fu tattoos, one on their back and the other on their forehead. This time they spent 10 days to absorb the power.

Luo Jie could not help smiling when he saw Guo 12th. He thought 12th was great because he has already cultivated his own FuZhou power and in such a short period of time. The speed of cultivation was faster than anyone he knew.

As a FuZhou Great Master, he could easily notice the progress of Guo 12th, but what he could not notice was the reincarnated soul.

Luo Jie said, “12th, you can practice the methods of controlling basic Fu. Hmm, I will give you some one time use Fu and you can try them out. I already gave you the books on the subject, you can start to practice after reading it.”

Guo 12th was surprised, “I can control Fu?”

Luo Jie said dismissively, “Of course, you can learn to control Fu once you have cultivated your FuZhou power. The basic methods are introduced in the book, “FuZhou Power”. You can also learn other special Fu Controlling Methods later when you have already mastered the basic methods. Hmm, it's still a too early to tell you about those.”

Guo 12th started to ask questions, and Luo Jie answered them one after another. The teaching style was special, Guo 12th liked it a lot and Luo Jie did not oppose because it was easier for him. Guo 12th spent a lot of time trying to figure out the answers to all his questions before asking. Once Luo Jie answered them, Guo 12th would remember it and seriously try to fully understand it.

Guo 12th did not have many questions since he only completed up to the second set of movements, he still had plenty of time, and was not in a rush.

Luo Jie was very satisfied with Guo 12th. 12th has mastered two sets of movements in 10 days, and the questions he asked were all important, once he figured out the answers, there will not be any more questions in regards to these two sets of movements.

Soon, class was over. Guo 12th organized all his notes, stood up, and sincerely gave thanks.

Right afterwards, a Fu Warrior came in and reported, “Zhou Great Master Wu Qi Rong is here.”

Luo Jie said happily, “Brother Wu is back?”

A hearty laughter came from outside, “Ha Ha, Brother Luo, long time no see…how have you been lately? I heard you recently took in a good disciple?”

Guo 12th looked at the door curiously and said to himself, “Zhou Great Master? That should be the same level as my Teacher. Ah, I have to come over to Teacher’s place more, so I can meet other Great Masters. Even though I won't be talking to them, I will still look familiar to them.” 12th's thoughts were totally different from other children, he understood the benefits of personal connections from his first life so he decided not to leave yet.

The elder had white hair and a beard, he looked like a venerable elder with high sense of discipline. He only wore a simple white robe in cold weather, he walked into the room with a lot of energy without carrying anything a Zhou Knight or Zhou Master would normally carry.

Guo 12th noticed that his hands were clean and snow-white with big palms, and strong and slender fingers like a young man’s. He was followed by several servants who were carrying two wooden cases. Guo 12th felt like he was shot by needles when the elder glared at him.

Luo Jie grinned and said, “You must have gathered a lot this time, Ha Ha, have you been gone for more than a year and just came back?”

Wu Qi Rong smiled, “Yes, I just came back…and rushed to see my old friend. This is your disciple? This child looks smart.”

Without waiting for Luo Jie’s command, Guo 12th quickly stepped forward, “Grandpa Wu, nice to see you.”

Wu Qi Rong said, “You don't need to be so polite, what is your name child?”

Guo 12th said, “Grandpa Wu, I am Guo 12th.” He had to act young since he was technically just a child.

Luo Jie said, “Brother Wu, guess how long this child has been cultivating?” Even he could not help show off.

Wu Qi Rong looked at Guo 12th carefully for a moment and said, “According to his level, I guess he has been practicing for a year? Ha Ha, you asked me to guess, it can only mean that this child is cultivating very fast, how about half a year? 3 months? Hmm, 3 months is a little exaggerated, Brother Luo, has he been practicing for half a year?”

Luo Jie said happily, “... 20 days! The first 10 days were just studying, he didn't practice at all... Ha Ha, that is to say, 12th has only practiced for 10 days! Ha Ha, can you believe it?”

Wu Qi Rong said loudly, “That's impossible!”

Luo Jie said, “Brother Wu, you don't know, but after he arrived at the North Fu Sect and finished the potential test, there was almost a disaster. Ha Ha, if it didn't happen, I would have never received such a great disciple.”

Wu Qi Rong has an increased interest in what happened, he asked, “What disaster? Tell me!”

Luo Jie said, “Let us sit down first, standing at the door… Ha Ha, it is disrespectful to you!”

Guo 12th was confused and said to himself, “Disaster? What disaster?”

[1] FuZhou is two words in Chinese