Instant Kill - Volume 1 Chapter 9

Luo Jie and Wu Qi Rong sat down cross-legged. 12th intentionally sat down next to Luo Jie. He did not want to leave, he wanted to listen to their conversation. Even if it was just a casual chat he might be able to gain new information regarding the world.

Wu Qi Rong asked with interest, “How is this possible? Heh, only practiced for 10 days…I can't believe it.”

Luo Jie said, “You should know Chang Ye Ran, right? He was the host when 12th came here to have his test taken. There were more than 10 FuZhou Masters present and after the test results, they all wanted to take 12th as their own disciple. They then started bickering and and argued with each other until the Sect Master got involved. Ha Ha, they almost proceeded from words to fists.”

“You know Master Qi’s temper. He yelled at them while banging his fist on the table, and in the end he chose me to take 12th as a disciple. Ha Ha, I was just planning to take a look and wasn't going to get involved if 12th was not up to standards. Ha Ha, I noticed something strange the first time I saw him, his potential is monstrous!”

Wu Qi Rong sighed, “How come I never encounter such good events.”

Luo Jie said happily, “12th has FuZhou potential.”

Wu Qi Rong replied sourly, “I knew it, you discriminate against us Zhou Knights!”

Luo Jie smiled, “I wouldn't dare, but it is impossible for a child with FuZhou potential to be the disciple of a Zhou Knight. Wouldn't you want to find him a Fu Knight teacher as well?”

Wu Qi Rong laughed, “I'm too lazy to argue with you.”

Luo Jie asked with a soft smile, “What did you find this time?”

Wu Qi Rong said, “A lot, but I made an enemy with a group and killed several of them.” His expression was a little sad, he continued, “One of my Fu Warrior Masters… didn't make it. Motherf***kers, those bastards from the West Fu Sect tried to rob me. I killed 3 of them without stopping to take a breath…two Fu Warrior Masters and one Beast Fu Master, the rest ran away. If I was not busy trying to save my own people, I would have kill them all.”

Luo Jie asked, “Who? Who was killed?”

Wu Qi Rong’s voice revealed a hint of hatred, he said, “Xiao Gan Meng. It is most regrettable that he did not die in combat, but died to their despicable sneak attacks. Ai, he died without any justice…Beast Fu Sect…Motherf***kers, I will never let anyone from the Beast Fu Sect off.”

Luo Jie shook his head with a bitter smile, he sighed, “So it was little Meng.” He waved over a Fu Warrior and said a few words. Guo 12th who was next to him clearly heard what was said, Luo Jie ordered his supporters to send some Black Fu Bills over to Xiao Gan Meng’s family, and also to ask his family if there were any requests that he could help settle.

Guo 12th noticed that people in the North Fu Sect have benevolence, which he liked a lot.

Wu Qi Rong took a deep breath and said, “Forget it. Let's not talk about this, let's not talk about something depressing. Elder Luo, this time I killed an adult Black Kui."[1]

Luo Jie was astonished. He stood up, pointed at Wu Qi Rong, and said with a stutter, “You…you…you are not afraid of death! How dare you quarrel with an adult Kui? Did you enter the Mysterious Region of Wild Beasts? Didn’t you say you were just going to the Western Prairies?”

Wu Qi Rong laughed, “Brother Luo, let me finish first!”

“You're right. We went to the Western Prairies and came across the entrance to the Mysterious Region of Wild Beasts. If I didn't go in, how would I find any treasure?”

Luo Jie said with a bitter smile, “That is the treasure site of the West Fu Sect, you went in there…Ai, no wonder, hmm, now tell me how did you fight against the Black Kui? Did a Fu Warrior Great Master defend its attacks? How did you kill it? Did you get a Fu Warrior Great Master to cooperate?”

Wu Qi Rong said, “There was no help from any Fu Warrior Great Masters, it was just good luck…the Black Kui fought against an Earth Dragon. It defeated the Earth Dragon, but also got severely injured. We attacked it when it was injured, that was it…a few of our people got injured, otherwise we would not have been sneaked attacked by the juniors from the West Fu Sect.”

“Earth Dragon? What kind of Earth Dragon?”

Luo Jie's eyes glowed and asked hurriedly.

“Blood Earth Dragon! Ha Ha, the very rare Blood Earth Dragon!”

Luo Jie suddenly became excited and said, “You're saying, the Blood Earth Dragon is also your reward? You are lucky! You must've collected a lot of blood from the Blood Earth Dragon, right?”

Wu Qi Rong said, “What a pity, I couldn't collect much. I only collected a lot of blood from the Black Kui, the Blood Earth Dragon died first, and most of its blood flowed out by the time we killed the Black Kui, we could only collect a few bottles…”

Luo Jie interrupted, “Sell it to me! Or trade for my Fu!”

Wu Qi Rong said, “The blood and bones from the Blood Earth Dragon could be used to refine high grade Blood Fu, that is the most special Fu amongst the Strength Enhancing Fu. Heh Heh, if you can help me refine two Blood Fu, I will trade you 4 bottles of the Blood Earth Dragon blood!"

Luo Jie said firmly, “5 bottles for 2 Blood Fu!”

Wu Qi Rong exclaimed, “You Fu Knights and FuZhou Knights are just like vampire. OK! Deal!” He waved to order someone to carry in a wooden case. “My acquisition this trip was pretty good, here are some small gifts for you. Ha Ha, I just want to let you take a look at the quality of these items.”

The wooden case opened and the smell of blood spread into the air.

There was a row of finger sized crystal bottles filled with blood. The colors were all different shades of red. From light red to pink, vermilion to bright red, and some were burgundy, similar to human blood.

There were also 4 bones, each one had Fu Inscriptions on it, the bones were not big, but looked gorgeous and mysterious. There was also animal fur that has been cut into book sized pieces. Looking at them closely, the furs were from 6 different types of beasts, two pieces each. There were 4 pieces of palm sized bloody red scales. The rest were all frozen meat, wrapped in wax paper.

Luo Jie took out a piece of bloody red scale and looked at it carefully, “Good stuff, it is a complete blood scale, it has more than 300 stripes. This Blood Earth Dragon should be more than 300 hundred years old. Ha Ha, this is a good material for making the Innate Fu. Brother Wu, you will be rich!”

Wu Qi Rong said with a bitter smile, “Not too rich, I used up most of my Attack Treasure Fu, most of them were activated beyond their limit and became Abandoned Fu. Therefore I would like to use these materials to exchange for some Attack Fu. Otherwise…there is no way for me to go out, we Zhou Knights are just like toothless tigers, we cannot do anything by ourselves.”

12th just understood the pains of Zhou Knights. They had to rely on Fu, but they could not make it themselves. As a result, they needed to trade their materials for Fu, but if they were supported by a Fu Knight or a FuZhou Knight, then they will have a lot less to worry about. They would only need to concentrate on hunting and collecting precious materials from their prey.

The problem with Fu Knights was their growth. The combat power of a Fu Knight is relatively weak, therefore at the beginning they were the poorest as they required a lot of material to study and get stronger. They will gradually become wealthy once they get stronger.

At the beginning, FuZhou Knights will have the most difficulty, that's why people with FuZhou potential will choose to train towards a specific path, for example, either a Zhou Knight or a Fu Knight. If they were in a large sect like the North Fu Sect, they can truly become a FuZhou Knight where they can get the support and time to develop both their Fu and Zhou. However, even in big sects there were not a lot of FuZhou Knights.

Luo Jie was very satisfied with the gifts Wu Qi Rong brought. He took out a wooden box and said, “Here you can first take these two Treasure Fu. We can calculate how to trade when you bring your list of materials. Don't worry, the Fu that I make will be even better than those made by other Fu Great Masters, it will be more suitable for you.”

Wu Qi Rong let out a red mist from his mouth, and suddenly a scroll appeared. It was the Innate Fu Scroll of a Zhou Great Master. 12th thought it looked similar to an ancient bamboo slip from his previous life.[2]

With a click, the Innate Fu Scroll opened, Wu Qi Rong tossed the two Treasure Fu inside it, and they were sucked in. Guo 12th could clearly see that the two Treasure Fu got sucked into the scroll where it stored many other Fu. As Wu Qi Rong inhaled, the Innate Fu Scroll fell into his mouth. He smiled, “I have to collect them little by little, or else my group cannot go out and fight.”

Guo 12th couldn't believe a Zhou Great Master would say something like that. He seemed very kind and gentle, like an Enlightened Master from his previous life.

Wu Qi Rong patted his forehead and said, “Ai, I am truly an old man with no memory. Come! Child, this is a gift for you.” he took out a Fu Book and said, “This is a Fu Book, it has been with me for many years. Ha Ha, I'll give it to you as a gift, and this is the Fu Key.”

Guo 12th opened the Fu Book using the key after saying thanks to Wu Qi Rong. There were two books inside, the first and second volume. The name of the book was “Zhou Chanting Formulas”. He asked, “What are Zhou Chanting Formulas?”

Wu Qi Rong said, “This book is for Zhou Knights, you can use it as well since you have FuZhou potential. The Zhou Chanting Formulas were methods used to quickly activate Fu. You can't use it yet, but wait until you become a FuZhou Knight, this book contains many of my comments and explanations.”

Guo 12th was very happy, he loved books, it was very lucky to receive books from a Zhou Great Master. He sincerely said his thanks.

12th did not care about the materials from the Blood Earth Dragon or the Black Kui. The only use he had for them was selling them because he didn't know what to do with them right now even if Wu Qi Rong gave it to him. But of course, Wu Qi Rong would not give him such precious materials as gifts.

“Ah, I also have a weird Beast Fu for you. I stole it…it got damaged by me. These are the instructions, you can open it when you get home, Ha Ha, remember, having good Fu control is crucial for using the Beast Fu."

The Fu was wrapped in a piece of paper.

Guo 12th knew that Wu Qi Rong wanted a private chat with his Teacher, so he left after receiving the gifts. Luo Jie said a few words, and then asked a Fu Warrior to take him home.

Wu Qi Rong saw Guo 12th leave, and said, “Brother Luo, your disciple has great potential.”

Luo Jie shook his head and said, “Brother Wu, say whatever you want to say. We have been friends for many years, you cannot hide your true thoughts from me.”

Wu Qi Rong said, “I was very surprised this time when I entered the Mysterious Region of Wild Beast. According to the previous conditions, it should be opened once every two years, for a duration of one month. But this time we stayed inside for 6 months and didn't notice anything strange. We could have continued to stay inside for a couple more months if we had enough supplies.”

Luo Jie said, “The situation in the North is not stable right now, the savages are ready to make their move, the winter this year was quite cold, according to my predictions…they will start their attack at the start of spring. A few days ago, the Sect Master sent over a Fu letter, it said that the Mysterious Region of Flame in the North Fu Sect has signs of opening soon, maybe in the summer or next year, not sure yet, but people within the North Fu Sect have already started to sign up. Do you think there is a connection between the Mysterious Region of Flame and the early opening of the Mysterious Region of Wild Beast?”

Wu Qi Rong sighed, “I'm not sure. Ah, the world has become chaotic again. I'm getting old and the young generation have never experienced the bloody slaughters. It is hard to survive in these unstable times.”

Luo Jie said, “The North Fu Sect is doing pretty good on raising disciples, we spent a huge amount of Fu Bills each year recruiting suitable disciples. The strength of the North Fu Sect should not be underestimated.”

Wu Qi Rong said, “Those bastards from the Beast Fu Sect are getting more and more arrogant. If there were no agreement among the 4 Unions…Ah, forget it. I'm too lazy to bother with them, as long as they don't mess with me I won't bother with them.” The so-called 4 Unions represented the four biggest sects. They were all established in the form of Unions, and later converted into sects.

Luo Jie said, “We have to make early preparations, Ah, I hope it will not be like last time, with a countless number of casualties.”

Wu Qi Rong said, “It shouldn't be so serious, at least this winter is safe.”

Luo Jie said, “Yea, nothing should be happening this winter, Ha Ha, Brother Wu, can I take a look at the list now?”

Wu Qi Rong took out a few pieces of paper, browsed through it a little and handed it over to Luo Jie. He said, “The most valuable reward from this trip was the Blood Earth Dragon and the Black Kui, the rest are not worth mentioning."

Luo Jie held the list, calculating carefully, reading it over and over again. Then he said, “Brother Wu, the Beast Cores from the Blood Earth Dragon and Black Kui are not in the list. You're not planning on selling them?”

Wu Qi Rong said with a smile, “Of course I'm selling them. I'm planning on informing some Fu Great Masters and letting them bid. Whoever offers the most will get it, or they can trade it...for Spirit Fu!”

“Spirit Fu? Brother Wu, don't tease me. How many Spirit Fu are in the world? It is the best FuZhou for making Innate Fu. If all my Innate Fu were made by Spirit Fu, heh heh, I can still advance…Which Fu Great Master will use a Spirit Fu to trade for materials?”

Wu Qi Rong smiled, “It's ok if I can't trade for it. I'll try to buy it…oh but wait, I'm too poor, unlike you Fu Knights and FuZhou Knights, all of you are rich!”

“Stop complaining, you have complained for a hundred years, Ha Ha.” Luo Jie tapped on the paper unreservedly, and said, “These are all I need.”

Wu Qi Rong took the piece of paper back and read it carefully, “Ai, it's very tiring talking with you. You can't take this much, there are a few elders waiting too, what am I going to do if I give everything to you?”

Luo Jie said happily, “I didn't take them all.”

Wu Qi Rong laughed a little and said, “You sneaky guy! You chose all the good things, others will only pick from trash.”

They were old friends and knew each other's temper very well. They would often debate and quarrel, especially when trading. Fu Knights and FuZhou Knights all have a businessman's personality, even though they were normally generous, they became very stingy when it came to trading.


Guo 12th rushed back home and immediately went to the laboratory. He put away the Fu Books and took out the Beast Fu.

The Beast Fu was a peculiar Fu, it can only be attained at the West Fu Sect. The West Fu Sect also known as the Beast Fu Sect had a specialty where they could seal a beast or the beast's spirit, and when combined with other materials, the Beast Fu will be formed. A Beast Fu usually have the magic power of the beast, but a good Beast Fu could even be superior to the original beast, but the production was very difficult, and only Beast Fu Masters knew how to make it.

The Beast Fu Sect also had another set of Strength Enhancing Fu, which is related to beasts.

This Beast Fu is a high grade Beast Fu. It was not used for combat, but for warning and detection, it could also be used to find stronger beasts. It sealed two variants of Mastiff like dogs. Guo 12th loved dogs since his previous life, so he was very happy when reading the instructions on the Beast Fu. Following the instructions on the paper, he used the power of his soul, and began to unseal it.

Two small dogs appeared, similar sized to the pet dog 12th had in his previous life. They were a little ugly, with a flat face and a coat of black fur. Once they appeared, they wandered around 12th, sniffed his smell, and then sat down obediently, waiting for his order.

Guo 12th tried to walk a few steps and they immediately followed, which gave off feeling of them being well behaved.

Slowly, Guo 12th noticed that the Command Formula Wu Qi Rong provided was incomplete. 12th tried to command the dogs, they can detect and alert, but they could not find any powerful beasts. Guo 12th thought for a moment and felt relieved, this Beast Fu was stolen by Wu Qi Rong, it was not made by him, of course he could not understand all the Command Functions.

He withdrew the dogs and put away the Beast Fu. This was just a minor event, his focus was on cultivating FuZhou power. That was his real goal.

A head leaned in and said softly, “12th, 12th here?”

Guo 12th replied snappily, “Huo Bao, what are you doing sneaking around like that? Come in, I just came back a while ago, what's the matter?”

Huo Bao came in with a smile and said, “There is a new teammate coming.”

Guo 12th was surprised, “Who? How come I didn't know about this?”

Huo Bao said, “He's already here, I heard that he is the grandson of a Fu Making Master. Hmm, his grandpa is here too.”

Guo 12th said, “Ok, let's go and see.” After knowing the different professions of the world, 12th knew that Fu Making Masters were powerful. He surely did not want to ignore them and headed out with Huo Bao. The underground laboratory was a restricted area, no one was allowed to enter except for Huo Bao, Chen Bing, and Auntie Lan.

An elder and a teenager.

Guo 12th could not help but scratch his head. He had recently met too many elders and did not interact with many peers. He thought to himself, this was his third life, so he was in fact an elder too. It is more comfortable dealing with elders than with children.

“Hello, I am Guo 12th.”

The elder’s face was covered by his beard and moustache, most of it was already white. He dressed completely different when compared to Luo Jie and Wu Qi Rong. He was like a millionaire, wearing a beautiful luxurious white leather robe, a leather hat that had white long fur, without any impurities and seemed to be from a huge white fox. The Fu belt on his waist was especially made for Fu Masters. His wrist was clasped with some rapid use Wrist Fu, which seemed expensive and honorable.

“I am Tian Xing Hong. I am here to visit you. Since you are the disciple of Great Master Luo, you are known in the North Fu Sect.”

The child sitting next to him looked at Guo 12th curiously. That child had a strong figure that was comparable to Huo Bao's. He sat there like a small mountain, even though he looked big and well-built, his facial expression was still immature.

“Nice to meet you, Grandpa Hong!”

Tian Xing Hong was very happy, since he was sensitive about his reputation, his strict expression became soft when seeing 12th’s manners. “This is my young grandson, Hong Shi, He He, nicknamed Stone, he is 11 years old and has Fu Warrior potential, I heard that you still need supporters, so I brought him over. Hong Shi has good physical strength and high Fu Warrior potential. Would you like to take him as your supporter?”

Guo 12th basically will not refuse anyone. He planned to take 4 Fu Warriors and even considered on taking more. So far he only had two supporters with Fu Warrior potential. According to the books, Guo 12th understood that Fu Warriors were very important to FuZhou Knights. FuZhou Knights had to rely on the protection of the Fu Warriors in order to go out to hunt or collect raw materials, at least until they have cultivated to the levels of FuZhou Great Masters.

FuZhou Knights are the strongest and weakest profession in this world, especially at the beginning, they had to rely on the help of Fu Warriors.

“Yes, no problem, but Grandpa Hong, I will need a one year examination.”

Tian Xing Hong nodded, “This is your policy, I understand.” He continued talking to Hong Shi, “Hong Shi, you will live here with 12th from now on, remember, if you want to have a bright future, you have to work hard and get along with your teammates, understand?” Even though his tone was serious, the word “understand” was filled with love.

Huo Bao smiled, he stepped forward and said, “Grandpa Hong, I am Huo Bao, I will look after Hong Shi from now on.”

Tian Xing Hong nodded with satisfaction and said, “Good, good, you guys get along, my grandson is very honest, he should get along with everyone. Oh yeah, 12th, I will send someone to bring you something in a few days, remember to take it. Don't refuse, it's just a small token of my affection!”

Guo 12th did not refuse. He was extremely poor right now. He had to provide for many people, and these gifts will help him a little. He said, “Thank you Grandpa Hong!”

Tian Xing Hong laughed, “Good! Good! So young, but already so straightforward, good! Ok, I will be leaving now.”

Guo 12th asked, “Huo Bao, do you know Hong Shi?”

Huo Bao smiled, “Yes, we met at the Strength Enhancing Hall. Hong Shi was there training and didn't have anyone to support yet… so..."

Guo 12th nodded. He did not blame Huo Bao, it was very important to find compatible teammates, so they can develop synergy in combat together. He asked, “Does Chen Bing know him too?”

Huo Bao waved and said, “Come out Chen Bing, He He, in fact, it was Chen Bing who picked Hong Shi, he said Hong Shi have the best physical features to be a defensive Fu Warrior.”

Hong Shi said, “Let's help each other from now on.” He seemed very rational, which was rare amongst the children.

Guo 12th was very satisfied. He smiled, “Good, Huo Bao, Chen Bing, and Hong Shi, if you guys find someone who has good potential and compatible with you in the Strength Enhancing Hall, ask him to come see me, I will take him in as well!”

Huo Bao felt very happy since he has helped Guo 12th.

Guo 12th was interested in their training in the Strength Enhancing Hall. He asked, “What type of training have you guys done recently? Oh yeah, Hong Shi, have you done the Light Fu enhancement yet?”

Hong Shi replied, “I have done the Light Fu enhancements three times. It was grandpa who helped me perform them, he said the first time is very important and the ones in the future will not be as important because it can be cleansed away if an error occurs. The effects from the first one is the best. Along with Huo Bao and Chen Bing, I am also doing the most basic training.”

Guo 12th said, “You three should practice on working together, if you guys have synergy then you guys will become more powerful."

Huo Bao said, “Hmm, I will pay attention to the relevant Fu Warrior techniques.”

Hong Shi said, “We will have to find the 4th supporter as soon as possible, or it will be harder for him to work together with us.”

Guo 12th nodded and said, “Hmm, let me think about it, I think I should go ask my teacher, his connection is wider and he should be able to find us one.”

“No need to find, I will bring you one!”

Guo 12th was shocked, “Grandma Chen!”

Aunt Chen brought in a girl. 12th was confused and said, “Grandma Chen, we are looking for a Fu Warrior, not a Fu Knight or a Zhou Knight.”

Chen Bing’s face turned green. His grandpa already felt dizzy every time he met this Aunt, not to mention him. He had a headache when he saw the girl behind Aunt Chen. “Cousin, what are you doing here?” he said with a bitter smile, “Good to see you Grandaunt.”

Aunt Chen said with a slight smile, “Little Bing is here too, that's good, you guys can look after each other.”

“Grandma will not bring you a child with Zhou potential or Fu potential. This girl have Fu Warrior potential, 12th, you just need one supporter, Little Hong will be with you from now on!”

“Ah? Ah! How is this possible…”

Guo 12th was shocked.

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