Instant Kill - Volume 2 Chapter 10

For a moment Qian Shao Ye was dumbfounded, he did not expect a young child to buy so much materials for making Treasure Fu, he said, “Who's your Teacher? Can you sell me two sets of material?”

“I am the disciple of the Fu Great Master Qian Zi Wang, my name is Qian Shao Ye.”

12th thought this was ridiculous and said, “Oh, you are asking for my Teacher? Hmm, my Teacher is FuZhou Great Master Luo Jie. You can discuss it with him.” 12th thought to himself, “Damn, this guy's name is really annoying, Qian Shao Ye? Who comes up with a name like that?”[1]

Qian Shao Ye quickly restrained his arrogant attitude because 12th’s identity was not lower than his own, he said, “I will offer a high price, how’s that?”

12th truly did not like his name, he said, “Ok, 20 thousand Black Fu Bills for each, do you still want it?” 12th increased the price by 5.

Qian Shao Ye was shocked, it was a huge amount of money, he thought it was a joke, with that amount of money he could buy 10 sets of materials and 12th was only selling him 2. This was really unfair, but he did not know what to say because he was the one who proposed buying it at a higher price.

12th laughed in his mind, he couldn't help but provoke Qian Shao Ye more, “Oh well, forget it, the price is too high…if someone cannot afford it, then I’ll be leaving.” 12th stepped forward and was about to leave.

Qian Shao Ye’s face turned pale and he was seized by a sudden impulse and shouted, “Stop!”

12th said with a smile, “Shao Ye, any problem?”

Qian Shao Ye’s face was flushed, and a moment later, he angrily said, “I… I’ll buy it!”

12th innocently praised, “Wow, Shao Ye is truly rich! But…… don't be so impulsive!”

Qian Shao Ye said, “This bit of money means nothing to me, stop bullshitting and give it to me!”

12th simply said, “Where's the money?”

Qian Shao Qian was really rich, he casually dropped a Fu Hidden bag and said, “There is 40 thousand Black Fu Bills inside, Ah I mean almost 40 thousand…… you can take the bag with you.”

12th mumbled, “I'm a little child and am easily fooled, let me count the money first.” Even though 12th's voice was very low, Qian Shao Ye and Wan Da Tou could clearly hear it. Qian Shao Ye was dumbfounded, he could not help but feel a little guilty because the money in the Fu Hidden bag was not a little less, it was 3000 Black Fu Bills less, and the Fu Hidden bag was only worth a few hundred Black Fu Bills at most.

12th opened the Fu Hidden bag and spread a bit of FuZhou power into it, he quickly noticed that there was not enough money inside, but he did not mention it, he said, “Ok, even though it's a little short, it's good enough, Da Tou, please tell your attendants…deliver two sets of the materials I bought over to Shao Ye and deliver the rest to me.” 12th was overjoyed, he did not expect to meet such a young master, 12th decided to pay closer attention to this wealthy young master.

Wan Da Tou admired 12th, he was able to earn back the money for the 8 sets of Treasure Fu materials he just bought without much effort, he said, “Yes, I'll arrange someone to deliver everything right away.”

Even though Qian Shao Ye have acquired the necessary materials, he was confused and did not feel happy, anyone would feel sad if they bought something for 5 times the usual price even if they were wealthy. He clearly understood that he has been tricked by a little child, but in the end it was his own decision. He was like an idiot who gave his head to a madman while shouting, "Kill me! Kill me!" And when the madman really kills him, who should be blamed?

12th said with a smile, “Qian Shao Ye, you are advancing at such a young age? You can actually make Treasure Fu, that's amazing!” 12th tried to please Qian Shao Ye because he did not want him to get mad from thinking too much about the trade. 12th was not scared of Qian Shao Ye, but he understood how fearsome an angered heart can be , 12th did not want Qian Shao Ye to hate him.

Qian Shao Ye felt a little better because 12th did not mention anything about the insufficient funds in the Hidden Fu bag and the compliment 12th just gave has actually eased his mood a bit. He did not hate 12th, he said without passion, “I'm only trying to make Treasure Fu, I have to get more familiar with the process, if I can successfully make 2 Treasure Fu out of 10 trials, then I can advance.”

12th did not care much about the advancement, he believed that gaining more knowledge and learning more skills is more important because it will be truly his. As for the advancement, 12th thought it was unimportant because to him, it was enough to have the skills necessary to protect himself. 12th then asks curiously, “Besides making Treasure Fu, are there any other benchmarks for measuring someone's advancement?

“Zhou Knight disciples advance to Zhou Knights when they can consecutively activate 20 Fu, they become a Zhou Master after cultivating an Innate Fu. And when they cultivate 20 Innate Fu and publish a few books, they will advance to Zhou Great Masters……”

“Fu Knight disciples advance to Fu Knights when they can successfully make 4 one-time use Fu out of 10 trials and 2 Treasure Fu out of 10 trials. The other benchmarks are similar to Zhou Knights and as for FuZhou Knight disciples……”

Qian Shao Ye suddenly shows a gloating expression and says, “Hehe, FuZhou Knight disciples will have more trouble…… in order for them to advance to a FuZhou Knight they will have to be able to consecutively activate 15 one-time use Attack Fu, successfully make 4 one-time use Fu out of 10 trials and 2 Treasure Fu out of 10 trials. Of course, if they concentrate on one profession then their benchmarks will be the same as either the Fu Knights or the Zhou Knights, but then they cannot be regarded as a true FuZhou Knight."

12th was surprised by his own freakishness, his success rate for making Fu was already greatly higher than the benchmarks and for activating the one-time use Fu, he could already consecutively activate 25 Fu, which also exceeded the benchmarks. As for making Treasure Fu, 12th has never tried yet, but it can be said that he was not far from advancing.

“It's that difficult?”

12th showed an embarrassing expression, which caused Qian Shao Ye to laugh happily. Qian Shao Ye said with a complacent tone, “It is the most difficult for FuZhou Knight disciples to advance, Hehe, in order to reach my level, you…… have to cultivate until you are 30 years old! Oh, how old are you right now?”

12th pretended to be sad, and said “9 years old.” 12th was now enjoying the convenience of looking so young, no matter what outrageous acts he has committed, no one would say anything because he was only 9 years old.

Qian Shao Ye could not help but be shocked, even though 12th’s appearance was young, he absolutely did not look like an ordinary 9 years old child, he looked more like a teenager.

Qian Shao Ye said, “Ah, too young, but…… why do you need to buy so much material for making Treasure Fu? Don't tell me Luo FuZhou Great Master needs them. I don't think he cares about making basic Treasure Fu.” Qian Shao Ye was not as silly as 12th thought because he noticed that the materials were not for Luo Jie.

12th said with a smile, “Ah, it's because I'm too poor, I arrived at the Inner Court last winter and did not expect everything to be so expensive. I have no other choice but to think up of ways to make money in order to support my family, unlike young master Qian...... from the first glance I could tell that you are rich.” 12th could not help but be disappointed with himself a little, his bootlicking skills has recently weakened, he wandered if Qian Shao Ye notices it or not.

Wan Da Tou was drinking water, he couldn't help but splashed some water out of his month, he did not expect 12th to plead poverty because 12th just handed him 40-50 thousand Black Fu Bills without batting an eye, 12th was obviously wealthy.

12th has overestimated Qian Shao Ye, Qian Shao Ye was enjoying what 12th was saying, he was very happy hearing others compliment him on how wealthy he was. Qian Shao Ye acted modest and said, “Not really… my pocket money is usually only tens of thousands. Haha, it's not that much…”

12th was astonished, he smiled and said, “Well, young master Qian, I have some flour. Would you like to buy some? I can sell it to you at a cheap price!”

Besides the Treasure Fu materials, Qian Shao Ye also wanted to buy some flour, but nobody was willing to sell it in the market, they all wanted something good to be traded for it. Since flour was not for sale in the market, Qian Shao Ye got very excited hearing 12th say he was willing to sell some. Qian Shao Ye then asks, "You have flour for sale?"

12th complained, “Yes, I only have a little left, I resisted eating it and wanted to sell it for some money. Life is truly difficult for poor people, I also have a large family to take care of."

Wan Da Tou was almost going crazy, he was a businessman, he clearly understood what 12th’s intentions were. This little child was vicious, but it was Qian Shao Ye who was silly enough to walk into his trap and it was not necessarily a bad thing for him to suffer a few losses.

Qian Shao Ye was born and raised inside the inner court, he has never stepped foot outside the inner court so he did not know how horrible it could be. Luckily 12th only wanted to make a bit of money, he did not have any other malicious thoughts. Otherwise, Qian Shao Ye could end up counting money for the person who bought him.

Qian Shao Ye said, “Sell it all to me!”

12th was stunned, he thought Qian Shao Ye was really too arrogant, he smiled and said, “Young Master Qian, you know the current market price, right?”

Qian Shao Ye waved his hand and said, “Of course, I have asked many people, it should be around 10 to 12 Black Fu Bills for each kg.”

12th then says, “That price is not bad, but…… young master, can you buy flour at that price in the market right now? If yes, then I will acquire all of them at this price.”

Qian Shao Ye was shocked, he certainly knew that it was impossible trying to buy flour with the mentioned price right now, otherwise he would not have been so excited, he then asked, “How much do you want then?.”

12th said, “I just saw someone spend 500 Black Fu Bills for 10 kg of flour and that was a special offer from the seller…” With just one sentence the price has been increased by 5.

No matter how rich Qian Shao Ye was, he was still intimidated by that price and said, "50? for 1 kg? Are you kidding me!"

12th smiled, “I'm not kidding, you can go check, it is right outside the market.” 12th was not lying, there was actually someone who has bought flour at a very high price, but only a small amount. A few people has spend a few hundred Black Fu Bills on a bit of flour just to satisfy their cravings.

Qian Shao Ye eventually showed a bitter face, at first he thought that he was going to get a good deal, but he did not expect to fall into a trap. His Teacher would definitely yell at him if he bought the flour at that high of a price, he said, "This's not worth it." He was embarrassed to say that the flour was too expensive so he just said it was not worth it. Who told him to pretend to be so rich?

12th did not intend to sell the flour at that price, it was truly too high, he said, "How about you give me an offer and I will sell the flour to you if it's acceptable."

Wan Da Tou sighed, he thought the child was too clever, he first raises the price very high and then asks the buyer to give an offer from that price. A seasoned businessman would not go along with 12th's pace, but Quan Shao Ye truly knew nothing. As expected, Qian Shao Ye used a moment to think and then hesitantly asks, "How about..... how about 40 Black Fu Bills for every kg? I will buy it at that price, how's that?"

12th could not stop blinking his eyes, he has met silly people before, but he has not met anyone as silly as Qian Shao Ye. 12th did not expect Qian Shao Ye to only negotiate the price down a few Black Fu Bills, he was a really nice person. 12th said with a big smile, “Ah, Qian Shao Ye, from the first sight I felt like we were old friends, Haha, now that you have made an offer, how can I bargain with you. We'll go with whatever you say! Qian Shao Ye, how much do you need?”

The truth was that the price was still too high, Qian Shao Ye did not dare saying something like “I will buy as much as you have!” If 12th had more than ten thousand kg then he would not have enough money to buy it, he hesitated for a moment and said, “5…… 500…… no, 1000 kg!” He motioned over a supporter and whispered a few words to him, and the Fu Warrior turned around and left.

12th knew that Qian Shao Ye has asked the Fu Warrior to get the money, but he did not say anything. 12th just smiled and said, “1000 kg, it will be 40 thousand Black Fu Bills, haha, it's just a small amount of money to Qian Shao Ye.”

Qian Shao Ye was already feeling dizzy, he was mentally disorganized and confused, he has spent around 80 thousands Black Fu Bills, it was almost as much as the whole fortune of an ordinary Fu Knight. Even though it was but a drop in the bucket for a Fu Great Master, this way of using money was ridiculous, the Fu Great Master Teacher was sure to yell at Qian Shao Ye.

Without waiting for Qian Shao Ye to come back to his senses, the supporter came back in and handed a Fu Hidden bag to him and said, “Shao Ye, it's all inside, a total of 40 thousand Black Fu Bills.”

Qian Shao Ye did not even look at it and threw it towards 12th. This time 12th did not bother to double check because he believed it would not be short, he waved over Luo Zhan and took a Fu Hidden bag from him. “Here you go, 1000 kg of flour, Shao Ye double check?” 12th smiled.

Qian Shao Ye was holding the Fu Hidden bag and said, “I don't need to, I believe it will not be wrong.”

12th smiled, “Ok, I will be leaving then. Qian Shao Ye, you can come visit me whenever you have time, haha. goodbye.” 12th waved at Wan Da Tou and left the shop with a smile.

Qian Shao Ye stood at Wan Da Tou’s shop for half an hour before leaving with the flour. He still have not come back to his senses, he just felt something being wrong, he was still a little sad and confused.

Wan Da Tou watched everything from the beginning to the end, he was also full of emotions. In fact, 12th’s tricks were nothing special, it was just that he made use of the situation so it cannot be thought of as cheating. 12th was very open from the beginning of the trades with the Treasure Fu materials to the end with the flour. What made Wan Da Tou confused was how Qian Shao Ye accepted the trades which were obviously questionable.

12th was very happy going back home. He has truly gained a lot today, a few Fu books, a pile of regular books, 8 sets of materials for making Treasure Fu and in the end he was able to sell 1000 kg of flour which earned him 40 thousand Black Fu Bills. 12th really like the feeling, he couldn't help laugh whenever he thought of the dull face Qian Shao Ye had, that person was indeed a child.

However, 12th did not have any ill feelings towards Qian Shao Ye, he knew that Qian Shao Ye just had a lack of knowledge and experience, he did not know how terrible others can be. 12th even thought that they could become friends in the future.

Now 12th had a plan, he wanted to make the Treasure Fu as soon as possible because making one-time use Fu was not challenging anymore. 12th thought back to the siege at Ye Guan City and how the Frostbolt was numerous times more powerful than the low-level one-time use Fu. He was not concerned with whether or not he could advance to a FuZhou Knight, he only wanted to gain more strength to keep himself safe, everything else was not important.

For several days, 12th stayed in the laboratory trying to successfully make Treasure Fu. He bought 8 sets of the most basic Treasure Fu materials, they were used to make Fireball Fu which had to be restored with Fu after every third use. This type of Treasure Fu was expensive and unpractical, it can be considered a trash Treasure Fu, but the creation method of the Treasure Fu was the most important step for a disciple. As long as they have successfully mastered the method of making Fireball Fu they have basically mastered the method of making Treasure Fu.

Therefore, every Fu Knight and FuZhou Knight have to learn to make Fireball Fu, this was not an easy task. Techniques could always be learned through practice and study, but not everyone could afford the materials required for making Treasure Fu. A lot of people were stuck as disciples because of this and had to collect the materials by themselves. Those who were supported by a Sect or a Clan would not have this problem because they could get the materials through them.

The first trial of Treasure Fu making failed, but 12th was not discourage. The second trial also failed so 12th thought over the past trials and began reading more books after. The third trial continued to fail, but 12th got excited because this time he was much closer to success, he could sense the tip of success.

Sure enough, 12th successfully made his first Treasure Fu with his fourth trial and then two more Treasure Fu were consecutively successful. 12th was confident in his Treasure Fu making now, he came up with the conclusion that the high rate of success was due to his strengthened soul. After this period of cultivation, 12th soul has became a few times stronger than when he first awakened.

12th could now make the Fireball Fu, which meant he could also make other Treasure Fu too, of course, there were still many difficulties awaiting him to solve, but he believed he could succeed as long as he worked hard. 12th was very happy, he took the 3 Fireball Treasure Fu and rushed over to his Teacher Luo Jie’s estate. He wanted to have his Teacher examine them and he also wanted to get some explanations regarding the creation method of Treasure Fu.

Luo Jie was very happy these past few days, he stocked up on food before the crisis in North Fu City and has made a huge profit because of it. His fortune has increased by at least by a few times, as a FuZhou Great Master, he was already known as a millionaire in the North Fu Sect, but this time with 12th’s reminder, he unexpectedly became even more wealthier.

Seeing 12th's arrival, it looked like a moving bag of Black Fu Bill to Luo Jie, his feelings for 12th was not as simple as a Teacher-disciple relationship anymore. Luo Jie was not greedy, but he truly had a large amount of people to take care of, every year he would spent a lot of resources and Fu Bills taking care of the group of people. And now with his fortune growing even more thanks for 12th, the future of Luo Jie and his group would be even better.

12th did not understand why his teacher was so passionate, he asked, “Teacher, what's going on?”

Luo Jie realized that he got carried away with his thoughts, as a person who has lived more than 200 years he was able to quickly control his emotions, he smiled and said, “12th, there are no classes today, do you still have questions?” 12th was a disciple who was very curious, it made him very satisfied as his Teacher.

12th opened his palm and 3 Fireball Treasure Fu appeared.

Luo Jie glanced at them and said, “Fireball Treasure Fu, hmm, why would you get so many? These are for practice, they are not very practical in real life situations. Don't tell me you bought them in the Fu town market, if so, then you have suffered a great loss!” Luo Jie could have never expected 12th of making the Treasure Fu himself, it was impossible because he was only 9 years old. Treasure Fu making was not only about having FuZhou power, it also required one to have high comprehension skills, how could a child do something meant for adults?

12th said innocently, “I'm sorry, but these were not bought, Teacher, they were made by me…… I want you to check if they are lacking.”

The facial expression Luo Jie showed was strange, it was a little happy, a little confused, and it also had a little look of disbelief. A long time afterwards, he sighed and said, “How is this possible? You…you are only 9 years old. Ai, you really are a child of what others have said… truly monstrous! 3 successes out of 10?”

12th said, “I made 6 Fu in total, 3 failed and 3 succeeded.”

“Ah? Ah!”

Who is this person? As 12th’s Teacher, Luo Jie was not frightened, he was extremely envious. When he was just a 9 years old child he did not understand anything, but 12th has already become a FuZhou Knight. With 12th's monstrous cultivation speed, Luo Jie could not figure out 12th's future accomplishments.

12th said humbly, “Teacher, I'm not sure if I have advanced to a FuZhou Knight yet, but I would like to ask… did I advance?”

Luo Jie shook his head and said, “You have achieved it, an absolutely successful advancement! You are now at the level of a Junior FuZhou Knight. Ah, truly monstrous, only needing half a year. I have lived for many years, but this is the first time I have seen someone advance so fast… and to think it's actually my disciple, haha, very good!”

“In any case, bring over Huo Bao and the 3 other Fu Warrior disciples a month later. I will leave for the West Fu Sect in a month and you guys will come with me, there will be a large-scale hunt and we'll check it out."

“Tomorrow, I will bring you to the FuZhou Hall of the Inner Court and authenticate your advancement to a FuZhou Knight… Haha, a 9 years old FuZhou Knight, you probably have broken the records of the North Fu Sect.”

12th was surprised, “West Fu Sect? Isn't that the famous Beast Fu Sect?”

Luo Jie could not help but laughed before saying, “You're right, it is also the Beast Fu Sect. Haha, that Sect is very special, you might learn a few things from them, their specialty is using Beasts. Hmm, the lower level members uses beasts and the upper level members uses the spirits of the beasts, it is truly a powerful skill.”

12th said thoughtfully, “Teacher, the West Fu Sect is known as the Beast Fu Sect and they use beast to make Fu. The South Fu Sect is divided into the Plant Fu Sect and the Insect Fu Sect. But what is the specialty of the East Fu Sect? and our own North Fu Sect?”

Luo Jie smiled, “The East Fu Sect is also known as the Sea Fu Sect, they use the spirits of the sea creatures…… it is also a very amazing Fu.”

“As for our own North Fu Sect, Haha, it has a very outstanding name, it's called… the Diverse Fu Sect. We do not have any specialties, we absorb the characteristics of the other Sects, which makes us diverse. In fact, the true nickname of the North Fu Sect has been…… The Five Elemental Fu Sect, which means we use the power from the five elements, but no one mentions it now.”

12th sighed, “So complicated.”

Luo Jie said, “You will understand more from the trip to the West Fu Sect, Haha, the Four Major Sects might have a very friendly relationship with one another on the surface, but they secretly attack and kill each other. You will need to be careful, there will not be any problems if you closely follow me.”

12th was shocked and asks, “Attacking and killing each other secretly?”

Luo Jie said, “You need to be careful when experiencing the outside world, watch out for the people from the other Sects and do not die a death without knowing what has happened.”

12th could not help but show a bitter smile, he has previously thought that the people of this world did not fight with each other, but it was actually pretty similar to his previous lives.

As they were chatting, a beautiful girl walked in and as soon as she saw 12th, she could not help but say happily, “Aiya, it's 12th?”

Suddenly, 12th have a headache and said to himself, “Why is this crazy girl here……”

[1] Qian means money and Shao Ye means young master, so his full name is Young Master Money