Instant Kill - Volume 2 Chapter 3

12th said disdainfully, “Who is a wimpy kid?” 12th could not believe a disciple from the outer court would humiliate a disciple of the inner court. He lived in the North Fu Sect for almost a year and clearly understood the position of disciples from the inner court. Perhaps this outer court disciple saw him as a little child, therefore treated him badly.

Luo Zhan stayed outside and did not go into the hall, but he was a Fu Warrior Master, a very powerful person, he knew something has happened inside even though he was not there. He was shocked when he found out what happened, he wondered if the outer court disciple was crazy. He quietly walked into the hall and leaned against the wall with his arms crossed over his chest. He smiled and watched quietly.

The outer court disciple did not even look up and said, “You! You are the wimpy kid!” The people next to them were stupefied, nobody tried to stop them, they just watched foolishly.

12th was not easily provoked, he nodded and said, “Where did this idiot come from?”

When 12th did nothing impulsively, the outer court disciple became impatient, the word “idiot” sounded really irritating because it came from a younger boy. 12th was just a little boy, yet he swore at people with a very disrespectful tone. The outer court disciple jumped up and threw his notebook at 12th.

12th suddenly had a strange smile, he did not move at all, he simply stood steadily in place. He was well aware that the notebook would not result in his death no matter how hard the notebook was thrown. 12th understood that attacking someone of the inner court, especially a person who was the disciple of a FuZhou Great Master would result in severe punishment.

Perhaps he could refuse the missions with this opportunity, killing two birds with one stone, why not? So, 12th decided to get hit without putting down any resistance.

But 12th looked down upon the rules of this world. A streak of green light flashed by, and with a loud cry, a single arm from the outer court disciple flew off and the notebook was thrown far away. Luo Zhan was holding a Fu broadsword and shouted, “How dare you!”

The outburst from a Fu Warrior Master was very scary, with the aura forced out, everyone stepped back. 12th sighed to himself, Luo Zhan’s attack was a little early, 12th understood that if he got hurt, Luo Zhan would be held responsible too.

“Ask the person in charge to come over! I need an explanation. If you can't give me a reason…all the consequences will be yours!”

Luo Zhan assertively said.

12th did not expect to see bloodshed so early, although he was not afraid of blood, he didn't expect a guard will slay someone just because they attacked a disciple of the inner court.

That outer court disciple rolled around on the floor with the stump of his arm. When he saw that Luo Zhan was a Fu Warrior Master, his heart suddenly froze. At first, he thought 12th was just an ordinary disciple of the inner court and since his own uncle was a Zhou Knight from the inner court, he thought his uncle was enough to protect him.

Therefore, he believed that it would be okay to bully 12th. In fact, it was not even bullying, he just wanted to make things a little difficult for him. He thought that since 12th was a child, it didn't matter as long as he was not too excessive. Who knew that the word “idiot” would make him so mad. He was not thinking at that time, he just picked up the notebook and threw it at 12th to vent out his anger. He never expected the little child’s guard was a Fu Warrior Master, he now realized that he was in big trouble.

A few people rushed out from inside, one of them yelled, “Who? Who dares to cause trouble in the head office of the North Fu Sect?”

Luo Zhan said nonchalantly, “It's me! This person attacked the person I'm guarding!” He continued, “If we were not in the head office of the North Fu Sect in Ye Guan City, I would have killed him with a single swing!”

When seeing a Fu Warrior Master speak, that person was too afraid to continue asking questions. Another person ran over to that armless man, and said, “Po Ji, Po Ji! You…someone, please bring a Fu Dan Knight to treat this!”

The hall was in great disorder, 12th smiled reluctantly, he shook his head, turned around and wanted to leave, but somebody did not let him go. There were two Fu Warriors who stepped in front of him to prevent him from leaving. Luo Zhan yelled, “Get out of the way!”

With a bitter face, the two Fu Warriors said, “Sorry, can you please wait a minute?”

Luo Zhan understood that it was not a problem for him to leave if he used force, but the problems still had to be resolved so he said, “12th, let's wait a bit and see what they want.” He walked to the side and brought a chair for 12th and said, “12th, sit down.”

12th knew that he could not leave, he sighed and sat down, as if nothing happened. He thought that he really needs to take advantage of his childlike appearance, whether it was fair or not, he could get out of trouble. Therefore he was not nervous at all, his expression was very calm.

Luo Zhan has been focusing his attention towards 12th, from the point where he chopped off that person’s arm and so far he was very satisfied with how 12th reacted. This child was really extraordinary he thought. Normally, even the most courageous children would tremble in fear when they see someone's arm get chopped off in front of them. But 12th’s facial expression did not change at all, he looked perfectly calm, as if he simply did not care.

This was normal if they were a battle-hardened adult, but since 12th was only 9 years old, it seemed very odd.

The hall was in disorder for about 10 minutes before the supervisor came over. He was a Zhou Master, or more precisely, a Fire Zhou Master. He said, “I'm the supervisor here, why did you hurt the people here?”

12th spoke before Luo Zhan could say anything, “There is something wrong with what you have said, what do you mean we hurt the people here? You didn't even ask for the reason, only went straight for the outcome…is this the way you handle problems?”

Luo Zhan said proudly, “I am a supporter of FuZhou Great Master Luo Jie, may I have your name?”

The supervisor's face suddenly turned pale white. He was a supporter of a FuZhou Great Master? Then this child’s identity was even more prominent, if not a disciple then he could be their grandchildren. He could not afford to offend these type of people.

“I am Zheng Xian Ren, the supervisor here, I will report to the inner court of the incident today. The results should be determined by the Criminal Hall. I'm came here to get the details about the situation.”

Luo Zhan said with a sneer, “I am very surprise these kinds of incidents could occur here. And also, it was unexpected that you, the supervisor, would try to push the blame on us. What do you want to do? Since that person dared to attack a disciple of the inner court, I could have killed him…taking one of his arm was already giving you guys a lot of face!

Zheng Xian Ren cursed inside, he knew that he will be in trouble if he did not handle this situation well. In fact, he has already briefly learned about the incident and understood that his side was in the wrong because they started the fight. Fortunately for him, his men did not really hit the child, if they did, they will be in big trouble.

12th thought this situation was a waste, he complained a little about how Luo Zhan acted so fast. If not, he could have used this opportunity to shamelessly refuse the missions.

Zheng Xian Ren looked down and said, “I will let you know the results.” Zheng Xian Ren did not want to continue negotiating since he was afraid that he could not help but quarrel with them. He then turned around and quickly walked away.

“Take this bastard to the Criminal Hall!”

Luo Zhan heard what Zheng Xian Ren said and he knew that Zheng Xian Ren yielded. He did not want to make things too complicated, “12th, just accept the mission first.”

12th could only go accept his missions. And soon, he came back smilingly because the missions were extremely simple to him, they were nothing to him.

Luo Zhan left his name and identification and then left with 12th.

Huo Bao and his teammates were waiting in the courtyard. The first thing 12th did when he came back was to discuss the missions. One mission was assigned and the other two were chosen.

The assigned mission was to kill a beast in the mountains near Ye Guan City. The requirements was that 12th needed to dissect the beast himself and collect the Fu-making raw materials from it.

For the two chosen missions, one was to purchase material in Fu town and use them to make one-time use Fu. The other mission was to sell the one-time use Fu in Fu town. If 12th was an innocent 9 years old child then these missions would be a little difficult, but since he was not, these missions were nothing to him.

Luo Zhan shook his head because he already knew that 12th purchased materials in Fu town and finished making one-time use Fu with them. The only thing which was difficult for him was hunting the wild beast. Luo Zhan was 12th’s mission supervisor, his job was to judge whether 12th’s has completed the missions or not.

12th had lots of missions when he was in the army from his previous life, he did not expect to start accepting missions in this life too. But luckily the missions were very simple. He loved hunting in his previous life, but after he retired from the army the environment was not suitable for hunting so as a result, he did not have any resentment towards the assigned mission.

Huo Bao said, “This mission is too easy. 12th, you can wait aside, we are enough to kill a beast, you can just come collect the materials after we kill it.”

12th shook his head and said, “We can't do that from now on, we have to learn to cooperate with each other, plus I don't want to wait aside and let you guys risk your lives fighting for me.”

Chen Bing said, “Listen to 12th's orders.”

Chen Hong was a little girl and she was afraid to express her opinions. She just listened to what others said, Hong Shi frowned and said, “How do we cooperate?”

12th said, “How to cooperate? You guys have to figure it out yourselves, I just want you guys to follow a rule where you guys maximize the protection of each other and achieve the maximum chance of success. This is the goal of cooperation. For the method…we can gradually practice and improve. Remember! Safety is the most important rule and requirement. If you die…there will be nothing left, so you have to consider how to run away if you are unable to accomplish the mission.”

Luo Zhan was astonished when he listened to 12th. Was this what a 9 years old child would say?

Huo Bao and his teammates were also stunned because what 12th has said was totally different from what they have been taught. The education they have received was to go forward and not be afraid of sacrifice. Huo Bao did not understand, he asked, “Why is safety the most important?”

Guo 12th raised his little hand and slapped Huo Bao’s shoulder. He initially wanted to slap his head, but Huo Bao was too tall, therefore he could only slap his shoulder. “Are you stupid…what could you do if you are dead?”

Huo Bao was a little confused, how could he be dead?

“But I'm alive…”

12th slapped him again and shouted, “Of course you are alive! If you are dead… how can I be talking to you?”

Luo Zhan could not help but grin and laugh silently, the other Fu Warriors standing next to them also couldn't resist. Huo Bao was tall and strong, but his brain was not his strong point.

12th explained for half a day, Huo Bao finally understood 12th's intentions, he mumbled, “Safety is the most important… then how do we fight? Staying in the inner court would be the safest…”

12th wanted to hit him again, but Huo Bao’s shoulders were as hard as iron, after slapping him twice, 12th's hands were swelling and Huo Bao did not seem hurt at all. Guo 12th was too angry, he kicked and shouted, “What did you say?”

Huo Bao was shocked, “No… I didn't say anything…”

Everyone couldn't help but laugh. Chen Hong also laughed with her hands covering her mouth. Chen Bing said, “I think 12th is right, we have to think a little more about how we act.”

They were still children after all, they were not very knowledgeable and it was indeed a bit difficult for them to understand. 12th saw them scratching their heads, “Bao, you have hunted a bear before, think about it, what should be the best method to use if we are going to hunt a bear?” he asked.

12th kept silent and listened to their discussion carefully. After only listening for a while, he couldn't help but wanting to slap them. However, it was not fair to blame them because they did not have any combat experience, how could they think of a good combat plan? 12th knew that he was being too impatient.

12th raised his little hand and said, “Stop! Listen to me!”

Huo Bao immediately closed his mouth. He chattered aimlessly and did not discuss any key points.

12th said, “Huo Bao you are the main attacker. Chen Bing, your role is to restrain the target, using the Fu spear or Fu bow does not matter, you only need to pin down the target. Hong Shi, your role is very important, you must block the attacks with the Fu shield. Chen Hong…hmm, you…you can stay by me, your role is to protect me. The whole team…has two points of attack, one is Huo Bao, and the other is me. So far we can only deal with one beast we should not try to fight against two or more beasts, we cannot handle them right now.”

“So, this time we need to practice fighting against one beast, according to my arrangements, you guys need to learn to cooperate. We are a team and the power of a whole team will be a lot stronger than fighting as individuals. But… if we encounter a Fu Warrior Master like Uncle Luo, the only thing we can do is to run. Because… we will be dead no matter how well we cooperate in the face of an absolute powerful force!”

Luo Zhan could not help but smile. Indeed, with his strength, even against a couple of small teams like 12th’s he can defeat them.

12th suddenly smiled and said, “Of course we could not directly fight against a strong enemy like Uncle Luo, but it does not mean that we have no chance at all!”

Luo Zhan was a little surprised, his attention suddenly rose. He wanted to listen to how this strange child can create a chance against him.

Chen Bing said, “12th, Uncle Luo is a Fu Warrior Master! We could never win…even if he was a Fu Warrior.” They all appeared to be confused.

12th asked, “You guys think there is zero chance?”

Everyone looked at 12th with surprise and curiosity. Huo Bao was nodding.

“If Uncle Luo falls into a well-designed trap, and also triggers a lot of one-time use Fu, He He, the traps can be designed with a chain-reaction effect…When Uncle Luo is seriously wounded, we can sneak attack him. At that time…even if we cannot kill him, if he wants to kill us…it will be much more difficult than fighting us directly. If we have good cooperation, we will have a chance to kill Uncle Luo. Ha Ha.”

Luo Zhan broke out in cold sweat, this child was terrifying.

The children were confused, they did not think an ambush and trap could be used like that. Then, 12th said, “This kind of strategy might work against someone like Uncle Luo, but if the enemy is someone like a Fu Warrior Great Master, then we will have a zero chance of winning. Because… with a Fu Warrior Great Master’s strength, it is enough to ignore any threats we bring to them. That is the meaning of absolute strength.”

With a bitter smile, Luo Zhan said, “According to your well-designed plan, anyone who wants to kill a Fu Warrior or a Zhou Knight can most likely kill them easily. 12th, you are very cunning.”

Huo Bao couldn't help but say, “This… this is too despicable…”

12th slapped him roughly, “What's despicable! If you're dead, even if you die an honorable man…you are still only a dead man! Idiot!”

Huo Bao’s face blushed red. Luo Zhan became serious, and said, “Huo Bao, 12th is right. You have to be happy that you are supporting the right person! I have seen a lot of … Fu Warriors with good potential, but they supported a commander that was not smart enough so they just end up dead outside Savage Gate. Courage and bravery is important, but you have to be able to understand the actual situation. An unnecessary sacrifice is the most annoying thing, remember, do not let yourself die a worthless death.”

Looking at these 4 innocent children, Luo Zhan sighed. He understood that except for 12th, this strange child, the other 4 needed to learn gradually. They truly knew nothing at all.

12th said to himself, “This was only using traps, if used methods like poison and deception, even those Fu Warrior Great Masters… cannot withstand everything, but I cannot tell them this, or I will become a real devil to them.”

If Luo Zhan knew what 12th was thinking, he would not only break out in cold sweat, but would firmly insist on leaving this little devil.

12th sometimes would sigh, the people here were too simple and honest, but they only treated their own kind this way. To foreigners or savages, they were not simple at all, they were fierce and bloody. Different from people in his previous life, people here, even ordinary people were used to killing.

Huo Bao’s little brain could not understand 12th's words. But he was very happy to be the main attacker. According to what 12th said, they started to discuss how to work together and become a better team.

12th said, “You guys talk about it, I'll go make a few Fu. We will start hunting tomorrow. If we complete the missions earlier then we could return earlier, this place is not fun.”

Maybe these kinds of missions were suitable for children. But this was absolutely not the case for 12th, but since these were assigned by the North Fu Sect, he could not refuse. The intention of the missions were to train the team's ability of accepting missions, ability of completing missions, and to improve their ability of communication, organization, and practical skills. 12th understood this very well, therefore he did not resist accepting the missions.

He finished making two one-time use attack Fu and cultivated his FuZhou power once. After dinner, he sat on his bed and started to chant the inscriptions, to purify his soul power bit by bit.

The next morning, 12th led Luo Bao and his teammates out of town. Luo Zhan also took 3 Fu Warriors with him. His duty was to protect them and supervise them on the completion of the mission. He would not help them during any battles, but if they were facing something extremely dangerous then he would have to ensure their safety, or at least the safety of 12th.

People in the gateway were all going to Savage Gate, most of them were in teams, and only a small percentage of people were going out alone.

12th’s team ate breakfast at a food stall near the gateway, he truly missed the fried dough, soy milk, and pickled vegetables from his previous life. The breakfasts here were all meat bone soup with a layer of oil on top as thick as a finger and big pieces of steamed meat with bread. The bread was as hard as a rock and had to be ripped up in the soup so it could be eaten.

Early spring morning, a thin mist surrounded the outer town. Buds came out from the trees, and the greens of spring emerged in the fog. The road on the way was covered with snow that did not melt yet, and the singing of birds echoed in the forest.

A couple small figures were traveling within the forest, not far away from them were 4 big men quietly following them. They were moving up and down and gradually arrived deep in the forest.

10 meters in front of Huo Bao was Chen Bing, he was small and flexible, he could pass through the forest with ease. Huo Bao was holding the Fu broadsword, and his attention was focused to the left, behind him was Hong Shi, and his attention was focused to the right. Guo 12th was in the middle and followed calmly and quietly. Chen Hong was behind him and she only needed to focus on the back. In fact, the back was the safest because Luo Zhan and the 3 Fu Warriors were following behind them.

Although they killed a few beasts on the way, they were all small beasts so it could not be considered completing the mission. So they continued to walk deeper into the forest, hoping to encounter a bigger prey.

Luo Zhan clearly knew that there would be no dangerous beasts within this region, within the radius of a hundred miles outside of Ye Guan City, it was impossible to encounter truly furious beasts because Fu Warriors would drive them away at regular intervals. Only beyond the radius of a hundred miles would be considered of truly entering the active region of the beasts.

That night, the 5 children rested on the trees.

They finally entered the active region of the beasts the next day, but the beasts that would appear near Ye Guan City were very few in numbers because the beasts were scared of being killed by the Fu Warriors, they would instinctively stay away from Ye Guan City.

The sound of a flowing stream can be heard from far away.

Chen Bing who walked in front suddenly stopped, he slightly lowered his body and gently lifted his left hand while pressing his palm downwards. Everyone immediately stopped walking, squatted down and waited.

A while later, Chen Bing stepped back slowly, he said in an extremely low voice, “There is a striped tiger in the front… do we attack?”

Striped tigers were a forest type tiger that had little value. Their fur was similar to the leopards from 12th's previous life, but it was almost double in size of the leopard. It was a huge beast. Its fur was a little valuable and its meat could be eaten, but everything else was worthless.

12th said quietly, “Wait until it leaves, it's not worth killing!”

Hua Hua.....

A loud noise came from the forest towards their left. 12th was surprised and whispered, “Hide yourselves, something big is coming!” His heart was filled with a sense of unease.