Instant Kill - Volume 2 Chapter 4

The faces of Luo Zhan and the 3 Fu Warriors turned pale, they quickly caught up with 12th's team, Luo Zhan whispered quietly, “Step back! It's dangerous, it should be a huge beast, you guys can't handle it!” Luo Zhan's experience was extremely vast, he could tell that the beast was very powerful just from the sound. Normally, beasts that could walk in the dense forest fearlessly were extremely vicious.


This time not only was Luo Zhan surprised, the others’ faces all turned pale. 12th whispered quietly, “Vagrant Savage!” He knew how the Vagrant Savage sounded like because he has seen a captured Vagrant Savage on his way to Ye Guan City.

Luo Zhan smiled bitterly, he never expected to encounter a Vagrant Savage outside of Ye Guan City. This was serious trouble, he was not afraid of the Vagrant Savage, but with the children, if they were hurt then it will be a problem. This was the reason why he felt worried, even if he cannot defeat it, he did not dare escape and leave them behind.

12th said quietly, “The Vagrant Savage might not have discovered us, let's slowly go back…”

Luo Zhan stopped them, “Don't move, Vagrant Savages are very powerful in the dense forest, wait until they pass through…shh!” He placed a finger in front of his lips, motioning everyone to be silent.


Then came a loud noise, it was the sound of a tree trunk getting smashed. It followed with a tragic roar from the tiger.


12th decisively ordered the children to retreat back. Luo Zhan and one Fu Warrior did not move, the other two Fu Warriors joined 12th’s team, one of them said, “If the battle starts, you guys only need to annoy the savage, let us be the main attackers!”

Another clattering noise suddenly can be heard from their rear towards the right side. This time even Luo Zhan was greatly frightened, he did not expect that there was going to be another Vagrant Savage.

Luo Zhan realized the seriousness of this situation, because they were within a one hundred miles radius of Ye Guan City, and there were already two Vagrant Savages here, this can only mean that there was going to be even more Vagrant Savages heading this way.

“You guys protect 12th, quickly run back to Ye Guan City, report the situation here and request for reinforcements. Ask the people from the town to immediately come out to fight."

Luo Zhan continued, “I'll go distract the attention of the Vagrant Savages…don't worry about me, I'll have no problem getting away.”


“Shit, we are discovered!”

Luo Zhan knew that Vagrant Savages are powerful within the forest, they were not only incredibly strong, but also extremely aggressive. “Quickly go!” he rushed towards the Vagrant Savage as he shouted. One of the Fu warriors held 12th, the other two Fu Warriors took a child under each arm, turned around and ran off towards Ye Guan City.

12th finally understood how powerful Fu Warriors were, even when they were holding the children, each of their steps was about 7 to 8 meters apart. A faint aura can be seen from the Fu Inscription tattoos on their bodies, the tree branches would immediately crack and break off when they touched the aura.

The 3 Fu Warriors had created 3 lines in the dense forest as they ran. 12th felt like he was flying on a cloud, he could only hear the crackling sounds from each step and even had difficulty breathing because the oncoming wind was too strong. He was extremely shocked, he has never seen such amazing skills in his previous lives. And this was only from a Fu Warrior, his little contempt towards the Fu Warrior profession has vanished. The forces in this world was countless times stronger than what he has seen before.

Loud noises can be heard not too far away, it sounded like claps of thunder, within the noise there were frequent roars. 12th knew that Luo Zhan was fighting against the savages, he could not help but worry about him. During these days, Luo Zhan has devoted all his time to be by his side. 12th already treated this honest Uncle as his elder, 12th felt a little sad when he saw him run towards the savages with disregard of his own life.

The speed of the 3 Fu Warriors was fast, soon the noises from the battle disappeared. The 3 Fu Warriors were all breathing heavily and with a lot of intensity, they gradually slowed down. The endurance of the Fu Warriors were nowhere near the levels of the Fu Warrior Masters. They have done their best running as fast as possible, but if they continued running in their current physical state, everyone would be in trouble if they encountered enemies.

12th said, “Stop! Stop!”

They were really tired and immediately stopped when they heard 12th’s order. 12th jumped down and said, “Uncles, please rest a bit.” He continued, “Chen Bing, Huo Bao, Hong Shi, the three of you, stay alert. Chen Hong, give me the Fu hidden bag and take out some meat for the Uncles, they need to replenish their strength as soon as possible.”

Chen Hong was in charge of the Fu hidden bag which contained all the supplies. The meat was prepared by Auntie Xin according to 12th’s instructions, they were air dried after being braised, it tasted much better than the meat made locally.

Everyone got 4 pieces of fist-sized meat, they quickly finished eating. Food was most important when trying to replenish one's strength.

Water was stored in the Water Fu Leather bag, the bag was about 1 foot in length. Based on the experience from his past life, 12th knew that the water bag could hold about a ton of water. Even with a ton of water the weight of the bag was light, the secret were the hidden Fu that were added when making the water bag. This type of water bag was very expensive, because the beast leather required was rare.

After resting for about 10 minutes, 12th said, “Ok, let's go! This is not a place where we can stay too long. Don't ask the Uncles to carry us, we need to walk by ourselves as much as possible so they can reserve their strength and flee with us in case we encounter anything dangerous.” 12th analyzed everything logically, everyone understood and was convinced. The 3 Fu Warriors also agreed, so there were absolutely no objections. 12th naturally became the team leader, a 9-year-old team leader.

12th's decision slowed down the pace of the team, but it allowed the Fu Warriors to reserve their strength in order to have a chance of escaping any dangers. If the 3 Fu Warriors were exhausted, the 5 children would not be able to do anything, they were after all just children.

The 3 Fu Warriors admired 12th’s decision, they all thought, the child will have a bright future. They could tell from the way 12th commanded, he was perfectly calm, did not have any signs of panic, and acted like a mighty general at such a young age.

Since they had to quickly run forward, one of the Fu Warriors was responsible for scouting ahead. the other two protected the children from the left and right. The 3 Fu Warriors were moving in a triangular formation.

Seeing the skies get darker, 12th was a little worried, it will be harder to move during the night. He thought for a moment, and gnashed his teeth, “We are not resting tonight, let's continuing moving forward!”

Moving in the dense forest at night was very dangerous, but nobody knew what might happen if they rested for a night. The 3 Fu Warriors were all hesitant, and 12th said, “Uncle Luo has not caught up with us yet, we don't know what's going on behind us. Vagrant Savages normally travelled alone, but this time there were two within such a short distance of each other, I feel something is not right. So…the sooner we leave the forest the better.”

Even though he was just a small team leader, there were 3 Fu Warriors in the team, so he had to convince them.

They glanced at each other and nodded at the same time. Walking at night was very dangerous, but it was better than encountering savages. If they chose to rest and the savages caught up to them, without a Fu Warrior Master to stop it, one of them must sacrifice themselves so the others can flee. Therefore, 12th’s decision was very wise.

Walking at night was very difficult, but 12th did not suffer at all since the 3 Fu Warriors took turns carrying him. They could not do anything about it because 12th was young, small, and was a FuZhou disciple, his strength was nowhere near the levels of the Fu Warrior disciples. He would easily trip when walking during the night, so the Fu Warriors decided to carry him on their backs without hesitation. The other 4 children did not have such benefits, they had to walk on their own. They had Fu Warrior potential after all, their physical strength was much higher than 12th's.

At dawn, a Fu Warrior recognized their position, and said, “We are close to Ye Guan City!”

The trees surrounding them became less dense and under the gray sky, the jagged mountains of Ye Guan City can be seen. Even though they could not see the walls of Ye Guan City, 12th knew that they would arrive in less than 2 hours. When everyone gave a sigh of relief, a faint roar can be heard.

12th listened carefully and his face turned increasingly pale. He could no longer keep calm, he was anxious and quickly said, “I heard 7 or 8 roars, all of them came from different positions!”

“Run! Use all your strength! We have to get to Ye Guan City!”

The 3 Fu warriors clearly heard everything too, they understood 12th's intentions. There were at least 7 to 8 savages behind them, if they get caught, all of them would die. Luckily they continued to move at night, otherwise, they probably would had been caught already. The 3 Fu Warriors held a child under their arms and exerted all their strength to sprint towards Ye Guan City.

It was fortunate that 12th paid attention to everyone on the team, especially the 3 Fu Warriors. Therefore after the rest last night, the 3 Fu Warriors saved enough strength to run as fast as possible. The trees became less and less dense, a few trails can be seen which made it easier to run through when compared to the dense inner forest.

Soon, they saw many others running out of the forest and then someone sent out the warning whistles. They were the Fu Warriors that patrolled the borders, everyone who heard the warning will know to immediately return back to Ye Guan City. Afterwards, they saw the Guard Team appear. 12th was secretly relieved, he knew that they were temporarily out of danger, but he had no intentions of stopping because he knew they were not truly safe until they have reached the city.

A flash of red light rose into the air with a thunderous blast. A Flame Fu was shot into the sky, it was an even more severe warning, it meant the situation was very bad.

Soon, 12th saw the walls of Ye Guan City. He shouted, “Quick! Quickly run!” He stared towards the forest and could not help but whisper, “How come Uncle Luo is still not out yet? Ah, hopefully he will not fight too recklessly…”

Not far away, a storm of roars can be heard followed by a long and terrifying scream. 12th said, “This is bad, the path is blocked.” The gate was in front of them, but savages already appeared. It was impossible to run backwards either, and if they went in from another gate they would have to run around the city, it was not a good idea.

12th quickly calculated in his mind, then decisively said, “Rush pass them!”

The 3 Fu Warriors rushed forward without hesitation, but they were obviously tired.


12th yelled, “Scatter apart!”

The 3 Fu Warriors scattered at once, they were dozens of meters apart from each other and quickly ran out of the forest. Suddenly, they saw a Vagrant Savage chasing other people who were trying to flee, but a Fu Warrior team were also in pursuit of the savage.

The Vagrant Savage seemed to understand that the Fu Warriors behind it were people that were harder to deal with so it did not turn around to fight, but instead chose to chase the weaker people. The savage targeted 12th’s group as they ran out of the forest because there were 5 children in the group and one of the savage's favorite things to eat were children.

12th did not know that savages goes crazy at the sight of children. When the savage gave up chasing the others and directly rushed towards his group, he was astonished and cursed, “What the f**k…does this savage have a grudge against us? Don't stop, run forward!”

It was impossible to turn around and escape this time because the Vagrant Savages were extremely fast and the Fu Warriors carrying them were exhausted. If they turned around and tried to flee it would only be a dead end.

12th calmed himself down, he did not intend to use any one-time-use Fu because it would barely hurt the savage and would only irritate it. He did not want to irritate an adult Vagrant Savage. He decided to use the Treasure Fu in his left wrist to attack, the power of the Treasure Fu would absolutely hurt the savage. If hit with high precision it might even critically hurt it.

The Fu Warrior’s face was covered in sweat, he was not afraid of death, but the child on his back had to be saved, so he was very nervous.

12th whispered next to his ear, “Uncle, rush towards the savage and jump to the side when I say ‘Dodge’.”

The Fu Warrior wondered how this child is not scared? But at this time he did not have any ideas, he answered, “12th, you take this chance, but don't lose your life here!”

12th said, “Focus and get ready!” He already started to gather his FuZhou power, and used the Fu seal to activate the Treasure Fu. When 12th activates the single attack Treasure Fu Frostbolt, it will summoned a 2 foot long Frostbolt, it was extremely powerful because it was personally made by Luo Jie.

12th could not do anything but directly shoot the Frostbolt. 12th only had one chance so he decided to aim at the largest section because he did not want to risk missing completely.

According to Luo Jie’s estimates, 12th should only be able to barely activate the Treasure Fu once, but he did not know about 12th's powerful soul. Even 12th, himself thought that he could only activate the Treasure Fu once, so he was very cautious.

“Do you want to die! Run away!”

“Hey! Get away!”

“Is there a Zhou Knight here? Quickly shoot an Attack Fu…block the savage!”

The Fu Warriors who were chasing the savage were all alarmed, seeing a Fu Warrior carrying a child rushing directly towards the Vagrant Savage, they all shouted loudly. And then, they saw a flash of brightness and a translucent light and then a two foot long arrow appeared in the child’s hands.

About 30 meters away from the savage, 12th shouted, “Dodge!” and the Frostbolt in his hands immediately shot out, roaring straight towards the savage.

Since 12th was not confident in his control of the Treasure Fu, he did not want to shoot the savage in the eyes or neck because he was afraid that he might miss. He aimed directly at the savage’s chest and abdomen area, because those areas were bigger, easier to hit, and most often, neglected. As expected, the savage did not dodge at all, totally ignoring the oncoming Frostbolt.

It was very fortunate for 12th, that the Frostbolt hit the target with the first attempt.

The speed of the Vagrant Savage was very fast, it took just a few steps and the Frostbolt hit the lower abdomen area. The savage did not care at all, because it had confidence on it's strong body. A Fu bow will barely hurt it, not to mention this small Frostbolt. But after the Frostbolt hit the lower abdomen area, a sharp pain spread out, the savage could not help but give a miserable roar and stumbled a bit.

The Frostbolt almost completely pierced into it's lower abdomen, leaving only the tail of the arrow outside the body.

Meanwhile, the Fu Warrior who was carrying 12th took advantage of the situation and ran towards the savage from less than 10 meters away. As they ran past each other, 12th softly shouted, “Burst!” A Fu seal activated and the Frostbolt in the savage’s abdomen suddenly exploded. This was the true power of Frostbolt.

The savage looked at it's abdomen unbelievably. It could not understand how a child could have such a powerful weapon. It's abdomen had a big hole, fresh, blood, and internal organs splattered everywhere. The savage felt that its inexhaustible strength was gradually disappearing, and with a roar of pain, it suddenly crashed onto the ground.

One Frostbolt injured a savage.

This was definitely not the work of a disciple, only Zhou Masters could send out these types of Fu attacks, which was even more powerful than Zhou Knights. The Fu Warrior team who was chasing the savage were all shocked. Then someone shouted, “Amazing!”

The team of Fu Warriors surged forward. The savage suddenly jumped up from the ground and flung the Fu Warrior who arrived first down, it opened its wide mouth and was ready to bite down, but another Fu Warrior rushed from the side and with a shout delivered a strong kick to the side of the savage's head. The huge head was knocked over with a click sound, the savage’s mouth fiercely bit on the ground and ate a mouthful of dirt.

The Fu Warrior who was flung down by the savage felt a chill on his neck. He was covered in cold sweat, “Help me!” he shouted.

Another Fu Warrior jumped up and concentrated his strength on a thick spear he was holding. The Fu Inscriptions on the spear suddenly lit up, and with a shout the spear severely penetrated into the savage’s back. The savage let go of the Fu Warrior who was flung down and looked up with a painful howl.

Another Fu Warrior caught the Fu Warrior by his arm and dragged him out beneath the savage.


A streak of green light flashed by and the head of the savage was cut off.

When the savage was injured with it's knees on the ground, the Fu Warrior carrying 12th was truly exhausted, but he ran about 50 meters away from the savage with each step stumbling. A Fu Warrior quickly ran over and caught him and said, “All right! Put down the child.”

12th said, “Uncle, take a rest.” Although the attack used up all his FuZhou power, 12th suddenly felt a fluctuation within his soul that was becoming more intense. And with a blink of an eye, the lost FuZhou power was almost completely replenished, this meant that he could activate the Treasure Fu again. He was pleasantly surprised with this discovery.

Every Fu Warrior there saw 12th shot out the Frostbolt and they all admired him for activating such a powerful Treasure Fu. If the savage was not seriously injured, the Fu Warrior team would certainly have a few casualties.

The Fu Warrior, who chopped off the savage’s head, threw the head to 12th, and said, “This is yours, you have done a great job! Let your supporters turn in your mission with this!”

The Fu Warrior carrying 12th caught the head and said, “Thanks Brother!”

That Fu Warrior waved his hand, “No problem, if not for his help, we might have a couple casualties, it is us who needs to thank you guys.”

“We cannot stay here, get into the city as soon as possible, there are more savages coming. Go! Go!”

12th was anxious, he asked, “Uncle, can you still walk?”

“Yes! I can!”

The Fu Warrior carrying 12th also knew how serious the situation was. Even though he was exhausted, he should have no problem walking. He then held onto 12th's hand and walked towards the gate. Huo Bao and the other 3 children were waiting for them. They ran over towards 12th excitedly. “Run towards the gate! Run towards the gate!” 12th shouted hurriedly.

This was a critical moment, as long as they are able to get inside the city they should be safe, if they moved slowly and encountered two more savages then everyone here would be in danger. As 12th shouted, he rushed towards the gate. He has already activated his Shadow Fu to enhance his strength before, so his legs became stronger. Although his steps were relatively small, he ran really fast.

The distance from the gate was about 700 to 800 meters, soon 12th was breathless and he continued to hear roars from behind him as he got closer to the gate. He looked back as he ran, and he could not help but gasp as his hair stood up. With just a glance, he could see no less than 3 savages rushing out of the forest and it seemed like there were even more coming behind them.

Run! Quickly run!

12th wanted to run faster, but with a 9-year-old body, it was beyond his ability. Suddenly, an unknown Fu Warrior rushed over, grabbed him, and quickly rushed towards the gate. They arrived at the gate in only a few seconds. At this time, the gate was slowly closing, the Fu Warrior shouted loudly, “Wait a second!”

Soon, 12th and the other 4 children all arrived in the city. The 3 Fu Warriors also rushed into the gate. Looking at the gate slowly closing, 12th was sad, “Uncle Luo has not arrived yet? What should I do? Let's go! Go up to the city walls!” he said as he quickly walked toward the city wall.

A Fu Warrior stopped him and said, “Go home, you guys cannot go up there!”

12th said, “Uncle, I just want to take a look, could you please help? You see…I've already killed a savage.” The Fu Warrior raised his hand, which held the huge head of a savage.

That Fu Warrior looked at 12th unbelievably. A Fu Warrior next to him said, “They're right, this savage was seriously injured by him, I saw it with my own eyes.”

The Fu Warrior eased up and said, “Ok, you guys can go up, but be careful, the Vagrant Savages are good at throwing boulders, pay attention and avoid it.” This child was fully qualified to go up to the city walls since he could give an adult savage a critical hit. Therefore the Fu Warrior did not stop him. In Ye Guan City, anyone who had strength and power would need to contribute. This was the rule.

The patrol teams outside the town quickly retreated. They did not go through the gate, instead, they climbed up along the ropes hanging down from the walls. Therefore their speed of retreat was not slow at all. 12th squinted to a distance and right in front of him, there were 5 savages growling and rushing toward the gate.

With a long shout, a streak of green light flashed from the forest. Huo Bao saw it with his sharp eyes and he shouted, “That's Uncle Luo!”