Instant Kill - Volume 2 Chapter 5

12th was greatly relieved when he saw Luo Zhan coming out of the forest because he was truly worried for him. After a moment, 12th tensed up again because he noticed that Luo Zhan was injured, even though Luo Zhan was moving very fast, his movements were stiff and rigid. 12th turned around and called to the Fu Warrior next to him, “Uncle, please shout out loud and tell Uncle Luo to run this way!”

“Brother Luo! Retreat this way!”

The Fu Warrior roared into the air and immediately got the attention of Luo Zhan. Luo Zhan's vision was extremely sharp, he saw 12th and the other 4 children with a glance, and he relaxed a bit. He has been fighting his whole way through the forest and was a little exhausted. Luo Zhan was a powerful Fu Warrior Master, he was ten times stronger than Fu Warriors, even if he was fighting 2 or 3 savages at the same time he would be able to calmly retreat.

At this time, nobody was outside the city walls, most of the people living in Ye Guan City were combatants. Ordinary people rarely goes out of the city and the people who did go out would return as fast as they can after hearing the retreat signals. Everyone knew that if they delayed returning after the signals their probability of death was over 90%, so nobody dared to be slow.

With a swift turn, Luo Zhan dodged a savage that jumped at him, he then rushed straight towards the city walls. He was the only living person outside of the city, and all the savages targeted him. 5 savages leapt at him at the same time, their speed was too fast, the people watching became nervous.

“Hold them back with the Fu Bow!”

“Zhou Knights! Where are the Zhou Knights, we need their assistance!”

12th just realized how rare it was to see Fu Warrior Masters and Zhou Masters. On the wall where he was at, most of the combatants were Fu Warriors with a few Zhou Knights. There were also a few Fu Warrior disciples and Zhou Knight disciples, but 12th did not expect that there would be no Fu Warrior Masters, this scene shocked him.

A Zhou Master and a few Fu Warrior Masters are coming!"

12th noticed that everyone on the city wall was relieved, 3 Fu Warrior Masters, one Zhou Master, and a group of Fu Warriors rushed up the city walls. They saw Luo Zhan's awkward running form and shouted, “Brother, hang on, you are almost here!”

A Vagrant Savage grabbed a boulder the size of a tank and with a few steps threw it up towards the city walls while roaring. 12th was stunned, he could not help but mutter, “What the heck…a mobile trebuchet?”


The boulder hit the outer wall, which was about a hundred meters away from 12th. 12th felt the strong vibrations from the crash, it was fortunate that the boulder did not hit the walls above them or else there would be many casualties. Someone shouted, “Disciples retreat, disciples retreat back to the city! It's too dangerous here!”

12th stood at the front of the wall, he was closely watching Luo Zhan's escape, if he was outside he might not have been as nervous as he was right now. His forehead was covered in sweat and his heart was beating wildly. 12th touched the Treasure Fu on his right wrist, the Chaos Fireball was for group attacks, but he wasn't sure if he can activate it, because it required at least the Zhou Knight level to be used efficiently. If 12th forcefully activated it, it might only have half its power or even one third. The effect will not be as good as the Frostbolt.

12th hesitated for a while, but knew that he could not waste anymore time so he started to use the Fu Seal to activate the Treasure Fu while watching Luo Zhan. 12th was ready to aid Luo Zhan at any time. 12th knew that with his ability, there will only be one shot and the last time was just luck so this time he had to try his best even if it will only help a little.

Luo Zhan has been saving up his strength, he decided to not fight recklessly after he finished distracting the savages so 12th's team could escape. Fu Warrior Masters are very strong, they can replenish their energy in a couple of minutes. He chose to save his strength because the savages could not catch up to him so he just fled towards the city while replenishing.

The Zhou Master who came over to help was an Earth Zhou Master. Earth Zhou Masters were not strong offensively but their defense was impressive. The Treasure Fu he used was a Fire Elemental Treasure Fu, it was a low-level Fireball Treasure Fu. It was created when Zhou Knight disciples advance to Zhou Knights. It was known as a garbage Treasure Fu. In addition, he had a lot of one-time use Attack Fu too.

This was an extremely poor Zhou Master, the situation would had been totally different if he had an Earth Elemental Treasure Fu.

The Zhou Knight shot out a lot of fireballs and ice bolts. After using all these Attack Fu, he finally said, “I have used up all my Fu…” The truth was that he still had an Innate Fu, it was an Earth Elemental Innate Fu, it was the Innate Fu that advanced him to a Zhou Master, but in a situation like this he did not use it because it was a defensive Innate Fu and was not effective offensively.

12th was speechless. Although the Zhou Master's precision was very high, the Fu was just too weak. Even though none of the savages fell, they became very angry, it seemed the Earth Zhou Master added to their fury. 12th soon realized that the Zhou Master must have been focused in his practice back at the North Fu Sect and never gained actual experience with the outside missions. The Zhou Master belonged in the group who were good at cultivation but lacked combat experience which has caused him to not have any money to properly equip himself.

The Fu Warrior Master next to him could not stand it anymore and shouted, “I got it!” He took out a black longbow, it was a mid-level Fu bow with FuZhou Inscriptions engraved on the bow's arm. He took out a Fu arrow, and with painful expression across his face, he pulled the bow, held his breath and shot the arrow.

The arrow was silent. 12th could clearly see the arrow being surrounded by a gentle wind. It was strange that the noise from the vibrations of the bowstring was also eliminated, this was a Silent Fu bow, definitely a good tool for assassinations.

There were two savages on Luo Zhan's side blocking his path, with another two closely chasing from behind. Another one continued to throw boulders and wooden logs, this arrow will be extremely important.

The arrow did not hit any of the savage's fatal points, but hit the knees, it penetrated through the knee silently. The savage was caught off guard and quickly fell down with it's body flopping. Luo Zhan was overjoyed, he shouted and jumped above the savage like a strong wind and with a flash of green light, the huge head of the savage was suddenly slashed off, blood was gushing out from it's neck.

The Fu Warrior Master who shot the arrow cheered loudly, “Nice slash!”

Seeing Luo Zhan who was a hundred meters away from the city walls, the savage on the right grabbed a tree trunk and mercilessly swept it over Luo Zhan.

Desperately, Luo Zhan jumped up, his toes slightly touched the tree trunk and he turned toward the savage and shouted, “I'll destroy you!”

The green light appeared again, but the savage was clever. It roared and sidestepped away, the tree trunk was hit by the green light, and was immediately split into two. The savage got scared and continued roaring, but Luo Zhan did not continue attacking. He quickly turned around and continued to flee after scaring the savage away. With the few seconds loss from that exchange, the other two savages from behind got closer.

12th shouted loudly, “Shoot another one! There's one to the right…” His clear voice echoed through the city walls, everyone looked at him, and a Frostbolt appeared in his hand and was ready to be shot.

Luo Zhan ran desperately towards the city walls.

12th was nervously calculating the distance, he must stop the savage on the right, even a few seconds will help Luo Zhan's escape.

Luo Zhan ran with all his strength, soon he was less than 20 meters away from the city wall. The savages chasing him entered 12th’s attack range, 12th activated the Fu seal without any hesitation. This time he had to use all his strength, he poured all his FuZhou power into the Treasure Fu and in an instant, the frostbolt was shot.

The Fu Warrior Master also shot out a Fu arrow. Everyone was silent on the city wall, they were all watching the arrow and the Frostbolt.

Since the Fu arrow was silent, the savage did not notice it, the arrow penetrated through it's left chest. It's a pity that the arrow deflected a little and did not go through the heart. The savage gave out a long thunderous roar, and it's speed immediately slowed down. One of it's hand covered the chest while the other fiercely snapped the arrow that penetrated into it's body.

12th was nervously watching the Frostbolt. This time also depended on luck because even if it did not hit, as long as it was within a feet of the savage 12th would detonate the Frostbolt and delay the savage.

His luck was not just good, it was even better than last time. This time the Frostbolt went directly towards the savage’s lower abdomen area. It penetrated into the savage’s privates when it jumped up, a shrill roar revealed excruciating pain. 12th immediately activated the Fu seal, and the Frostbolt exploded, the savage’s lower body was blown apart.

The savage roared, plunge down into the ground, and fainted. An Eunuch Savage was born.

The people on the city wall who witnessed this scene, were covered in sweat, they all thought, this little child was too cruel.

Thick ropes were hung over the walls, Luo Zhan simply leapt up, threw himself on the wall, and grabbed onto the rope. With a little effort, he climbed up 5 meters, and soon he climbed over the city wall and said his thanks, “Brothers, I thank you for the rescue!” Despite his messy appearance, he still displayed a heroic aura.

12th noticed his soul fluctuating, and his body was replenished with FuZhou power again, but he felt very weak. He understood that although it was fine for him to activate the Treasure Fu two times, the third time will probably be not as easy. To 12th, his soul was important, so he did not have the courage to try again because if his soul was damaged it might mess up his chances for another successful reincarnation and at that point he would have nowhere to cry.

Luo Zhan went in front of 12th, smiled and said, “12th, you were great…amazing, it is unexpected that you killed a savage!”

The Fu Warrior behind 12th said, “This is the second one!” he held up another savage head.

Luo Zhan was speechless, he was busy fighting against the savages and went through a hard struggle, but was eventually able to take the head of a savage with the advantage from the arrow. He never expected 12th, who was only 9 years old to have already killed two savages. It was truly unbelievable.

“Look! Look!”

The voice revealed fear. As 12th turned around to looked, he could not help but be extremely alarmed, there were hundreds of savages rushing out from the forest. Luo Zhan whispered, “These are Frenzied Savages…”

Even though the attack force of Vagrant Savages were powerful, they would rarely gather in groups, so they were much easier to handle, but the Frenzied Savages and Bloodthirsty Savages were different. They loved to live in groups and their attack force cannot be underestimated. Many hunting squads have been destoyed under the siege of Frenzied Savages in the wilderness of the northern tip. These tragedies have happened numerous times, but nobody expected to encounter Frenzied Savages right outside Ye Guan City.

Someone asked in horror, “Did the Savage Gate fall?”

There was a large number of troops from the North Fu Sect stationed at the Savage Gate. Once the Savage Gate fell, Ye Guan City will be in a very dangerous situation.

“Kill these savages first!”

All Fu Warriors who had Fu Bow released their arrows and all the Zhou Knights sent out one-time use Fu. The effect of this attack was very good, 4 Vagrant Savages fell in less than a minute. Nobody cheered because the Frenzied Savages ran out of the forest and began to gather together, they were not rushing to attack the city.

Luo Zhan said, “12th, take the children back, this is not a battle for disciples. The credit for killing the two savages, I'll report it to the inner court and you'll be rewarded.”

12th had long wanted to leave the battlefield if not for Luo Zhan's rescue. He was only a 9-year-old child after all, he should not be fighting against savages. 12th asked, “Uncle Luo, are you coming back too?”

Luo Zhan smiled, “How can I go back? The more people the more powerful we will be, otherwise, you guys will not be safe living inside the city. Once the savages burst into the city, nobody will be safe. The 3 Fu Warriors will also need to stay and fight, let me ask Brother Zhang to send you guys back first.”

Brother Zhang was the Fu Warrior who was holding the head of the savage, he never said much, but he did treat 12th well.

12th nodded, he understood Luo Zhan's intentions. “Well then, thank you Uncle Zhang for escorting us.”

When they got back to the courtyard, 12th ordered a few things, returned to his bedroom and went straight to sleep without even taking a bath. 12th did not feel like himself because of the lack of sleep from the savage chase. Activating the Treasure Fu twice also depleted all his FuZhou power, it was a great burden on his body.

12th slept for a long time and finally woke up the next evening. He got up and felt refreshed, after taking a bath he went out to learn about Ye Guan City's situation.

Huo Bao and his teammates were having dinner, 12th suddenly realized that he was starving and his whole body was feeble. He sighed, “Ah, child abuse ah…it's the critical time of physical growth, how could I keep my belly empty… it's a crime, a crime!”

Huo Bao was holding a big meat bone and was surprised at seeing 12th. Chen Hong picked up a big meat bone with a big piece of meat, she raised it up and said, “12th, here you go!”

12th grabbed the meat and began to take big bites while mumbling, “Chen Hong, you eat too!”

Chen Hong greatly admired 12th because he has already killed two savages at such a young age. She was older than 12th but still needed protection of others, there was a large gap between them.

12th ate and drank extravagantly, he even began to sweat while eating the meat bones and drinking the soup. He was only half full after eating 5 meat bones, afterwards he began to eat slower. Sometime he wondered how his small body could even fit so much food without having any digestion problems.

12th picked up a piece of big bread and slowly dipped it in the soup before eating, “Is Uncle Luo back yet?” He asked.

Chen Bing said, “No, not yet, the roads outside has been sealed off. Nobody is allowed to go out except the combatants so we don't know what's going on. I think the situation is not good.”

Hong Shi took a big bite of the big piece of meat and chewed it loudly, after using a bit of effort swallowing he said, “I've heard that disciples with good potential were allowed to go up the city wall…”

Huo Bao said, “Where you hear it from? Who told you this? We've never even stepped out of the door…”

Hong Shi smiled, “The neighbor… they went out this afternoon, Heh, they were disciples who will advance soon, so I know.”

Huo Bao suddenly realized, “No wonder, most of the people living in this region were disciples of the inner court, I could not figure out why it was no noisy this afternoon. So they were called up to defend.

12th asked, “Roads were sealed…when did it start?”

Chen Bing said, “It started last night, we don't know when they will unseal it.”

12th asked again, “Can we go out?”

Hong Shi said, “No idea, there are people patrolling the roads, but we came back before they sealed it so we don't know if the seal applies to us." 12th's team were disciples of the inner court, they had certain privileges.

12th said, “Chen Bing, you go out and learn more about the situation after dinner, if you bring your inner court disciple's identification card you should be allowed out."

12th ate very comfortably, he ended up drinking a large bowl of meat soup. Then said with satisfaction, “I'm going back to cultivate, inform me when Chen Bing brings back news.”

12th took out the Frostbolt Treasure Fu that had made vital contributions before and carefully examined it. The usage of Treasure Fu were limited, Frostbolt can be activated 9 times continuously, but when it is activated pass the 9th time the Fu body will be destroyed making it irreparable. Treasure Fu were very precious.

After a few activations, if it was repaired in a timely fashion then the Treasure Fu will last a very long time and can be used many times. 12th decided to repair his Treasure Fu himself, activating the Treasure Fu required the use of Zhou power while repairing it required the use of Fu power. 12th had FuZhou potential and has already cultivated his own FuZhou power, so Fu repairing was a skill he can master.

12th had learned about the Fu repairing process, but had never actually practiced it. After carefully thinking over it, he listed each step required for the Fu repair. Until he was confident that there would be no mistakes he started the Fu repair.

According to 12th’s understandings, this Treasure Fu was like a nine round pistol, the pistol can only be shot 9 times and afterwards it would need to be reloaded, it can also be reloaded after any number of shots. Fu Power is the bullets for this Treasure Fu. The repair would be complete as long as it successfully filled the Treasure Fu with Fu power.

During the Fu repairing process, 12th was extremely careful every step he took. Most Zhou Knights would not have such a powerful Treasure Fu, if it was damaged during the Fu repairing process, then it would be too late to regret.

The repairing process lasted a long time, it took two full days to successfully finish.

Chen Bing found some news, the road seal order only applied towards ordinary people, not the disciples of the inner court, they could go out if they wanted to. 12th went out of the courtyard after two days.

12th took his whole team with him. Luo Zhan and the other 3 Fu Warriors who would protect them were not there, the 5 children disciples were walking on the empty road.

The patrol squads on the road released them without question after seeing the identification cards on their chests.

They arrived at the North Fu Sect’s head office in Ye Guan City. It was crowded there, a dozen Fu Dan Knights were busy, the wounded combatants were all sent here to get treated. Only the North Fu Sect can send this much manpower and resources here, a dozen Fu Dan Knights were treating the injured combatants while the Fu Knights and Fu Masters were repairing the Fu Inscriptions on the Fu Warrior's bodies.[1]

Parts of the Fu Inscriptions on the injured Fu Warriors’ bodies were damaged and needed repair from Fu Knights, or their strength would decrease. Inside the headquarters, anyone who was injured from defending the city and any Fu Warrior whose Fu Inscriptions were damaged would get treated and repaired by the North Fu Sect free of charge.

12th went to the Mission Hall and found a lot of people, most of the people there were disciples, and some of them were ordinary people, a lot of missions were being assigned.

As an inner court disciple of the North Fu Sect, 12th had the consciousness to help the Sect. 12th led his team to the mission assignment area, he got a little disoriented after seeing a huge number of missions. There were missions from patrolling the roads to defending the city walls to treating the injured and to help create Attack Fu. There were hundreds of missions listed.

12th was a FuZhou potential disciple, he could almost take any of the the missions, it did not matter if the mission was for Fu Knights or Zhou Knights, 12th could accept it. This shows how powerful his FuZhou potential was.

Huo Bao said, “Even though our ability is limited, we can still take on some missions.”

There would not only be rewards for completing the missions, the North Fu Sect also had a special mission reward points program. These mission reward points could be used to exchange for rare materials. The rewards program was to encourage people in the North Fu Sect to accept missions eagerly.

12th nodded and said, “Let's accept some easy missions first, Hmm, we should split up and do some individual missions first. Afterwards we can get together and try some group missions."

12th temporarily did not want to pick any missions that required going up to the city wall, he also did not allow Huo Bao and his teammates to accept them too. 12th ordered them to only take the missions within the head office, even though the reward points were less, it was safer.

12th found a good mission, it was to make one-time use Attack Fu. All the materials were provided by the head office, 5 sets of materials for 2 attack Fu. The remainder of the material belonged to the maker and each Attack Fu earned 3 reward points. No one wanted this mission.

Fu Knights could take on higher level missions with higher rewards and reward points. Fu Knight disciples did not want to take this mission because the success rate was too low. 5 sets of materials, if they were lucky, they might successfully make 3 attack Fu, if not, they might end up with nothing. Therefore they would rather take on other missions.

This mission had to be completed at the Fu Knight Hall, 12th asked for the location of the Fu Knight Hall and walked over casually. The Fu Knight Hall was close to the Mission Hall, after walking for about a hundred meters 12th arrived at the Fu Knight Hall. There were a lot of people inside, and most of them were Fu Knight disciples.

Fu Knights rarely went into the battlefields, beside the few special Fu Knight professions like the Fu Dan Knights, others would be better supporting away from the battlefield. Besides making Fu, the Fu Knights can also work on material distribution and management.

12th went into a special room with 10 sets of materials, there was a complete set of Fu making tool in the room. Because 12th's soul has been strengthened his success rate for making Fu was extremely high, this was a secret he has not revealed to anyone. With 10 sets of materials, 12th can successfully make atleast 7 one-time use Attack Fu, if he was lucky he might even make 9.

For 10 days in a row, 12th made 6 Fu to 8 Fu a day, his success rate was comparable to Fu Masters. Fu Masters would usually not accept missions that required them to make one-time use Attack Fu, these missions were designed for Fu Knights and Fu Knight disciples.

That day, when 12th turned in 6 one-time use Attack Fu, he heard someone shout, “We need the help of a Fu Knight disciple or a FuZhou disciple, are there any Fu Knight disciples or FuZhou disciples with no missions here? Please register immediately!”

12th asked curiously, “Do you need help with anything?”

At this time, almost everyone has already accepted a mission so nobody registered. 12th was asked and called by that person, “Are you a FuZhou disciple of the inner court?” he asked.

12th nodded, “Yes.”

That person said excitedly, “Yes! I found you!”

12th wondered, “Me?”

[1] Fu Danshi is not Fu Dan Knight, they are a healer's profession