Instant Kill - Volume 2 Chapter 7

"Uncle Luo, you can go help, I will be safe here.” 12th said. 12th understood that in such a crisis it would be better if everyone was united and left behind every bit of selfishness they had, because that was the only way to defeat all the savages and survive. Therefore 12th did not hesitate to tell Luo Zhan to help with the defense, the effects of having a Fu Warrior Master enter a battlefield will be great.

Xi Zai Kun also commanded his supporters, “You guys go out too!” He had 10 supporters with 2 being Fu Warrior Masters. The Chief Fu Warrior Master ordered a Fu Warrior to stay behind and protect the carriage, the others all rushed towards the savages.

12th glanced at the chaotic crowd and said, “Who's next!”

A Fu Warrior with his chest torn open by sharp claws was on the verge of dying, 12th expertly picked up a Blood Fu Dan, pinched open the Fu Warrior’s mouth and rapidly activated the Fu Dan. The Blood Fu Dan turned into liquid and flowed into his throat and in a few second, the Fu Warrior's pale face revealed a hint of blush.

“Clean the wound!”

12th told Huo Bao to clean the wounds while he continued to treat the next person. Xu Zai Kun was also busy treating the wounded. During this crisis having an extra person in the battlefield would be of great help to the combat force, Xu Zai Kun was desperately doing what he had to do. His treatment speed was at least three times faster than 12th's, and not only was he faster, his treatment effects were also better.

After completing treatment on a group of wounded, 12th was tired and his face turned pale, Xu Zai Kun was more than heartbroken when he saw 12th because 12th was only a 9-year-old child after all. He secretly shook his head and took out a semi-translucent Fu and said, “12th, don't move.” He then patted the Fu on 12th’s head.

A cool and refreshing feeling came from 12th's head to his heart, his soul was extremely comfortable and he could not help but moan a little. 12th said, “What he heck... what kind of Fu is this? How can it be so comfortable…” At that moment, all his fatigue seemed to have washed away.

Xu Zai Kun was amused, he said, “This is a Relaxation Fu, one of the Fu Dan which can soothe the nerves and relieve the uneasiness from the mind. This Fu is not difficult to make, but it's rarely made.”

12th was surprised, “Why?”

Xu Zai Kun said, “This Fu can only eliminate fatigue, it can't increase combat power and it's very expensive, if one is not of Fu Knights profession then it is very hard to afford it."

12th thought of all the poor Fu Warriors and secretly nodded, “Grandpa Xu, I would like to learn the method of making this Relaxation Fu.” 12th noticed that the Fu was very helpful to his soul, so he made up his mind on learning how to make it no matter what. 12th believed the Relaxation Fu was equivalent to gaining a powerful weapon.

Even though Xu Zai Kun was not that old, his appearance looked like that of a hundred years old man, he looked kind, his face was full of wrinkles, and there were lots of age spot. He was truly a kind-hearted man, he chose to become a Fu Dan Knight because Fu Dan Knights could save the lives of others'. Even though his combat strength probably could not even defeat a Fu Warrior, his support abilities were at least in the top ten of the North Fu Sect.

“Ai, Grandpa will teach you, don't worry, whatever you want to learn, this Grandpa will teach you!"

Xu Zai Kun made a promise. He just could not refuse 12th, for a bit over a month he has treated 12th like his own grandson and there is no way a Grandpa can refuse when their grandchildren wanted him to teach them.

Relaxation Fu is made up of 4 different material, the most important material was resin, resin from Black Wood Residue . Black Wood Residues are grown in the Chill Grounds. It was two feet tall and can live up to a thousand years, but the thousand year trees were very rare. There were lots of hundred years trees and the trees can be artificially planted if there was a Plant Hidden Fu used from Plant Fu Masters.

The resins from Black Wood Residue are also a material used for making Treasure Fu. The resin is a well-known neutralizing agent so it was extremely expensive.

The other three materials were very common and could be found anytime.

The refining method was not difficult, Xu Zai Kun explained it once and 12th easily understood everything. After asking a few questions, 12th closed his eyes and put everything together in his mind, soon he concluded that he could refine it himself.

12th asked, “Grandpa, can I buy Black Wood Residue in the Inner Court?” 12th called Xu Zai Kun “Grandpa” naturally, Xu Zai Kun’s kindness and protection towards him has warmed his heart. He naturally treated Xu Zai Kun as his elder.

This salutation made Xu Zai Kun very happy, he said, “Yes, half a kilogram of Black Wood Residue… will cost about 800 to 1000 Black Fu Bills. It will be enough to make 2 Relaxation Fu.”

That was abnormally expensive. The idea of making money rose in 12th’s mind, he asked with a bitter face, “Is Black Wood Residue planted in the Inner Court?”

Xu Zai Kun did not understand why 12th cared so much about the Relaxation Fu, but either way he was going to support him. Xu Zai Kun shook his head with a smile, he knew that 12th thought the Black Wood Residue were too expensive. He took out a matchbox-sized Fu and gave it to 12th while saying, “This is a Plant Hidden Fu. There are 12 Black Wood Residue inside, it should be enough for you to take the resin and make Relaxation Fu.”

Plant Hidden Fu are passed down in the South Fu Sect, they are specifically used for plant cultivation. Using the principle of hidden Fu, a small space is formed and a particular plant can be planted inside. Every Plant Hidden Fu is different and the plants that can be cultivated inside are also different. The Plant Hidden Fu that Xu Zai Kun gave 12th was designed to grow Black Wood Residue trees.

12th looked at the rare Plant Hidden Fu carefully. These types of Fu are rarely seen within the North Fu Sect. It is said that in South Fu Sect there is a large number of Plant Hidden Fu that can be traded.

There were a lot of extremely small plants inside the semi-translucent Fu, like miniatures plants they looked delicate and beautiful. 12th understood that the Fu would rapidly grow and become a tree when it gets activated and he would need a specific Chanting Formula to make it miniature sized again. It was like carrying around a tree.

12th played with it for a while and asked with a smile, “Grandpa, is this from the South Fu Sect?”

Xu Zai Kun smiled, “Yes, I have not seen any other Sects who can make such delicate Plant Hidden Fu besides the South Fu Sect. Ha Ha, this Plant Hidden Fu was customized for me, at that time I had a lot of precious tree seeds and a Plant Fu Master made a trade with me. He made the Plant Hidden Fu for me and I gave him some of the seeds.”

“In fact, there are places in the Inner Court that sell Plant Hidden Fu. Ha Ha, 12th, you can go buy some in the future, especially those that could be used to plant food. They are not very expensive and you can then cook Fu food by yourself.”

12th was surprised, “Ah? Fu food can be homegrown? Where can I buy it?”

“The Fu Knight Hall in the Inner Court…Ha Ha, don't worry, it's in the Fu Dan Pavilion, a branch within the Fu Knight Hall of the Inner Court. I will give you a detailed location. Hmm, it is not far away from the FuZhou Region where you live, I also live there, you can visit me whenever you have time.”

12th was very happy, “Ok, I will surely come visit!” 12th knew the importance of personal connection from his previous life. He sincerely wanted to become friend with this elder who cared for him.

The carriages were accelerating. Luo Zhan came back with the 3 Fu Warriors. The supporters of Xu Zai Kun also returned, and more than 80 frenzied savages has been killed.

Luo Zhan said, “A total of 84 Frenzied Savages were killed, 6 of our Fu Warriors died, 11 seriously injured, and more than 20 wounded, but finally all the savages are dead."

“Accelerate! Accelerate!”

Someone shouted loudly and the speed of the whole group began to increase. This rapid march from the group did not even stop when they arrived at the supply station. Someone would go collect food and distribute it to everyone within the group. The group continued to accelerate forward, the rest stops only lasted for a few hours and everyone departed again.

It took eight days to get to Ye Guan City, but only four and a half days to return. Hundreds of savages were killed along the way, and the group finally arrived safely back to the Inner Court. Everyone knew that they were safe when they entered the Inner Court. The Inner Court had a very strong combat force, the Great Masters were the true peak combatants of the Inner Court.

The disciples were all exhausted, even the Fu Warriors were beat, but they could not rest for long, they only stayed a day before regrouping and heading back to Ye Guan City. They had to reinforce the second group's retreat. According to the orders, everyone from Ye Guan City would need to retreat, it was not hundreds or thousands of people, but ten thousands and hundred thousands of people with most of them being ordinary.

The orders had nothing to do with disciples, 12th led Huo Bao and the other 3 teammates back to his courtyard.

When Auntie Lan saw 12th, she was very excited and held him up high, she constantly said, “I heard something happened in Ye Guan City, oh, I was worried to death, there are many different rumors these days…12th, you, are you ok?”

Auntie Xin was running out, she said happily, “Welcome home, welcome home…12th, go take a shower and change, Auntie Xin made braised meat.”

12th had a warm fuzzy feeling inside, everyone was already like a family to him. Although he was young, as the master of the house, he must support this family. “Auntie Lan, Auntie Xin, I'm fine. It's ok…Auntie Lan, put me down.” He said with a smile.

Auntie Lan wiped her tears happily. “Go take a shower, Auntie Xin has arranged for you, Huo Bao, Hong Shi, Chen Bing, and Chen Hong, you guys go shower too…come out when it's time for dinner.”

The 5 of them returned to their rooms to take a shower and change clothes. 12th soaked in a large tub, the warm water relaxed him. The feeling was great and his mood became cheerful, he learned a lot from this trip, especially the methods of Fu Dan making. The most enjoyable event was meeting Grandpa Xu Zai Kun, this elder left a good impression on him.

12th soaked himself in the water for half an hour before putting on a set of clean clothes and walked out the room.

There were large bowls of braised meat, large pots of meat soup, several baskets of bread, and side dishes which resembled picked radish served. 12th's stomach was growling when he was taking a shower, he really did not understand how a child could eat so much more than the adults from his previous life. Such a monstrous appetite would have a great possibility of starvation if he was in his previous life.

It was terrible when these 5 little children were eating. Including Chen Hong, everyone was eating uncontrollably, the first bowl of braised meat disappeared, then the second and everyone's speed finally slowed down when the third bowl was served. Auntie Lan and Auntie Xin were watching with a smile, they felt very happy watching these little children eat happily.

12th was holding a bowl of meat soup, drinking and eating bread when he asked, “Auntie Lan, how much money do we have left?”

Auntie Lan and Auntie Xin discussed a little because even though both of them were housekeepers they were in charge of the money separately. Auntie Lan said, “We have a little more than 4000 Big Fu Bills.”

12th said, “Starting tomorrow, all the money will be used for purchasing food. Don't leave any money. Huo Bao, exchange all our mission rewards for food tomorrow. Don't get anything else.”

“Marinate all the meat we exchange and put them into the storage hidden room. It will not rot easily, then buy some more flour.”

Auntie Lan was surprised, “12th, why are we buying so much food? 4000 Big Fu Bill can buy…ehh, can buy a lot of food… why do we need so much food?”

12th said with a bitter smile, “Auntie Lan, you know that the Savage Gate fell, right?”

Auntie Lan nodded and said, “Savage Gate has fallen…but we are in the inner court, it should be safe here, oh, 12th, what's the relationship between the fall of Savage Gate and buying food?”

12th said, “The fall of Savage Gate means that the savages will break into the city, Ye Guan City will not stand and then the savages will come attack here too. Of course, with the strong combat forces of the North Fu Sect, I think the North Fu Sect will come out victorious, but… if the savages attack here, the supply routes will be lessened. There won't be a problem if it was only for a short period of time… but if it's for a long period of time, then food will become very scarce.”

“If we don't prepare now, we will starve.”

Auntie Lan listened to 12th incredibly, was he really a 9-year-old child who can consider things with so much care? The reasoning that 12th came up with was very simple, but if noone suggested it, then who would have purchased and reserved the food. She said, “12th, you are really good, Auntie Lan will go out and buy food tomorrow.”

12th said, “Auntie Lan, be cautious when you are out buying food, try not to gather attention and don't tell others what you are doing because it might cause panic. And don't buy too much at a time, buy in small quantities, and buy from multiple places.” 12th has experienced famine in his previous life, and understood the feeling of being helpless because of it. He still shivers at the thought of it, the feeling of starving has deeply engraved into the depths of his soul. 12th never wants to live through it again, the years full of fear, panic, despair, and sorrow.

Huo Bao and the other 3 children did not understand 12th’s intentions at all. They knew their duty was to exchange the mission rewards for food, so that was all they had to worry about while 12th handles everything else.

The next day, 12th sat on his carriage and arrived at his teacher Luo Jie’s estate under Luo Zhan’s escort.

Luo Jie already learned of 12th’s performance in Ye Guan City, he was very satisfied. He was especially happy when he heard that 12th killed two savages, he was very happy when he saw 12th.

Surprisingly, the first words 12th said when they saw each other made Luo Jie speechless, 12th said, “Teacher, I almost could never come back to see you again. Ai, I'm only 9 years old and had to fight against the savages…isn’t it too cruel?” 12th continued, “Thanks to the Treasure Fu that Teacher gave me, I escaped from danger. He He, Teacher, do you have any more Treasure Fu? Please give me a few more.” This type of flattery made Luo Jie very happy.

Luo Jie laughed, “Ha Ha, you are indeed my disciple! About the Treasure Fu…you are still too young, you won't be able to control those Fu yet, let's talk about it later."

12th knew how precious Treasure Fu were, he just used it as an excuse before asking, “Teacher, I have no money…”

Luo Jie never had a lack of money, he said without any worry, “Just tell Uncle Hu how much you need. Come here, tell me everything about Ye Guan City.”

12th said with a bitter smile, “Teacher, I need a lot of money!”

Luo Jie said, “Ah, how much do you need? Ai, just take as much as you need!” Luo Jie did not care at all. As a FuZhou Great Master, his assets ranked at the top of the North Fu Sect. In addition, 12th was his favorite disciple, he was not going to be stingy towards 12th when he asked for money.

12th couldn't help but ask, “Teacher, how come you don't ask for the reason why I need money?”

Luo Jie then asked, “Why do you need money?”

12th simply said, “To buy food.”

Luo Jie was not Auntie Lan, he took a moment to think and understood 12th's intentions, he said in surprise, “You mean…the North Fu Sect will face a food crisis?”

12th nodded very hard and said, “If there is not an absolutely safe supply line then I think…the food will become insufficient.”

Luo Jie asked, “So you want to stock up on food?”

12th sighed, “It does not matter if it was only me, but now I have a bunch of people to take care of so I have to take precautions."

Soon, Luo Jie realized and said in surprise, “You want to remind me by…borrowing money?”

12th smiled and said, “I did not remind you of anything, it is Teacher's own thoughts."

Luo Jie was grateful in his heart. He was not stupid so he immediately called the housekeeper and began to reserve the food. Luo Jie had a large group to take care of, if there was a lack of food at his estate, there won't be any places to buy food from even if he had a lot of money. Surely it was impossible for an old man to go hunting for that much food.

“12th, go get money from Uncle Hu, come back afterwards.”

12th did not take a lot, he only took 10 thousand Black Fu Bills. He was afraid that he could pay back the money, in addition he could not buy that much food even if he had 10 thousand Black Fu Bills, so 10 thousand Black Fu Bills was enough.

12th hurried home with the money. Money made everything easier, everyone in the family split up and went out to buy food. A truckload of food was transported back, Auntie Lan marinated the meat and carried the flour into the storage hidden room. The so-called storage hidden room was a room made with hidden Fu so it could store a lot of things.

The purchasing power of 10 thousand Black Fu Bills was incredible. 12th's group used up all the money after busily spending it for 3 days. By that time, the prices of food has begun to rise. Widespread food shortages began before anyone could even react, the prices increased 3 times in a day because the savages were heading towards North Fu City, the headquarter of the North Fu Sect.

Buying sprees were intense. The North Fu Sect quickly took actions to control the food distribution. All food businesses were under their control, all the food were unified and distributed according to demand.

12th went back into cultivation.

Auntie Lan and Auntie Xin were full of emotions, they thought 12th had a miraculous foresight, how could he make such an accurate prediction. All the restaurants were closed, all the shops that sold food were closed too. The problem now was not the prices but that there was indeed no food to sell.

Auntie Lan realized that the food distributed to them was less than half of before. When they received the food, there was also a special notice requesting them to save as much food as possible because the next distribution of food would be even less.

There were clever people who made self-organized hunting groups and headed out to the mountains to make up for the lack of food.

People began to worry, but the North Fu Sect was powerful. They had stocked up a lot of food, but the situation right now did not require them to distribute those. Since nobody knew when the supply lines would be restored, the distribution policy was implemented. It was the only option for the North Fu Sect.

12th was no longer concerned about the food problem, he only paid attention to his cultivation. Hao Bao and the other 3 teammates went to learn more warrior skills at the Strength Enhancing Hall. The mission of defending the city was not something they would be concerned with as disciples.

After more than a month the situation of the North Fu Sect gradually stabilized. Although there were still a lot of savages in the wild, very few dared to directly attack North Fu City. The combat forces within the North Fu Sect was strong, after thousands of savages were killed, they became a little scared.

Because a large number of savages were still in the wild, the supply lines were completely cut off. Even though forced supply transportation were arranged, the loss was shocking. The North Fu Sect had no choice but to send out lots of small teams to hunt the savages outside the city. All the hunting teams would receive adequate amounts of food.

The lack of food made Fu Warriors very unhappy, they were dizzy from the feeling of hunger. So the missions attracted a lot of Fu Warriors, under the temptation of food, a large number of Fu Warriors went out of the city to participate in the battles.

That day, 12th found the Fu Dan Pavilion inside the Fu Knight Hall. He wanted to buy Plant Hidden Fu. This time he was escorted by a Fu Warrior, Luo Zhan has already went back to taking missions. Fu Warrior Masters were a dominant force in the North Fu Sect, there were many missions intended for them to complete.

The last name of the Fu Warrior following 12th was Zhang. His full name was Zhang Da Kui. His strength was good. After a period of time he would be able to use Bone Fu for his strength enhancements and later advanced into a Fu Warrior Master.

“Uncle Zhang, when we go back in the afternoon, asked Auntie Lan to give you some food to bring home.”

Zhang Da Kui lived in North Fu City, he have two wives and four children. Life was pretty good with his income, but after encountering a situation such as this, there was an insufficient amount of food at home. Thanks to 12th’s suggestion, he also stocked up on a lot of food, otherwise he would probably be out of food already.

“12th, thank you!”

The food assigned to him was only enough for him alone. There were 6 people in his family, how would it be enough, so he has begun to worry.

Fu Dan Pavilion was a branch of the Fu Knight Hall. There was an internal trading region inside, mostly selling all different kinds of Fu Dan. When 12th went inside, he surprisingly noticed that there were more people than usual.

Soon 12th discovered a strange scene. there were a lot of people holding Fu Hidden bags and was doing something in a sneaky manner.

At that time, someone came to him and quietly whispered, “Come here… follow me…”

12th said, “Follow you? What this about?”

That person took out a Fu Hidden bag and flashed it in front of 12th’s eyes. He said, “Let’s go over there.” That person had an identification card of the Inner Court. 12th was curious, he followed him to the side and asked, “Well, what is it?”