Instant Kill - Volume 2 Chapter 9

Luo Lao gave 12th an embarrassing glance and said with a bitter smile, “Grandpa, I was completing missions, Haha, the missions just finished so I came back. 12th, you are here too.”

Luo Jie said dismissively, “Oh, completing missions? Then you can continue taking missions.”

Luo Lao said, “Grandpa, I can't take any more missions!”

Luo Jie took a sip of wine, he was still mad with Luo Lao's excuse for leaving 12th to lead his own team. If Luo Lao was not his grandson, he would have already expelled him. Luo Jie emotionlessly said, “Don't tell me…… you're out of food!” Elders were wise after all, Luo Jie immediately figured out the reason why Luo Lao came back., he knew that his grandson would never come back to see him unless he was out of any choices.

12th also guessed that Luo Lao was out of food. Luo Lao was a Fu Warrior Master, that profession had the biggest appetite, when he becomes a Fu Warrior Great Master his appetite would quickly decrease. If Luo Lao was a Fu Warrior Master of the inner court, he might be able to persevere by himself with the distributed food, but he was Luo Jie's supporter who accepted missions with his team so he had to figure out the food problem by himself. Luo Lao was not as clever as 12th so he soon ate all the food and needed to come back for help.


Luo Lao’s childish tone made 12th feel awkward, he could not help but say, “Brother Luo, can you please not use that tone…… I can't stand it!”

Luo Jie could not help but laugh, he patted 12th on the shoulder and smiled, “Damn, any serious matters become messed up with you!”

Luo Lao looked at 12th gratefully and said, “Grandpa, I have been starving for two days…. Ah.”

Luo Jie yelled, “It's you, you're the little bastard who didn't want to come back! Do you want me to go and beg for you to come back? Go see Uncle Hu yourself, and he will give you some food, worthless! 12th is even smarter than you, he knows to stock up food, yet you are as silly as a toad, understanding nothing at all!”

Luo Lao was embarrassed, “Yes, yes, grandpa, I…I'm going!” he turned around and ran away. Luo Jie shook his head and scolded, “Bastard, have no brains at all.”

12th could tell that Luo Jie’s words showed concern for Luo Lao.

“Teacher, if you are worried about Uncle Luo, you want me to go take a look?”

Luo Jie sighed, “It's ok, still making me worry at this old age…. 12th, how's your cultivation recently?”

12th said, “For basic cultivation, I still have one more set of movements to learn, I will begin studying it very soon. After mastering all the movements, I will put them together and practice it together. The speed will not be slow, Teacher you don't have to worry, I will not be distracted by minor things.” Of course 12th can understand what Luo Jie was worried about.

Luo Jie nodded delightfully, it was easy talking to intelligent people, he said, “You have to become a FuZhou Knight as soon as possible, afterwards you can start to learn about Innate FuZhou. The FuZhou profession is very weak before they learn to cultivate their own Innate FuZhou.

12th did not think that the FuZhou profession was weak, compared to his previous life, 12th thought he was much stronger right now, especially with the cultivation methods the FuZhou Knight used which strengthen his soul. This was something he could not accomplish in his two previous lives, 12th looked forward to how his strengthened soul would affect his future reincarnations.

12th continued to ask a few questions about cultivation, he slept over at his teacher Luo Jie’s estate that night before going back home the next day.

When 12th got back home, Auntie Lan excitedly said , “12th, you are truly a god, we sold the meat yesterday and earned more than 2 million Black Fu Bills! Aiyaya, that will make all our lives easier.”

12th nodded and said, “Auntie Lan, the money is managed by you, continue selling the meat except for the ones needed by us, sell everything remaining. The meat will soon be worthless.”

Auntie Lan answered excitedly and then asked the servants to continue selling.

12th went into the underground laboratory and took out the Fu Book written by the Plant Fu Master. He opened it with a Fu key and a set of books appeared, Secret Records of Cultivation, Refinement of Plant Hidden Fu, Aggressive Plant Fu, and The Complete Collection of Plants, a total of 4 types with 8 books. They were all mysterious books from the Plant Fu Sect, 12th now believed that the books were obtained through violent means.

Holding the eight books, it looked like 12th was holding onto some invaluable treasure, he opened the Refinement of Plant Hidden Fu and began to read it carefully.

One after another, 12th spent 4 days to read through the whole set of books once, he then closed his eyes and meditated, he was truly delighted. The book contained information regarding the cultivation methods of plants even though the attack force was relatively weak, it introduced 12th to the unique ways of how the plants were grown and cultivated. With Plant Hidden Fu, if 12th could successfully master the skills of making Plant Hidden Fu, it would be like taking along a whole garden with him, this was something unimaginable in his previous lives.

This world contained FuZhou power and the magical Hidden Fu. Hidden Fu were able to reduce the size of objects, and create an unique space for them. According to 12th's understanding, if he could design an arrangement of Hidden Fu, he could create a mobile house. The Fu Knights of the North Fu Sect did not think much of the potential of Hidden Fu, they only created small things like Fu Hidden bags, Fu belts, and wrist belts, but the Plant Fu Sect used Hidden Fu to create spaces which were used for plant cultivation.

Of course, 12th did not have the ability to immediately learn the production methods of Plant Hidden Fu, what he needed to focus on right now was learning the unique FuZhou skills of the North Fu Sect. After he became a FuZhou Knight, he could then try to learn a few skills from the Plant Fu Sect, by that time he could even start to study anything that seems useful to him.

Putting away the Fu books, 12th began to cultivate. According to his daily cultivation routine, he had to make 8 Attack Fu Zhou.

12th added another training method, which was to activate the one-time use Attack Fu and practice attacking with it. Recently 12th has made a lot of money and with a strong economic foundation he was able to purchase a lot of one-time use Fu for training without feeling sad with the money spent. Even though 12th had money he did not carelessly use the Attack Fu, he would make careful calculations and preparations when he was about to activate it and afterwards he would come up with a conclusion of what happened after every activation.

As 12th's practice increased, his use of Attack Fu become more and more skillful, but the number of Attack Fu lessened, it was truly a money-burning training exercise.


Auntie Lan was very excited these days, she did not expect that meat could be sold for so much money. The prices were rapidly increasing with it doubling in just a few days.

She has sold all the meat besides the ones necessary for 12th's group, she actually sold everything and gained more than a million Black Fu Bills. That was a vast sum of money, she was even tired from counting all the money these days. Looking at the flour in the hidden room, she knew that they would earn even more money in the future because the current prices of flour were more expensive than meat and the fact that nobody was willing to sell flour. It has truly become unavailable in the market.

With less than a month passing, there has been rumors of people starving to death. And soon, the North Fu Sect began to increase the distribution of meat. It was said that the farms of the North Fu Sect killed a hundred thousand animals to distribute the meat to the markets which resulted in the prices of meat suddenly falling, but the prices of flour continued to increase.

Auntie Lan was stunned, she did not know what to say about 12th’s miraculous foresight. It was truly supernatural, from that point on, Auntie Lan wholeheartedly trusted 12th, she followed 12th's orders no matter what they were.

Huo Bao and the 3 teammates did not rest during this period, after seeing the savages, they began to train intensely without supervision. They asked 12th to perform strength enhancements on them every 10 days using Light Fu. With the exception of Chen Hong who had a female Fu Knight who assisted her with the strength enhancements. The strength of everyone was steadily rising.

Light Fu strength enhancement was a very complicated and time-consuming job, the Fu Warrior disciples who wanted to become Fu Warriors would need to go through 600 Light Fu strength enhancements, which would require them to have 600 Fu Inscriptions engraved onto their bodies. They would need to go through even more Light Fu strength enhancements after advancing to Fu Warriors and at the end they would need to have a Bone Fu strength enhancement to advance one step forward.

The price of Light Fu was not expensive and most people could afford it, but using the Light Fu strength enhancements were expensive because it can only be performed by Fu Knights. If they had a commander, then they did not have to worry about the price, but because there were many who were of the Fu Warrior profession, but not many Fu Knight or FuZhou Knight profession it was difficult. As a result, the Fu Warrior profession had to make money and find ways for someone to perform the strength enhancements on them, there were many who were stuck at the Fu Warrior level and could not advance any further.

12th also used his time making Light Fu, the Light Fu that he made were performed on Huo Bao and his other supporters. The Light Fu Chen Hong used were also provided by 12th, but Auntie Chen found someone to perform the strength enhancements on Chen Hong.

12th paid the same amount of attention towards Shadow Fu, it was the Fu which increased his own strength. There were differences between Light Fu and Shadow Fu, Shadow Fu was used to enhance the physical qualities of the person, but it could not increase a person's combat force. The Fu Inscriptions which are engraved onto Fu Warriors through Light Fu strength enhancements would eventually become a protective aura, it would even become stronger than armor made by steel.

Soon Luo Zhan returned. The savages surrounding the city has scattered, but the combatants were unable to completely eliminate them. The North Fu Sect has been busy trying to restore the supply lines, all the supply stations were destroyed during the savage's rampage, there were still many savages who wandered around the supply stations, but there was no risk of them breaking into the city.

The North Fu City has been reborned, as long as the savages did not try to break through the city, the hunting squads would constantly attack them. With the savages being prevented from forming a unified force it result in them getting swept away, their only choice was to retreat back to the wastelands of the Northern Tip. The battle would soon come to an end.

Ye Guan City was able to hold up even with the fall of Savage Gate because most of the savages rushed around the city with only a small amount trying to break in. Thankfully the people who retreated from Savage Gate headed to Ye Guan City, with most of them being Fu Warriors and Zhou Knights of the North Fu Sect. They were able to kill most of the savages who tried to break into the city and protected the ordinary people who were not able to escape in time. The ordinary people were lucky to survive, if the savages broke into Ye Guan City, they would not stand a chance against them.

Recently the North Fu Sect started to retake Savage Gate so they can stop the savage's retreat back towards the Northern Tip, when the savages are blocked off from fleeing, the North Fu Sect would then send in an elite unit to eliminate them, thus ending the crisis.

12th did not know much about the current situation in the North Fu Sect, he had to learn more about it because he stocked up on flour. Once the supply lines open up again, flour will become less valuable. Knowing that the supply lines were still unable to open, gave a feeling of relief to 12th, but as a precaution he told Auntie Lan to start selling small amounts of flour.

In addition, 12th sent someone to gift flour to a few elders, the elders were people he was familiar with, Hong Chang Feng, Chen Chun Zhai and Chang Ye Ren. 12th even send a couple hundred kilograms to Auntie Chen. 12th did not live in the Inner Court for a long time, he did not know many people, he gave flour to everyone he knew who has treated him well. With flour being a rarity right now it was a good idea for gifts because he had plenty.

That day, 12th went to Fu town with Luo Zhan.

The first place 12th went to was the bookstore, when he entered he yelled, "Grandpa An, has there been any good books recently?”

An Zheng Yan came forward with a smile and said, “Ah, it's 12th, I heard that you registered to go to Ye Guan City, when did you come back? I have been worried about you…Haha.”

12th said with a smile, “It was my Teacher who registered me, Hmm, I came back for awhile now, but only have free time today to come out and walk around, are there any good books recently?”

An Zheng Yan, “There is a set of good books, but they are all Fu books. I don't think you need it, it's very expensive…and I only have 2 sets. They are 3200 Black Fu Bills each, Haha, you don't want it.”

12th just made a fortune, he did not think 3200 Black Fu Bill was a lot of money, he said,"That's so expensive, what kind of books are they? Maybe I need it, Hehe Grandpa An I brought money along with me."

An Zheng Yan smiled and said, “Aiya, 12th is rich now? Do not care if the books cost more than 3000 Black Fu Bills. Ok, I'll go get it." An Zheng Yan quickly went into the inner room. Inside the bookstore the more rare and valuable Fu books were kept in the inner room, they were not placed on display much, and only regular customers could buy it.

12th followed inside, An Zheng Yan did not stop him, he simply said, “Why are you so impatient? Ok, come with me.”

An Zheng Yan went into a small hidden room, it was a room used to store rare books which are reserved for regular customers, he took out a set of Fu books and said, “This is written by the FuZhou Great Master, Wang Cang Ming, he is equally as famous as your Teacher. There are 6 books in this set, and the name is…Innate Fu Records. Hmm, it's only sold to Inner Court disciples, who have a FuZhou profession, do you want it? Haha, but it's still too early for you to read it.”

The indication of a FuZhou Master is their possession of Innate Fu, one has truly become a FuZhou Master only when they have cultivated their own Innate Fu. 12th was only a FuZhou disciple right now, if he purchased the book right now it was like a elementary school student buying a college level book, it was a little unbelievable.

However, 12th was really interested in it, to him, all books were important, even if he did not understand it right now, it did not mean that he would not understand it in the future. In addition, he could not be guaranteed that he could find the same book in the future. This was the difference between 12th and the natives of this world, he was always prepared, he tried to plan everything ahead of time because he did not want to be rushed when it was time to act.

12th took out a Fu Hidden bag and poured out a bunch of Black Fu Bills, he said with a smile, “I have recently made a bit of money, Hehe, this should be enough to buy the set. And this is a gift for you.” He then took out another Fu Hidden bag with two bags of flour inside, “I got this from my Teacher, 100 kg of flour.”

An Zheng Yan was surprised, “For me?”

12th smiled and said, “Yes, I couldn't buy flour recently and just received some from my Teacher. Grandpa An has been treating me very well, so I'm giving this to you.”

An Zheng Yan intended to refuse, but soon he was going to run out of flour at his house. People of this world cannot simply just eat meat, they also need to eat flour. An Zheng Yan thought for a bit before taking out another Fu Book and said, “Ok, I won't refuse this gift. Hmm, this is a Fu Book that I collected, it is a gift for you.”

12th did not expect An Zheng Yan to gift him a book, it was a temptation he could not resist, 12th smiled and said, "Ok, thank you Grandpa An." 12th was truly happy, as he held the book he quietly asked, "Grandpa An, what kind of book is this?"

An Zheng Yan laughed happily and said, “I rarely see disciples who loves books as much as you, don't worry, Grandpa gave you a very good book. I received the book a long time ago when I was still doing missions, I'm sure it will be useful to you in the future. The name of the book is…Treasure Fu, it records the feelings and experiences on the usages of Treasure Fu, it also includes a few ancient methods on making Treasure Fu.

12th was overjoyed, he repeatedly said, “This is too good, thank you Grandpa An.”

An Zheng Yan said, “There has been many newly added used books, go take a look, maybe there are some you'll like.”

12th returned to the bookcase that held the used books and started searching. This was his favorite part of the bookstore, he loved visiting used bookstores in his previous life too. This hobby has carried over to his current life. In his previous life, there were computers, internet, and all kinds of different media outlets, but now the only thing he could enjoy was books.

12th enjoyed reading all kinds of books, he did not only read books relating to his own profession, he also enjoyed reading books about traveling, adventures, legends of the world, anecdotes from combatants, and so on. These were all his favorite.

From the pile of books he purchased today, he found a good one. It was a geography book with descriptions of the wasteland in the Northern Tip, it had a lot of maps inside. Even though the maps were not in perfect condition it was still very detailed. There were also profiles on the different types of plants and beasts, it also indicated the regions where savages were more frequently active. Unfortunately, it was only the second volume with the first volume missing.

12th paid for the books, placed them in the Fu Hidden bag and walk out of the bookstore. Today he had another mission, he wanted to buy some materials for Fu making. There was a material trading zone in Fu town, with Luo Zhan following, he slowly walked forward.

The material trading zone in Fu town was very lively. This area was the main activity zone for Fu Knights and FuZhou Knights, Zhou Knights and Fu Warriors did not come much unless they were following their commanders.

The trading zone was divided into two sections, the inner section and the outer section. The outer section was a platform which contained mostly scattered vendors and the inner section contained dozens of different shops. Some of the shops were opened by the Inner Court while others were opened by big businesses outside the Inner Court.

12th has been to this place many times, he walked into a familiar shop. The shop was opened by an outside business, the shopkeeper was an ordinary middle-aged man. His name was Wan Da Tou, his nickname is Magic Eyes because with just a glance he could tell what the item was, its origin, and the quality of the item. He was very famous in the Fu town.

“Brother Wan! Wan Da Tou!” 

12th yelled as he entered the shop. Wan Da Tou came out with a smile and said, “It's 12th, how come you have time today to come to our small shop?”

“I missed you…”

12th teased.

The appearance of Wan Da Tou was that he had a big head with half of it being bald and he was very skinny, he looks like a chopstick with a rice ball stuck on it. His look did not match his nickname. He also has a pair of big dark hands which were covered with speckled scars, his palms were covered with thick calluses. Although he was ugly, his laughter caused people to feel a sense of comfort.

“Ah, it's rare that 12th still remembers me, what kind of materials are you looking for this time?”

12th took out a piece of paper and passed it to Wan Da Tou while saying, “On this paper, they are all basic materials.”

Wan Da Tou glanced at the paper and said, “12th, have you become rich? These materials are at least 7 to 8 thousand Black Fu Bills.”

12th said with a smile, “Stop your nonsense, recently I have become more well off and just want to spend some money.”

Wan Da Tou said happily, “Ok, I'll ask the attendant to get them for you. What else do you need?”

12th thought for a moment and said, “Well, I don't want to go to another shop, here's another list.”

Wan Da Tou took the second list and read it carefully, this time he was truly surprised, he said, “Are you kidding… you can actually make Treasure Fu? These are materials for making Treasure Fu!”

12th said, “I'm just collecting the materials, as for making it, I'm not sure when I will be able to.” The truth was that 12th wanted to experiment with the materials, even if the results failed it did not matter because it allowed him to gain experience.

Wan Da Tou said, “The materials for making Treasure Fu are expensive. Hmm, I estimate the total of all the materials on this list will be around 40 thousand Black Fu Bills. 12th, are you sure you are willing to spend that much money?”

12th brought along 100 thousand Black Fu Bill with him today, he was very rich, he said, “Yes!” 12th felt very good, having deep pockets was really a pleasant thing.

Wan Da Tou knew that 12th was the disciple of a FuZhou Great Master, he was very jealous because he thought that 12th received the money from his Teacher.

The materials were all packed into containers and carried out of the shop. Since the amount of materials was too big, it could not all fit into the Fu Hidden bag. Wan Da Tou ordered his attendant to call a carriage and planned to deliver all the materials.

The materials on the first list could be used to make 1000 one-time use Attack Fu and the materials on the second list could make around 10 Treasure Fu. As to whether it was going to be successful or not, only God would know, 12th truly did not care about the success rate because he have a lot of money right now.

A young man wearing an identification card of Fu Knight disciples on his chest walked into the shop and said “Da Tou, I need to buy some materials, here is the list.”

Wan Da Tou took the list and could not help but smile bitterly. He glanced at 12th and thought to himself, “Why is he looking for these materials, I'm in trouble now.” He smiled awkwardly and said, “Qian Shao Ye, I'm sorry, we are out of these materials.”

Qian Shao Ye was mad and said, “Bullshit! I sent someone here yesterday to check, you have a full set of materials here."

Wan Da Tou said with a bitter face, “We are indeed out of the materials, they have just been sold out.”

Qian Shao Ye looked up and said, “Da Tou, what do you mean? Are you intentionally trying to make me mad? I only need two sets of materials, how dare you said no?”

12th stood next to Wan Da Tou and saw the list with a glance, he couldn't help but laugh, this person actually have the same list as him. The only difference was that 12th needed 10 sets while this person needed two. Because these were materials to make Treasure Fu, many Fu Knight disciples and FuZhou disciples needed it because to advance into a Fu Knight or a FuZhou Knight they need to be able to successfully make Treasure Fu.

Wan Da Tou broke into a heavy, cold sweat and said, “I did have 10 sets of materials, but they were just sold. Qian Shao Ye, there is truly no need for me to conceal them if I had it. I am anxious to sell everything as fast as possible.”

Qian Shao Ye asked, “Who did you sell them to? Who would buy so much?”

12th said with a smile, “Excuse me, they were sold to me.”