Instant Kill - Volume 3 Chapter 1

In comes the troublesome granddaughter of 12th’s Teacher, Luo Wei Jie, she always tries to bully 12th whenever she has the chance, but she has never been successful so she became even more fired-up whenever she sees 12th. She truly did not want to give up which left 12th in a helpless situation.

“I don't know you!” 12th stated unhappily.

Luo Jie Wei walked over to 12th with a smile, she didn't care what 12th was saying. She was not as good with words as 12th, but when it came to sheer strength, 12th was not as strong as her since he was still only a 9 years old child. 12th was still incomparable to the adults of this world, even if they were females.

New phrases continued to be spoken, it made Luo Jie loudly laugh, he finally sighed, “Ah, it's a pity that 12th is a little too young, otherwise, it's a good idea to let Little Jie marry him.”

12th was getting a headache from what his Teacher just said, it was the first time where he did not complain about his young age. If he was really to be married to this crazy women, it would truly be a tragedy.

Poor 12th was short and could not run as fast as Luo Wei Jie and since she was not a real enemy, it was impossible for Luo Zhen to come in or his Teacher to protect him. Soon, 12th was caught by Luo Wei Jie after running a few steps, she held him tight between her arms, and stretched out a hand to twisted his little face.

Luo Wei Jie said happily, “Continue running. I want to see where you can run to. Hehe.”

12th bitterly smiled in his mind, “Damn, I'm getting abused!” He surely understood that Luo Wei Jie had no bad intentions, she simply liked children. But, 12th was only a child on the surface, he is actually a reincarnated adult, how could he bear the abuse from a little girl.


Luo Wei Jie kissed 12th’s little face very hard and said happily, “Little weasel, face so red, Haha!”

12th was extremely angry, he suddenly had a weird smile, “I don't care anymore, I'm going for it!”


12th unexpectedly kissed Luo Wei Jie on the lips, seeing how stunned Luo Wei Jie was, he said proudly, “It's only a kiss! Who is afraid of whom! I'm a pervert, I'm not afraid of a little girl!”

Luo Wei Jie was astonished, Luo Jie was also dumbfounded, it was not because of the kiss, it was because of what 12th have said, it was really shocking. A moment later, Luo Jie bursts out laughing, he was laughing until he was out of breath while pointing at 12th and panting, “You little bastard, Haha, Hahaha, you have personality! I like it! Haha! Haha! Little Jie, you'll have to suffer.”

The pity was that no matter how disgusting 12th's words were, it can only be considered cute instead of it being repulsive because it came out of a 9 years old's mouth. Luo Wei Jie was stunned for a bit before laughing, “This little child also knows how to take advantage of others. Hehe.” As she said that, she held onto 12th even tighter.

12th complained continuously in his mind, how was that ineffective? 12th knew that he could not beg for mercy or say "Put me down" because it will only cause Luo Wei Jie to be even more proud. She simply enjoyed playing with children, at this point, 12th could only accept his fate.

“Call me sister!”

It was Luo Wei Jie’s turn to be elated.

“Heads may be chopped off, blood may flow! But the dignity of a real man cannot be lost! I will not yield!”

Luo Wei Jie could not stop laughing, she was extremely happy and was about to say something, but all of a sudden 12th tickled her. She tried to resist but couldn't hold it in and began to laugh loudly. Her hands and feet weakened from laughing and 12th took the opportunity to slide down to the ground and quickly ran away. 12th thought that he has already suffered enough from being held onto by such a crazy girl, he wanted to run away no matter what.

“Teacher, I'm leaving! Girl, you wait and see!”

Luo Wei Jie pretended to be angry and shouted, “Stop there! You little wretch!”

Luo Jie smiled, “Little Jie, if 12th was a little older, you could not take advantage of him. Haha, this little child has already advanced to a FuZhou Knight.”

“Ah? Impossible! I have not even advanced to a FuZhou Knight yet, how could it be possible for 12th?”

Luo Jie became very serious and said, “You only know to play all day, 12th works very hard!”

Luo Wei Jie knows what happens when her grandpa starts preaching so she immediately said, “Ok, ok, I'm going to start working hard now!” She quickly ran away and disappeared.

Luo Jie smiled bitterly and thought to himself, this little girl has good potential, even though it's not as great as 12th’s, it could still be classified as high-level potential. But, no matter how good her potential is, without putting in the effort, she could end up being even worse than a disciple with average potential. Luo Jie knew that he was the reason for her lack of effort, the little girl does not feel any pressure because her grandpa was a FuZhou Great Master. How could she progress further?

12th sat on the carriage and could not help laughing, he thought Luo Wei Jie was sometimes quite fun. 12th has had a masculine mentality since his previous lives so the harassment from Luo Wei Jie was unbearable for him. He sighed while looking at his small physique, although having the appearance of a child have some benefits, there are still some inconveniences.

In the evening, 12th called over Huo Bao and his teammates, Luo Zhan and the Fu Warriors and said, “Let's all go to the FuZhou Hall tomorrow.”

Huo Bao asked, “12th, why are we going to the FuZhou Hall?”

12th smiled, “To get an advancement authentication, Haha, I'm advancing to a FuZhou Knight.”

Luo Zhan followed 12th to Luo Jie’s estate in the morning, but he did not go inside so he did not know that 12th was advancing, he said in disbelief, “12th, you…you are advancing to a FuZhou Knight?”

12th smiled, “Teacher said I have already advanced and just need to go to the FuZhou Hall and get an authentication. Haha.” 12th was very happy after becoming a FuZhou Knight because it would enable him to learn more skills and also allow him to have more freedom within North Fu Sect.

Luo Zhan shook his head with a bitter smile and thought that a 9 years old FuZhou Knight is really rare, this child is really a monster.

“Congratulations, congratulations 12th.”

Huo Bao and the other 3 disciples were quiet, although they were very happy, they were worried as well, 12th wondered, “What's going on? You guys.”

Chen Bing sighed, “12th, you are already advancing, what are we going to do?”

Huo Bao nodded repeatedly, “Yes, what are we going to do? We don't know when we can advance, the gap between us will only get larger and larger……”

12th smiled and banged his fist on Huo Bao. “You guys don't need to be so anxious, we are still young, we have plenty of time to grow. I don't plan on going to the outside world even after I have advanced, but, you guys need to seize this time to practice and become Fu Warriors as soon as possible.”

They were all relieved and understood 12th's intentions, Chen Bing said, “We will do our best!”


The next morning, 12th woke up very early. He continued to sleep for only 4 hours a day while spending the rest of his time either cultivating, making Fu, or reading books. He dedicated 4 hours every evening on chanting the Inscriptions to strengthen his soul. Since the sleep quality was very high, he was always full of energy whenever he woke up.

In the small courtyard, 12th was stretching before performing a set of fist movements. This was a habit of his which was developed in his previous life. 12th did not know the name of the movement, he learned it from an old soldier from his previous life, he mainly performed it to stay physically active, it was not a very powerful movement.

Huo Bao and the 3 teammates woke up even earlier than 12th, they were already back from training and just finished cleaning up. They curiously gathered around 12th, watching him perform the movements, Luo Zhan and the 3 Fu Warriors also came back from training, they stood to the side and watched too.

Huo Bao curiously asked, “12th, which Martial Fu are you practicing?”

12th was stunned for a moment before smiling, “This is not Martial Fu, I'm just moving my body around.”

Luo Zhan and Huo Bao cannot be compared, Luo Zhan was a seasoned Fu Warrior Master, he was able to sense the killing intent from 12th's movements. It was definitely a Martial Fu, but it was different from the ones he has ever seen before, Luo Zhan wanted to learn more about it.

12th did not know what everyone was thinking about, he only performed the movements out of habit, it was a way for him to relax his body. After about 20 minutes, he finally stopped, Auntie Lan came over with a copper tub and said, "12th, wash up, it's time for breakfast. You guys stop standing around, go inside and eat!"

Auntie Lan has gained prestige within the small family, she was the major housekeeper, who wholeheartedly took care of 12th, everyone listened to her. Even Luo Zhan respected her, he quickly went inside with a smile.

Everyone was happy while eating breakfast. Afterwards, Luo Zhan ordered a carriage to take 12th's group to the FuZhou Hall.

When they arrived at the FuZhou Hall, they waited for Luo Jie.

The supervisor of the FuZhou hall was Chang Ye Ran, he knew that FuZhou Great Master Luo Jie was coming so he did not dare act negligent and arrived very early at the FuZhou Hall to wait. The existence of the 3 FuZhou Great Masters was very important in the North Fu Sect, they were the true powers of the Sect, Chang Ye Ran didn't dare treat Luo Jie without proper respect even if he was going to become a FuZhou Great Master soon.

Chang Ye Ran walked into the FuZhou Hall and saw 12th so he asked, “12th, what are you doing here?” He suddenly came to his senses and asked, “Are you waiting for your Teacher?”

12th walked forward and politely saluted before saying, “Grandpa Chang, my Teacher will be here soon.”

Chang Ye Ran did not figure out the reason why Luo Jie was coming to the FuZhou Hall, he knew that Luo Jie only came by once every few years. Why is he suddenly showing interest to come by? He could not help but ask, “12th, do you know the reason why your Teacher is coming?”

12th smiled, “It shouldn't be a big deal.” The advancement authentication for a disciple was not a big deal, so 12th did not say anything incorrect.

Chang Ye Ran sighed with relief and said, “Ai, he has not come for a long time…… and now he suddenly informs me that he is coming, Haha, it's a scary feeling……”

“Kid! Speaking ill of me!”

Luo Jie came in with a group of people, it scared Chang Ye Ran to a jump, he then smiled humbly and said, “Ah, Elder, how dare I speak ill of you.” Although Chang Ye Ran was always full of authority within the FuZhou Hall, in front of Luo Jie he couldn't even fart. Luo Jie has very high prestige and power within the North Fu Sect.

“Elder, what are your orders? I will do it!”

12th looked at Chang Ye Ran, who was working very hard trying to suck up to Luo Jie, 12th thought to himself. Regardless which world it is, having strength is glorious.

Luo Jie said with a smile, “It's nothing serious, it's about my disciple, Hmm, a trivial matter.”

Chang Ye Ran glanced at 12th, patted his chest and said, “Your orders!”

Luo Jie said with a childish smile, “Do the authentication for 12th's advancement to a FuZhou Knight.”

Chang Ye Ran casually answered, “No problem! Ah? 12th's advancement to a FuZhou Knight? That……that…that is not possible!” Chang Ye Ran knew very well when 12th arrived to the North Fu Sect and how long he has been a disciple, but now 12th was already advancing to a FuZhou Knight? It was too unbelievable!

Luo Jie laughed happily and said, “Why not!” Luo Jie was very proud, this disciple of his truly lived up to his expectations, 12th had very good potential and was also very hardworking, it made him feel very happy.

The advancement authentication was very simple, the disciple is required to activate a few one-time use Attack Fu and make 10 one-time use Attack Fu. They will advance as long as their results reached the benchmarks. As for making Treasure Fu, they will also have to reach the benchmark of successfully making 2 out of 10.

With the power of his soul, 12th launched 30 one-time use Attack Fu at once, causing everyone present to be dumbfounded. This was not the strength of a Junior level FuZhou Knight, it was actually closer to the Immediate level.

Next was Fu making. 12th surprised everyone once again, he successfully made 9 Fu out of 10, this was the best result he could have given. Chang Ye Ran directly announced 12th's successful advancement at that point, he did not require 12th to make Treasure Fu because it was meaningless. 12th has already reached a level higher than Junior Fu Masters with the high success rate of Fu making.

Under the envious eyes of Chang Ye Ran, 12th became the youngest FuZhou Knight in North Fu Sect.

12th received a new identification card and went home with his Teacher, Luo Jie.

Luo Jie could not hide the happiness on his face, the old man was very happy, he was very satisfied with his youngest disciple, he said, “12th, you can move in to my estate, I will teach you personally from now on. I will have someone clear out a big courtyard for you, Hmm, just go and see Uncle Hu for anything you need, you do not need to ask for my permission.”

“I have accepted a few hundred disciples in my life, more than 30 of them are still alive, but most of them are dead. Among those that are still alive, 7 or 8 of them are crippled, they are outside protecting their family's businesses and the rest of them are still traveling. They rarely come back to the North Fu Sect, only 5 or 6 of them come back a bit more often, it's a pity that none of my disciples have advanced to a FuZhou Great Master yet.”

Luo jie smacked his lips regrettably and continued, “I have stopped accepting disciples 70 years ago, I did not expect myself to accept a little child like you at such an old age. Haha, you have lived up to my expectations, advancing to a FuZhou Knight with less than a year’s study. 12th, although you have given me many surprises, as your Teacher, I will have to remind you……”

12th respectfully nodded and said, “Teacher, whatever you say, your disciple will obey it.”

“12th, you are still young, your age is an advantage, but the flaws are also obvious. You still lack experience and knowledge, you have only touched the edge of the contents within the disciple's period, you have not spend enough time to completely master them. For example, you can only recognize a few specific Fu Inscriptions and Fu Patterns, you have not actually learned it as a whole. You also lack knowledge in other areas, so you have to continue studying even harder, everything will require a long time to accumulate, you will not be able to accomplish everything overnight.”

“…… Do not be complacent because of the FuZhou Knight advancement, you need to continue on with your original spirit of hard work and continue to learn……”

If 12th was truly a child, perhaps he would not care about what Luo Jie was saying or even think that his Teacher was nagging him. But with the soul of an adult, he could clearly feel his Teacher's earnest expectations, he has been deeply touched.

12th said sincerely, “Teacher, please rest assured, I will take the time to study and absolutely not slack off, I will catch up to the content that is left from the disciple's period.”

Luo Jie nodded with satisfaction and said, “I will order someone to help you move, Hmm, you go home and pack up first, you'll move here tomorrow.”

12th went into the underground laboratory and packed everything up, especially the books. As for all the other trivial things, he let Auntie Lan handle it, he also asked Auntie Xin to sell all the remaining flour since everything will now be provided for by Luo Jie when they move into his estate. 12th was not concerned about making money now.

With Luo Jie's powerful background, of course 12th did not refuse moving in. The conditions for living in the estate were too good, especially the learning conditions. Luo Jie had a huge library, a huge material storage room, and had access to all kinds of equipments. With such a good environment, 12th has gained a huge benefit in helping him further his studies.

Luo Jie sent a couple of carriages along with a dozen servants over to 12th's, they were able to quickly move everything from 12th’s courtyard to a courtyard in Luo Jie’s estate. The new courtyard was against a stream and surrounded by some other courtyards separated by a few hundred meters. There were dense orchards grown around the courtyard and above the courtyard gate there was a plague, which read, Ravine Lodge.

The main building is a two-story building with the Fu Making Hall underground, it met the standards of a FuZhou Knight, the building was very well arranged. 12th was fond of the courtyard from his first sight. Ravine Lodge, a very elegant courtyard with streams flowing in the front with a small pond alongside it.

Near the pond a yellow bamboo grove was grown, when there was a breeze, the bamboo would sway along with it, it was an extremely elegant sight. The pond was very shallow and clear, the smooth pebbles can be clearly seen at the bottom of the pond, dozens of colorful carps were swimming around in the waters. 12th noticed that hidden underneath the pond should be a hot spring.

Huo Bao, Chen Bing, Hong Shi and Chen Hong were not into the beautiful scenery of the courtyard, their impressions of the courtyard was that it was a place that was big and had a lots of open terrain. They were all running around, playing and laughing happily. 12th was the only one who stood next to the pond thinking about his life's good fortunes, another one of his life's greatest pleasures was to live alongside beautiful scenery.

With a road inlaid with cobblestone, twisting along the forest path, far away there was a small building with the roof which can be seen over the tree-tops. That was the building of 12th's courtyard, it was surrounded by silence and only the songs of birds can be heard within the forest.

12th stood by the pond for only a short moment, he understood that he could not indulge in the beautiful scenery, his main priority was to cultivate.

12th rearranged the underground Fu Making Hall. Ravine Lodge was originally the residence of another FuZhou Knight, so the Fu Making Hall was excellent and big, it was twice as big as the one 12th used before. There were more rooms within the Hall, the walls were all reinforced with Fu Inscriptions and there was even an area for testing the power of an Attack Fu.

12th has lived through 3 lives, the longer he lived the less reckless he became. 12th was extremely persistent in learning survival skills and the cultivation of his soul. Right now, he was most concerned about his cultivation, he was very satisfied with the Fu Making Hall, which was his laboratory. After careful inspection he began to clean up and set up his equipment, he was going to spend most of his time here.

For the last set of basic FuZhou cultivation movements, 12th has been thinking about it for a long time. He has completely understood the previous 8 sets, but the last set has left him confused. It was not because the movements were too difficult, it was because whenever he cultivated with the movements there were tremors going on within his soul, it was a phenomenon which has never occurred within the previous sets.

The soul had a vital importance to 12th, he hesitated to take risks on it and was therefore reluctant to continue cultivating with the last set of movements. He was afraid that it might damage his soul which would affect his future reincarnation.

But if he did not continue cultivating the last set of movements, his FuZhou power would be incomplete, it was contradictory to his desires. If he took this step, the risk was going to be his soul, it would either be very good or very bad.

12th hesitated for a long time and finally decided to continue cultivating, he could not stop here. Being only a FuZhou Knight, he was still a weak presence within the world, he might even be dead before his next reincarnation. The world was not as peaceful as he thought, so he believed it was necessary to take the risk.

12th was trembling with fear when he cultivated the last set of movements. He was deep in thought after he was finished cultivating. The tremors within his soul was not as severe because the movements were not done smoothly. 12th thought that it was fine to practice the set of movement, there should not be any big problems. But why is his soul having tremors? It was really confusing.

Since 12th determined that there was no harm, he decided to continue cultivating.

Repeatedly performing the sets of movements was 12th's cultivation habit. 12th had to fully understand each movement until the whole set has been engraved within his soul. It can only be considered finished when he could skillfully perform the movements without thinking.

For three days, besides dinner, 12th has spent all his time in the underground Hall and repeatedly practiced the movements until he was fully familiarized. 12th was not in a hurry to combine all 9 sets of movements together, he would sometimes take out a book and begin reading.

After resting for two days, 12th went outside. There was a small area in the bamboo grove near the pond and he decided to cultivate the complete set of FuZhou basic movements there. This was in accordance with what the Record Book said, 12th usually cultivated wherever he wished, but for the first complete cultivation of the 9 sets of movements it was better to be within the bamboo grove.

Before, 12th did not know that the bamboo groves were there to assist with the cultivation of FuZhou power.

In fact, with the successful completion of all the basic movements, it was an indication for a disciple to advance to a FuZhou Knight. Since the power of 12th's soul was very strong he had enough FuZhou power to advance before learning the complete sets of basic movements.

12th was very careful, he went to Luo Zhan and asked him to bring a few Fu Warriors to guard him, it would be troublesome if he was disturbed during the cultivation. Although the disturbance would not harm him, it was undesirable to be interrupted midway.

Starting from the first movement of the first set, 12th performed them one after another, he was fully immersed within his cultivation and soon his eyes were closed and he was cultivating unconsciously. 12th was able to perform all the movement completely unconscious.

Luo Zhan was standing close by, he was responsible for 12th’s safety, his attention was focused on 12th's surroundings and of course 12th himself. After 12th began cultivating he noticed something strange, 12th's presence was suddenly disappearing, but he could still clearly see 12th, it was a really strange feeling for Luo Zhan.

Suddenly, Luo Zhan turned around because he heard footsteps coming from the small path.