Instant Kill - Volume 3 Chapter 3

Auntie Chen said, “I will say it. 12th, there is a problem that has to be solved if you are bringing Little Hong with you. It's about the Light Fu strength enhancements, I can get somebody to help you within the Inner Court, but you'll have to do it yourself if you go outside or else…… Little Hong’s cultivation will be hindered.”

12th was startled, it was indeed a serious problem. He said, “Uh, that is a problem, does Grandma Chen have any ideas?”

Auntie Chen said, “12th, I think it would be best if you performed the strength enhancements for Little Hong, you are only 9 years old, why do you think so much like an adult? There is nothing to worry about.”

12th blushed, he was actually struggling with himself, he was not interested in such a young girl and performing strength enhancements for Little Hong was not difficult, but the main problem was that 12th did not want to harm the young girl. According to the customs of this world, if 12th performs the strength enhancements on Little Hong and decides to not marry her then she would never get married to another person, isn't that too harmful?

A moment passed and 12th said, “I could perform the strength enhancements, but I……”

Auntie Chen interrupted 12th and said, “That's good, I don't need any promises. Little Hong, feel free to ask 12th to help you with the strength enhancements. Heh, ok, it's settled then, I still have some stuff to do, I'll be leaving now." The old woman walked out and quickly disappeared with a rarely seen pace.

12th thought to himself, “This old fox runs even faster than rabbits! Ah, I'm in big trouble.”

Chen Hong ran outside with her face flushed, she did not say a word.

12th had a bitter smile and returned back to the underground Fu Making Hall, he took out the book about the creation methods of Hidden Fu. His habit was to first fully understand what Hidden Fu was and afterwards he would familiarize himself with the creation methods. 12th would only begin practicing the creation methods after he has fully understood Hidden Fu and fully familiarized himself with the methods.

For the next 10 days, 12th stayed inside the Fu Making Hall and learned more about Hidden Fu, he forgot about food and sleep, the meals were personally delivered by Auntie Lan.

Hidden Fu has its own specific creation methods and 12th learned them very fast. Due to the growth of his soul, his understanding and memory has become even stronger, which in turn caused his learning speed to also become faster. With only 10 days left, even when 12th did not completely understand everything regarding Hidden Fu he was able to successfully make his first Hidden Fu.

Hidden Fu is best used when attached to items, although it could be used alone, it will then only be a very ordinary Fu. When the Hidden Fu are attached to certain items, it would give the items a space, the space is small, only about a foot squared, but if there are two Hidden Fu attached then there would be a space of two foot square, and so on.

12th's Hidden Fu was very small, only as big as a fingernail and as thin as a piece of paper, it was a matte black color. 12th excitedly went over to have his Teacher inspect it , but the conclusion was that the Fu was only so-so and needed more work into it. But the Hidden Fu could already be used, it could be used to make ordinary Fu Hidden bag and ordinary Fu books.

12th was very satisfied with the results, it meant that he has gained mastery of the most important Fu. Perhaps, the people of this world did not realize the potential of this Fu, but 12th clearly understood how useful Hidden Fu can be since he has lived through 3 lives.

He happily made another Hidden Fu, he was busy until the date of departure.


It was early Summer and the weather was getting hot.

A huge troop was twisting through the Golden Mountains.

The troop was very big with more than 4 thousand people, there was also a large number of horses. Almost everyone was on a horse, some people even had 2-3 spare horses, making the size of the troop look even bigger.

“Teacher, you are saying that…… we will move independently after arriving at the Ke She mountain pass?”

12th did not sit on a carriage for the trip, because of the distance, a carriage would not be able to reach many places so he decided to ride on a horse. Fortunately 12th learned horseriding from his previous life, even though he was young he rode without any problems.

Luo Jie was riding on a black horse, he was almost curled up on the horse, he was very bored. He said slowly, “This speed is too slow. With this opportunity, I want you and your team to gain experience and toughen up. Haha, it will not be dangerous as long as I'm here.”

12th's heart was moved, he knew that his Teacher was looking out for him, with a FuZhou Great Master by his side, accompanied by a Fu Warrior Great Master, there was almost nothing that could threaten them.

“Teacher, how many of us will be going independently?”

Luo Jie said, “I don't plan on bringing too many people, Hmm, maybe about 20 and with the five of you, 25.” Luo Jie brought around 200 people with him on the trip, with 25 separating, the others will continue on with the troop. Since there is about a year left of traveling, they had time for themselves.”

12th smiled, “20 people? Haha, will Grandpa Nan Shan come with us too?”

Qi Nan Shan was not one of Luo Jie’s supporters, he was a disciple who had Fu Warrior potential, he was accepted by Luo Jie as a disciple when Luo Jie advanced to a FuZhou Master. Qi Nan Shan was also a genius, not long after Luo Jie's advancement to a FuZhou Great Master, he also advanced to a Fu Warrior Great Master. He was already 100 years old, he looked like a weak old man, but the truth was he was extremely powerful.

Luo Jie smiled and said, “Of course he's coming.”

Qi Nan Shan said weakly, “12th, what are you, a little weasel thinking about?”

12th was a little scared of the old man because 12th has seen him fight against the savages when they were leaving the North Fu City. 12th still trembles at the thought of the scene, he never could have imagined that such a lifeless looking old man could move at such fast speeds, 12th's eye could not even keep up. With a hit, the savages flew dozens of meters away, the savages' head were all like watermelons which got hit by a hammer. Qi Nan Shan killed a dozen savages in only a couple of minutes and yet, the old man still looked as lifeless as he had been before the battle.

“Grandpa Nan Shan, I'm not thinking of anything……”

Qi Nan Shan did not have a tall stature, he was similar to ordinary people and his bald head had layers of Fu Inscriptions. He laid on the horse without the aura of a Fu Warrior Great Master, he didn't bother listening to 12th's answer either, he just kept his eyes closed. His expressions were very similar to Luo Jie’s, which was to ignore everything.

Along with the Fu Warrior Great Master Qi Nan Shan, there were 8 Fu Warrior Masters and the rest were Fu Warriors. With 12th and his teammates, there was a total of 25 people, the strength of this small team was not any weaker than a first-rate clan. 25 people with 70 warhorses separated from the troop after reaching the Ke She mountain pass.

After separating from the troops they immediately sped up. The warhorses here were different from those of 12th’s memories, these warhorses were all very tall and sturdy. Their ability to travel long distances or short sprints were much better than the ones from 12th's previous lives. 12th felt that the horses here had good physical strength and spirit, they were truly exceptional. Of course, such horses were even precious in this world.

The feeling of riding on a horse was very fun, especially when the warhorses wildly rushed forward.

12th has been suppressing his emotions, he truly felt incredible when he rode on the horse. After going through one complete strength enhancement, his physical strength has become even better than it had been when it was at it's peak of his previous lives. 12th could easily control the horse, he was full of praises for the horse's spirit because the horses were running according to 12th's emotions. 12th only needed a small tug and the horse would immediately react to it and understood what 12th wanted, it was hard for 12th to not like such horses.

All the way forward along the road, Luo Jie’s small group distanced themselves from the troops behind them. Starting from the Ke She mountain pass, they rode full speed all the way and soon they arrived at a four-way intersection. 12th did not want to ride up front, only Huo Bao and Chen Bing went ahead with Huo Bao asking: “Elder, which way should we take?"

Luo Zhan horsed forward, these types of situation did not bother him. He said, “Go along the left side.”

Huo Bao lifted the halter of his horse, gently pulled his left hand and the horse turned towards the left. He shouted, "Forward!" And with a clip of his legs, his heel hit the side of the horse’s belly and the horse suddenly rides forward. Everyone followed at full speed.

“Teacher, where does this road lead to?”

12th was huddled over the horse's back and asked with his head tilted. The wind was pushing very hard, it was making it difficult to speak.

Luo Jie said slowly, “There is a small town up front, we will arrive around the afternoon and we'll have dinner there.” Luo Jie was covered in a layer of very white light and the oncoming wind slid to the side along the light. With the light Luo Jie was able to speak normally, 12th knew that the light was a protection aura from the Innate Fu book.

The journey flew by and after noon, a small town can be seen. 12th estimated that they were about a couple of kilometers away, he happily said, “Teacher, we are almost there.”

Qi Nan Shan suddenly sat up on his horse and took a deep breath before yelling, “Slow down!”


Luo Jie said with surprise, “The scent of blood!”

A mountain breeze blew by, and as expected there was a touch of blood within it. 12th took a deep breath and thought for a moment before saying, "It's human blood…… not beast blood "

Luo Zhan shouted, “Get ready to fight!”

Qi Nan Shan said, “Two people go……” Two Fu Warrior Masters quickly rode ahead. Qi Nan Shan also said, “We will slow down a bit, stay focused!” The old man looked like he could die at any moment when nothing was happening, but when something happens he immediately had an aura of a leader.

The group was not very nervous because there were two Great Masters with them, they would not be afraid even if hundreds of savages came. They just slowed down and rode towards the small town.

Huo Bao, Chen Bing, Hong Shi, and Chen Hong appeared to be a little nervous, but they also had eager expressions. 12th thought they were interesting and smiled, “Huo Bao, what are you guys doing? All of you look nervous…… there are not necessarily any enemies up front.”

Qi Nan Shan turned around and said, “Oh, how do you know there are no enemies?”

The horses were very quick, even if they slowed down a bit, soon they were able to see the outline of the town. Black smoke was rising up and it seemed to be caused by fire. The smell of blood became more intense and the two Fu Warrior Masters came back.

12th said, “Grandpa Nan Shan, I'm just guessing.”

One Fu Warrior Master reported, “We have not discovered any enemies, but the people of the town...... should all be dead. We've inspected the bodies and it looks like they have died from beasts' attacks. Many dead bodies are torn apart and the wounds on the bodies did not look like it was caused by weapons.”

Luo Jie said, “Forward, let’s go into the town and take a look.”

The horses stormed into the town like a whirlwind. Everything in front of them looked terrible, blood was everywhere and dead bodies were all torn apart. 12th carefully looked at the houses and heard Luo Zhan say, “How can there be so many beasts? There are at least tens of thousands of people in this town, they all dead?”

Neither Luo Jie nor Qi Nan Shan said anything, they just quietly looked on, 12th could see killing intent within their eyes.

Huo Bao said, “What kind of beasts can cause this? It can't be savages, right?”

12th said disdainfully, “It was human……”

Luo Jie said, “12th, why do you think this was caused by humans rather than beasts or savages?”

12th said, “If this was caused by savages then there had to be more than a thousand savages here to destroy this whole town. It's impossible to have that many savages within this area and also, looking at the dead bodies, the savages would not waste so much meat!"

“If it was beasts, Haha, do you see any dead beasts? No matter how bad the defensive capabilities this small town have, it should atleast have a few Fu Warriors. Not many beasts can attack a small town without having at least 1 casualty. Moreover, beasts do not bury other beast's dead bodies……”

“Another point, look…… the town was set on fire, I don't think savages or beasts will intentionally set the town on fire, therefore, I can only believe that this was done by humans.

Qi Nan Shan’s eyes showed a trace of surprise and said, “This little child have a very clear mind.”

Luo Jie nodded with satisfaction and said, “Not bad, this was indeed done by humans…… and they are from the West Fu Sect!”

12th agreed, “We can only make such speculations.”

Huo Bao did not understand, he wondered, “Why was this done by people of the West Fu Sect?”

12th just said, “West Fu Sect…… is also known as Beast Fu Sect.”

Huo Bao said, “But…… but aren’t we going to the West Fu Sect? Why would they kill ordinary people?”

12th said, “This is a territory within the North Fu Sect and they attack people of the North Fu Sect. Since this town has become like this, very soon, the bloody smell will attract many beasts and in less than 10 days this town will be totally unrecognizable, thus there will be no evidence against them, unless we catch them…… I think it will be difficult.”

Luo Jie said, “12th is right……” Before he could finish, a flash of light illuminated the sky along with the sound of thunder and the sky begins to darken.

Qi Nan Shan sighed, “Don't even need 10 days, after this heavy rainstorm, half of the evidence will be gone.”

Crackling drops of rain loudly fell onto the ground. 12th looked up and said, “This will be a heavy rainstorm! We need to find a place as shelter.” Just as 12th finished talking, the rain suddenly begins to fall even heavier. Everyone was covered within a layer of Fu light, it was a Shelter Fu, but such Fu can only last for 30 minutes at most.

Luo Zhan shouted, “Follow me!”

Everyone entered a big courtyard. There was a very big house inside and a few Fu Warriors quickly cleaned up the living room and afterwards everyone went inside.

Qi Nan Shan picked 4 people and said, “You guys go and check the surroundings, everyone else seize this time to rest. 12th, the five of you will prepare the meals.”

12th nodded and said, “Ok. Little Hong, give me the Fu Hidden bag.”

Chen Hong quietly unclipped a bag from her waist. Even though she carried the Fu Hidden bag, she would not be able to use it until she became a Fu Warrior. She would only be able to freely use the Fu Hidden bag when her combat force reaches a certain level.

12th took out two old looking cooking pots from the Fu Hidden bag. The pots had three legs and was made out of a type of silver-copper alloy, it was specialized for outdoor cooking. There was an opening at the bottom of the pot used for the insertion of an one-time use Fire Fu. With the help of the Fire Fu, the pot could be cooked directly without needing fire. A single one-time use Fire Fu was enough to cook a whole pot of meat.

Huo Bao went to gather water and Hong Shi was responsible for cutting the meat.

Both the cooking pots began to boil at the same time and 12th places the bones and meats inside. There were also condiments like scallions, ginger, and garlic, the people of this world rarely used them because they were meant for Fu food, but 12th collected a lot of them. 12th places the scallions and gingers inside the pots and covered it before saying, “Little Hong, keep an eye on the pots, skim off the dirt on the surface when it begins to boil.”

Everyone brought their own bread so 12th only had to worry about cooking the two pots of meat and nothing else. 12th went to Luo Jie and sat down cross-legged and asks, “Teacher, why did the people of the Beast Fu Sect kill these people?”

Luo Jie shook his head and said, “Perhaps for raising beasts……”

“Raising beasts?”

Qi Nan Shan then said, “It's the specialty of the Beast Fu Sect, raising beasts, specifically killing ordinary beasts and people and then using their bloods to strengthen the beast's' spirit. This specialty is extremely brutal and has long been forbidden in residential areas.”

12th said unbelievably, “What? There are actually such scumbags here?”

Luo Jie said, “More precisely, it's people from a Branch Fu Sect of the West Fu Sect, known as the Beast Raising Fu Sect. They have already been expelled from the West Fu Sect and the people of the Beast Raising Fu Sect rarely shows themselves. I remember seeing them a few decades ago……. but I'm not sure if this was done by them."

Qi Nan Shan said, “Elder, I think this is done by them!”

Luo Jie said, “We will leave after we finish the meal, the bloody atmosphere here is too heavy.”

Everyone has quickly finished their meals and properly cleaned up. Luo Jie said, “We will continue forward!” He went out first, the rain was still pouring heavily, but he did not care at all. 12th worn a thin raincoat and walked out of the house. The rain has diluted the ground and the bloody red water was flowing everywhere, the whole town looked like hell. 12th could not help but complain to himself, the human lives here are really cheap.

They continued on their way in the heavy rain. The speed of the horses slowed down a bit because of the rain.

12th accidentally notices a strange bird flying in the sky. The speed of the bird was extremely fast and it flew across the skies above them twice. 12th could not help but say, “Teacher, it looks like someone is following us.”

Luo Jie was surprised and said, “How come I can't tell that we are being followed?”

12th pointed to the sky and said, “That bird!”

The strange bird was flying above them again. Luo Jie’s face darkened and said, “We are actually being followed by someone, Haha, Nan Shan, it looks like there will be a little workout.”

Qi Nan Shan was quiet and nodded, the killing intent within his eyes rapidly increased .

The road was very wide, 50 meters in width, there were low bushes to the sides of the road and a large forest could be seen in the distance. The view was very good because one can see faraway, but the heavy rainfall was affecting everyone's vision.

Qi Nan Shan sent four people up to scout ahead while everyone else slowed down.

12th wiped the rain off his face and said, “Huo Bao, Hong Shi, Chen Bing, Chen Hong, stay alert, don't let your actions be hindered.”

The 4 teammates immediately tenses up and begins checking their equipments and packs up everything that could impede their movements. Luo Jie glanced over at them and nodded with satisfaction, it was necessary to stay vigilant. It would prevent people from acting confused when something unexpectedly happens, which could be life-threatening.

12th also begins to pack up the trivial things he carried. He organized his Fu belts and prepared the two Treasure Fu in his wrist. These were the only useful Fu he had, all the other one-time use Fu were not as powerful and could only be used to disrupt the enemies, it cannot give a fatal strike. This belief from 12th that the one-time use Fu were not useful was because he, himself could make the one-time use Fu himself, ordinary disciples would feel extremely fortunate if they had as many one-time use Fu as 12th.

According to 12th’s beliefs, he wanted to remove all his one-time use Fu and replace them with Treasure Fu. But it was truly difficult trying to get so many Treasure Fu, he would have to make them himself and he only had a few books which recorded the creation methods of Treasure Fu. Most of them were only low-level Treasure Fu, which could only be activated 3 to 6 times and can only be used as single target attacks.

12th was thinking to himself, thinking of whether or not to ask his Teacher to give him a few books which introduced him to the creation methods of mid-level Treasure Fu.

A moment later, horses rushed back from the rain. Qi Nan Shan rode forward and asked, “How is it? What kind of situation is it?”

“We saw a lot of people up front blocking the road, I came back to inform you and they continued to observe."

“Who are they?”

“I can't tell…… they were all secretive and wore black robes. Oh yeah, some of them were riding Wildland Dragons.”

Luo Jie said, “That's it, they are the Beast Raising Fu Sect! How many were there?”

“There were 3 dozen people that can be seen, but I think there are far more than that.”

Luo Jie thought for a moment and said to Qi Nan Shan, “Big Shan, let’s head over, if we notice anything weird, we'll immediately kill them! Let's go!” Luo Jie then quickly rode his horse forward, he has secretly vowed to get revenge for the people of the small town.

Qi Nan Shan mumbled, “Still have a violent temper at such an old age!” He too rode the horse forward together with Luo Jie and shouted, “Elder, back off a little, you are a FuZhou Great Master, not a Fu Warrior Great Master, the first attack should be commenced by me! Little brats cheer up and get ready to fight!”

The thunderous sounds of the hooves could not hide them, when they got there, there were already hundreds of different beasts on the road and with a strange whistle, all the beasts launched their attacks. The people in black robes simply ignored them and ordered the beasts to attack everyone in front of them.

Luo Jie screamed, “Damn, the people of the small town must have been killed by them! Let's kill them all!”

12th shouted, “Leave two of them alive!”

Luo jie suddenly came to his senses and shouted, “Leave two of them alive, everyone else…… Kill! Kill! Kill!”

Qi Nan Shan shouted, “You guys protect the Elder, don't move around too much, just observe me!” Qi Nan Shan suddenly jumps up from his horse and rushes forward at an extremely fast speed. His speeding shadow actually created a white waterline in the rain.

A dozen beasts ordered by the whistles, jumps towards Qi Nan Shan.

Qi Nan Shan laughs, “Haha, go to the hell!” His body begins to glow and countless Fu Inscriptions forms and begins to wrap around him, it quickly forms into a Fu Armor, afterwards he rushes straight into the group of beasts.

Suddenly someone from the opposite side shrieks, “Oh s**t! It's a Fu Warrior Great Master! Run!”

Luo Jie grunted a bit and slowly floats up off the horseback. And as he exhales, an Innate Fu Book appears in front of him. Luo Jie says scornfully, "Where are you going?"

It was the first time 12th has ever seen someone fly, although it was only twenty feet off the ground, floating in the air without the aid of any tools was very amazing.

“Oh f**k, it's a Zhou Great Master!”