Instant Kill - Volume 3 Chapter 4

It is very difficult trying to tell the difference between a FuZhou Great Master and a Zhou Great Master, especially their attacks. Seeing Luo Jie fly 20 feet into the air with his Innate Fu Book opened, caused the people on the other side to collapse and have mental breakdowns. A Fu Warrior Great Master alone was enough to kill them, but now with a Zhou Great Master, known to have the world's strongest attacks appearing, they would not have any hopes of escaping.

Luo Jie and Qi Nan Shan did not intend to give anyone the chance to fight, whether they were people on their side or the opposite side did not matter.

Luo Jie taps to open his Innate Fu Book, he then taps on a page and a dozen streaks of silver-colored lights rise up from the page and quickly fly into the sky. Luo Jie narrows his eyes, looks toward the person who's running the fastest and says, "Stay right there!" His fingers trembles a bit and a streak of the silver light drops from the sky.

The streak of silver light swiftly falls down emitting a breathtaking whistle. The person who ran away the furthest suddenly feels a sudden chill, he looks up and could not help but shout in desperation, his voice did not come out yet and a gigantic ice pick pierces into his mouth, straight into the ground. The ice pick was 2 meters long and it nailed that person into the ground.

When the second ice pick fell, Qi Nan Shan has already reached the other side.

Howls, roars, and desperate cries for help were heard all over the battlefield, but within a couple of minutes the only sounds that can be heard were the sounds of the wind and rain. The simultaneous attacks by the 2 Great Masters has already killed all the enemies. Qi Nan Shan returned to the group holding a captive in each hand and said, "They were all Beast Warriors, with a Beast Zhou Master hiding within the group. I've killed them all. Hey 12th, go clean up the battlefield with your team!"

Luo Jie said, “Luo Zhan you go with them, be careful of someone playing dead."

Cleaning up the battlefield was a good assignment, 12th understood that Qi Nan Shan was being kind to them. After saying his thanks, 12th and his teammates rushed into the heap of dead bodies and began searching for items. 12th decided to search through the Beast Zhou Master first because that person should be wealthy.

12th found the Beast Zhou Master and discovered that he was killed under Qi Nan Shan’s attacks, his entire head was shot into the chest, leaving only his forehead on the shoulders. It looked very strange because there was not even a drop of blood on the body.

12th first removed the Fu belt and inspected it, the slots inside the Fu belts were mostly empty, only 4 slots had Fu. When 12th removed the Fu from the slots he realized that there were Treasure Fu inside, Beast Treasure Fu were very rare so 12th was overjoyed. He then hears Luo Jie's voice from not far away saying, "12th, that person was a Beast Zhou Master, he have an Innate Fu, split open his head and you can find it."

12th did not want to split open the head of someone dead with a sword, he cleared up all the belongings of the Beast Zhou Master and activated a Fire Fu which directly cremated him. 12th then searches for the Innate Fu within the ashes.

Luo Jie said, “I told you to split open the head with a sword, why you cremate it?”

12th grinned and said, “It's too brutal using a sword, cremating it is cleaner. Hehe, Teacher, the Fire Fu is unexpectedly strong, even under the rain, the fire did not go out.”

Huo Bao came back holding a bunch of stuff, mostly clothes. 12th places his hands on his forehead, he truly did not know what to say. Luo Jie scolded with a smile, "Damn boy, you need to take the useful things, why did you only take the clothes?"

Huo Bao was raised a hunter, he would never leave anything that could be useful. He wondered and said, “Grandpa, these are all useful……” Everyone laughed after hearing these words.

The other teammates did better than Huo Bao, after all, everyone had different family backgrounds, everyone had different influences growing up. Chen Hong found different kinds of Fu weapons, Chen Bing found Fu Hidden bags and Hong Shi found over a hundred horses carrying supplies.

Huo Bao mumbled a bit and was getting ready to throw away all the clothes when 12th said, “Don't throw them away yet, save a few and put them in the Fu Hidden bag, maybe we can use them later.”

Chen Bing came over to help, they packed up a few sets of clothing and put them inside a Fu Hidden bag.

The two captives woke up after receiving a few hits from Luo Zhan. “Are you from the Beast Raising Fu Sect?” Luo Zhan asked.

Both of the captives were Beast Warriors, their tattoos were images of beasts, they stared at Luo Zhan with eyes full of defiance without saying anything. Luo Zhan became angry and with a punch, one of the Beast Warriors fainted. Luo Zhan then speaks to the other one, "Answer me, are you from Beast Raising Fu Sect?”

That person responded with a look full of disdain, causing Luo Zhan to feel that it was going to be impossible trying to get information out of them. Qi Nan Shan sighed and said, “The little ones these days are all so weak, they have no means at all, they can't even deal with two captives, Ah, let this old man try, little kids step aside.” Qi Nan Shan then steps in front of the two captives.

Qi Nan Shan did not question them, he grabs the captive and with a smile he pinches one of the captive's fingers and gently crushes them, cracking sounds can be heard. Afterwards, he pinches another finger and gently crushes it and more cracking sounds can be heard. The captive's face turned green and he begins to breathed heavily.

Qi Nan Shan still did not ask any questions, he continued to pinch and crush every finger one after another, after all the fingers were crushed, he targeted the wrists and then the arms. The captive finally could no longer withstand the pain and begins to howl. Qi Nan Shan smiles, “Hey, aren’t you a hero? How can a hero howl like that?” Qi Nan Shan reaches out to the captive’s lower jaws and dislocates it, saliva begins to rush down and only a whining sound can come out from the captive's mouth.

Qi Nan Shan then says, “Pure torture against Fu Warriors will not be effective, but there are methods that can slowly cause their mentalities to collapse, making it easier to question them afterwards........the effects from those methods are more effective." As Qi Nan Shan was speaking, he continued to crush the captive’s bones at the same time. What was most fearful was that Qi Nan Shan did not allow the captive to faint, he wanted him to clearly feel the pain.

This event has caused 12th’s face to turn pale, without the need to mention Hao Bao and the others, Chen Hong hid to the side, scared to even look, she could barely stand hearing the shrilling squeals from the captives.

Qi Nan Shan held onto the captive's lower jaws and returns it to the correct position, the captive then shouts loudly, "Ah...... Ah......." Snot and tears were falling down together.

“I will ask you a question and you will answer me truthfully…are you from the Beast Raising Fu Sect?”

The captive grunted and immediately follows up with a scream because Qi Nan Shan has crushed his legs. Qi Nan Shan continues asking questions and each time the captive did not answer, one of his bones would get crushed. The captive finally could no longer withstand the pain and starts to answer the questions.

“Stop! Stop…… I'll answer, I'll answer……”

“Yes, we are from the Beast Raising Fu Sect!”

Qi Nan Shan then asks, “The people of the small town were all killed by you guys?”

The captive hesitated and quickly afterwards one of his bones were crushed. He loudly yells, “Yes! It was us!”

Qi Nan Shan sneered, “With just a couple dozen of you guys, it is not possible to slaughter the whole town. Who else participated?” He questioned with a murderous look.

The captive said, “People from our Sect, a total of over a thousand people participated!”

Everyone could not help but show a look of surprise, over a thousand people? These were not ordinary people, they all had Fu professions, a thousand of them was equivalent to a small or medium-sized Sect, it looked like the Beast Raising Fu Sect used their full strength to slaughter that town.

Qi Nan Shan asks, “Over a thousand people, are there any Great Masters?”

“Yes, Beast Zhou Great Master Lu Ning…… He…… He will come here…… and avenge us…… Ah…...”

Qi Nan Shan broke another bones and said, “Avenge you? Stop dreaming! Are there any other Great Masters?”

The captive said, “Kill me! Kill me! Ah…… no more…… no……”

12th interrupted, “What is your purpose?”

“For the Mysterious……”He suddenly shuts his mouth and 12th asks, “Mysterious? What's Mysterious? Mysterious what? Mysterious Lands?”

Qi Nan Shan relentlessly crushes another bone and shouts, “Speak!”

The captive was dying, his eyes were widened, back was arched and he was trembling disorderly due to the pain. Eventually, he gave up and said, “I'll tell you…… and then you have to kill me!”

Qi Nan Shan said, “You are a man, I'll promised you! Tell me!”

The captive said, “Yes…… It's the Mysterious Lands…… one will appear…… one Mysterious Land, it's the rarely seen Ancient Mysterious Lands, it has already…… already been a thousand years since it has appeared, it is…… is our…… our Beast Raising Fu Sect’s biggest legend. This time…… this time should not be incorrect…… you, come kill me, kill me!”

Qi Nan Shan was about to kill him and 12th stops him and says, “Grandpa Nan Shan, wait, Hey, where are the others? Where is the entrance to this Mysterious Land? Tell me and I will ask Grandpa Nan Shan to kill you……” 12th was surprised by the turn of events, the captive's desires were for Qi Nan Shan to kill him, when did this start?

The captive was going crazy from the pain, he was breathing heavily and quickly said, “They are scattered around this area, the entrance for this Mysterious Land is unknown and there will be a signal when found…… kill me!”

Qi Nan Shan reaches towards the captive's spine and gently crushes it, with a clicking sound the captive dies immediately.

Luo Zhan grabs the other captive, the one which fainted from his hit and asks, “Kill this one as well?”

Qi Nan Shan said, “Wait until he wakes up and use my method to confirm the answers from that person, we have to see if there were any lies, don't let me do it again." Luo Zhan's face blushed a little and said, "Yes, I will handle it."

12th could not bear watching again, he went back to Luo Jie and asked, “Teacher, what kind of Mysterious Land is this?”

Luo Jie's eyes were closed, he was contemplating over something and a moment later he says, "This Mysterious Land is complicated, it's not a surprise that they slaughtered everyone in that town and wanted to kill anyone who can get in their way. If...... this Mysterious Land's entrance appears soon, then no matter how many people the North Fu Sect sent, they will not be able to find them"

12th said, “Killing all the townspeople might not just be to prevent the spread of information, they might also have a supply problem. I checked their horses and found a lot of supplies, it should all be stolen from the townspeople. With the benefit of enhancing the strength of their beasts, the Beast Raising Fu Sect achieves 3 goals, of course they will do it."

Qi Nan Shan said, “Elder, how long has it been since we last entered the Mysterious Lands? The last time…… should be 30 years ago.”

Luo Jie smiled and said, “27 years, you are a Fu Warrior Great Master, how come you can't even remember the date?”

Qi Nan Shan shows a bashful smile, which caused 12th to be extremely surprised. 12th did not know that Luo Jie was not young when he accepted Qi Nan Shan as his disciple. At that time, Qi Nan Shan was only a child so it is not strange for him to show such expressions towards Luo Jie. It can be said that Qi Nan Shan was raised by Luo Jie.

“Who has time to remember those stuff.”

Luo Jie shook his head. Qi Nan Shan was extremely talented, but he was not interested in anything which did not relate to the Fu Warrior profession, it was normal for him to not remember the date.

Qi Nan Shan said, “We should enter the Mysterious Land and get rid of the Beast Raising Fu Sect. Those bastards, how dare they come into the territory of the North Fu Sect and kill our people, we cannot spare them.”

Luo Jie said, “This Mysterious Land is not simple, it only appears once every thousand years…… in other words, this Mysterious Land is the rare Ancient Mysterious Land. What's inside…… I'm looking forward to it, Haha, no wonder they are willing to fight here, it's fortunate that we came here, otherwise it would be impossible for us to find out that there is an entrance to a Mysterious Land here."

Both the Great Masters were very interested in the Mysterious Land, Luo Jie said, “12th, we have decided to enter this Mysterious Land, what do you think is the next step?” Luo Jie wanted to train 12th so he questioned him to see what his thoughts were.

12th said without hesitation, “We should wait for the signal from the Beast Raising Fu Sect, once they discover the entrance to the Mysterious Land, Haha, we will force our way in and sneak attack them when they enter. Even if we can't kill them all, we will still disrupt their plans of entering the Mysterious Land, afterwards…… we can slowly to kill them off. With our strength, as long as we are careful and not get surrounded, there should not be much danger.”

Luo Jie has told Qi Nan Shan about his intelligent and extraordinary little disciple and now he has personally witnessed 12th's intelligence and could not believe it. He asks, "12th, are you really 9 years old?"

12th’s heart jumped a bit and then he motioned his chest out, expanded his belly and said, “It's the absolute truth! 9 years old!”

Qi Nan Shan was dumbfounded, “I know you are 9 years old……”

12th said with a smile, “Ask a question when you already know the answer, Grandpa Nan Shan you are really silly.” The Elder got angry and wanted to hit him. He said, “I mean…… you are only 9 years old, where do all these wicked ideas come from? Most adults cannot even come up with them, yet you, a little child easily talks about them without even having to think.”

Luo Jie laughed loudly and said, “Do you understand why I call 12th a freak now? You will unconsciously forget about his real age and treat him like an adult if you spend too much time with him. Hmm, is this what it means to mature early?”

Qi Nan Shan said, “Mature early? He does not even have any hair yet, mature early……”

This time 12th got angry and said, “Ah, Grandpa Nan Shan, how can you talk like that?”

Luo Jie laughed loudly, Chen Hong, who was hiding behind 12th, blushes after hearing the vulgar words from Qi Nan Shan.

Luo Zhan came over and said, “No problems, both the captives said the same things. In addition, the signal from the Beast Raising Fu Sect will be a Meteor Fire Fu, they will activate a Meteor Fire Fu when the entrance of the Mysterious Land is discovered. Then they will group up and enter the Mysterious Land together.”

Luo Jie said, “Very well, we'll move forward a bit and find shelter from the rain, Haha, we'll wait for their signal.”

Under the command of Qi Nan Shan, everyone piles up the dead bodies into a pit. Luo Jie launches a Fire Fu which burns all the dead bodies.

Soon, they moved deep into the mountains, during this period they encountered a couple Beast Warriors wandering around. Beast Warriors were sent out by the Beast Raising Fu Sect to find the entrance to the Mysterious Land, even if they went missing, the Beast Raising Fu Sect would not be too suspicious.

Luo Jie and everyone else was very careful, they quickly killed any enemies which appeared, they did not want any news about themselves to get leaked. Not long afterwards, they found a cliff, which curved inwards, it had a big space which can be used as shelter against the rain. Everyone held onto their horses and walked towards the cliff. Qi Nan Shan said, "We'll rest here, do not light any fires yet, just eat some of the dry seasoned meat if you are hungry."

Chen Hong carefully puts together a small open space, covers it with a thick beast leather and says, “12th, come over here and rest.”12th nodded and invited Luo Jie and Qi Nan Shan over, the 3 sat down on the beast leather. Qi Nan Shan said, “Luo Zhan, send a couple of people to guard the area and another couple to scout. Pay attention to any signals in the air, don't miss the call signal from the Beast Raising Fu Sect.”

Luo Zhan receives the orders and leaves. 12th said to Chen Hong, “You guys clean up a space and rest, don't be tired.”

Using the rest time, 12th began to ask Luo Jie questions regarding the Mysterious Lands.

“…… The ways of entering and exiting the Mysterious Lands are very interesting. The ways to enter may vary, but the ways to exit are almost exactly the same, the Mysterious Lands will throw you out. The only exception is the known Mysterious Lands, you can go out as long as you go back and find the entrance......"

“…… The amount of time you can stay inside a Mysterious Land also varies, it can be as short as a couple of days or as long as a couple of years, but it's rare to be inside for over five years……”

“…… The items from the Mysterious Lands are best kept inside the Fu Hidden bags……”

Luo Jie explained everything with great detail and 12th listened happily, 12th could not help but become full of admiration for this world because it has such magical places, 12th said, “Teacher, the Mysterious Lands seems to hold a vast amount of treasures, like a big treasury, if we could go in and survive, it should be very rewarding.”

Qi Nan Shan said, “It's much more than a big treasury, the Mysterious Lands are the birthplace of FuZhou, just this is well worth the risk of entering. Without the need to mention the different kinds of rare treasures, Mystical Beasts, and toxic insects inside, you can even find the Natural Fu Inscriptions. Haha, the Mysterious Lands…… this is why so many people would rather die inside the Mysterious Lands than giving up their chances of entering."

12th looked at Qi Nan Shan’s glimmering eyes and did not know what to say, even Fu Warrior Great Masters were this excited, 12th now understood what the Mysterious Lands meant to the people with Fu professions.

Luo Jie was much calmer when compared to Qi Nan Shan. He said dismissively, “Not every Mysterious Lands are treasuries, some are extremely dangerous. The Mystical Beasts inside are unexpectedly strong, when entering such Mysterious Lands, it will be lucky to even survive, don't even think about trying to find any treasures.”

12th said, “If we unfortunately enter those Mysterious Lands, what precautions can we take to survive?”

Luo Jie said, “Hide and wait until time is up…… the Mysterious Lands will naturally throw you out.”

Qi Nan Shan said with a smile, “But, it's not easy trying to find a place to hide in those Mysterious Lands! Sometimes, you will be targeted by a Mystical Beast before you even find a hidng place, Haha, those beasts are truly terrifying, you won't be able to flee if you don't have enough strength, so...... 12th, do not enter any Mysterious Lands until you have become a FuZhou Master and all your supporters have become Fu Warriors."

12th said with a smile, “I'll follow Teacher, Haha, there should be no problems when entering the Mysterious Lands right?"

Qi Nan Shan laughs, “Little weasel, of course, there won't be any problems for us when entering any Mysterious Lands.”

12th said, “That's good enough, as long as we follow you into a couple Mysterious Lands, I believe our chances of surviving will greatly increase when we enter the Mysterious Lands in the future. We can avoid most of the dangers if we are careful enough.”

In addition to gaining strength, experience is also crucial. The more profound one's experience is, the calmer they will be when faced with danger. It would still be very dangerous in the Mysterious Lands if one was strong, but lacked experience. So to get used to the dangers of the Mysterious Lands it is best to have someone guide you the first time, that way one will not only learn of the dangers, they have a higher chance of surviving.

The people sent out to scout came back every few hours to report, everyone took turns resting except the two Great Masters and 12th's team. Everyone else had to take shifts scouting.

For three consecutive days, there was no news at all.

Luo Jie and Qi Nan Shan were not worried at all, they just sat together and chatted leisurely. 12th was not worried either, he chatted with the two Elders and learned a lot in three days. He heard a lot of their anecdotes and learned a lot about Innate FuZhou, Luo Jie was deliberately guiding him.

12th also read books when he had nothing to do, he never wasted any free time.

With 12th's request, Qi Nan Shan gave Huo Bao and his teammates lessons. Since they were personally receiving lessons from a Fu Warrior Great Master, the Fu Warriors and Fu Warrior Masters were envious of them, so they also sat together when the lessons began if they had free time.

Luo Jie and 12th often had private conversations with each other, the older he got, the more childish his temper became, but this Elder and young child got along very well, Luo Jie said with a smile, “12th, how many Light Fu do you have? Do you have enough?”

12th said with a bitter face, “Teacher, I don't have time to make Fu. I only have 20 Light Fu on me. They will be gone after several enhancements. I don't know when I can make more.”

Luo Jie smiled, “I suspected that you don't have enough Light Fu.”

12th suddenly came to his senses and said happily, “Teacher, do you have any spare Light Fu?”

Luo Jie shook his head with a smile, “I don't have any one-time use Light Fu.”

12th said weakly, “Teacher, you're an Elder, tricking me again…….”

Luo Jie proudly said, “Even though I don't have any Light Fu, I have Blood Fu and it's a Treasure Fu!”

12th was confused, “Treasure Fu? Blood Fu? What is it for?”

Luo Jie said, “Light Fu is an ordinary Fu for Strength Enhancements and Blood Fu is a special Fu for Strength Enhancements. With Blood Fu the Fu Warrior disciples can quickly gain strength, the effects are much better than Light Fu, but the materials for making Blood Fu are very rare, I received some from an old friend and made a few. Here is one for you, the activation limit is 21 times. You cannot use it more than 21 times, be ready to replenish it at all times, this Blood Fu is very precious.”

12th was overjoyed and continued saying his thanks. He then accepted the Treasure Blood Fu, he clearly understood that with the Blood Fu, the strength of his teammates would quickly increase. It was helpful to their small team’s overall strength.

Qi Nan Shan was explaining how armor was created when he suddenly stops. And with a flash, Qi Nan Shan rushes out of the hidden cliff, jumps on top of a tree and looks into the distance. A moment later, he returns to Luo Jie and says, “I saw the signal!” He then said to everyone, “Ok, pack up and begin to depart right away!”

Immediately, the atmosphere tenses up and everyone did not dare be slow, everyone quickly packs up and pulls out their horses.

12th looked towards the distance and thought to himself, “Is it starting? I'm really looking forward to this!”