Instant Kill - Volume 3 Chapter 5

The person who discovered the entrance to the Mysterious Land was a Beast Warrior of the Beast Raising Fu Sect, afterwards he activated a specialized Fu. The Fu was activated by being crushed between the Beast Warrior's hands, these type of Fu were not used offensively, it was mainly used as a signal. After the activation of the Meteor Fire Fu, everyone within the region was immediately alerted.

The Beast Raising Fu Sect quickly gathered together and set out towards the entrance to the Mysterious Land.

A tall muscular man accompanied by dozens of Beast Warriors has arrived . This person was well-known within the Beast Raising Fu Sect, it was Beast Zhou Great Master Lu Ning. His hair was white and short, his face has deep wrinkles which resembled scars left over by swords and axes that has landed on his steel tough face, this made him look like he has lived since ancient times. His voice was deep, like thunder striking across the earth. Anyone who saw him cannot help, but show a feeling of admiration.

“Immediately sent out squads to work together and also continue launching the signals!”

The Meteor Fire Fu was being launched every 10 minutes. It looked exactly like fireworks from 12th's previous life. A silvery-white ball of light was shot straight up into the sky, when it has reached a high enough altitude, the ball of light will burst open and turn into countless meteors falling down. It was convenient to use these types of Fu as a directional guide, the continuous activation of the Meteor Fire Fu was hard to ignore.

The sound of horse hooves can be heard everywhere and gradually, more and more people has arrived.

Lu Ning stared at the entrance of the Mysterious Land.

The entrance was open on a shallow swamp, it looked like a huge mirror, the area within the entrance can be clearly seen. The ground was brown with long thin moss grown everywhere, no other plants were seen. Not far away, there was an endless mountain range which blocked the view so nothing is known beyond the mountains.

In the skies of the Mysterious Land, several black dots can be seen moving around. Lu Ning squinted and without warning he activated a Fu. A small water mirror appeared in front of him, he gently pointed at the water mirror and the black dots were suddenly magnified within the water mirror. He said in surprise, “Sky Owls? These are actually Sky Owls! Good!” His face revealed a hint of delight and with a wave, the water mirror disappeared.

Over 600 people has slowly arrived. Lu Ning frowned and said, “Why are you guys so slow? Tell them to send out more signals, speed it up!” Lu Ning did not know when the entrance will close, he continued saying, “6 squads go in, you guys will scout ahead, remember to not attack the beasts yet! I don't want to be under sieged when I go in.”

People from 6 squads got on their horses and rushed into the Mysterious Land. The horses stepped on the shallow marshes and created countless white splashes. There were no risks of sinking into the marsh because everyone moved very quickly, there was close to 70 people within the 6 squads. They quickly scattered like an open fan as they entered the Mysterious Land and went in different directions.

A moment later, Lu Ning said, “Ok, another 6 squads!”

At that time, the drum-like sounds of horse hooves can be heard rumbling in. Lu Ning turned around and asked, “Which squad is coming?” The Beast Warrior Master next to him said, “I'm not sure, but it sounds like a lot of people.”

Lu Ning suddenly looked up, he could not help but become greatly shocked, “Spread out!” he shouted. His voice was like a thunderbolt, it caused everyone to lose their composure. At that moment, countless drops of flame fell from the sky directly onto the crowd of Beast Warriors, everything became chaotic.

Lu Ning did not have time to exhale out his Innate Fu Book, he could only launch 7 to 8 Fu, they were Fu which were stored inside his Fu belt, he hoped to find a glimmer of opportunity.

A dozen flying Eagle Spirits appeared and flew toward the falling flames. The Eagle Spirits formed a whirlwind which broke apart the flames.

A dozen streaks of silver light continuously fell down and with a poof, the Eagle Spirits were crushed.

Lu Ning took advantage of that short moment and exhaled his Innate Fu Book.

With a sharp whistle, a black shadow charged straight in, everyone who stood in front of the shadow was killed, it did not matter if they were Beast Warriors or Beast Warrior Masters.

Lu Ning was shocked and shouted, “Block him!” He knew the shadow was a Fu Warrior Great Master because only a Fu Warrior Great Master would have the ability to completely ignore the Beast Warrior Masters. What frightened Lu Ning more was that the Fu Warrior Great Master was obviously charging towards him. He understood that if the Fu Warrior Great Master attacked him, he would be heavily injured, if not dead because his strength was not in close-quarter combat.

There were close to 200 war horses rushing out of forest, they collided straight into the crowd of Beast Warriors. Just like breaking the branches off a tree, the collisions caused everyone to scream. Qi Nan Shan charged directly toward Lu Ning, Qi Nan Shan's aura was terrifying, as if he was not going to stop until Lu Ning was dead.

Lu Ning had the feeling of being targeted from a beast, the strong sense of danger caused him to retreat backwards into a group of Beast Warrior Masters. The Beast Warrior Masters stepped forward and tried to delay Qi Nan Shan's charge.

Luo Jie did not put away his Innate Fu Book, it floated in front of him. He sat on the horse and continuously tapped on the Innate Fu Book, every time he tapped, streaks of silver light flew out and charged towards the people who tried to block their path, killing them.

4 Fu Warrior Masters were riding their horses closely by Luo Jie's sides, they were prepared to attack anyone who threatened Luo Jie. 12th followed closely behind Luo Jie, he crouched and laid his entire body on top of the horse's back, his only job was to keep up with Luo Jie, there was nothing he could do at that time. Huo Bai and the other teammates closely followed behind 12th, they did not have to do anything too, as long as 12th's group kept up with Luo Jie it can be considered a success.

Almost 200 war horses charged forward, the aura from that group was truly frightening, in addition to FuZhou Great Master Luo Jie’s continuous Fu attacks, everyone from the Beast Raising Fu Sect has become broken down mentally. They began to flee, they could not gather together and resist Luo Jie's group, they could only watch as the group entered the Mysterious Land.

Qi Nan Shan laughed loudly, “Ha! Just this! This Big Uncle will wait for you inside the Mysterious Land!” Qi Nan Shan killed a Beast Warrior with a hit, turned around and ran, his speed was extremely fast, like a black smoke, he caught up to Luo Jie.

Lu Ning exploded with rage and shouted, “Chase! Chase them inside……kill them!” Even though he has exhaled out his Innate Fu Book, because he was not prepared for the attack he was not able to even activate a single Fu, he could only watch as Luo Jie's group entered the Mysterious Land.

Everything happened within a minute before Luo Jie's group charged into the Mysterious Land.

“Who were those people? Who the f**k was it?!”

Lu Ning was usually very calm, but this time he was truly mad, the attack just now has killed at least 70 to 80 people with a hundred injured, there was nothing he could do but become filled with anger.

A Beast Master said, “It seems to be people from the North Fu Sect.” Everyone was chatting and someone said, "That was a Zhou Great Master! Along with a Fu Warrior Great Master! Truly terrifying!"

“How is that possible? If there were two Great Masters, they would have enough strength to kill all of us, why did they rush into the Mysterious Land?”

“You fool! If they do not hurry into the Mysterious Land, it would be a great loss if the entrance suddenly closes."

Lu Ning immediately came back to his senses and shouted, “2 people wait here, everyone else get ready to enter the Mysterious Land, we have to be fast!” Lu Ning would not be able to find a place to hide and cry if the entrance suddenly close.

The entrance to the Mysterious Land has begun to shrink, at the beginning it was over 200 meters long, but now it was less than 150 meters and it was not stopping.

Lu Ning began to worry, he quickly rushed into the Mysterious Land and shouted, “Faster! Get in here, damn……forget about the formation, just quickly get in!” It was rare for him to curse, but he could not hold it in this time, "Are you pigs!? Bring the supplies and war horses in too......"

Immediately, a few Beast Warriors rushed into the Mysterious Land with the horses. If they had no supplies, it would not be a problem of survival, but it would become troublesome. There were many beasts within the Mysterious Land, so meat would not be scarce, but flour and other condiments were harder to obtain.

Lu Ning asked, “Which direction did they head towards?”

A Beast Master said, “Towards the mountain…… straight ahead!”

At that time they could still see Luo Jie’s team, it looked like a group of small black dots. Lu Ning's face turned gloomy because he knew that the scouting squad in that direction would be in trouble. A moment later, he laughed and said, "Hmph, those 2 idiots! If they stuck around the entrance, half of us would be killed, but now...... just wait and see!"

“Quick! The entrance is closing, how many people came in?”

“There are 573 people who came in, 116 are injured and two are outside!”

Lu Ning looked around nervously and said with confidence, “Forget about it, launch the signals and wait for the scouting squads to come back. We have to go, we cannot stay here for long!"


12th was feeling very excited, he observed everything carefully as they rushed into the Mysterious Land, the scenery within the Mysterious Land was completely different than outside. It was like a completely different world, the scenery outside was full of life, but it was completely lifeless here. When 12th noticed this he was truly puzzled.

The war horses were having difficulty walking up the mountain path because there were numerous rocks. Each step caused waves of rocks to roll down, causing dust to fly everywhere.

A Fu Warrior Master reported, “Elder, look…… they are heading up towards the mountain.”

There was nowhere to hide so they could clearly see the people of the Beast Raising Fu Sect moving towards the mountains.

Luo Jie smiled and said, “We do not have to worry about them. We need to reach the top of this mountain first and figure out what kind of Mysterious Land we have entered and decide whether to continue forth or not.”

The mountain did not look very high, but it took 2 days for everyone on their horses to reach the top. When they stood at the peak and looked toward the distance, everyone had looks of surprise. There was a huge grassland in front of them, it had lots of bushes and groups of small black dots can be seen, it should all be herbivores wandering around in the grasslands.

Luo Jie said, “This is amazing, one side of the mountain is lifeless, but when we reach the peak, we can see that the other side is full of life.”

Qi Nan Shan said seriously, “There are many herbivores here…… which means that there should be a lot of carnivorous beasts here too, we are not sure how fierce the beasts here are, hopefully we can find some Fu Beasts, Haha, if there are Fu Beasts, it will be a great gain."

Fu Beasts, 12th has learned about them a long time ago. These types of Beast are born with Fu Inscriptions and Fu Skills. There are different strength levels for Fu Beasts, the weakest are the Ordinary Fu Beast, they have simple Fu Inscriptions and even though they are powerful, they are not impossible to handle, an ordinary squad can easily fight against them.

The more powerful Beasts are known as Variant Fu Beasts. They are extremely bizarre, their Fu changes without notice, some can become extremely powerful while others can become even less powerful than Ordinary Fu Beast, those were known as Failed Variants.

The most powerful Beasts can create spirits, an encounter against them is very rare, they are known as the Spirit Fu Beasts and their strength is comparable to Great Masters.

Finding Fu Beasts is not their only objective of entering the Mysterious Land, finding FuZhou Masters who have died from ancient times is just as important because there are usually treasures by their side.

Luo Zhan rode over on his horse and said, “Elder, I have found the way down the mountain.”

Luo Jie smiled, “Good! Let’s go! Ha!” He charged forward and left, with 12th following quietly. Chen Hong, Huo Bao, Chen Bing, Hong Shi was closely behind, the four of them were truly overjoyed. They were extremely lucky to have entered a Mysterious Land at such a young age. Of course, if they were not accompanied by Luo Jie and all the other Fu Masters, entering the Mysterious Land would not be considered fortunate, it would be a misfortune.

It was even more difficult going down the mountain, a dozen horses fell and died. Fortunately, Luo Jie's group brought in a sufficient number of horses so they did not really worry about it.

After a day, the group has reached the foot of the mountain. Luo Jie said, "Ok Luo Zhan, sent out a scouting squad, we'll set up camp here. It's getting dark, everyone have to be careful.”

The group was now in a meadow, everyone began to unload their saddle and supplies off the horses so the horses can freely eat grass. A few war horses were still fully equipped in case of emergencies.

12th and his teammates covered an area around the meadow with a couple beast leathers and invited Luo Jie and Qi Nan Shan over to sit down, afterwards everyone was busy setting up the cooking equipments. Huo Bao was getting ready to get water when Qi Nan Shan said, “Boil the water later, I want to go get some fresh meat, Xiao Feng, Da Lin, Huo Bao and 12th, come with me!”

12th pointed at his nose and said in surprise, “Grandpa Nan Shan, did you tell me to go?”

Qi Nan Shan said, “Practice cutting the meat and stripping the skin off the beast!”

12th knew that he could not run as fast as the Fu Warriors so he said, “Ok, Grandpa Nan Shan, you have to carry me on your back.” He then said to Chen Hong, “Little Hong, you boil the water first so that everyone can drink some hot water.”

Qi Nan Shan shook his head and grinned, “You're lazy, come on.”

12th happily climbed up Qi Nan Shan’s back and said, “Grandpa Nan Shan, I don't have any other choice, you guys run too fast, unless I ride on a horse I won't be able to keep up, but that would alarm the prey."

They ran into the distant and 12th felt the scenery was quickly reversing. Xiao Feng and Da Lin were both Fu Warrior Masters, Xiao Feng was leading Huo Bao. They were jumping around and leaping in and out of ditches as they sped forward.

The sun was setting, the orange light was shining onto the ground. 12th watched the sunset strangely and thought to himself, “Damn, there are even sunsets in the Mysterious Land?”

Qi Nan Shan suddenly got into a lowered position and quietly said, “There is a group up ahead…… hmm, bisons? Hairy bisons!”

12th said quietly, “Don't attack the old ones, just attack the young ones!”

Qi Nan Shan wondered and said, “Why?”

12th smiled, “The young ones…… have more tender meat……” He slid down Qi Nan Shan’s back.

Qi Nan Shan cursed with a smile, “Little weasel…… such a picky eater! Ok, everyone pay attention, we have to kill 5 young bisons, I will get 3, Xiao Feng and Da Lin each of you get one.” Qi Nan Shan jumped out and recklessly charged towards the bisons right after he finished giving out the orders. He hit a bison on the skull before it even had a chance to react.


One hit has cracked the hard skull of the bison. The bison did not make a sound, it slowly fell down on the ground and died. Qi Nan Shan jumped out again and just relied on the power of that hit to hunt the other bisons.

At that time, both Xiao Feng and Da Lin has found their prey. A Fu broadsword suddenly appeared in Xiao Feng’s hand and with a streak of green light the broadsword sliced off the head of the bison.

Da Lin held onto a Fu rod as he charged in front of the running bison. With a shout, the Fu rod flashed with a "bang". The Fu Rod was aimed right between the eyes of the bison, even though the head of the rod was flat, it was like a sharp spear as it pierced into the bison’s skill. Da Lin then jumped up with the rod which caused the bison to fiercely move over due to the momentum. Da Lin landed on the side and swept across with his Fu rod and with a crack, the foreleg of the bison was cracked as it fell onto the ground with a loud crash.

Qi Nan Shan killed three bisons with three hits from his palm, to him, it was as easy as killing a chicken, it was not troublesome at all.

Dragging the five bisons together, Qi Nan Shan said with a smile, “12th, next is your job.”

12th was speechless as he looked at the five bisons. Even though all the bisons were about 1 year old, he was only 9 years old and it was a little excessive to have him handle all of them. He could not help but say, “Grandpa Nan Shan, are you sure I can handle all of this?”

Qi Nan Shan did not treat 12th like a child anymore, he has already unconsciously treated him like an adult. This little child was truly extraordinary, he said without thinking, “Of course, are there any problems?”

12th could not help but shout, “I'm only 9 years old! You're an Elder, you are actually telling me to cut up all the bisons? That is child abuse……”

Qi Nan Shan was shocked, Xiao Feng and Da Lin could not help but laugh and Huo Bao said, “I will help you!”

12th rolled his eyes and asked, “How old are you?”

Huo Bao lifted his chest up and proudly said, “I'm 13!”

Qi Nan Shan was a little embarrassed and said, “Ok, I'll help, is it ok to have you two cut up one bison? We'll handle the rest.”

12th said with satisfaction, “Huo Bao, come help me!”

It was fortunate that 12th had a strong body, Huo Bao was even stronger so he turned the dead bison over and 12th prepared a cutting Fu knife which was specialized for the dissection and skinning of beasts. The skin of the bisons can be made into a very good leather material, but for this trip they did not need it so they did not take any. 12th quickly chopped off four legs and two ribs, everything else was discarded, he then puts the meaty bones into a Fu Hidden bag.

As they were preparing, dozens of hyenas and scavenger vultures went towards them, a couple hyenas tried to grab some meat, but Xian Feng killed them off with his Fu broadsword. The other hyenas then waited patiently and did not dare go, they knew that these people were not to be trifled with.

The preparation speed of Qi Nan Shan was a lot faster than 12th, everyone was waiting to the side as they watched 12th dissect the bison skillfully. Qi Nan Shan watched for a moment before asking, "Xiao Feng, do you think 12th is just a child?"

Xiao Feng said, “Yes!” Looking at Qi Nan Shan’s stare, he suppressed his laughter and said, “But, he does not look like a child when he is working.”

Qi Nan Shan patted him on the shoulders, which almost made him fall over. Qi Nan Shan smiled and said, “That's right, this child…… is not like a child, therefore…… it's hard to blame me for treating him like an adult.”

With a displeased smile, Xiao Feng rubbed his shoulders and blamed himself, he knew that this Elder could not take any jokes, but he teased him anyways. It resulted in just a little slap, which was not that bad..

Qi Nan Shan said, “Let’s go, the smell of blood here is too strong, it will soon attract the fiercer beasts." He carried 12th on his back and led Xiao Feng and Da Lin who was carrying Huo Bao back quickly. The hyenas and vultures who waited for them to leave, rushed forward and created a mess.

There were no incidents that night.

The next day, 12th looked toward the endless grasslands, it was extremely mysterious because the grassland was covered with a thin mist. Luo Jie stood next to him and said, "12th, the environment of the Mysterious Land is very strange, it is very calm now, but you will see some strange things soon."

12th asked, “What will we encounter?”

Luo Jie shook his head and said, “Even I don't know, Haha, the so-called Mysterious Land is truly unpredictable, only the known Mysterious Lands which has been explored is unsurprising. The Mysterious Land we have entered this time is completely unknown, nobody knows what is up ahead, even I have to be careful."

Qi Nan Shan ordered everyone to pack up their stuff and asked, “Elder, which direction are we heading towards?"

Luo Jie pointed to the direction the sun rises from and smiled, “The East!”

Everyone looked towards the high-spirited old man in silence, Luo Jie was completely different from before, he became very excited after entering the Mysterious Land. Qi Nan Shan said with a smile, “Then to the East! Let’s go!” He rode on the horse and said, “Luo Zhan, take two people and ride ahead to scout, pay attention to your surroundings, be careful of attacks from beasts."

Some of the war horses died when they rushed into the Mysterious Land, but this did not stop their advance. Luo Jie’s group had 25 people in total and everyone had 4 to 5 horses. Everyone was prepared to move with their horses as Luo Zhan and two Fu Warriors charged ahead to scout.

A moment later, the whole group began to move, they sped through the thick grass.

The large group of herbivores got frightened and escaped in different directions, the sound of the hooves has crushed the silence of the grassland.

The wind was blowing gently, 12th made an effort to straighten up his body against the wind and shouted happily. Luo Jie cursed with a smile, “Why are you shouting! You scared me!”

12th laughed, “This is a very cool feeling! Riding across the grassland…… Haha, So wonderful!” He then shouted once more. Huo Bao thought it was fun, so he followed 12th and howled along. All the Fu Warrior Masters and Fu Warriors were in high spirits so they also roared one after another, the herbivores who ran away earlier began to run even faster.

Qi Nan Shan also followed along and howled loudly, it overrode the roars from everyone else, he then said, “Okay, no more howling, it will not be good if we attract the Fu Beasts.”

12th was puzzled and said, “Aren’t we going to hunt the Fu Beasts? It will be good if they come, I heard that their meat is very delicious!”

Qi Nan Shan said, “You little glutton, always thinking about food! You think it’s that easy killing a Fu Beast? We have to find out what type of Fu Beast it is first, it will be fine if we encounter an ordinary Fu Beast, but if we encounter a Variant Fu Beast unprepared, Ah! That would be interesting.”

Luo Jie said, “Nan Shan! You big mouth! It has really come true!”

An earth-shattering roar came from far away.

Everyone was shocked and turned pale, the war horses trembled in fear.

Qi Nan Shan said, “It’s none of my business!” He then shouted loudly, “Protect the Elder! Xiao Feng, Da Lin, follow me in restraining the Fu Beast! Be ready to fight!”