Instant Kill - Volume 4 Chapter 1

Li Ran explained, “This is an Ancient Fu of Teleportation, so even though it’s here, it is still very precious because it is a type of Auxiliary-type Ancient Fu that is rarely seen, as such it’s far more precious than Attack-type Ancient Fu.”


Luo Jie was very wise, but not even he had seen this type of Ancient Fu before, since it allowed teleportation, if you were surrounded in battle, you could easily teleport away to safety. To a FuZhou Warrior, this was a priceless artefact. As such he let out a hearty laugh and said, “12th, your luck is amazing!”

12th smiled bitterly and said, “Luck’s not as good as athlete’s foot…...” He sighed and continued, “Master, you got a pretty good Ancient Fu, but your disciple is still striving for one.”

Li Ran smiled as he put away all of the Ancient Fu that were on the marble table. He said, “Luck isn’t as good as athlete’s foot? Haha, then why didn’t you use your feet to choose? Haha……”

12th mumbled, “I scratched my feet before hand……”

Li Ran choked at that, coughing, he said, “You little kid…… Heh, you got quite the audacity haven’t you?”

(T/N: Now that the entire joke has finished, lemme explain cuz you are probably confused af. The characters 手气 and 脚气 mean ‘Luck’ and ‘Athlete’s Foot’ respectively. The joke here is that individually the characters would literally mean ‘Hand Air’ and ‘Foot Air’ so 12th made a joke with play on words, or at least the mandarin equivalent of play on words. The joke later about him scratching his feet is him saying “well I scratched my feet (with athlete’s foot) beforehand which is why luck isn’t as good as athlete’s foot. Now obviously he doesn’t actually have athlete’s foot, he was just simply extending the joke. Or maybe he does have it, I don’t know. This world is crazy :D)

12th remembered, “Oh yeah, what’s the Fu Door like?”

Li Ran said, “That’s right, I almost forgot…… These are two Spirit Fu of Fu Doors, each Fu can take up to four people into the Mysterious Lands, and this is a book on how to use the Fu Door, it’s quite easy to learn.”

“Oh, and before I forget, each Fu Door can record up to four Mysterious Lands. Only four though and if you try to record a fifth one, it will delete the first one. So choose carefully.”

12th snatched up one of the Fu Door’s Spirit Fu and also the book. It was quite a thin book; there only seemed to be about twenty or so pages and the words were also quite big. It only took 12th 10 minutes to finish. Indeed it was quite easy, the ability to use FuZhou powers was the only requirement for using it.

Luo Jie learnt quickly. He only flicked through the book briefly and instantly understood how the Fu Door worked. He immediately absorbed the Fu Door’s Spirit Fu into his Innate Fu Book. This time the exploration of the Mysterious Lands yielded rewards beyond what was expected, and as such he was very content.

Xiao Feng returned and following behind him was Chen Hong and not only was she carrying the Hidden Fu Bag with the tools, but also the Hidden Fu Bag holding food, and in it was also the meat from the Fu Bear, along the Earth Dragon’s various internal organs and flesh.

“Brother Li, Master, Grandpa Nan Shan, you guys wait while Igo prepare the food.” 12th said as he ran out. In his past life he frequently drove past a small shop, and had also learnt how to cook, although not as good as a professional chef, he still knew quite a few ways to cook food.

Li Ran called out, “Oi, kid! Wash your hands first! Don’t go scratching your foot again!”

12th tripped and stumbling, he ran out as he murmured, “Had I really scratched my feet, I might have chosen an even better Ancient Fu!”

To obtain a good Innate Fu from Li Ran, he decided to make his specialty. It was no wonder that 12th was nervous, he didn’t know what type of person Li Ran is, he also didn’t know how strong Li Ran really was. Seeing him reveal so many Ancient Fu indicated that he would not be easy to please, if he didn’t do his best now, it’ll be too late to regret it later.

Luo Jie cautiously asked, “Li Ran…… What do you do?”

Li Ran spoke loudly, “What do I do? Well, I’m a retired…… businessman, I don’t really do much at all anymore.” After he finished, he smiled baring his teeth. Luo Jie and Qi Nan Shan both stared at him, not knowing what to say, this answer was so obviously fake but they couldn’t refute it.

The two of them could see Li Ran’s confidence so even though his words were carefree and calm, and without any malice or insult, it was instead quite inspiring. The two of them were old and wise, but they still couldn’t believe how confident he was.

Li Ran was too mysterious, not only did he make Luo Jie and Qi Nan Shan uneasy and slightly fearful, it made it hard to communicate as they were unsure how to word their sentences. Li Ran noticed that the two of them were unnerved, but he still didn’t give any sort of explanation, only chatting about anything and everything. This made them two feel rather out of place, as they hadn’t even heard of a lot of the things before.

After about half an hour, a delicious smell wafted in, Li Ran sniffed a little and said, “Huh, this smell…… it…… it’s sweet and sour pork ribs?! And what is this smell?” He couldn’t help but stand up and walked to the doorway to have a look.

Luo Jie also sniffed the air and asked, “When did 12th learn to cook Fu Food?”

Qi Nan Shan shook his head and replied, “I don’t know either, but this smells good…… so good that it’s actually making me rather hungry!” Being a Great Fu Master meant that he barely needed to eat, and yet this smell made him feel hungry.

“Brother Li, wait inside, it’s almost done.”

Li Ran smiled and returned to his seat, saying, “Your disciple…… has a good chance of winning that Innate Fu, haha.”

Chen Hong brought in a large bronze bowl,“12th said these are Sweet ‘n’ Sour Ribs!”

Li Ran waved over at a large table and said, “Put it here!”

It was a giant bowl filled to the brim with ribs, although these ribs were somewhat large, each one was like the size of a club. Li Ran immediately grabbed one and started gnawing at it, gleefully saying, “Not bad, this taste is great! Good! Good!”

The next dish was Stir Fried Stomach. The stomach was the Fu Bear’s and it was stir fried with garlic for a very aromatic dish.

A few more dishes followed, enough for a feast. The last dish was Braised Bear Paw and though it looked quite simple,the ingredients used were hard to get. Chen Hong sneaked some into her mouth while 12th was cooking. She had never had such delicious food before, as such she felt a lot of admiration towards 12th.

After they finished, 12th watched Li Ran expectantly.

Li Ran couldn’t help but laugh, saying, “Why are you staring at me? It’s not like I’m a supermodel!”

12th furrowed his brows, and thought, That’s too cruel, no way can this guy scam me out of this! So he asked, “How was it?”

Li Ran nodded and said honestly, “It was good, the others were mediocre, but those Sweet ‘n’ Sour Ribs was delicious!”

12th said, “So what about my Innate Fu……?”

“About what Innate Fu?”


Li Ran laughed aloud, saying, “Alright alright, I’m just teasing you, here……” He lifted his hand and placed it on 12th’s forehead, saying, “Don’t move!” as a green light emanated from his hand into 12th’s head. He said, “Count yourself lucky that I just so happen to have a True Spirit Fu on me, haha, it’s one of the best Innate Fu Books in existence.

“A True Sprit Fu?”

Now Luo Jie pretty much understood Li Ran’s categories for Fu. The weakest were Treasure Fu, Spirit Fu were mediocre and Ancient Fu were pretty high level, however, True Treasure Fu were truly superior. As for True Spirit Fu, since Li Ran had one, it too must be a very powerful and valuable Fu.

Li Ran explained, “This True Spirit Fu isn’t very useful for me for it’s not an Attack-type Fu nor is it a standard Auxiliary-type Fu, it is in fact a Fu used for crafting Innate Fu Books, and as such it is called a True Innate Fu because it can create an Innate Fu Orb, haha, it’s a little different to your Innate Fu Books.”

Luo Jie exclaimed, “Innate Fu Orb? This is the first time I’ve heard of such a form of Innate Fu.”

Li Ran nodded, explaining, “Innate Fu Orbs are the forms of superior Innate Fu, it’s better than the Innate Fu Books and uses Fu from it is faster. It’s a special form of Innate Fu where I come from, it’s like this……” and he held out a finger and tapped the air.

A clear image appeared in front of them all.

It started with a bead of light, and then rapidly expanded to a sphere the size of a basketball. It consisted of countless small Fu. The sphere span rapidly and a Fu floated out,  quickly enlarged, and then retracted back into the orb as another one came out and likewise returned into the orb. It really was quite beautiful to watch.

Li Ran brought his finger down and the orb disappeared.

Luo Jie saw the beauty of it, saying, “Amazing form.” He sighed and said, “Why can’t we think of Innate Fu like this?”

12th was beyond happy, he understood better than even Luo Jie about the usefulness of this form. Luo Jie’s Innate Fu Book was two dimensional, whereas the Innate Fu Orb was three dimensional, these were two completely different concepts. It meant that the Innate Fu from where Li Ran came from were far superior to the ones at the North Fu Sect, and their understanding of it was probably better too.

Li Ran said, “Little guy, I’ve already put the True Spirit Fu into your body so you’ll have to search for an Innate Fu yourself, haha, it might take you ten years…… by that time you should be able to advance, though, it might take even longer than that…… Well whenever you find one, you’ll be able to advance, with this True Spirit Fu, as long as you have enough FuZhou power, you’ll be able to advance. Are you content, boy?”

12th thought this was too good to be true, he said, “One meal…… can get me a True Spirit Fu. Hey Brother Li, heh, are you by chance in need of a chef?”

Li Ran smiled and said, “You’re kidding right?”

12th immediately said in all honesty, “Brother Li, tell me what else you want me to do, there’s just one condition, it has to be something that I can manage, or else even if I agreed it would be pointless.”

Li Ran said, “You really are quite a smart little kid!”

Luo Jie said, “Mister Li, thank you for your generosity.” This was genuine gratitude, he sounded very sincere.

Li Ran shook his head saying, “No need to thank me, this is an exchange between me and your disciple. 12th, bring the Fu Door over.”

12th brought out his Fu Door and handed it over. He only saw Li Ran brush his finger over the face of the Fu. Li Ran then returned it to 12th saying, “12th, I’ve recorded a location on your Fu Door, when you….. Yes, when you advance to Great FuZhou Master…… that should be right,  it’s the level your Master is at, I hope that you can go to this place at some point in time for I’ll need your help.”

12th knew that there were going to be strings attached to this seemingly free True Spirit Fu, if one meal could really trade for a Fu as precious as this, then this world would be crazy beyond belief. He answered, “No problem, Brother Li. So how do I find an Innate Fu?”

Li Ran smiled, “You must search yourself, I can’t help you. You have natural talent meaning it should only take you ten years to advance, by that time your Innate Fu will naturally appear…… Oh, and also, ten years is enough time for this True Spirit Fu to completely assimilate into your body.”

12th lowered his head without saying anything, as he closed his eyes and had a look deep inside his soul, he was both surprised and happy to find a light floating within his soul. Could this be that True Spirit Fu? How would it manifest itself?

(T/N: The author wrote here: “The next part will leave you speechless.” )


Part 2:

Pale green mist wafted out from 12th’s face and moments later it formed a small Fu Orb; it was only the size of a thumb that emanated clear, crisp light floating at the tip of his nose. 12th’s eyes were closed as if he were meditating.

Li Ran was so startled that he exclaimed, “Son of a bitch…… That’s not possible!”

12th suddenly opened his eyes and that little ball of Fu dissipated into a stream of green light and went back into him. Confused, he asked, “Brother Li, what’s wrong? What’s not possible?”

12th didn’t understand what was happening, but everyone present were all powerful people, and they all knew what this meant. This meant that 12th already had his Innate Fu, even though he was only nine years old, which is why it was so unbelievable.

Li Ran asked, “12th, how old are you? Are you really only nine years old?”

Luo Jie smiled bitterly saying, “Sometimes…… I also doubted that, but I know that he is indeed only nine years old, in that there is no doubt, haha, where we come from he has a nickname…… the Demon Child!”

(T/N: GoodWife translated the nickname as the Strange Child, but the chinese characters mean “demonic and evil”, say in the comments which one you prefer.)

12th said defensively, “Master, those people are stupid! It’s just that I am more knowledgeable and a little bit clever with a higher intelligence…… Oh yeah, Brother Li, what you were saying earlier, what’s not possible?”

Li Ran asked, “How did you find that Innate Fu of yours?”

12th said, “Oh it was simple really, Brother Li. Why do I need to spend ten years to find it? Is finding it earlier bad?” He started feeling a little nervous at that thought.

Li Ran was utterly speechless. After a long while he said, “Your Master was right…… You are a little Demon Child!”

A thought suddenly appeared in 12th’s mind, he gleefully asked, “Master! Master! Does this mean I’ve advanced to a FuZhou Master?”

Luo Jie swallowed his breath and said, “You…… wouldn’t be a fully fledged FuZhou Master. I don’t know if this even counts as advancing because your situation is unprecedented, as such your Master cannot give you a definite answer. To be honest with you, 12th, whether you advance or not isn’t really important, what is important though…… is whether or not you’ve become more powerful. So, have you?”

To 12th, this reply felt like a bucket of iced water being poured on his head. At that moment his mind cleared and he answered, “Hmm, I think I’m still not strong enough, there’s too much still lacking.”

Li Ran’s expression was strange, every time he was about to speak, he immediately closed his mouth again. After a long while he finally said, “Luo Jie, my brother, you are very lucky. Although…… you shouldn’t influence the development of this little apprentice of yours. It’s much better to let him grow by himself in his own way, haha, all you have to make sure is that he’s following the right path.”

Luo Jie thought about it for a moment and agreed, “Indeed, this little guy is growing too fast, I’m at a bit of a loss. Alright then, I’ll listen to you.”

Li Ran stood and said, “Alright, it was very nice to meet all of you, but it’s time that I left this place. You guys can stay in this hut but remember to close the door when you leave.” Without waiting for a reply, a Fu Door appeared in front of him and with a wave, he left.

Li Ran left so quickly that everyone just stared as he disappeared inside the Fu Door. Only when the Fu Door vanished did everybody snap out of it.

Luo Jie asked, “What does everyone think?”

Qi Nan Shan answered, “Elder, I don’t think he was speaking nonsense…… The things he showed us are all priceless treasures where we come from, and especially that Fu Door…… That was my first time seeing such a wondrous Fu, and to think, it can allow passage to the Mysterious Lands at will! That’s right, Elder, can you copy its creation?”

Luo Jie put the Fu Door Spirit Fu into his Innate Fu Book, he didn’t need to take it out to study it, in fact, he could study it in more detail like this than if he had held it in his hand. After a moment, he shook his head saying, “I have no idea how it was created, it’s different to what we’re used to, the technique used to make this are beyond our scope.”

Qi Nan Shan said, “I felt an aura of power around him, if I was to fight him, I don’t think that I could win at all.”

12th said, “Grandpa Nan Shan, are you saying he is also a Fu Warrior? There weren’t any Fu Patterns on his body though.”

Qi Nan Shan shook his head and said, “Yeah…… Although, if a Great Fu Master were to advance, the Fu Patterns on his body can be hidden inside the body, I’m not sure if he is truly superior to me, but it is clear that he has a different system of governing FuZhou, and that system is no doubt superior to ours.”

Luo Jie also nodded saying, “Yes, I could tell from our conversation, he is indeed stronger than us. I think, where he came from, whatever system they use, he is also a Master of that system. Only, we don’t know what system that is, he wouldn’t tell us.”

12th suddenly spoke up, saying, “Master, Brother Li said he was 600 years old, do you think it’s possible?”

Luo Jie thought about it for a long time silently, finally saying, “At the start I had doubts, but…… it doesn’t seem like he was speaking nonsense, it’s a shame, he imparted a lot of wisdom to us but we didn’t tell him very much. Both he and I had our misgivings, but thankfully he wasn’t spiteful of that. Had he engaged us in anger, I don’t think I could take him in a fight.”

He laughed bitterly and continued, “This is purely speculation but had we fought I think he would’ve been able to predict my every move…… He would be a very commendable enemy.”

Qi Nan Shan nodded, “I also had that feeling, it makes people afraid to pick a fight with him. Almost as if, as soon as the fight starts, he would definitely be victorious. It’s hard to imagine what it’s like where he came from.”

Luo Jie shook his head saying, “We wouldn’t be able to go. Maybe 12th would have the opportunity, but we can’t.”

“Since the owner of this house already left, we might as well go too.” 12th said.

Luo Jie stood up and said, “12th is right, we should leave and meet up with the others at the oasis. Haha, we sure got a lot of stuff today, Li Ran might be mysterious but he doesn’t have malintentions. We were lucky to have met such a powerful man.”

Qi Nan Shan agreed, “Haha, my whole life, this is first time I’ve met such a mysterious person as powerful as that.”

12th asked whilst walking to the door, “Grandpa Nan Shan, you’ve been to a lot of Mysterious Lands, how were they compared to this one?”

Qi Nan Shan shook his head saying, “The Mysterious Lands are all different, there’s no way to compare them. Had we not met Li Ran, there would still be a lot of things that we don’t understand.”

Luo Jie had been to more Mysterious Lands than Qi Nan Shan and he agreed saying, “Yeah, it’s also the first time that I’ve met such a mysterious and powerful man, and to think, I thought that I had already reached the most powerful level possible…… Looking at it now, I still have a long way to go…… It seems I didn’t know as much as I thought.”

After everyone exited the thatch hut, Luo Jie made sure the door was closed himself.

Returning to the oasis, everyone had already set up the tents and fallen asleep. 12th also returned to his tent, which was assembled by Huo Bao and his other companions. After entering the tent, the first thing he did was exhale his Innate Fu Orb to take a closer look at it.

True Life Fu, True Spirit Fu, Innate Fu, three different names for the same thing, and that was what made up the Innate Fu Core. To any Zhou Master, Fu Master and FuZhou Master, this Fu was the single most important Fu. The more powerful the Innate Fu, the easier it was to create a powerful Innate Fu Book.

12th understood this, it was just like the foundations of a house, so if the foundation was built for a bungalow, then only a bungalow could be built on it and at the very most a two storey house. However if seven or eight storeys were built on top of it then the problem of an unstable foundation would arise, meaning the building would eventually collapse. However, if at the very start the foundations were modelled for such a tall building, it wouldn’t matter how many floors are built on top, there wouldn’t be any problem. This True Spirit Fu was just like 12th laying down a sturdy foundation.

This True Spirit Fu was only the size of a thumb, bright green and pulsating, there were innumerous amounts of Fu fading in and out of visibility, almost like fish, one moment at the surface and the next deep below the water. What was more interesting was that this True Spirit Fu was very compatible with his own spirit, it was almost like a part of his spirit. After staring at it for a while, 12th contently inhaled it back.

He then proceeded to take out his Fu Door’s Spirit Fu. It was a Spirit Fu triangular in shape with lots of ancient inscriptions of Fu. 12th recognised a few, but he honestly hasn’t seen the majority of them, which were also green in colour. He placed the Fu on his forehead, and using the simplest method, he inspected this Fu.

Once his spirit had made contact with the Spirit Fu, he felt a surge of power suddenly absorbing the Fu Door’s Spirit Fu and shortly afterwards, within his spirit, he noticed a small bead next to the True Spirit Fu. 12th was stunned, the connotations of this were huge, it meant that he had already started building up his Innate Fu Orb. Because he’d already seen the form of an Innate Fu Orb, he knew that this bead circling the Innate Fu Core was an important component of the Innate Fu Orb.

At the same time, when the Fu Door’s Spirit Fu was absorbed, he suddenly just understood the Fu Door. He knew how to operate it like it was second nature; it’s as if he could even use it telepathically. He hurriedly took out the two Treasure Fu that he owned, and likewise tried to absorb them into his spirit, however there was no effect. He was quite confused, could it be that Treasure Fu couldn’t be absorbed into his Innate Fu?

After a long while he finally understood. It was because the Innate Fu was so powerful that these low leveled Treasure Fu practically have no way of entering the Innate Fu. Even though this was the case, he was very content.

After performing a simple nine part routine three times, 12th sat down on the soft beast skin and started his daily chanting. The memories from his first life had long since faded and the only thing he could remember was this scripture. This was also the only thing that in all his three lives he had never stopped or doubted doing.

This time round, whilst chanting, 12th noticed an obvious change. As soon as he started chanting he noticed the Innate Fu in his spirit start to to spin rapidly. Each time when he finished reciting the scripture, his spirit calmed down again. The Innate Fu had completely been assimilated into his spirit so he felt better than he had ever felt before.

This part of the scripture was the part that made him very happy, since it even worked on his Innate Fu, and the Innate Fu also had a strengthening effect on his spirit. Even if it were not obvious now, with time, the effects would start becoming more and more noticeable.

Meeting with Li Ran gave 12th a new road to follow, he didn’t know where this road would lead, but it was obvious that following this road, he could only improve.

The next morning, 12th came to the oasis to wash, he saw his Master and Qi Nan Shan discussing something. Curious, he walked over and asked, “Master where are we going today?”

Qi Nan Shan smiled and said, “You Master is deeply worried right now.”

So 12th curiously asked, “Master, what are you worried about?”