Instant Kill - Volume 5 Chapter 1

The Beast Zhou Master now felt like his son had lied to him, but since he was already here, regardless of the reason, he might as well vent his son’s grievance.

He was silently sighing to himself for this son of his had a lot of potential, becoming a Beast Zhou Warrior by the age of twenty, but because of that he developed an arrogant, self-important personality. Since he didn’t live in the Southern Fu Sect, but Qin Guang, where people from the Southern Fu Sect were treated as important people, even the Qin clan showed the utmost respect. As such his personality became more and more arrogant and despotic.

“The audacity! Wait until I catch you…… Then we’ll see if you’ll tell me or not! I’m interested to know just who your master is!”

Luo Zhan and Xiao Feng stood up, protecting 12th and the other children. Luo Zhan smiled coldly, saying, “If you want to start trouble with us then make your move, only…… the consequences might not be something a lowly Beast Zhou Master like you can handle!” His words weren’t as stern as they could have been because he had to ensure the children’s safety.

Once they were surrounded, Qin Zi Lu fled. He needed to hurry and report this.

“Catch me? Haha! Just try it!” 12th said, not the slightest bit afraid, since he had a True Ancient Fu, as well as an Innate Fu Orb. By some standards he had actually already achieved the status of a FuZhou Master, however, because he lacked knowledge of the basics, he couldn’t yet claim the title of FuZhou Master. But his fighting ability alone wasn’t weaker than any other FuZhou Master.

Luo Zhan was somewhat hesitant, for he knew that 12th was powerful, but if he were to kill the representatives of the Southern Fu Sect in Qin Guang then the consequences would be massive, especially since their next destination was the Southern Fu Sect. He quietly asked, “12th, you’re not serious about this are you?

12th said impatiently, “Unfortunately that’s not up to me, haha. Uncle Luo, in a moment, when they attack, I only need you to delay them a bit and leave the rest to me!” He didn’t want to be careless, for if by chance he was captured by this guy then the best case scenario would be a few beatings.

Beast Warriors protected the Beast Zhou Master, a common battle tactic. With a Beast Zhou Master present the Beast Warriors need only to protect the Beast Zhou Master, who was responsible for all of the attacks, because only the Beast Zhou Master had strong attacking power.

Luo Zhan and Xiao Feng drew their Fu Weapons while Huo Bao and the others also drew their Fu Weapons, surrounding 12th. 12th and the opponent both activated their Fu at the same time.

Wu Qing shook his hands and released a dozen wild beasts from his Beast Fu, most of which were wolf-type beasts. This type of wild beast’s attacking capabilities were mediocre, but they were incredibly fast, so they are a Beast Zhou Master’s most used Beast Fu. Wolf-type Beast Fu were very easy to create because wild wolves were abundant.

Other than the wolves, there were also two giant black bears. The bears’ bodies were murky black and three metres tall. Not only could they break through the Fu Masters’ defensive circle, they could also resist the enemy Fu Masters’ fast attacks. They were the best defense against arrows, as they could block Fu Arrows.

One bear was standing in front of Wu Qing, the other one charged straight at them, the wolves all surrounded the group circling them, ready to follow the bear with their attacks. This order of attacks was a commonly used attack formation of the Beast Zhou Masters, as it allowed them to attack while sealing off escape routes.

Wu Qin smugly said, “Little brat, even though becoming a FuZhou Warrior at the age of nine is commendable, haha, the power of a FuZhou Warrior is rather low. Hasn’t your master ever taught you that should you ever meet a Beast Zhou Master you ought to show respect? You can surrender now, I won’t kill you…… as long as you apologise to my son! Also pay sufficient reparations! Yeah, that sheet of Fu Beast hide will do!”

12th smiled and said, “No wonder you’d stick up for that poor excuse of a man, your true motives were to obtain my Fu Beast hide. Haha, I’ll show a bit more respect and call you mister, but on the other hand I’d rather call you a bastard! You pile of dog shit! Fuck you! You’re a Beast Zhou Master bullying a nine year old child, and you’re so righteous about it! Your life must’ve really been shit! Acting so high and mighty just to steal a child’s belongings, how have you got any face to even live? You’d be better off in hell!”

Wu Qin was stunned; he’d never seen a small child able to spout so much profanity. He was shocked to begin with, but that then quickly turned into intense rage.

Zhu Da Chang and his servants backed up the the side of the street, he was only an Armoursmith Fu Master that was rightly afraid of physical confrontation. Hearing 12th’s words, he couldn’t help but break out into a cold sweat. If those words came out of an adult then it wouldn’t be unusual, but from a nine year old’s mouth? It was unbelievable.

Wu Qing was so offended that his face contorted in rage, he furiously shouted, “You fucking bastard……” And with a tap of his right hand he released a Fu Technique and began to control his Fu Beasts, attacking quickly.

The black bear roared and charged forward ferociously .

Luo Zhan also roared, brandishing his Fu Knife, and began to intercept. With his abilities blocking the bear was well within his capabilities, after all a Fu Master’s abilities were very strong. Two wolves darted through from either side of the bear. A twang was heard as Chen Bing and Chen Hong each fired an arrow from their Fu Bows.

12th concentrated on operating his Innate Fu Orb, which required him to use his spirit’s power.

The Fu Arrows hit the wolves, and the two wolves’ bodies became sluggish, they then were quickly finished off by shots to the head from Xiao Feng’s Fu Gun. The two wolves dissipated into smoke. Luo Zhan embedded his knife into the bear’s chest, forcefully stabbing through to the other side.

At that moment 12th already finished activating the Bird Fu. While he was cursing Wu Qing, he had already begun to activate his Innate Fu Orb secretively, so when Wu Qing attacked, his Innate Fu Orb was already in his mouth. He then hastily activated the Bird Fu.

A thin red line shot forth from his mouth and expanded into a red egg. Following the egg shell cracking, a tiny bright red birdling flew out, squawking non-stop, and shortly afterwards the bird grew into a large majestic red bird with flaming stars splashed around its body. It flew a circle around 12th and made a few squawks. 12th could sense the red bird’s attachment to him.

12th pointed at Wu Qing and yelled, “Burn him!” sensing that this beautiful red bird could understand his intentions.

The crimson Fire Bird called as it flew, charging speedily towards Wu Qing as thin lines of fire streamed from its beak that immediately hit the black bear that stood in front of Wu Qing.

Like fire on oil, after a loud bang, the black bear became a lit bear candle.

Wu Qing was so afraid that he made a weird shrieking sound, and the wild beasts surrounding 12th and the others hurriedly retreated. As soon as the Fire Bird was summoned he knew that there would be trouble, but never in a million years would he have imagined that the opponent had such a terrifying Fu. He didn’t dare guess if it was Spirit Fu or Ancient Fu, for if it was Ancient Fu then his best bet would be to quit while he was ahead. It was impossible for him to even guess that this was True Ancient Fu, even more powerful that Ancient Fu.

Because 12th didn’t have any intentions to kill, the Fire Bird’s actions seemed a little strange as it rapidly spewed streaks of red-hot fire, burning all the wild beasts to death, before inching closer and closer to Wu Qing, making him feel afraid and uncomfortable. He had to continuously summon more and more wild beasts, for if he stopped, the streaks of fire would fall on him.

One of the Fu Warriors activated his Fu Armour, gave a cry, raised his Fu Knife, and charged straight at the Fire Bird, attempting to slash it through.

Luo Zhan quietly said, “He’s got a death wish!” He personally witnessed the Fire Bird forcing a Great Fu Master to retreat, so how could a lowly Beast Warrior kill the Fire Bird?

The Fire Bird dodged swiftly as tufts of flame fell from its wings and landed on the Beast Warrior’s body. Moments later, that Beast Warrior was reduced to a pile of ash. As soon as the Fire Bird sensed killing intent, its retaliation would be even more devastating.

Wu Qing also witnessed this mystery. He was sweating profusely, the Beast Fu he was carrying had all been destroyed by the Fire Bird, however, he still had one Spirit Beast Fu. It was the first Fu that his Innate Fu had absorbed, but after seeing the destructive capabilities of the Fire Bird, how could he bear to use it? If it was destroyed it would be too late for regrets, for that one Fu was his most prized possession.

The Fire Bird had already burned two Beast Warriors to death so Wu Qing’s company didn’t dare to go forward again. Wide-eyed and watching the Fire Bird circle them, Wu Qing watched the Fire Bird hopelessly, and after a long while he finally said, “I lose…… I surrender!”

The Fire Bird didn’t attack, it was just flying around Wu Qing, yet every time it flew around Wu Qing broke out into a cold sweat. As for Wu Shen Xi, he was already scared stupid. He stared moronically with more sweat on his head than his father.

12th signalled Luo Zhan to go ahead.

Luo Zhan quickly apprehended Wu Qing. 12th inhaled and the Fire Bird reluctantly turned back into a line of red and flew into his mouth. This was clearly seen by Wu Qing, whose face grew even more pale. This was obviously a FuZHou Master’s technique. He couldn’t believe that a nine year old child could possess an Innate Fu.

12th smiled cheekily and said, “Since you surrendered, I won’t kill you, but have your son apologise to me. Oh yeah, I would expect some reparations to be paid to me……”

Zhu Da Chang watched with cold sweat flowing, and upon hearing 12th’s words he grew even more afraid, because 12th just repeated what Wu Qing had said back to him……”

Wu Qing gulped and stuttered, “D…...Don’t be so unreasonable!”

12th smiled and replied, “I’m not being unreasonable, these were all your words from earlier, so how come you didn’t think it was unreasonable when you said it?”

Wu Qing clenched his teeth and said, “You can’t kill me…… I’m the representative of the Southern Fu Sect!”

12th couldn’t help but laugh and say, “Oh, representative? Perfect, if your son doesn’t want to apologise then I’ll chop off one of your arms, and if you don’t want to pay reparations then I’ll chop of a leg. Of course, I would immediately give you Fu Pills to treat your wounds, completely free! Don’t worry…… I said I wouldn’t kill you, so I won’t. I have to keep my word after all!”

Wu Qing sweat profusely, this was too evil. He asked, “What do you want as payment?

12th whispered, “I’m only a child, so even if I don’t keep my word there wouldn’t be anybody to call me out……” He openly smiled and said, “My demand isn’t outrageous, I just want reparations for the mental anguish that your son caused, along with material losses. Also…… My Fu, using it even once requires a large amount of materials to recharge, so this has to be paid too!”

Wu Qing could feel his head spin with the knowledge he couldn’t escape this unscathed.

12th said something to Xiao Feng, and grinning, he strode in front of Wu Shen Xi, grabbed him by the collar and tossed him over like a dead dog.

That guy was a certified wimp, 12th didn’t even say anything and he just started grovelling, snivelling and crying a tonne while 12th furrowed his brows. He asked, “Oi, Wu Qing, this son of yours…… How have you been educating him? The Southern Fu Sect’s people might all be shit stains but I didn’t think they were pussies too.”

Wu Qing’s pale face immediately flashed red.

Watching Wu Shen Xi grovelling on the ground, 12th felt pity for him. He had the typical, highly pampered, ‘can’t-take-hardships’ personality. Unless there was some special circumstance, if there wasn’t a life threat, 12th didn’t want to kill him in cold blood, so he said, “I’ll accept your son’s apology, however Mister Wu Junior, if I catch you bullying people again, hehe, maybe I won’t kill you, but I will make your life a living hell…… so much so that you’ll wish I had killed you!”

Wu Shen Xi splurted, “Never again! Never again!” as though he was given amnesty.

Seeing 12th forgiving his son, Wu Qing relaxed a little. He also gave up his do-or-die attitude, lowered his head, and asked, “Alright, what do you want then?

12th quickly calculated in his mind, and half a moment later he smiled, saying, “It’s not a tall order, I just need one million Fu Coins which’ll pay for the mental anguish, as for material losses…… another million would cover it. Oh, and my four companions who were emotionally damaged by terror will also require a total of one million Fu Coins…… Hmmm…… oh, there’s also my Fu which still needs recharging. Now this isn’t your common Fu, it’s very valuable, and the expenses will amount to…… about two million Fu Coins……”

Wu Qing was stunned stiff hearing this as all the hairs on his body stood on end. This wasn’t mere reparations, this was highway robbery! Representatives living in Qing Guang may be rich but nowhere near rich enough to pay all of that. He said, “Even if you kill me, I wouldn’t be able to produce that much money!”

12th giggled inside, saying, “You can’t pay that? Wow, you’re so poor, oh well……”

Wu Qing celebrated internally; he thought that was it and that 12th would just let it go, so he never would’ve guessed that the next few sentences would make him practically vomit blood.

“Hmmm, since you haven’t got the money then we’ll ask for compensation as replacement. I distinctly remember the Southern Fu Sect owning a few very interesting books, for example the one introducing the creation method of Beast Fu, these can be paid in place of a part of the sum of money. How about it?”

“Impossible! These are the Southern Fu Sect’s sacred texts! I can’t give them away!”

12th stared for a moment, and then finally reacted. That book wasn’t a sacred text. He said, “Well then…… this works too, I’ll chop off one of your son’s arms, and we’ll count that as a million Fu Coins, a leg will count for that much too. How about that?

Luo Zhan couldn’t help but smile, he had to admit that 12th was extraordinary. The ways that this kid messed with people was so creative, for Wu Qing to have made an enemy of him was his horrible misfortune.

Wu Qing looked like he was going to cry. What sort of condition was that? Wu Shen Xi’s expression changed massively, he cried and begged Wu Qing, saying, “Dad, dad, you gotta help me!” He suddenly remembered something and hurriedly said, “The book that you want, I have it…… I’ll give it to you……”

“This is a Fu Book, and this is the Fu Key, I have a total of ten sets……”

Wu Shen Xi was completely willing to give those away, hurriedly rummaging through his things, bringing out all of his Fu Books, giving them all to 12th. Wu Qing didn’t know if he should be angry or sad before giving a long sigh and asking, “Is this enough payment?

12th laughed and said, “Of course it isn’t. Everyone knows that one set of Fu Books, at most, prices less than a thousand Fu Coins. Hehe, these basic Fu Books…… oh well, I’ll be generous, your son gave me ten sets, I’ll count that as a hundred thousand Fu Coins; another few hundred sets of Fu Books and we’ll call it square.”

Wu Qing felt light-headed, so gave in as well and brought out all of the Fu Books that he was carrying, saying, “This one is one of our sacred books. If you aren’t satisfied then you can just kill me!”

There were a total of sixty-odd Fu Books and Keys. Impressed, 12th gave a whistle and collected all of the books, turning around with a swagger, saying, “Uncle Luo, let him go, we’re leaving……” He never wanted money to begin with and the demand of payment was all a ruse. His real goal was to obtain the Southern Fu Sect’s teachings, and since he’s obtained them, then he had no need to torment Wu Qing any further.

(E/N Firetrucker made 12th swaggy at first )

Wu Qing didn’t think that 12th would let them go just like this, so he stared dumbly for a while. Wu Shen Xi finally said, “Dad, they left!”


Wu Shen Xi held his face and asked, “Ow, what was that for?

That question made Wu Qing even angrier. He vented all of the pent-up rage from 12th’s torments onto his son, and after a load of punches and kicks accompanied by furious cursing, Wu Shen Xi was completely terrified.

On the outside Wu Qing was rampaging like thunder, but in reality he relaxed a lot. Only losing this many Fu Books didn’t affect him all that much. In Qin Guang he was the highest representative from the Southern Fu Sect and all of his underlings are loyal, so anything that transpired here, without his permission, wouldn’t be reported back to the main sect, so he wasn’t afraid of any backlash. If he really did have to pay 12th a couple hundred Fu Coins, then he would be ruined. 12th was also clever enough to consider this.

The books of the main sect’s teachings may be important, but in comparison to his own wealth, the loss to the sect was still acceptable.

This was also the reason why Wu Qing was only frustrated and not completely seething with resentment.

After venting, Wu Qing viciously spat, “You are grounded for half a fucking year! I won’t allow you to even leave the house! You’re going to train and study properly, if you cause me any more trouble I will have your fucking head!”


12th was incredibly happy because he didn’t think things would go so smoothly. To have obtained the Southern Fu Sect’s Fu Books was an enormous success, and as for wealth, he didn’t really care. These types of books can’t be bought even if he had lots of money.

Zhu Da Chang followed from behind. He had seen the entire incident clear as day and was thoroughly shocked. What was most confusing was how 12th was able to defeat a Beast Zhou Master. These Zhou Masters are widely known as the ones with the most impressive attacking power, but a nine year old FuZhou Warrior beat one with ease. This was beyond belief.

Zhu Da Chang developed a feeling of fear towards that kid; never again would he treat him as a child. He counted himself lucky that when he talked with 12th in the beginning, he didn’t use the ‘I’m your elder’ card. If he had, or if he had decided to bully him, then the consequences would’ve been horrible. He wiped his sweat, and rejoiced at his wisdom.

Not long after, they heard rushing horse hooves. A group of Fu Warriors rode over on horseback; the one leading was the Fu Master Yan Ge. Seeing Luo Zhan and the others, he immediately halted his horse and called, “Luo Zhan……”

Luo Zhan smiled and said, “It’s all good, go back, everyone go back!”

Yan Ge hopped off of his horse, gave the horse over to a Fu Warrior beside him, and walked over to say, “I heard that you guys were involved in a fight. Elder Qi Nan Shan told us to come help.”

12th said, “Uncle Yan, don’t worry, the problem has been resolved. I’ll explain when we get back.”

Yan Ge said, “12th, the Elder is waiting for you at home.”

12th answered, “Okay, I’m going back to see Master. Uncle Luo can you look after Mister Zhu……” He quietly said, “Uncle Lou, be polite to Mister Zhu, I’m going to see Master, so I’ll discuss everything with him later.”

Luo Zhan didn’t know what 12th was up to, but he was already used to listening to 12th’s orders. He nodded in acceptance.

Yan Ge told some people to provide their horses, so 12th called his four companions over, climbed the horses and galloped away.


12th followed Yan Ge and arrived at the Qin clan’s grand hall, where Luo Jie and another old man were sitting together. Seeing 12th enter, Luo Jie happily said, “12th, quick come see your colleague, Qin Han.”

Qin Han looked even older than Luo Jie, for the white hair on his head was already beginning to thin. A moustache as white as snow and a face full of wrinkles, he had an air of anger around him. He stood up and looked at 12th in amazement, asking, “Master, this is 12th? The nine year old FuZhou Warrior?

Luo Jie beamed and said, “He’s more than just a FuZhou Warrior, he’s already got his own Innate Fu!”

“How…… How is that possible?”

Qin Han knew all too well how hard it was to advance, he himself was one step away from reaching the level of a Great Fu Zhou Master, but he’d been stuck at this step for almost a hundred years. To that end, he returned to his hometown, took a small group and went on expeditions, increasing their power in battle gradually, but he just could not seem to advance. As time flowed on he gradually felt more hopeless. No longer having the ambition to advance, he instead stayed in his clan, working hard to pass on everything he knows to posterity.

When he heard that 12th obtained his Innate Fu at the age of nine, he was shocked.

Qin Han held 12th’s hand, smiled, and said, “It’s obvious…… Master adores you very much, haha, I envy you. Come, sit! This is a gift from an old fellow disciple.” He held out a Fu, and smilingly gave it to 12th.

12th respectfully gave his gratitude, “Thank you brother!” He could feel the care Qin Han had for his younger disciple-brother.

Holding the Fu in his hand, he inspected it carefully. Shocked, he said, “Spirit Fu?”

Luo Jie was also shocked, he stood up and said, “Xiao Han, so generous! What Spirit Fu is it?” Spirit Fu were very valuable, and in the Four Great Sects Spirit Fu were one of the rarest of them all.

Qin Han smiled, “This was obtained in the Mysterious Lands; it’s a very strange Spirit Fu, not particularly powerful, but maybe that’s because I used it wrong……”

Luo Jie said, “Let me see.” He took it and inspected it carefully and couldn’t help but widen his eyes, saying, “Xiao Hand, this isn’t Spirt Fu, it’s True Spirit Fu! No wonder you didn’t activate it correctly!” He handed it back to 12th.

At that moment, 12th could feel his own Innate Fu fluctuate.

He willed it, and exhaled a green fog which quickly formed a fist-sized green glowing orb in front of his chest. Orbiting the green orb were two smaller orbs, one red and one silver. Luo Jie knew what those were, the silver light was the Fu Door’s Spirit Fu, the red one was that True Ancient Fu.

Qin Han exclaimed, “That’s Innate Fu! How is this possible?! Wha…… What…...” He lost his composure as he stuttered in shock. Luo Jie laughed proudly, saying, “Haha, as expected of a little Demon Child. You’ll frighten people to death, haha, hahaha!”

12th’s expression was very stern as he held out his hand and the True Spirit Fu began to vibrate.

Qin Han stared in shock and awe; once upon a time he tried countless times to absorb that Fu into his own Innate Fu, but he wasn’t successful even once. As such he wasted a lot of time he could’ve used to try to advance into a Great FuZhou Master. He didn’t know that the reason was because his Innate Fu wasn’t advanced enough, it couldn’t contain the power of the True Spirit Fu.

A streak of faint golden light rose from 12th’s palm, and quickly entered the vicinity of the Innate Fu Orb, turning into a small sphere of faint golden light that rapidly orbited his Innate Fu Orb.

Gobsmacked, Qin Han asked, “Su…...Success? It…… It…… It was that easy?”