Chapter 4 – Star Warrior

In this city of immigrants, at the end of a remote valley where a tiny worn down house was located, Nie Feng’s hardship had yet to end.

All the clothes on his body, as well as the wooden bed underneath him had turned into ashes. He was now sitting on the floor all naked; his body as red as a cooked prawn. His muscles were convulsing, and blue veins could be seen protruding from all over his body.

Due to him absorbing too much Starforce, invisible flames diffused from his body, forming illusionary fires in Nie Feng’s surrounding. The temperature within the room was constantly increasing, as if the room was a burning hot oven.

Black filth seeped out of his pores and was instantly burned away by the heat.

The great amount of Starforce that came from the starry sky was currently tempering Nie Feng’s body, causing all his blood, skin, membrane, muscles and bones to undergo a rebuilding process.

At this moment, Nie Feng had no idea how lucky he truly was, because there was no way body tempering with Starforce could be so powerful. At most, it would just simply clean the body of some impurities while slightly changing the body’s constitution, and it wouldn’t last as long. 

But at the same time, Nie Feng was really unlucky, because his Starforce tempering process lasted three times longer than normal, and he had to endure much greater pain.

The reason he was able to endure it was because of his immense willpower!

Nie Feng had taken life and death lightly since he crossed over and was reborn. After going through the hardship of death, there was nothing else that could cause his soul and will to shake!

When pain reached the extreme, a great calm followed after.

When his will overcame the pain his body was feeling; when his sea of consciousness got rid of all distracting thoughts, the words from the “Sacred Sense” chapter began emerging one after the other, turning into bright golden symbols that shone as brilliantly as the dazzling starlight!


[TL: sound chickens make…]

The silvery cry of a chicken broke the silence of dawn. Sunlight streamed into the tiny house through the gaps between the windows.

Nie Feng awoke from his deep slumber.

He had a very long dream, as if he had returned to his mother’s womb; surrounded by the warm and gentle liquid of life. He didn’t have to think or do anything; just enjoy the warmth of comfort and serenity.

After waking up, the surrounding world had changed completely to Nie Feng’s senses.

Everything inside his room had become extremely clear. He was able to see all details of a spider who was making a spider web in a dark corner, and he was able to glance through all the tiny bits of dust that was floating in the sunlight. He could even see a tiny little sand grain laying on the wooden frame of his worn out window.

Aside from his vision improving, Nie Feng’s hearing had become much sharper as well. He could hear the sound of a chicken digging through soil, pecking on tiny worms. He could hear birds tweeting on a nearby tree, and he could even hear someone who was strolling across an alley further away…

It was a wonderful and refreshing feeling!

However, there were some changes within his body that were even more astonishing!

Nie Feng felt a scorching hot aura flowing within his body, repeatedly circulating between his viscera, limbs and bones. It was full of vigor, and carried an endless amount of energy. As long as he needed it, he could have it explode forth at any moment.


And right where his heart was, an orange colored nebula had appeared at an unknown time. It was completely covering Nie Feng’s heart, and the countless sparkling star specks were following the rhythm of his beating heart. 

The nebula was the source and home of Starforce. It was formed with Starcore Energy, which was condensed from Starforce. It was circulating around and guarding the Natal Origin Star that was hidden deep within the center of his heart – the Mithras!

Starforce, Starcore Energy and the Natal Star; together, they formed the foundation of a Star Warrior!

A feeling of immeasurable joy flooded into Nie Feng’s entire body, causing him to clench both his fists tightly.

This was because he had successfully overcome the toughest obstacle of the Martial Path! He had mastered the Sacred Sense, separating himself from the ordinary masses. As long as he continued condensing Starcore Energy, invigorate his meridians and form the ring, he would be able to become a genuine Star Warrior! 

A brand new world had opened its doors for Nie Feng.

He now possessed the foundation that allowed him to establish himself in this world, and with this, he would be able to climb the summit of supremacy!

After spending some time, Nie Feng was finally able to calm himself down.

He had currently only taken his first step on the Martial Path; he still had a long way to go. What he needed now was a skill that could help him invigorate his meridians and form his ring.

A skill like this could only be learned from those at the Local Dojo.

The problem was that the Local Dojo wouldn’t just pass on their arts for free. Although he had mastered the Sacred Sense, and had the qualification to officially seek a teacher; a generous gift to the teacher was essential. 

Without paying any money, or without paying enough money; how could he expect those warriors from the Dojo who has no relationship with him to devote their time to teaching him?

That’s just beautiful thinking!


While thinking about the money problem, Nie Feng suddenly had a really bad feeling.

He was cultivating the Sacred Sense last night, and he successfully visualized his Natal Origin Star, resulting in him attracting Starforce to temper his body. As a result, the overflow of the heat burned all his clothes and his bed, including his hair and brows.

His old clothes and bed being burned to ashes didn’t really matter, as he could just get new ones, and his hair would still regrow soon. However, the awful part was that he was actually carrying quite a large amount of money in his pockets.

Was all that money still intact?

Nie Feng quickly began searching through the ashes piled up beside his body. In the end, he found that all the coins had melted and flowed down between the soil and rocks. Unless he dug it out and forged it all once again, it would be impossible to use them anymore.

Feeling helpless, he could only force a bitter smile and stand up from the ground.

Luckily, the wooden closet in the corner of this little room was still intact. Nie Feng retrieved a set of clothes from the closet and put it on his body.

When he left the room, he started pondering about where he could find the money he needed.

At the little courtyard outside of his room, Ye Qingniang was in the middle of preparing breakfast. Her two children were impatiently watching the steaming hot food, adorably drooling with desire as they watched.

Ye Qingniang had given birth to twins; one boy and one girl. The boy’s name was Nie Xiaohai, and the daughter was named Nie Xiaoying. Both of them were five years old this year.

After her husband passed away, she had taken the responsibility to raise her two children, while also taking care of Nie Erwa'zi, her good for nothing brother-in-law. It was a really difficult job for her.

“Mother, little uncle has become a monk!”

When the sharp-sighted Nie Xiaoying saw Nie Feng, she immediately exclaimed, “All of his hair is gone!” 

Ye Qingniang turned around in shock, “Erwa, what’s going on?”

Nie Feng found it both amusing and annoying as he touched his bald head. He had no choice but to explain, “I had lice in my hair, and it was really itchy. I couldn’t get rid of it all, so I just shaved it all off. I feel much better now.”

Ye Qingniang didn’t have any doubts about what he said, she just grumbled, “But you can’t just shave your brows… wait here.”

She hurriedly rushed to the kitchen, and soon after returned with a piece of wooden charcoal and a towel. 

Ye Qingniang wrapped Nie Feng’s bald head with the towel. After that, she carefully drew brows on Nie Feng’s face.

Nie Feng just sat still and let her do her thing. A warm feeling emerged in his heart.

He was an orphan in his previous life, and he had been brought up by his master ever since he was young. After his master passed away, he had started roaming the world, seeking the absolute pinnacle of the Martial Path. He didn’t have any family members nor lovers, and it had been a really long time since he felt someone taking care of him.

Ye Qingniang’s kindness had touched the softest spot in Nie Feng’s heart. He silently made up his mind; no matter what happened in the future, he would definitely take good care of her and her two children; provide them with a life free of any worries.

This could be considered paying back the debt of gratitude for taking over Nie Erwa’s body!
“It’s done!”

After finishing drawing the brows, Ye Qingniang felt satisfied with her work.

Although the original owner of Nie Feng’s body was a profligate youth, he actually possessed an extraordinary appearance. And, after having his body tempered by Starforce, his temperament had become hugely different from before. His juvenile temperament was gone, and a sense of manliness had started to shine.

The more Ye Qingniang looked at him, the happier she became. She couldn’t help but say, “Erwa’zi, as long as you turn to a new leaf, your sister-in-law will definitely find you a good family and let you marry a beautiful and virtuous wife!”

“That butcher Zhang’s daughter is just nothing, bah!”

A smile emerged on Nie Feng’s face, “Sister-in-law, I’m still young, so I’m in no hurry to look for a wife. I’ll have to find a job first.”

Pausing for a moment, he continued, “Also, don’t call me Erwa in the future, just call me Nie Feng; Feng of the sharp blade.”

Hearing what he said, Ye Qingniang was startled for a short moment, but her pretty eyes soon became red.

Her little brother-in-law had finally grown up and become sensible!

Tears were visible in her eyes, and a smile of gratification was visible on her face. She nodded her head, “Alright, I’ll call you Nie Feng from now on!”