Martial God Conqueror - Chapter 05

The sarcophagus was hanged in suspension in an antiquated house made of blue limestone, the way it stood made it seem like it were an ancient palace, blue-green limestone paved the floors, the whole building was surrounded with vicissitudes of an olden era.

The layout is extremely simple, only some wooden tablets of Du Clan’s ancestors were placed, the blue limestone walls were carved with some mystical runes on all four sides, they are profound and extremely complicated. Primeval traces surrounds the place; in short, this blue limestone antique house is an ancestral shrine.

"Again inside this."                   

Organizing his thoughts, Du Shaofu did not feel strange, in these ten years, he had already lost count how many times he woke up within the sarcophagus in the ancestral shrine.

Du Shaofu remembered that roughly ten years ago, he was scared out of his wits the first time he woke up in the ancestral shrine hall’s sarcophagus. Thereafter, almost every morning, he will find himself waking up in the sarcophagus, it terrified him so much that he went to look for his Eldest Uncle and Second Uncle about it.

But since he was saddled with the nickname, 'foolish young master', none of the Clan members believed him, and some even reprimanded him for being naughty. They thought that he was insane enough to climb inside the sarcophagus within the ancestral and sleep.

Some of the family elders specifically warned Du Shaofu that the sarcophagus is something inherited from Du Clan ancestors, it is sacred in nature and if he crawls inside the sarcophagus again, severe family punishment awaits.

Even though waking up in the sarcophagus was not a daily occurrence now, he will still find himself waking up in the sarcophagus within the ancestral hall for a few days each month. He had never been able to figure out how he got there.

To find out how, Du Shaofu even went without sleep for a few nights or pretended to be asleep, but all his tricks proved In the morning, he would appear inside the sarcophagus, it still remains a mystery as to how and when he is transported.

Eventually, Du Shaofu got used to it and no longer discussed it with the family, either way, Du Shaofu is clear, even if the matter is brought up, not only it is impossible for anyone to believe him, he might even bring upon the family’s punishment to himself.

Waking up from the sarcophagus for so many times, his initial shock and fear turned into excitement and anticipation. Everytime Du Shaofu wakes up from the sarcophagus, he noticed that his physique improved. You could also say that he received great benefits everytime he woke up in the sarcophagus.  


Initially, when Du Shaofu wakes up from inside the sarcophagus, his body and his clothes will be wet, they are also covered with muddy black sweat and a horrible stench.

After several times, the sweat became cleaner and clearer and the smell is no longer there.

During this period, Du Shaofu felt his body getting better each time as if his body had gone through a quenching marrow pulp-washing. After comprehending the ancient stone tablet, the first style had gotten easier to use, it also speeds up the recovery of the martial veins along with many other benefits.

Du Shaofu can feel the changes in his body’s waste martial pulse, it seems different from the general martial pulse, Du Shaofu is unable to describe specifically what had changed.

"My Xuanqi is fuller and more condensed, this sarcophagus must be a treasure."

Du Shaofu jumped down from the suspended sarcophagus, sensing the improvement inside his body, he turned back to look at the sarcophagus, his bright eyes revealed traces of suspicion for he is certain this sarcophagus is definitely a treasure.

"Time to go to Martial Collection Building to look for an exercise law."

Du Shaofu muttered lightly, his body’s xuanqi, being fuller and more condensed, feels like it’s about to burst anytime. If xuanqi in his body really explodes, it definitely will not be something pleasant.

Quickening his steps, Du Shaofu left the Du Clan ancestral shrine which is inside a mountain. The site of the ancestral shrine is hidden quite well to the point where almost no one will notice the ancestral building. it is unknown which of the Du ancestors built it. 

Martial Collection Building is where Du Clan keeps its’ collection of martial arts and precious items, it is one of the most important places in Du Clan compound. Even Du Clan Elders cannot freely enter, whereas the juniors need permission every time they want to search for martial exercises or skills.

Even though permission is granted for juniors to enter the Martial Collection Building, mishaps may happen as the one guarding over the Martial Collection Building is Fu Lao[1].

The only way to get pass Fu Lao is when he is in an excellent mood or all efforts will be fruitless, without something delicious or fun, they would not get any martial skills or exercises. Normal tricks don't work on Fu Lao because he’s not an ordinary old man, if he does not allow anyone to enter the Martial Collection Building, one can only wait obediently.

Fu Lao’s real name is Fu Yibai. Even the Patriarch has to be respectful and bow in greeting when Fu Lao is in front of him. This proved that Fu Lao’s status within the Du Clan is very high.

Many said that Fu Lao has been with the Du Clan for a very long time, he was already in Du Clan from when the previous two generations’ of Patriarch was alive, in short, Fu Lao could be referred to as the three generations’ Elder.

According to some people, Fu Lao have martial cultivation while others say he doesn’t, some even say that he has a little. No one truly knows whether Fu Lao have any martial cultivation or not since no one has seen him use it. However, this doesn’t affect his status in Du Clan as a three generations’ Elder or his status as the keeper of the Martial Collection Building.

The Martial Collection Building located at the center of the Du Clan compound is divided into three floors. Although the area is not large, it is absent of any grand decorations, frankly speaking, it’s a little bit dilapidated but still charming nonetheless.

When Du Shaofu arrived at the Martial Collection Building, he saw a dirty old man in shabby clothing with a few straws of weed in his white hair, holding an old ramshackle broom swaying left and right, sweeping the ground with dust flying everywhere.

That old man sensed someone coming, so he looked up and saw Du Shaofu’s figure, his expression immediately changed, he turned around to leave without any intention to look back.


Du Shaofu deliberately faked a cough and looked at the white-haired old man that was about to leave, he opened his mouth conversationally and said quite affectionately: "Bai Lao, are you sweeping?"

Hearing Du Shaofu’s voice, the old man turned back awkwardly towards Du Shaofu, his wrinkly face forcefully squeezing out a smile, he chuckled and shamelessly said: "Big Brother, I did not see you just now. What brings you here?”