Martial God Conqueror - Chapter 06

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If someone of the Du Clan saw this shabby old man referring to Du Shaofu as big brother the entire Du Clan would flip out.

Who is this old man? He is the esteemed Fu Lao, even Patriarchs have to bend and salute to, but he is calling the foolish young master, big brother, this is definitely shocking.

"I came to see you, and to take a walk  in the Martial Collection Building."

Du Shaofu seemed quite satisfied to Fu Yibai’s attitude, however when Fu Yibai heard that Du Shaofu wanted to enter the Martial Collection Building, he curled his lips revealing an old yellowed front teeth, he looked at Du Shaofu: "You want to go inside again, you do know that the Martial Collection Building is not a place to come and go as you please? "

"Do not forget I am your big brother, do you have any opinions?"

Du Shaofu stared straight at Fu Yibai without budging, raising his eyebrows, and said lightly : "Who swore  that the lost party will call the one who won Big Brother, to adhere unconditionally to Big Brother’s words, the person to  violate this oath will forever feel the to urge to urinate and  a lifetime of hemorrhoids!"

"No opinions, no comments, because you are my Big Brother."

Listening to Du Shaofu’s words, Fu Yibai’s face wilted, forcing out a smile, chuckled and said in a small voice: "You go in, I'll stay here as a lookout, just look at whatever you want, any problems come look for me”

"En, Lao Bai, I like your attitude, rest assured, I had promised you earlier, in front of other people, I would give you face." Du Shaofu patted Fu Yibai’s shoulder in a satisfied manner and strode casually into the Material Collection Building.

This little bastard, if he is a real fool how fortunate it would be, but it was  all just a pretense. Looking at Du Shaofu’s back, Fu Yibai cursed  vehemently, “if I knew I would not have made such venomous oath”.

Reminiscing the bet, Fu Yibai wanted to cry but no tears would come out, several years had passed but he still couldn’t figure out how he lost, and worst he lost to a fool.

He had bet  so many times in his lifetime, that was the only time Fu Yibai miscalculated and lost unknowingly, that oath was made by him and remembering that venomous oath, Fu Yibai touched his withered butt.

"Fu Lao, can I have permission to go to the second floor to pick a martial skill?"

At this time, a fine dressed young man happily ran towards Fu Yibai, to be permitted to pick a martial skill from the Martial Collection Building are usually those that were rewarded by the family.

"Picking a  martial skills, what’s the use of learning so many martial skills, biting off more than you can chew, sweep the floor for me."

Fu Lao’s mood was  not very good, immediately looking upset he threw the broom to the young man and left without looking back.

"Yes, Fu Lao"

Young man’s happy face was replaced with an aggrieved look but there is no other way, with the broom in his hands he honestly started sweeping.

This is not Du Shaofu’s first time inside the Martial Collection Building, since he could sneak in without other people knowing, the Du Clan’s martial exercises positions is something he knew like the back of his hand.

The purpose of coming to the Martial Collection Building this time is to find a suitable exercise law.

Exercise laws are divided into four levels, the strongest being the Heaven rank and the lowest, the Yellow rank, each level is further divided into three grades of order namely the early, intermediate and high-grade.

Most of Du Clan’s main descendants practice only one of the three exercise laws, the strongest set of exercise law is said to be called 'Purple Qi Sunworship Scripture', it is an early grade Mysterious rank exercise law that only a small number of extremely important members of the family is allowed to cultivate.

Families of the side branches cultivates the 'Unfathomable Righteous Tactics’ or 'Bright Moon Tactics'. Both are Yellow rank high grade level exercises.

Du Shaofu is very much at home on the third floor of the Martial Collection Building where all the high grade martial arts of the Du Clan is kept.  Since he is going to cultivate, Du Shaofu plans to cultivate a high grade exercise as no one in the family cares anyway, sometimes there are benefits of being a fool, there was nothing the family could do even if they were to find out later.

The third floor of the Martial Collection Building is very spacious, exuding an ancient aura. Not many things are placed on this floor. Apart from the Patriarch, nobody else would be allowed to roam freely like what Du Shaofu is doing.

"Where is the Purple Qi Sunworship Scripture?”

Du Shaofu still couldn’t locate the ‘Purple Qi Sunworship’ exercise law after going around the third floor, he saw both 'Unfathomable Righteous Tactics’ and 'Bright Moon Tactics', but these two sets of exercises law is not what Du Shaofu wanted.


While searching for the ‘Purple Qi Sunworship Scripture’, Du Shaofu suddenly heard a breeze blow past behind him.

"Who is it"

Golden light flashed cross Du Shaofu’s eyes, he reacted instinctively by retreating rapidly and turning sideways while congealing a handprint, xuanqi rushed out and enveloped his body, winding and twisting in strange arcs before gathering in his palm. He made a fist that has a faint talisman pattern and strike out directly onto the breeze’s direction.

"Chi la!"

The breeze dispersed, blowing against Du Shaofu’s forehead. Du Shaofu was thrown back from the impact, he staggered a few steps back before stabilizing his body by leaning it against the wall. He raised his bright eyes to look around the entire third floor of the Martial Collection Building, but it was empty, not even a shadow could be seen.

"Ei, what is this?"

Instead of shadows, Du Shaofu saw an interesting object, but he was unsure of how the object fell from the crevice corner of the wall right onto Du Shaofu’s forehead.

If not for the few steps of retreat that shook the walls, the object wouldn’t have fallen down. Du Shaofu’s lifted the object with his hands, it was a small glowing bronze tower with the size of a thumb, it looked dusty and unremarkable. Obviously, no one has noticed this thing at all.

Du ShaoFu evaluated this humble tower and it seemed nothing extraordinary, it is probably a toy or a small gadget. Du Shaofu’s mind is more focused on figuring out who made the sneak attack on him.

"In the end, who was it that attacked him"

Putting the little tower away, Du Shaofu wondered who was the one who attacked him earlier but this can wait till he gets out of the building.

Although he did not find the ‘Purple Qi Sunworship Scripture’, it is not in his character to leave empty-handed. He can still practice martial skills as he cannot use the mysterious first style every time.

Going through the introduction of some of the martial skills, Du Shaofu picked up a martial skill and some items that interest him.

Finally, Du Shaofu went down to the second floor and did the same before leaving, feeling satisfied.