Martial God Conqueror - Chapter 101

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Du Shaofu avoided two energy sphere attacks. He slid three steps to the side, and flicked his purple sleeves as he raised his hand, his palm faced out and a pale golden xuanqi glittered on his fingertips.

Handseals changed, his five fingers clenched into a fist and Du Shaofu punched out, aimed at space in front where the fabric of space seemed warped.


A low explosion resounded, and the surrounding space shook instantly and shattered like a mirror. Huge energy fluctuations spun out in all directions and then returned to normal.

Du Shaofu took a quick look around and found out that he was still at the same place as before when he entered the formation, however, time had passed, and it was already dusk instead of morning.

“How could it be, how is it possible, how could you have succeeded without my guidance? Destroying the array in a just a few hours!” 

A shocked Zhen Qingchun materialized in front of Du Shaofu, and as if his brain froze for a second, an inconceivable look emerged from his wretched face.

He couldn't understand it no matter how, it was Du Shaofu’s first time coming in contact with array formation, but he could break the array that he had arranged in merely few hours.

Although Zhen Qingchun claimed to casually layout a Two Star array formation, the fact was that in his current condition, arranging a low-level array formation was the best that he could muster. He doesn’t have the power for higher-level arrays.

Still, a Two Star array formation for a greenhorn who had just come in contact with arrays, without proper guidance, they could be trapped inside for three months or more. Worse of all, stay inside for life.

But this abnormal bastard in front of him had actually destroyed his array in just a few hours’ time, how could Zhen Qingchun not be jolted senseless?

This abnormal kid was truly born as a genius Spirit Talisman Master, whether it was alchemy or array, he only needed a little guidance to comprehend it. In fact, even without guidance, he comprehended them.

Seeing Zhen Qingchun’s shocked expression, Du Shaofu was glaring fiercely at him instead, demanding: “Zhen Qingchun, you better give me an explanation!”

Zhen Qingchun woke up from his state of shock, took a deep breath and seriously looked at Du Shaofu: “Explain, explain what? You think I pranked you on purpose?”

“Wasn’t it?” Du Shaofu’s anger was rolling like tidal waves.

“If I don’t let you experience the real thing, you think you can destroy the array so quickly, you think you can comprehend it so fast?” Zhen Qingchun answered the question with questions.

"This…” Du Shaofu blanked briefly, and the anger in his eyes receded a little.

Zhen Qingchun snorted, “Humph, I don’t teach inept. Rest early tonight. Tomorrow we will continue practicing array formations, so you can master an array of your own. And also have better achievements in spirit talismans.”

Finished saying this, Zhen Qingchun turned into a wave of energy and entered the little tower that was kept near Du Shaofu’s chest.

Du Shaofu was a little confused, scratching his head. His anger had already dissipated as he smiled wryly: What Brother Qingchun said is reasonable, I must have wronged him.

Back to his courtyard, Du Shaofu took a bath and changed into a clean robe. By the time he was done, it was already dark outside. So, he sat cross-legged on the bed, practicing the Great Origin Soul Mantra, working towards a breakthrough in spirit talisman.

The same routine repeated for the next few days. During daylight, Du Shaofu would be at the back mountain studying array formations, and at night, he would practice the Great Origin Soul Mantra to enhance his spiritual force.

Of course the so-called ‘studying’ array formations were where Zhen Qingchun would layout a formation and throw Du Shaofu inside, letting Du Shaofu to solve it by himself. Thus, a bit of suffering is unavoidable, causing Du Shaofu to scream and howl miserably, coming out in an embarrassing state.

Du Shaofu was still unaware that this was Zhen Qingchun’s revenge, in his heart he was really grateful towards Zhen Qingchun.

However, Zhen Qingchun would always end up shocked at the end of the day as Du Shaofu’s comprehension in array formation grew stronger by the day.

In the end, Zhen Qingchun couldn’t resist guiding Du Shaofu with a few sentences.

Seven days passed by quickly, and it was dusk of another day.

“Your progress is not bad, continue to deepen your understanding on your own.”

Zhen Qingchun said to Du Shaofu, a residue of shock was still obvious in his eyes. Only he knew of the monstrous improvement that this kid had in array formations in the past several days.

Those talents being nurtured by grand sects to become Spirit Talisman Masters might not experience such improvements even in three years’ time.

Of course, for this judgment, Zhen Qingchun was very confident. After all, someone who was taught by him was sure to leave those so-called top forces’ talented seedlings in dust.

“We are not continuing this tomorrow?” Du Shaofu was a little reluctant, his interest towards arrays was on a peak these days.

“You think I’m not tired after arranging one formation every day?”

Zhen Qingchun gave Du Shaofu a stern glare and said: “At night, adjust your condition; you must give me some xuanqi and time to recover. During this time, go through what you have learned.”

“En,” Du Shaofu nodded.

The morning of the next day, when Du Shaofu’s xuanqi reached the robust peak, he transferred them into the little tower and was absorbed by Zhen Qingchun without being polite in the slightest.

By the time he recovered from the depletion, a day had passed.


Breathing out a turbid qi through his mouth, Du Shaofu stood up. Golden lights gleamed in his eyes, feeling relaxed and comfortable all over.

“Where did that Demonic Scale Tiger went?”

It had been more than a week since he had seen its shadow, making Du Shaofu worry a little.

He wasn’t worried about the Demonic Scale Tiger’s safety, instead, he was worried if something bad happened to it after taking his blood….

A while later, when Du Shaofu was about to go to the back mountain to practice, he was stopped by the main yard’s steward, saying that his Eldest Uncle has looked for him twice, but haven’t been able to catch a glimpse of his shadow, the steward waited at his courtyard from early morning.

Du Shaofu was puzzled but headed to the study just the same, and saw his Eldest Uncle and Second Uncle.

From them Du Shaofu got the news that the Ye Family had already sent people to notify them that the Demonic Lightning Lion’s vitality has recovered, and the poison in its body was fully removed. Thus they sent someone here to thank Du Shaofu.

At the moment, the Demonic Lightning Lion had entered into seclusion, it seemed that it had received a great benefit and very likely, it could break through to another level. However, at the peak Border level, if the closed-door practice was prolonged, no one could estimate how long it would take.

The Demonic Lightning Lion getting well, Du Shaofu was very happy about it, proving that his effort that day was not in vain.

If the Demonic Lightning Lion could enhance its cultivation, stepping into the Beast King realm, then at that time, it would be Stone City that benefitted from it.

Du Zhenwu passed the numerous dans and martial skills from the Ye Family to Du Shaofu but Du Shaofu did not take them all. He just picked a few items that he wanted and left the rest to his uncles' arrangement. It would not have much use even if he took them.

“Eldest Uncle, are the things regarding the Qin and An Family settled?”

Du Shaofu thought of the two families, seeing how things went, it was unlikely that these two families could have any foothold in Stone City anymore.

A ripple of emotion crossed in Du Zhenwu’s eyes looking at Du Shaofu, and said: “We, the Ye and Bai Family negotiated for a long time and finally decided to destroy the cultivation of those reaching Xiantian, all of their assets were confiscated, and the rest of the families is banished from Stone City.”

Du Shaofu did not say anything, for the Qin and An Family, it was already the best outcome that they could wish for.

If the Ye Family, Bai Family and the Du Clan were a bit more ruthless, Qin Family and An Family feared that they would end up more miserable.

The night was dark as ink. Tonight, the moon was dim, and it was the stars that shone brightly instead…..

In a grand hall, a thin old man looked at Cao Tianmang with awe in his eyes, saying, “I didn’t expect Lord Duke’s injuries could heal so fast, not only that, Lord Duke’s cultivation seemed to have advanced as well.”

“Old Heng, this all is due to a noble person’s assistance.”

Cao Tianmang’s burly stature took two steps forward and sat in the huge throne in the hall, his hand raised, revealing a muscular arm that's as hard as rock. Looking to the thin old man, he said, “Old Heng, order the twelve mayors within Liuyun County, three days later, besiege Stone City. I want to turn Stone City into a flat land; I want red blood to dye the city!”

Hearing this, the thin old man was shocked, “Lord Duke, Stone City is not simple. Last time Lord Duke was injured, shouldn’t we tread more carefully? I received some news saying that the Demonic Lightning Lion has appeared.”

“He he"

Cao Tianmang sneered coldly, the coldness in his eyes glinted, “The Demonic Lightning Lion has reached its true end. Stone City, I absolutely will not let it go!”

“Lord Duke, the Demonic Lightning Lion is dying, are you sure about this?” The thin old man stared fixedly at Cao Tianmang, his eyes showed an undisguisable feverish desire.

“Of course I am sure.”

Cao Tianmang nodded. The two super expert had no need to lie to him, and this time, not only did he want to flatten Stone City to avenge his grudge that day, he must snatch the Demonic Lightning Lion’s arcane bone and blood essence.

“Very well, I will tell the people below to arrange.” The thin old man nodded.

“Old Heng, this time, you go with me. With you around, Stone City is already ours.” Cao Tianmang said with gloominess in his eyes, a fierce fluctuation broke out from his body.

“Okay.” The thin old man nodded again, desire was burning in his eyes.


In the back of the mountain at night. Tonight, the shy moon hid behind the clouds, causing the night land to be engulfed in darkness….

On a huge boulder, Du Shaofu sat cross-legged with a pale golden light shrouding over him, with the occasional power of lightning snaking around his body. Du Shaofu secretly praised the cultivation law, ever since he progressed into the second stage of physique refining law—tempering bones and meridians cleansing—his physical body had become increasingly stronger.

However, thinking of the condition that he needed to cultivate the second level, Du Shaofu felt his head ache. The first stage was still bearable, using the energy in elixirs to temper his flesh. At worse, he only needed to spend some xuanbi to buy elixirs.

However, tempering the bones and meridian cleansing was not so easy—he needed to consume demonic beasts’ blood essence, in raw form; using the violent energy inside the demonic beasts’ blood essence to achieve the effect of bones tempering and meridians cleansing.

Nonetheless, the requirement for the demonic beast’s blood essence was quite high. He must use the blood essence of the demonic beasts that were listed on the Heaven Rank List.