Martial God Conqueror - Chapter 102

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The higher the rank of the demonic beasts, the more effective their blood essences are for tempering the bones and marrow cleansing. Average demonic beasts’ blood essence has downright no effect at all.

“Really an abnormal method, ah...”

Du Shaofu smiled with bitter helplessness. It's definitely not an easy task to get his hands on the blood essence of a Heaven Ranked demonic beast. With his current level of strength, it was basically a suicide.

So, Du Shaofu had no other choice but to put the Physique Refining Law at the back of his mind for the time being. Heaven Ranked demonic beasts? Even if he came across a cub, he would need to run for his life.

“There seem to be something different after the Demonic Lightning Lion’s lightning power and the Golden-winged Garuda’s Physique Refining Law combined?”

Observing the changes in his body, Du Shaofu could feel that there were some subtle changes. That kind of subtle change was related to the Demonic Lightning Lion’s power of lightning, and it seemed to have added a lightning power in his body.

But the feeling was too subtle and ambiguous to determine clearly, perhaps the Demonic Lightning Lion’s bloodline couldn't be compared to the Golden-winged Garuda’s bloodline. But, who knows, there was a chance it might increase in the future.

Ending his handseals, the golden light shrouding Du Shaofu during practice disappeared, and a weak power of lightning drilled into his chest through the robe. It was too weak and vague, if one didn’t carefully look for it, it would remain unnoticed.

Du Shaofu coincidentally looked down, it was due to the darkness of the night that he noticed the small worms of lightning drilling back into his body accompanied by his xuanqi, disappearing somewhere within his body.

With a surprised expression on his face, Du Shaofu took out something from his robe – it was a strange bone about the length of a palm. It's extremely hard, and seemed impossible to be crushed. The surface of the bone was filled with dense marks that looked like arteries and veins that went deep into the core of the bone.

Du Shaofu had studied this beast bone like thing many times before; other than noticing that this beast bone seemed to be only half of it, he had no other findings.

He obviously felt that there was something extraordinary about the beast bone but he could not say exactly what it was. However, just now, Du Shaofu could clearly feel the power of lightning drilled into the bone.

“Maybe…. This beast bone reacts to the power of lightning.” Du Shaofu muttered softly. 

Motivated, he held the beast bone in the middle of his palm and directed a stream of pale golden xuanqi towards it, there was a vaguely discernable power of lightning flowing within the pale golden xuanqi as they wrapped around the beast bone.


Suddenly, when Du Shaofu’s xuanqi fell onto it, the always quiet beast bone reacted as if it came alive! A breath fluctuated from it, and involuntarily, the xuanqi in Du Shaofu’s body went out of control and continued to flow into the bone, as if sucked by an endless abyss.  

“Why did it turn out like this… shit!”

Du Shaofu was startled, and he struggled only to find that he was unable to remove the beast bone from his palm. He stared wide-eyed as his xuanqi turned into a meal for the other.

When the xuanqi in his body was nearly depleted, the beast bone went through a sudden transformation, the unfathomable vein like marks on its surface started to glow and vibrate.

A dazzling light burst out from the beast bone, bright as the sun, and at the same time talisman runes flooded out like a raging wave.


The fiery dazzling light that came from the beast bone engulfed Du Shaofu in an instant. The dazzling light contained a strange power within that Du Shaofu had no resistance to, the light continued to wrapped around him as if it wanted to separate him from the surrounding void.

This abrupt and strange incident caused even someone as fearless as Du Shaofu to be afraid.

But, as things are at this point, it wasn’t something that he could control. He stared at the dazzling light that dominated him and watched that hard beast bone shattering to pieces in the light.

*Xiu xiu….*

In the next moment, those flickering talismans turned into a stream of ancient runes, boring between his eyebrows and into his mind.

A powerful energy rushed into his consciousness, causing an anguish pain that tore his soul ㅡ unable to bear it, Du Shaofu fainted.

In a state of vagueness, Du Shaofu seemed to have entered a dream-like state, there were mysterious lights that came from flickering runes.

The chain of talismans transformed into a series of magnetic runes that Du Shaofu had never seen before.

He was unclear why but he seemed to understand the meaning of these runes.

“The Dao of Heaven and Earth comes from Yin and Yang, the origin of all things; Heaven, Earth, sun, moon, lightning, wind and rain. In the four seasons, there is neither first nor last, including man and woman, rigid and flexible, static and dynamic, all things and everything is divided into Yin and Yang.”

“The essence of life comes from Yin and Yang, the two qi formed the body’s hundred bones, meridians, muscle and flesh, stomach and back, the five viscera and six bowels, even the seven weakness points [1], and eight advantage points. Every part of the body come from the essence of Yin and Yang. Humans move parallel with Heaven and Earth, resonates with the sun and the moon, one body with the void, bridging the Heaven, answering all beings….”

The series of ancient runes shone like bright fireworks in Du Shaofu’s brain; fully integrating into his mind.

A pain that he had never experience before pierced his sea of consciousness as if his brain was about to explode.

The ancient runes were branded deep into his mind, and could not never be removed.

“The Heaven and Earth considered humans as flies, for the Great Dao is Its shadow. The fundamental of life lies in the spirit. Your true self follow the loop of Heaven and Earth, as long as your spirit remains, you remain everlasting. To build the spirit, you first must build the light, without true light, the spirit is hard to keep……”

As Du Shaofu chanted these words, he could clearly feel that the pain in his head gradually lessened. A strong spiritual energy entered his sea of consciousness, enhancing his spiritual force following the chant of these ancient runes.

Reciting these words could actually lessen his pain, thus Du Shaofu repeated the verses again and again, and as he did, his sea of consciousness seemed to expand, causing another bout of head-splitting pain.

One of the courtyards in the Du Clan’s compound.

On a wicker chair in the yard, Du Tingxuan’s eyes were hazy, the putrid smell of alcohol coming from him could melt a hole in space.


Suddenly, a sharp glint flitted across his eyes, and he looked towards the mountain behind the Du compound. As if he could feel a unique energy fluctuation coming from there.

Night enveloped the Du Clan’s Martial Collection Building. On the roof of the three-storey building, a blue-robed, white-haired old fellow was staring fixedly in the direction of the mountain. The wrinkly face moved slightly, and in a moment he disappeared from the spot.


The next day, at the break of dawn.

Blurry shadows of the midnight star twinkled weakly, and the mountains peaks were veiled by a thin layer of fogs, adding mystery to the serene scenery. On the horizon in the eastern sky, on the edge of the mountain range, the glow of a copper light was burning…..

In the back mountain, Du Shaofu was shrouded entirely in a mysterious white light; the white light was like a divine glow, exuding an oppressive atmosphere.

When the white light dispersed, Du Shaofu’s closed eyes opened instantly, revealing the shock in them. He felt that there was a change in his body that made his jaw drop, unable to recover for a very long time.

“Three Star Spirit Talisman Master, this farther is already a Three Star Spirit Talisman Master!”

After what seemed like half a day later, the truth finally sunk in and Du Shaofu jumped up gleefully with a trace of disbelief on his face.

But sensing the many times stronger spiritual force and the changes in the Niwan Palace inside his mind after checking repeatedly many times over, he finally concluded that he had truly advanced to a Three Star Spirit Talisman Master level.

In one night’s time, he advanced! Jumping from an early Two Stars Spirit Talisman Master to mid, late, and peak stages straight into Three Stars.

Advancing a whole level, how could Du Shaofu not be shocked?!

But how? Du Shaofu had no idea!

Checking his entire body once again, Du Shaofu noticed great changes.

As if he had undergone another time of cleansing marrow, however, this time it wasn’t his body, it was the Niwan Palace in his mind.

The originally strong spiritual force in his Niwan Palace had become vigorous and abundant after this time’s transformation.

Not only did it increase his spiritual force, it also contained an ancient vicissitude atmosphere in it.

“That beast bone, that must be it.”

Gradually, Du Shaofu calmed down, and recalled that what had happened must be related to that piece of beast bone.

That hard beast bone had shattered; even the series of flickering ancient runes in his sea of consciousness had disappeared.

Fortunately, Du Shaofu had memorized every word while in pain, and was embedded in his little brain.

He was unable to clearly describe the changes, but he was sure that that beast bone was a treasure, just like what he felt the first time he saw it.

No matter what, having advanced in spirit talismans made Du Shaofu inexplicably happy.

Advancing to a Three Stars Spirit Talisman Master while he is only a Xiantian, and not a Pulse Spirit warrior has far exceeded his expectation.

Thus, it can be said that his current achievement in spirit talisman was higher than his martial cultivation.


Stone City was its usual tranquil self; in the next two days, Du Shaofu focused his effort in comprehending the mysterious ancient runes.   


Note: [1] The Seven Orifice