Martial God Conqueror - Chapter 103

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A thought flashed through his mind and it occurred to Du Shaofu that those flickering ancient runes could be a cultivation law, unfathomably profound as if it encompassed the mysteries of all living things in its scope.

After practicing for a while according to the method derived from the ancient runes, Du Shaofu found out that it is actually a cultivation law that enhances the spiritual force, and the effect was much greater than the Great Origin Soul Mantra that Zhen Qingchun had taught him, and not by a mere grade or two!

This was much to Du Shaofu’s astonishment and ecstasy. For two consecutive days, he had been practicing, following its law and stabilizing his spirit talisman cultivation in the Three Stars Spirit Talisman Master level.

As he advanced, not only was his spiritual force enhanced greatly, even his understanding in array formation received a considerable progress.

Dusk of another day arrived, grayish skies approached from the eastern horizon and blanketed Stone City in the night sky.

“Early Three Stars Spirit Talisman Master…. You brat broke through to this level…….!”

By the time Zhen Qingchun came out from the little tower, his triangle-shaped eyes protruded till it almost fell out, observing the breath fluctuation that was coming from Du Shaofu, he felt like he was seeing a ghost. Dumbfounded and aghast was written all over his face.

“I was practicing and practicing, and then suddenly, I broke through,” Du Shaofu smiled without shame.

However, Zhen Qingchun is no fool. He shook his transparent head, staring straight at Du Shaofu, he said: “Not right, something must have happened to you kid, otherwise, you could not have advanced so fast.”

Du Shaofu rolled his eyes at Zhen Qingchun, but he still frankly recounted what had happened with the beast bone to Zhen Qingchun.

“Earth considered humans as flies, for the Great Dao is Its shadow. The fundamental of life lies in the spirit, as long as your spirit remains, you remain everlasting…..” Zhen Qingchun muttered faintly, and his transparent silhouette seemed to enter a certain state, and a dazzling white light can be seen spreading out from his transparent body.

A long time had lapsed before the dazzling white light dissipated, revealing a dumbstruck Zhen Qingchun looking at Du Shaofu, inhaling deeply, “Kid, you found a fortune!”

“What do you mean?” Du Shaofu tilted up his head and asked.

“What you exactly got, I can’t be sure as of now.”

Zhen Qingchung faced Du Shaofu seriously, but deep inside his wretched eyes, a light burned brightly. “It could be a set of a mid-Heaven grade cultivation law or higher, and it is specifically for enhancing spiritual force. But, what I’m sure of is that it is not complete.”

“A mid-Heaven grade cultivation law or higher?” Du Shaofu was thrilled upon hearing this.

Cultivation law was divided into Heaven grade, Earth grade, Mysterious grade, and Huang grade.

Every grade has three levels distinction from an early level, mid-level, and high level.

The existence of a Heaven grade cultivation law was legendary, and now, there was a chance that this cultivation law belonged to a mid-Heaven grade or above, the preciousness of it can't be imagined.

“Right, I’m very sure it is a mid-Heaven grade or above cultivation law, that is specifically for practicing the spiritual force, there are much profound esoteric within, far more than any cultivation law that I have come across in my life.”

Zhen Qingchun’s eyes trembled. At this moment, he had to admit that he envied the abnormal rascal in front of him.

Someone that cultivated in the Golden-winged Garuda’s cultivation method as well as a freak talent in spirit talisman.

Wasn’t it true? Simply picking up a bone, he could get a Heaven grade cultivation law; that is a cultivation law that is much higher than the one he practiced, ah. It seemed that every good thing in this world fell into this bastard’s hands.

Any Heaven grade cultivation law’s appearance was enough to make those masters of the top forces go crazy fighting over it.

Even those forces don’t have a Heaven grade cultivation law lying around.

Perhaps, only ancient existences rumored in legends have a Heaven grade cultivation law.

“That means this little thing is very valuable?” Du Shaofu smiled faintly.

 It seems that his luck is not too bad, just a stroll around the Martial Collection Building and he picked up a Heaven grade cultivation law.


Zhen Qingchun wished he could just exterminate this kid off with one palm. This kid actually dared to use money to measure a Heaven grade cultivation law.

“You better not leak it to anyone that you have an incomplete Heaven grade cultivation law, if you did, I can guarantee you that the world’s most terrifying experts will hunt you down to snatch it.” Zhen Qingchun gave Du Shaofu a stern glare.

Du Shaofu shuddered upon thinking of such a scene, and he understood the meaning of treasuring a jade ring becomes a crime [1], then he asked weakly, “Brother Qingchun, I, I told you…you won’t harm me, your little brother, for this Heaven grade cultivation law, right?”

“I really want to squash you with one palm.” Zhen Qingchun glared at Du Shaofu sideways and snorted: “Hmph, although this cultivation law is great, nonetheless, it is still an incomplete version. Furthermore, the cultivation law I practiced is not bad, once you started on one cultivation law it is impossible to change or abandon the current cultivation law.”

“Like this ah….” Du Shaofu raised an eyebrow.

“Despite that, your incomplete version is quite beneficial to me, let me comprehend it for some time, maybe I can have some good harvest. In the future, you practice according to this. Although the Great Origin Soul Mantra was good, it was still a bit lacking in helping you increase your spiritual force.” Zhen Qingchun said to Du Shaofu.

Du Shaofu nodded, and then he pestered Zhen Qingchun about the aspects in array formations that by the time they finished, the sky had already turned totally dark. Du Shaofu made his way back to the courtyard.

Sitting in a lotus position on his bed, Du Shaofu started practicing seriously according to the method stated in the cultivation law.

One after another ancient runes emerged in his sea of consciousness, each exuded strong energy fluctuations which greatly benefits the spiritual force.

In the blink of an eye, Du Shaofu was shrouded in a dazzling white light, the energy fluctuations around him could cause a man’s soul to quiver.

Night in Stone City was tranquil, other than the vociferous noises that were coming out from the brothels.

The waves brought by the removal of Qin and An Family subsided. After all, these kinds of events can’t affect them.

That, and the Ye Family has always been viewed as the monarch of Stone City, the Qin and An Family being banished from the city was nothing but well-deserved.


Dawn, the morning light brought out the blue and green hidden in darkness during the night.

The rising sun shone brightly in red, never before has anyone seen the sun shining so bright red akin to fresh blood. Suddenly a fireball shot across the sky, light, and shadow mutated as more than a hundred beams of light were casted over Stone City’s morning.

*Boom! Boom! Boom!*

In the serene Stone City morning, suddenly a series of thunderous explosion reverberated in the air.

“What is it?!”

“Not good, this is Stone City’s alarm, strong enemies are coming!”

“It has been several hundred years since Stone City is attacked, how could there be a strong enemy attack out of nowhere. Let’s check it out!”


As the series of warning resounded in the air of Stone City, every individual of the city quickly jumped out from their beds and headed out.

*Sou! Sou!*

Numerous figures appeared in the air in a flash.

“Looks like there are actions from the Ye Family again.”

“Yes, there are movements coming from the Bai Family and Du Clan ……”

The residents of Stone City exclaimed, looking at each other. At this moment, in the direction of these three families, burning flames akin to the sun rose.

“Residents of Stone City, listen up! Today, there are strong experts of the enemy attacking us. When a nest capsized, how can there be any eggs that are safe, everything will perish. Warriors of Stone City, follow the three families to resist the enemies, we will ride over this storm united!” Mayor Ye Baolin’s voice resounded throughout Stone City like raging waves.

“Really, strong enemies are attacking!”

A pandemonium broke out in Stone City with Ye Baolin’s announcement. Some of their faces ashen instantly.

Du Shaofu was awakened from his cultivatio with all the ruckus, he hastened to the Du Clan’s main hall and noticed all the Du Clan experts had already gathered.

“Eldest Uncle, Second Uncle,” Du Shaofu chose to stand beside his uncles.

“Shaofu, it’s great that you are here, information from outside the city came. Cao Tianmang led twelve Mayors and fifty thousand troops to our city. He definitely had ill intentions. Afterwards, you must be careful, pay attention to your safety.”

Du Zhenwu rushed out without delay, bringing the experts of the Du Clan with him after dropping some cautionary words.

"Cao Tianmang!” Du Shaofu frowned. 

He actually followed behind the group of the Du Clan experts that had just left; with the Du Clan guards, siblings, and experts headed towards the city walls.

Stone City was a border town at the edge of the empire, on the side was the Wild Beast Mountains, so there was only one city gate.

When the Du Clan came to the city walls, both the Ye and Bai Families had almost arrived at exactly the same time.

It was neither the time nor situation to exchange perfunctory greetings with each other, acknowledging each other with brisk nods of the head, and their sights were immediately focused and turned towards outside of the tightly shut city gates.

In the outer perimeter of the city’s front door, a troop consisting of several thousand soldiers were lined up in neat tidy rows.

At the very front were powerful demonic beast mounts that exuded coercive auras, painting the picture of a jagged and majestic army.

The momentum coming from the experts were shocking, more than a hundred Pulse Connecting warriors. And even more Xiantian warriors.

The breath fluctuations that were coming from the dozen of people at the center front was stifling, without a doubt, all of them had reached the peak of Pulse Connecting or above, and a few hidden Pulse Spirits.

A burly figure was riding on a Storm Gale Snow Stallion – Cao Tianmang.

“Everyone in Stone City, hear my words. Hand the Demonic Lightning Lion’s arcane bone and blood essence to me, open the gates and surrender. Otherwise, I will flatten this puny Stone City!”

Cao Tianmang looked at the flashing silhouettes on the city walls opposite to him; his cold indifferent voice echoed in the air. Under the influence of xuanqi it reached every corner of Stone City, every resident heard his words.

“It really is Cao Tianmang, it seems that most of his injuries had recovered, ah.”

Standing on the city wall, Du Shaofu’s attention was on Cao Tianmang at the very front of the troops, sensing the breath fluctuations that was coming from his burly body, there was a keen feeling that Cao Tianmang was even stronger than a few days before.

“Cao Tianmang, you still dared to come hankering in our Stone City!” Ye Guang bellowed. 

Unfortunately, Lightning Ancestor is in closed-door practice, if not, they are not afraid to face one Cao Tianmang.”