Martial God Conqueror - Chapter 104

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“You’ve have reached the end of the road; I’ll ask you one last time, surrender or resist!” Cao Tianmang snickered. 

Although the walls of Stone City were high, the experts that he brought together were not few in number. Mere high walls could not stop his steps, it was as easy as flipping his hands to flatten Stone City.

“Cao Tianmang, I advise you to leave immediately, otherwise, you’ll absolutely regret this!” Ye Guang continued to negotiate from the city walls. 

Lightning Ancestor is in closed-door practice, with the current strength of the three big families they do not have enough power to go against Cao Tianmang and the number of experts from Liuyun County that he brought over this time. However, it looks like Cao Tianmang had steeled his heart to ruin Stone City!

“Shaofu, where is the Demonic Scale Tiger?”

Du Zhenwu frowned, and then his head cast down and asked Du Shaofu beside him. The Bai Family still has Bai Wei, a Pulse Spirit warrior; and the Ye Family has Ye Guang but the Du Clan has no Pulse Spirit expert in their midst ah.

“The Demonic Scale Tiger went to practice, I think.”

Du Shaofu also had a solemn expression on his face, the Liuyun County troops that Cao Tianmang brought this time could be said to be overwhelming for the current Stone City.

Since the last war, the three families were in a recuperative period. Though they managed to root out the Qin and An Family, it was akin to killing one thousand of the enemy while eight hundred of your own people died.

Furthermore, this time, they had already lost in the number of people even before the war started. The number of people well enough to actually fight amounted no more than five to six thousand people from all the three families; including those who rushed to join the three families after the last war, it might even reach ten thousand people.

On the enemy’s side, there was a mighty force of fifty thousand strong experts that were specially selected elites, how could Stone City defend against them?

Hearing that the Demonic Scale Tiger was not around, Du Zhenwu’s face became gloomier, he said to Du Shaofu: “Shaofu, don’t take any risks later, act according to the situation.”

Du Shaofu nodded, if only Senior Demonic Lightning Lion is here... Unfortunately, it went into closed-door practice, and judging from the situation, there was no one in Stone City that could hinder Cao Tianmang.

“Mayor Ye, What do we do?” Bai Jiru asked Ye Baolin, his voice strained.

“Fight to the death, Stone City will not surrender without fighting!”

Ye Baolin’s determined voice rang out as discernible xuanqi fluctuations swirled around his body, and being shrouded by his xuanqi, flashes of lightning could be seen deep in his pupils.

“All of Du Clan’s brothers listen up, if the enemy trespasses into our city, KILL!” Du Zhenwu’s cold voice reverberated from above the city wall, his eyes contained a chill as he commanded the Du Clan.

“Jie jie, looks like they are choosing the penalty wine. KILL!” Cao Tianmang bellowed and his hands were lifted up and swung forward.


Instantly, the xuanqi of fifty thousand soldiers shot to the sky, a terrifying atmosphere swept out like a hurricane aimed at Stone City.


From the tens of thousands of soldiers came a righteous yell, their silhouette sprinted towards Stone City’s gates.


Cao Tianmang made his move, emitting a horrible atmosphere of xuanqi. His burly figure shot to the front, being the first to lead his troops towards the city gates.

“Cao Tianmang, you will definitely regret this!” Ye Guang shouted, and in a flash, his silhouette dove down the city walls as his lighting wrapped fist struck at Cao Tianmang.

“Struggling in vain, thinking to reverse the situation with your mere strength? Ye Guang, you’re already old and useless, if you know what’s good for you, swiftly hand to me the Demonic Lightning Lion.”

Cao Tianmang’s foot stamped on the ground, his body shot forward like an arrow, and mercilessly struck out his fist, colliding with Ye Guang’s fist head-on.


The impact sounded like rumbling thunder and Ye Guang was sent flying backwards.

Ye Guang had yet to fully heal from his injuries last time whereby Cao Tianmang not only healed, his cultivation was also enhanced. Initially, Ye Guang and Cao Tianmang’s strength were similar, this time, however, Ye Guang could hardly stop one move of Cao Tianmang’s.


Bai Wei flew down the city wall, bringing a vigorous energy fluctuation.

“Tiny Stone City actually has two Pulse Spirit experts, truly unexpected ah!”

As Bai Wei made his move, a cold voice remarked sardonically, and four figures were seen rising to the air.

Three old men and one middle-aged man emerged, all had powerful energy fluctuations coming from them. Each of them was an early Pulse Spirit experts that weren’t any weaker than Bai Wei.

The strong pressure that was coming from them enveloped those standing on the city walls.

“No mercy!” Cao Tianmang snickered and gave a command.

The current Stone City is vulnerable in his eyes. Once again, he lunged onto Ye Guang after giving his command.

“Leave this person to me.” The middle-aged man amongst the four targeted Bai Wei and pounced onto Bai Wei without further ado.

These four people were the Mayors of the four strongest cities under the Liuyun County’s jurisdiction, from long ago, they had wanted to conquer Stone City.

“Let us make our move too!”

The three old men had grim expressions on their faces, charging to the city walls. Forming handseals, runes swirled and crashed heavily against the thick city gates.


The entire city door trembled; the thick steel gates could not withstand the three Pulse Spirit experts’ combined attacks. In an instant, the frames gave out and the thick steel gates fell to the ground, cracked lines zigzagged up the walls at the same time as loose gravel crumbled down.

*Deng! Deng!*

Above the city walls, the many families’ experts lost their balance, dark clouds descended on them.

“Color Stone City red with blood!”

Watching the sudden crumble of the city gates, the soldiers outside the city raised their hands and cheered, then, in the next moment, cold killing intent pierced the sky as they stared at the opened entrance.

“Let blood flow in Stone City, KILL!”

The fifty thousand Liuyun County soldiers’ morale reached its peak, their xuanqi broke out like a flood. Killing intent soared and descended upon Stone City like it had a will of its own.


“Protect Stone City!”

Experts of the Ye Family, Du Clan, and Bai Family bellowed, murder was evident in their eyes.


The soldiers from Liuyun County seemed to cover the earth with their presence, rushing into Stone City like a great tsunami. In the blink of an eye, an intense battle broke out against the Stone City experts that were guarding  the city walls.

At that moment, beast roars shook the city, and energies clashed as a sea of people collided.



Terrifying killing intent blanketed the sky above Stone City.

“Shaofu, pay attention to your safety!”

Du Zhenwu and Du Zhixiong reminded Du Shaofu before jumping down from the city wall together with the Du Clan experts, diving into the wave of Liuyun County soldiers. The Bai Family, led by Bai Jiru, followed from behind.


In Stone City, weapons trickling with fresh blood sung endlessly, irons clashed, igniting sparks due to the fierce collisions.

A bloody war completely broke out!

“Stone City is hard pressed, everyone fight. Ahhhh!”

Inside the Stone City, as long as it was a resident that had some cultivation joined the fray, still, it was an uphill battle against the mass numbers of Liuyun County soldiers.

In a short span of time, both inside and outside the city was dyed red, spilled blood flowed into a river!

Even more horrifying compared to the internal strife war between the five families.

This was slaughter in its purest form!

Weapons clashed with cold lights.

Fists and palms struck, the smell of blood thickened.

Tragic screams did not cease, red blood spurting from every corner, coating the high walls a glaring red.


Watching the bloody scenes before him, Du Shaofu’s wrath erupted.

*Bang! Bang! Bang!*

Du Shaofu joined the war, shrouded in a dazzling golden light, sending the enemy flying in his path as he jumped right into the midst of the Liuyun County soldiers.


Du Shaofu pounded an early Pulse Connecting warrior into meat patty with one punch.

*Bang! Bang! Bang!*

The beast mounts were twirled into projectile weapons by Du Shaofu, and he moved onto two people in armors, holding one in each hand, he banged them fiercely against each other.

Bones crushed, and both armored soldiers vomited blood. The light in their eyes dulled instantly.

Du Shaofu was really angered. These Liuyun County people came as they like, killed as they like, too brutal and cruel.

If the Stone City experts could not hold the city, it would be a nightmare for the millions of innocent lives inside the city.


The residents of Stone City resisted with zeal, however, they were gradually weakened. But everyone still fought their fiercest, already prepared to die as their eyes turned bloodshot, lunging on those from the Liuyun County.

Bodies fell nonstop, one after another, anguished screams reverberated at the city gates.

At this point in time, Du Shaofu could no longer control his anger when he saw a familiar silhouette of the Ye Family fell while he could do nothing about it – human lives seemed so insignificant.

The strong made the rules, for the first time, it made Du Shaofu feel how crucial was one’s strength and the strong desire to enhance himself.

“This kid is quite strong!”

An old man that had just blasted away an early Pulse Connecting warrior blocked Du Shaofu with appreciation in his eyes. In the next moment, his figure flew towards Du Shaofu without any hindrance, his hand shaped into a claw, grasping onto Du Shaofu’s shoulder.

All the experts from Stone City were being sieged, one fighting against many, even the only two Pulse Spirits, Ye Guang and Bai Wei, could nary help themselves.

Du Shaofu’s expression was grave, this old man is a Pulse Spirit expert, not a level he could fight at the moment.

“Have to go all out!”

Du Shaofu knew very well that he needed to use his all of his power against this old man, the gap between a Xiantian and Pulse Spirit was just too large. He put everything into the mysterious first style that he had gotten from the stone tablet.

In a split second, Du Shaofu was already forming handseals, and in that moment, it felt like a tidal wave of runes were about to burst out from his body. His purple robe fluttered as if there was a strong gale. The ground beneath his feet cracked, exuding a tyrannical and indomitable atmosphere.

When the claw neared his shoulders, Du Shaofu suddenly let out a thunderous roar from his throat akin to a dragon crying to the Nine Heavens, like an Elephant Deity trumpeting…..


Mysterious runes broke out, soaring to the sky, turning into numerous palm prints, in the next moment it gathered together to form a magnificent fist print.