Martial God Conqueror - Chapter 105

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Enshrouded in runes, the fist carried a momentum that could shatter the vast sky, it directly collided into the claw print that was coming from the old man.


The seemingly intense impact did not generate a grand and thunderous explosion that people expected, but a silent terrifying shockwave swept out like an Armageddon tidal waves.

In the eye of it all, the Pulse Spirit old man’s powerful claw seemed more powerful, however, in the collision against Du Shaofu’s fist, the claw cracked as if it met its natural nemesis that could easily restrain it.

Everything happened too fast, when the terror of the shockwave swept out, the old man’s figure was seen staggering back more than ten steps.

“How could he be so strong!” Shock filled the old fellow’s eyes.

That brat really is a peak Xiantian level? At peak Xiantian level he faced a hit from an early Pulse Spirit like him?? This is insane!

*Deng! Deng!*

Du Shaofu was nearly flung back from the force, fissures spread on the ground every time his feet landed while he stumbled backward; blood with a faint golden hue flowed out from the corner of his mouth.

“Pulse Spirit is too strong for me at the moment!”

The end of his purple sleeve wiped the blood off his mouth. There was a solemn expression in his eyes and he was looking slightly pale.

Countering that one claw had exhausted all of his energy, and the collision earlier had strongly jarred his internal organs.

Du Shaofu was glad that he had reached the second stage in the Physique Refining Law, or else, he would have been seriously injured by now.

“Brat you are quite strong, but you can go down now!”

It did not escape the Pulse Spirit old man’s eyes that Du Shaofu had exhausted everything to block his attack just now. Revealing a cold sneer, a murderous aura surged as the old man’s xuanqi broke out, leaping at Du Shaofu again.


At this time, up in the sky came a resounding tiger’s roar that made hearts quiver, causing the Pulse Spirit old man’s attack to falter for a moment.

In the crimson streets dyed-red by the blood-soaked battle that was going on, countless eyes looked up from different corners of the city, and what they saw was a huge flying tiger, flapping its mighty wings, coming in their direction.

The wings that were more than twenty zhang shook, raising a gale tempest, and as fast as lightning, it swooped down ferociously!

“Demonic Scale Tiger!”

Du Shaofu looked up, a faint smile emerged on his pale white face.

“My Du Clan’s Demonic Scale Tiger is here!”

Watching the dignified huge flying tiger, the Du Clan’s experts' fighting spirit rose to the peak! And it spread to the Bai and Ye Family!


The tiger’s roar shook the sky like it was pouncing on a prey, the Demonic Scale Tiger descended on the early Pulse Spirit old man, in its simple bright eyes, the killing intent within was suffocating.

The old man’s face looked awkward. He had no idea why the moment this demonic tiger appeared, it targeted him – as if there was an unforgivable blood feud between them.

He panicked when he sensed the horrifying momentum that was coming from the Demonic Scale Tiger, the old man connected to his spirit pulse, bright runes whirled around as a thick, and strong xuanqi gathered behind him, condensing into the surreal shadow of an entirely black demonic wolf.

*Ao woooo!*

The demonic black wolf's shadow roared towards the sky, and it emanated a foul blood smell that stagnates the air. Quick as lightning, the demonic wolf spirit pulse leaped towards the Demonic Scale Tiger.

The terror of the demonic wolf spirit pulse made ripples in space.


The Demonic Scale Tiger’s stretched back and growled as if in mocking, it did not put the demonic wolf spirit pulse in its eyes at all. Its wings flapped and it sprinted forward, its claw slashed down, and moon-shaped claw prints pummeled into the demonic wolf spirit pulse in a domineering style.

On the tiger’s claw, around the swirling runes there were hints of golden glow.

The terrifying momentum of the fight between the wolf and the tiger caused great damage with powerful mysterious runes enhancing their strengths. The buildings on the streets crumbled into ruins.


The demonic wolf pulse spirit quivered with pain, in the next moment, the warriors fighting below saw the demonic wolf’ shadow were shredded by the tiger's claws. The Pulse Spirit old man’s body was jogged backward from the rebound.

“Mid-Pulse Spirit realm!”

The early Pulse Spirit old man was shocked, the Demonic Scale Tiger’s cultivation was actually higher than him, adding the tough physique of a beast, he knew that he wasn't the Demonic Scale Tiger’s opponent.

“Xiaohu had a breakthrough, it seems there really is something different ah.” Du Shaofu exposed a faint smile. The Demonic Scale Tiger was missing for so many days, and now that it is back, it actually advanced.

There was a faint golden hue glow on the Demonic Scale Tiger’s claws and wings that weren’t there before.

And its already strong momentum was even more terrifying.

“I didn’t expect that other than the Demonic Lightning Lion there would be a mid-Pulse Spirit Demonic Scale Tiger here, it had just broken through not long ago, everyone work together, we’ll share the benefits equally!”

Two more old men appeared beside the ashen-faced old man. They were the two of the three Pulse who had demolished the city gates, and Mayor of cities within the Liuyun County.

These two old men scrutinized the Demonic Scale Tiger with undisguised greed.

A recently breakthrough mid-Pulse Spirit Demonic Scale Tiger.... The possibility of killing it was extremely high if they cooperated.

“Xiaohu, KILL!”

Frigid cold light glinted in Du Shaofu’s eyes as he watched the warriors of Stone City fall around him, his anger and killing intent soared.

Only by killing the stronger experts first can Stone City have a chance of surviving this.


The Demonic Scale Tiger roared and pounced onto the three Pulse Spirit old men without fear.


Hurricane rose when it flapped its wings, the howling winds brought apprehension into their hearts!

“Attack together and subdue that Demonic Scale Tiger!”

The three old men turned solemn seeing that the Demonic Scale Tiger made the first move. They then connected with their spirit pulse and xuanqi gathered behind them.


One turned into a strange yellow carapace beast that was densely covered with thick yellow scales that looked like a striking armor. Letting out a low rumble that sounded like thunder, it jumped towards the Demonic Scale Tiger.


The other old man also made his move. Xuanqi and runes combined as he connected to his spirit pulse, condensing into another unique beast, a cross between a wolf and a dog. However, the strong energy fluctuation that was coming from it was unmistakable.


In an instant, the Demonic Scale Tiger was battling the three early Pulse Spirit old men. Chaos was everywhere that no one could see what took place.  

Horrible shockwaves exploded in endless waves.

“Kill ah!”

“Drown Stone City in a river of blood!”

Inside Stone City, warriors on both sides were almost manic with killing, eyes red seeing only blood. As they fought on desperately, tides of people ran out from Stone City, killing and blocking the Liuyun army’s advance in their city.

*Bang! Bang! Bang!*

Energies blasting, explosions after explosions resounded throughout Stone City, fist against palm, and dazzling xuanqi erupted like brilliant fireworks in the sky.

Contrary to the usual joyous and happy faces, underneath that brilliant fireworks were desperation, blood, death, and killing.

In the end, the three families and many of Stone City’s residents were unable to stop the Liuyun County troops, the disparity between the number of Xiantian and Pulse Connecting warriors were too overwhelming, and Stone City ‘s people were butchered.

Several of the city's streets were already flowing thick with blood!

“Brother Qingchun, do you have any way to help me?”

Du Shaofu took out the little tower, on his pale white face were scarlet bloodshot eyes.

Watching the brothers of Du Clan tumble to the ground, Du Shaofu felt a tearing pain in his heart for the siblings that shared the same bloodline.

He lived in Stone City since he was small, now watching people who stayed in the same city as him dying, their blood flowing in the streets made Du Shaofu unable to remain detached. Yearning and wishing that he was powerful and strong enough that he can stop Stone City’s nightmare himself.

“I’m just a spiritual body that is very weak, how can I help you? If this was before, I can kill these ants with a sneeze.” Zhen Qingchun’s voice came from inside the little tower; he could clearly see what happened on the outside.

“Don’t talk about the past, talk about now, do you have a way or not?” Du Shaofu asked urgently, in every second there are a large number of Stone City’s people losing their lives.


At this time, Du Zhenwu was besieged by three peak Pulse Connecting warriors, and finally, he was overwhelmed. Blood spewed out from his mouth as he was hit, and was thrown away.

“Initially, there is no way, but since you are a Three Stars Spirit Talisman Master now, there is one method. However, this approach is damaging to a certain extent to the both of us.”

“Your physique is abnormally strong so the side effects are not severe, but the little strength that I had managed to restore in the past few days would be gone and would be reverted to the way I was before. Perhaps I would fall into a slumber for three to five years.” Zhen Qingchun said to Du Shaofu.

*Bang! Bang!*

In that split second, Du Shaofu saw his Eldest Uncle, Du Zhenwu, once again fall into a disadvantageous position in another round of siege attack, blood spurting as he grew weaker.

“Brother Qingchun, help me this time, I will do my best and double the payment.”

Du Shaofu was extremely worried, eyes red-rimmed as he looked pleadingly at the little tower.

“If I don’t agree you surely will hate me for the rest of your life, ai, who told me to be your sworn elder brother and got picked up by your pirate ship[1]. Remember to treat your sworn elder brother with respect in the future.”

From inside the little tower, Zhen Qingchun’s voice instructed: “Relax your mind, I will use my spiritual force to enter your sea of consciousness and borrow your body, I haven’t tried this for a long time, I wonder if I’m a little rusty….”

“Jie jie, go die!”

In the group of people besieging Du Zhenwu, a middle-aged man was skilled in speed; his hands formed seals, xuan qi and runes condensed into a sharp energy long sword and appeared right before Du Zhenwu.

Du Zhenwu was repeatedly injured, and at this point, he doesn’t have much strength left to resist; a look of despair floated up his face….

“He won’t die!”


[1] Got onto/picked up by your pirate ship – taken for a ride.