Martial God Conqueror - Chapter 106

Edited by Fingerfox and Lifer.

A sharp cold voice cracked through the air, and a purple-robed young man was seen standing in front of Du Zhenwu as a horrifying dynamic energy overwhelmed them, new fissures appeared on the ground. The young man caught the long sword energy with one hand.

*Ka ka!*

The energy long sword quivered, and in the blink of an eye, it was crushed.


Staring at the sudden appearance of a purple-robed young man, the middle-aged man was confused and shocked at the same time, the breath fluctuations that he sensed actually made him feel trepidation, the terror of that kind of strength.

“Go to hell!”

The moment the energy long sword was crushed, the young man did not delay; with a cold bellow, his hand turned into a fist and punched the middle–aged man. Runes circled around his fist, bursting in a terrifying power, and shot out like lightning.


Energy blasted onto the middle-aged man’s chest, and taking the impact, he was knocked flying with blood spurting from his mouth. His life force was decimated in that instant.

“How come this punk is so strong, no wonder he could contend against a Pulse Spirit warrior just now.”

The remaining two peak Pulse Connecting attackers, that sieged Du Zhenwu earlier, looked ugly when they saw what happened to their companion. They turned to flee.

“No need to run, stay behind, forever!”

The young man’s voice sounded again but there was something different about it.

*Xiu Xiu!*

When his voice fell, energy soared and two runic fingerprints flew out, piercing through space, faster than a quicksilver.

*Chi! Chi!*

The two peak Pulse Connecting warriors that wanted to flee had a fingerprint penetrating their body through and through, they tumbled to the ground without further movements.

“Something doesn’t seem right ah….”  

Du Zhenwu had a puzzled expression on his face, he could feel the atmosphere that was coming from Du Shaofu was unique, and different as if it was another person entirely.

“Ei, there is actually a plausible Spirit Talisman here, one that practices array formation.”

‘Du Shaofu’ ignored Du Zhenwu for his attention was on a spot in the sky.

A lean old man was standing there hovering in the air, just standing there his aura made people’s hearts palpitate with unease. Every time he attacked, there was a unique talisman rune fluctuations, killing a large number of Stone City’s people, the number of people that died in his hands were countless.

The thin old man exuded a strong atmosphere high up in the air, every attack was swift, cruel, and ruthless.

Suddenly, as if the thin old man felt something, he looked around, only to find a purple-robed young man appearing in the empty space before him.

“Ei, not a Pulse Spirit, not possible….” There was a momentary dazedness in the thin old man’s look, only Pulse Spirit experts could stand and walk on the air, apparently, this young man in front of him has not reached that level yet.

“Early Four Stars Spirit Talisman Master…..” ‘Du Shaofu’ scrutinized the thin old man without a change in his expression.

“You are Du Shaofu?”

The thin old man’s gaze was fixed onto Du Shaofu, observing the sharp resolute face, the thin old man’s expression darkened.

He had heard about Du Shaofu, the same person who had nearly crippled Cao Qitai.

‘Du Shaofu’ shot a glance at the thin old man from the corner of his eye, “Want to fight then fight, so much noise, this father is not familiar with a ‘small’ little Four Stars Spirit Talisman Master like you.”

“Little animal, I don’t know what taboo law you used so that you can hover in the air, but I will destroy you today!”

The thin old man had never thought that the other side did not put him in his eyes, he gnashed his teeth in anger hatefully.

Strong energy fluctuated, accompanied by the surging talisman runes that seemed to affect people’s mind and soul. The whirlpool condensed into a palm print and was aimed at Du Shaofu’s chest.

“To destroy this father, you are not qualified, if I have a tenth of my strength it is enough to destroy one thousand of you!”

‘Du Shaofu’ muttered under his breath as he watched the vicious palm print that was coming for him. Then, his figure retreated inexplicably. He flicked his sleeve, a bright sea of runes wrapped around the palm print in an instant.


Within the bright sea of runes, a strange energy gushed out, directly shattering the palm print confined within; shrinking into a sphere of light, the group of bright runes darted towards the thin old man.

“What is that strange energy…”

Seeing the abrupt change, his heart tightened. Not daring to overestimate himself, he condensed an energy barrier with full force to block the sphere of light.

*Ka ka…..*

It was just that the energy barrier that the thin old man condensed wasn’t strong enough, it was shattered into smithereens by the impact from the light sphere. Being pushed back forcefully, the thin old man wobbled, his face looked ugly.

“Quick look, that’s the Du Clan’s Du Shaofu.”

“He is fighting such a strong expert, has Du Shaofu’s strength reached that the level too!”

“Hope he could aid the three families to protect Stone City ah!”

All eyes in the city were focused on the purple-robed young man that could stand on air. As the dazzling star of the five families’ junior competition last time, could he still bring about a miracle this time to protect Stone City. Hope surfaced in the midst of despair.

“Ai, can’t do much ah, too little power was restored.”

After shattering the think old man’s energy barrier, ‘Du Shaofu’ seemed greatly dissatisfied.

“The power in your body does not belong to you, it was borrowed…..”

As a Spirit Talisman Master, the thin old man quickly discovered the secret in Du Shaofu’s body.

That strange powerful force did not belong to that purple-robed young man, his face sank even gloomier as he blurted the words. Handseals spread across the thin old man’s fingers.

Talisman runes fluctuated, transforming into one formation flag after another, totaling thirteen in all.

“An early Four Stars Spirit Talisman Master that could barely arrange a four stars array is already not too bad.”

While the old man was condensing formation flags for a layout ‘Du Shaofu’ was watching with interest with a judging stance.

“Absolute Wind Killing Array!”

The thin old man shouted. Fusing all the energy in his body into the thirteen flags as soon as the formation flags were formed, his face turned deadly pale from the effort.

*Xiu Xiu!*

With a wave of his hand, the thirteen formation flags flew out in different directions, locking ‘Du Shaofu’ in the middle.


When the thirteen formation flags were in place, the space around ‘Du Shaofu’ shook violently.

In that split second, fierce howling in high altitude, chaos in the fabric of space with swirling talisman runes, drew the might of heaven and earth to form a powerful killing array in the sky.

Array formation formed, blotting out the sky, letting darkness fall over Stone City!

A four stars array formation laid by an early Four Stars Spirit Talisman Master was sufficient to trouble a late-Pulse Spirit expert, even a peak-Pulse Spirit would have a headache.

Array formations were a large area killing method.

Thus, Array Masters are considered as having the strongest attack power amongst Spirit Talisman Masters.

Spirit Talisman Masters has exalted status, even higher and honored compared to a warrior of the same level of cultivation.

“Heavens, that is a Spirit Talisman Array Master!”

“What a strong formation, it seems Du Shaofu is trapped inside!”

Worried eyes looked at ‘Du Shaofu’s direction, the power of the array was too strong, it's not something people of their level could oppose.


Ye Guang was in a desperate situation fighting against Cao Tianmang and another burly man, Bai Wei, the blood-drenched Ye Baolin, Du Zhixiong, Ye Zhijin, Bai Caiyi, and the rest paled at the sight of ‘Du Shaofu’ being trapped inside a killing array.


Cao Tianmang sneered, seizing the moment when Ye Guang was distracted, violent energy spiraled towards Ye Guang with a brush of his sleeve, hitting Ye Guang squarely on the shoulder.

Ye Guang was injured from last time’s battle, adding on Cao Tianmang’s increase in strength, he had taken many hits in this fight, and was weakening as the battle wore on.


Another attack sent Ye Guang flying more than ten meters away before he could steady his body, fresh blood spurted from his mouth.

Gaining the upper hand in two attacks, Cao Tianmang did not stop, turning into a streak of lightning, he flew towards Ye Guang…..

“Want to play talisman runes in front of this father, you've really lived too long!”

A laughter sounded from inside the array formation, a different energy emerged within the fierce howling wind and the sky blotting array, shaking the entire formation.

The thin old man’s pupils shrunk while observing this development, his strongest card that could bind even a late-Pulse Spirit expert, the Absolute Wind Killing Array – exploded!


Turbulent hurricane of energy shot into the sky, shaking the entire Stone City. The overwhelming sky-blotting terror of an array formation dissolved in the most mundane way.


The pale thin old man lost all the color on his face, an unbelievable shock was plastered all over him, with blood dripping down from his mouth.

At the same time, a purple-robed silhouette emerged from the destroyed array, enshrouded in a resplendent glow of runes. He then landed a strike on the thin old man’s chest mercilessly.

Everything happened too fast, taken by surprise and defenseless, the old man took successive hits, staggering back.