Martial God Conqueror - Chapter 108

Edited by Fingerfox and Lifer.

“You!! Don’t trample on my ants, they are precious”

Fu Yibai clamored indignantly as if the ants were a precious treasure to him.

The drunken Du Tingxuan did not speak and did not look back, wobbling forward towards one direction.

“Third Master, the city is now in a mess. The Liuyun County troops are attacking us; the patriarch and elders have gone out to fight the enemy.”

In front of the Du Clan’s main door, the atmosphere was tensed and when the Chief Steward saw Du Tingxuan going out, he quickly cautioned Du Tingxuan.


Du Tingxuan seemed like he was sobering as his hand rose to rub his blurry eyes. Beneath the unkempt hair was a handsome face which receded to the background before the thick alcohol smell coming from his body.

“Third Master, are you going out?” The Chief Steward couldn’t resist asking.

“Yes, going out.” Du Tingxuan mumbled softly.

“Third Master, the outside is too messy right now, just now I saw Young Master Shaofu kill a Spirit Talisman Master. Third Master, it is really too chaotic, it is safer staying here.” The Chief Steward doesn’t have a high level of cultivation but he had a keen eyesight; he stayed back to protect the compound.

“No worries, I’m just going out to kill some people,” Du Tingxuan said.

Then, his drunken body continued to wobble towards the street and without realizing it, everyone’s eyes blurred for a moment and Du Tingxuan’s silhouette disappeared from sight.

“Kill some people?”

“What happened to the Third Master today, there seems to be something different ah..?

Many of the Du Clan brothers were puzzled, feeling the different aura that was coming from their Third Master today. That drunken silhouette looked more upright than usual.


The black and white silhouettes that appeared both wore cloaks that shadowed their faces, but the invisible pressure that spread from their body was sufficient to make everyone aware – that they are very strong.

Seeing the sudden appearance of the black and white figures, Cao Tianmang was surprised and overjoyed at the same time. He immediately hollered for help, “Two Lords, save me ah~!”

The silhouette in black cloak looked like he wasn’t interested in rescuing Cao Tianmang; his eyes covered by the large cloak glanced in the Demonic Lightning Lion’s direction, saying: “The atmosphere coming from this evil beast seems a little special, a beast that had exhausted its vitality could actually rejuvenate, I’m very interested in studying you, so I’m keeping you for later.”

When the black-cloaked man’s voice ended, his black sleeve flicked out lightly, causing the space to tremble for a moment as if an invisible spiritual energy was moving at shocking speed and fell directly on the Demonic Lightning Lion’s claws that were clutching Cao Tianmang.


It shattered the power of lightning that was coming from the Demonic Lightning Lion in a split second, and it went on, turning into a series of runes that transformed into a cage, fencing the Demonic Lightning Lion inside.


The Demonic Lightning Lion had no choice but to loosen its grip on Cao Tianmang, it roared angrily, runes combined with the power of lightning surged as it slammed against the cage of runes.


Two opposing energies clashed, angry streaks of lightning struck randomly, and the space around the Demonic Lightning Lion warped and shattered, releasing an overwhelming tempest of violent energy that swept out.

The stream of runes that came from the black-cloaked man did not dissipate in the terrifying clashes; instead, it glowed brightly as if alive.


Bright runes covered the sky, and an ancient atmosphere spread out, as the two combined, it turned into a huge net that whistled through the air, ensnaring the Demonic Lightning Lion.


As if it sensed something, its huge pupils shrunk with fear, releasing python-thick streaks of lightning to block the net from nearing it.

Although the power of lightning that was coming from the Demonic Lightning Lion was horrifying and tyrannical, before the dazzling net of runes, it played no role.

The huge net of runes wasn’t affected by the power of lightning, and so the Demonic Lightning Lion was caught.


No matter how the Demonic Lightning Lion struggled, even wanting to revert to its original size, it couldn’t free itself from the bounds. Fully bounded, it plummeted down from the sky, shattering the ground, and it could no longer move freely.

“I thank the two Lords for your saving grace, many thanks to the two Lords.”

Barely escaping death, Cao Tianmang’s face was pale as a white sheet, still shaken from the ordeal; he moved quickly beside the black-cloaked man.

“Trash, what is the use of keeping you around!”

The black-cloaked man’s eyes and voice were cold, with a slight wave of his hand, a palm print flew out and before Cao Tianmang could react, the palm print crushed down on his head.


Everyone watched as Cao Tianmang’s strong physique was crushed into a mist of blood by the black-cloaked man’s hand, dissipating in midair.

“So strong!”

“That is a master ah!”

With a simple wave of a hand, it restrained the Demonic Lightning Lion, anx killed Liuyun County’s Duke Cao Tianmang. The entire city was horrified and shocked as they stared at the black and white figures in the air.

The black-cloaked man was unconcerned, the indifferent aura that came from him verified one thing – the lives of people of Stone City were no different than ants to him.

“I didn’t expect that there is a soul spirit in his body, no wonder he’s been acting differently recently.”

In just once glance, the black-cloaked man saw through the mysteries of ‘Du Shaofu’s body.

“The place you come from must be quite special, I think a small border town isn't suitable for you.” ‘Du Shaofu’ looked at the black-cloaked man and said.

“It seems this spirit soul has some eyesight, perhaps you’re not so simple as well. However, since you have involved yourself, then you can only be destroyed together.” The black-cloaked man stated indifferently.

“Want to destroy this father?”

Clearly, ‘Du Shaofu’ was angered, his face sank: “Although you might have some background if this father is at his peak, people with your strength, this father can squash anytime!”


Just a simple word, the black –cloaked man already attacked, before the word was heard he had appeared beside ‘Du Shaofu’, striking out a palm print shrouded with dazzling runes.

“F*ck, the fallen tiger will be bullied by the hound, a dragon in shallow waters becomes a shrimp.” ‘Du Shaofu’ shouted, his expression turned grave but there wasn’t any fear in them, just a wry helplessness. Immediately, he formed handseals; a stream of runes swirled out, transforming into a transparent shadow of a dragon.

This transparent shadow of a dragon was over a hundred meters long, floating in high altitude. The moment it emerged, a powerful killing intent flooded out from its body, distorting the fabric of space.

This level of battle loaded heavy pressure on the people below, and birthed a feeling of awe towards Du Shaofu. He turned out to be so powerful…


Dragon’s roar shook the heaven; the dragon and the palm print collided together.


Such a terrifying collision shattered the space, bright runes burned and roars resounded.

But, it seemed the shadow of the dragon was lacking in the last moments, it cracked against the palm, and returned to the heaven and earth’s spiritual energy, runes shattered and scattered to the ground.


‘Du Shaofu’s body was thrown back from the impact, stumbling down to the ground and staggered several meters before he was able to steady himself. The strong aura from his body vanished that instant.

“Brat, these people are too strong for the current me, I did my best but... You be careful, make sure you don’t die ah.” Zhen Qingchun’s voice sounded in Du Shaofu’s sea of consciousness, it was Zhen Qingchun controlling Du Shaofu’s body to fight earlier.

Still, the amount of power that Zhen Qingchun managed to restore was too little, and was exhausted at this point. He couldn’t even maintain a presence in Du Shaofu’s consciousness.

Everything that happened just now, although being controlled, he could still see outside and understood in his heart that Zhen Qingchun had done all that he can.

As Zhen Qingchun withdrew his spiritual force, Du Shaofu nearly stumbled to the ground, greatly weakened.

Du Shaofu stared at the two figures in the air, his expression was extremely grim. Just the pressure emitted from their bodies could freeze space. They are definitely the strongest enemy he had come across until this day.


Unsure whether the black-cloaked man was surprised that ‘Du Shaofu’ had blocked his attack or was surprised at Du Shaofu’s recovery.

The head hidden within the large cloak shook said, an aloof voice was heard: “No matter what, you can’t change the result, the grass should have been uprooted that time. Now, go die.”

The black-cloaked man dived down, and his hand hit across the void.


Du Shaofu was instantly wrapped in a powerful surge of energy that exuded a trace of an ancient atmosphere, binding him firmly that he can’t even move.

The face beneath the white-cloaked man changed as if hesitating on something, but there was no further action

“Shaofu careful…..!”

Many eyes trembled; their hearts rose to their throat in fear for Du Shaofu for that black-cloaked man’s strength was too appalling for them.

Watching the palm print that was aimed at him, Du Shaofu’s eyes turned red yet he was helpless at this moment, he doesn’t even have the strength to fight with desperation.

In past few days, Du Shaofu was slightly happy, his strength had increased by a large margin, and he would grow stronger to become someone truly strong, standing at the peak.

However, at this moment, Du Shaofu truly realized that his strength was far from enough.