Martial God Conqueror - Chapter 109

Edited by Fingerfox

For the enemy, they would not give you time to grow up slowly, and so he must strive to grow stronger every second. Only with absolute strength could he protect himself, protect his loved ones, and protect everything that he cared for. But, everything was too late now.

The attack drew closer and closer, and it grew ever bigger in Du Shaofu’s pupils. At this very moment, Du Shaofu profoundly felt how puny he is in front of a real expert.

“If even a hair on his body is hurt, I will make you regret you were ever born to this world…..”

Suddenly, when the claw was a mere three inches away from Du Shaofu, a light voice sounded behind Du Shaofu…..

Then, a stalwart figure slowly came in front of Du Shaofu, it looked slow but the silhouette was already in front of Du Shaofu, giving people a feeling of having their eyes bedazzled.

With the emergence of this person, the strong coercion that enveloped Du Shaofu shattered, allowing him to move freely again.

The moment this person appeared, both the black-cloaked man and the white-cloaked man were dazed slightly; their bodies shuddered for a second, but no one can see their expressions under the big hooded cloaks. Still, it was obvious that both men in the air were shocked by the sudden appearance of this person.

With sluggish actions, the black-cloaked man withdrew his hand from Du Shaofu, and from the slit of a gap, it can be seen that the black-cloaked man’s attention was fully focused on the new arrival.

Everyone around was alarmed at the abrupt change and their eyes fell on the stalwart silhouette standing in front of Du Shaofu; and when they realized who it was, amazement was evident from the expression of their faces.

“It’s the Du Clan’s Third Master!”

“How can it be the drunkard of the Du Clan!”

“Third Master is here, why did Third Master come…..”

Bursts of surprise came from the people around, for the person was none other than the Du Clan’s Third Master, Du Tingxuan.

Du Clan's Third Master’s reputation in Stone City was comparable to Du Shaofu’s notoriety of the fool Young Master.

"Third Bro….”

Du Zhenwu and Du Zhixiong revealed anticipation on their faces after recovering from their shock; a knowing glance was exchanged between the two brothers.

When the person came in front of him, Du Shaofu had shifted to the side and saw his father’s face.

His drunkard father carried his usual tipsiness, wrinkled clothes, messy hair that hid more than half of his face, and in his hand was the old wine jug that followed him like a shadow.


Du Shaofu was also surprised, followed by ecstasy, and he gradually calmed down.

“You will not die.” Du Tingxuan stated these four words calmly to Du Shaofu, in the same drunken demeanor.

“En,” Du Shaofu nodded. With his higher spiritual sense, Du Shaofu felt that there was something different with his drunkard father today. Greatly different, even the way he stood was straighter.

What shocked Du Shaofu the most was the atmosphere that was coming from his drunkard father, obviously it was the smell of alcohol yet it could push the black-cloaked man’s attack back.

“Finally, you’re willing to come out.” Looking at Du Tingxuan, the black-cloaked man said.

Du Tingxuan raised his head and looked at them. Although the black-cloaked man’s face was obscured by the big cloak, it seemed like Du Tingxuan could see through them. He said, “Don’t sneak around like a mouse, don’t think that I don’t know who you are, putting on cloaks like a fig leaf, take it off.”


The black-cloaked man issued a cold snort from his throat and with a swift hand flick, the hood fell off from his head, revealing his face. A man in his forties, his eyes were deep and malevolent, but there was a noble bearing to his temperament.

Up in the air, the white-cloaked man hesitated for a moment, but in the end, he followed suit and removed the hood from his head.

Both men were around the same age, the white-cloaked man was thinner, his face stoic and didn’t show what he was thinking.

Du Shaofu’s sight fell onto the black and white men’s faces while doubt rose in his heart, it seemed that his drunkard father not only knew these two people, something happened between them.

Seeing their faces, a fluctuation rippled across Du Tingxuan’s eyes. His head turned back to look at Du Shaofu and back again at the black-cloaked man, smiling faintly he said: “This is my son, I’m sure you have already met him, he looks a lot like me. He finally grew so big yet still can’t let me rest assured, it really is not easy being a father ah.”

As he driveled on, the corner of his mouth curved in a tiny smile. The smile on his thin lips looked pure and innocent, especially when he said that his son looks like him, the joy on his face was undisguisable, “Counting the years, both of you have accompanied us here close to seventeen years.”


The black-cloaked man wasn’t sure where Du Tingxuan was going with this talk, so he only snorted coldly, and continued to stare gloomily at Du Tingxuan.

“You want to kill my son?” Du Tingxuan asked.

“There will be no future troubles after killing him.”

The black-cloaked man’s face had a nerve twitch before he looked at Du Tingxuan grimly, “This bastard should never have existed in the first place.”

“He is not a bastard, he is my son.” Du Tingxuan emphasized, his voice sounded light and calm, but it held power.

“Because he is your son that he is a bastard, if it weren’t for you, everything would have been very good!” The black-cloaked man stated in a solemn voice.

“You will pay the price for uttering these words.” In Du Tiangxuan’s calm voice, a sharp edge began to reveal itself.


The black-cloaked man laughed, he laughed exuberantly for a while before he looked at Du Tingxuan, saying, “In these seventeen years, you spent every day in a drunken stupor, do you think you are still the same you in the past? Since you came out today, this is a good chance to resolve you as well once and for all.”

“You won’t be able to do it.”

Du Tingxuan tilted his head upward once again. Before the present shocked gazes, he swept his messy hair back, exposing the face that had always been hidden beneath the unkempt bush.

It was a resolute face, just like Du Shaofu’s face, sharp eyebrows that looked like flying swords slanting towards the forehead, but the long thick lashes softened the sharp temperament of his face. However, behind the curtain of long lashes, it seems to be holding many secrets.

Under normal circumstances, this face was enough to make any young woman take a second look, but paired with his drunkenness and messy hair, it aged him.

Still, it was an attractive face. His voice sounded as he looked at the black-cloaked man: “You shouldn’t have touched my son.”

When the voice fell, a sharp edge glinted in Du Tingxuan’s pupils.

“I didn’t plan to touch, I wanted to kill him.”

The solemn voice of the black-cloaked man retorted, “You know very well, not to mention killing you and your son, even if we slaughtered this entire small town, it is nothing to us.”

“Us? You mean the power behind you.”

The edge in Du Tingxuan’s eyes sharpened, “At least, you don’t have that ability. You were never my opponent in the past, compared to them you are not worth mentioning. Why do you think you were sent here, to this small Stone City on the edge of the world. In their eyes, you are nothing too!”

“Du Tingxuan, you’re looking for death!”

The black-cloaked man’s face was extremely gloomy, Du Tingxuan’s words stabbed his sore spot where it hurts the most. Brutal emotions surged in the black-cloaked man’s eyes as he released a terrifying energy, a sea of runes emerged as dazzling as the stars in the night sky.

In that instant, a turbulent energy turned into a hurricane above Stone City, like an impending apocalypse.

The black-cloaked man let out a bellow and his fingers clutched into a fist, the rolling runes transformed into an aureate war staff. With the war staff in his hand, the black-cloaked middle-aged man lunged onto Du Tingxuan, shouting: “Du Tingxuan, in the end, you could never compare to me, mere mortals no different than ants, inferior from the day you were born!”


He struck the war staff down with a below, space distorted in the brilliant light as it came down to Du Tingxuan.


When the black-cloaked man got closer, a light smile appeared on Du Tingxuan’s face, killing intent soared in his ink black pupils. In that moment, it was as if he turned into a different person altogether.

The current Du Tingxuan didn’t fit the image of the drunkard Third Master of the Du Clan, the terrifying energy bursting out from his body could pull down the sky!

With a flash he dashed forward instead of retreating, within the raging killing intent inside his pupils there was calmness as he stared into the coming attack; no one noticed that runes were surging in his palm, turning into a long spear.

On the long spear, streaks of lightning flashed, splitting the horizon!


The war staff thrusted forward, and when it was an inch away from hitting Du Tingxuan, Du Tingxuan’s silhouette blurred and disappeared. Striking through the afterimages of Du Tingxuan, the afterimage shattered but the power of the attack swept out the surroundings.

Missing Du Tingxuan, a cold shiver ran down the neck of the black-cloaked man, and his eyes widened in shock as the missing figure appeared less than a meter in front of him.


Flustered, the black-cloaked man only had the time to arrange a small sphere barrier around his body like a little star.

“If I did not immerse in a drunken stupor every day for the last seventeen years, they would be worried about you, but do you really think that I would spend my days in a drunken stupor?”