Martial God Conqueror - Chapter 11

Edited by Fingerfox and Lifer

Looking at these juniors that were already eager to show off, Du Zhixiong smiled and said loudly: “I hereby declare the annual sparring competition will begin!


Once his voice fell, the atmosphere in the training field boiled. Every young girl and boys’ blood surged, their xuanqi gushing out collectively that the surrounding air rippled with a series of fluctuations as if about to burst.

Suddenly, more than a hundred streaks of dazzling xuanqi of varying colors broke out. Silhouettes scattered rapidly around to prevent the people nearby from launching a sneak attack and ended up being eliminated. In this type of knockout battle, in which each person was for himself, the situation can get very chaotic.

*Bang! Bang! Bang!*

With this, the competition officially began.

"Brother Du Hao, you can do it!"

"Du Xue, I’m cheering for you."

Around the training field, seeing that fights immediately broke out, the gathered onlookers started cheering for their favorite person that their voice cracked.

"Ei, that fool is not going up, I thought he would participate in the competition."

"That fool wouldn’t dare to go up for he is just here to watch."

The Du family's crowd of onlookers noticed Du Shaofu’s absence in the competition, the look in their eyes became increasingly disdainful and disgusted. After a while, no one paid him further attention as everyone focused on the fierce competition.

Du Zhixiong and the group of elders had retreated and seated on the earlier prepared seats. A woman dressed in white sat down and was observing the training field, then turning towards the robust man at her side: "Second Master, this generation’s juniors' overall strength is quite good ah"

"Quite good indeed, there is a few from the side branch families that are not weak.”

Du Zhixiong’s eyes turned complicated as his gazed fell upon Du Shaofu who did not join in, hearing the woman’s voice, he pulled his sight back to the training field.

"But as a side branch, in the end they still cannot compete with the main branch descendants ah” An old man looking at the field could not help but interrupt.

Du Zhixiong smiled faintly and no longer spoke. All of their attention were absorbed in the intense fighting on the field, even Du Shaofu watched with keen interest.

*Bang! Bang! Bang!*

As the competition reached its peak, people continued to be eliminated. The sounds of fighting along with the buzz of excitement painted a feverish scene.

After several rounds of fierce battle, finally, as expected the last remaining three were Du Hao, Du Chong, and Du Yan, attracting looks of envy from all around.

"According to the rules of the competition Du Hao takes first place, second place goes to Du Chong and the third place to Du Yan"

A Du family elder announced the results loudly with a smile.

"I have said that the Violent Stone Demon Wolf’s essence blood is mine."

Du Hao exposed a broad smile as he walked towards the long table in front the Du Family elders. His hand directly grabbed the palm-sized jade bottle filled with the demon wolf’s blood essence.

Du Chong and Du Yan were not much slower than Du Hao, each taking their base building dan.

Seeing the Violent Stone Demon Wolf's blood essence, and the base building dans disappear into the hands of the trio, numerous eyes turned green with envy.

"Brother Du Hao is so cool!"

"Brother Du Hao Congratulations! Congratulations, Brother Du Chong."

After taking the rewards, the trio walked proudly down to the training field, causing quite a commotion among the girls and boys welcoming them. Along the way, they were showered with shouts of congratulation and compliments.  

Du Shaofu’s eyes glanced over at Duo Hao, something stirred in his eyes as he turned and left.

"Brother Hao, look, the fool ran away."

"That fool dares not to get on stage and now he’s even running away, must be afraid of getting beaten up.”

"Did that fool knew beforehand that Brother Hao and Brother Chong is planning to waste one of his arms, that’s why he ran away so quickly.”

"Hahahaha. Since he still knows to flee, he can’t be considered totally stupid."


Once the crowd surrounding the trio found out that Du Shaofu ran away, they immediately broke into sarcastic laughter and ridicule.

"Let that fool run, count today as his lucky day. We will go and have ourselves a celebratory drink, my treat!"

Du Chong and Du Hao did indeed intend to settle some scores with Du Shaofu, but who would have thought that Du Shaofu would flee? Since they were in a good mood today, although they were staring fiercely at Du Shaofu’s back, they did not plan to make any moves just yet. In any case, there’s no need to rush in handling a fool.

"That's right, Brother Hao and Brother Chong are magnanimous, that fool sure is lucky today."

"Right, now we should go and celebrate, to congratulate Brother Hao, Brother Chong and Brother Yan for receiving rewards."

A group of people continued to surround the trio, just like the stars encircled the moon as they head out from the training field with much fanfare.

To leave the training field, one has to pass through a large iron gate. Just as Du Hao, Du Chong, Du Yan and the rest were heading out, a figure suddenly jumped out right in front of them.

This figure in purple is a boy with bright clear eyes and had a resolute face while putting on a faint smile.

"Hey, the fool is back."

"He came back to court death."

All eyes looked at the purple robed youth, their expressions changed. The youth turned out to be Du Shaofu.

Du Chong, Hao Du and Du Yan saw the one blocking the road was Du Shaofu, they exchanged knowing gazes between them then their chilly eyes looked at Du Shaofu.

Du Shaofu did not bother with the sarcastic laughs around, and just stared directly at the trio with bright eyes and faintly smiling face saying: "Robbery!"

That word was spoken in a faint voice but they heard it clearly, making them to shut their mouth.

More than a pair of surprised eyes stared at Du Shaofu, all of them thought that he was kidding. After a breath’s time, the group was laughing so hard that their bodies’ shook and trembled as if it was the funniest thing in this world.


"Did you hear that, this fool said robbery!"

"Robbing Brother Hao and Brother Chong, this fool thinks he’s got too long a life!”

"Did I hear this correctly, every time it is us robbing him ah. He is definitely getting sillier.”  

"Why do I feel that this silly fool is quite adorable."


"You... What did you say, you want to rob us? We did not hear it correctly right, haha ....."

The three of them, Hao Du, Du Chong and Du Yan, laughed so hard that their tears almost flowed.