Martial God Conqueror - Chapter 110

Edited by Fingerfox and Lifer.

Killing intent burst out from the obsidian black pupils, dangerous lightning snaked around the long spear in his hands, trembling with excitement, accompanied by thunderous rumble splitting the air.


With tremendous ease, the long spear pierced through the little star-like protective barrier, straight into the black-cloaked man’s chest.


At this time, thunder rumbled and above Stone City, streaks of lightning snaked and split the sky. 

“I’ve said that you will pay the price. In front of me, you two are not qualified to be arrogant.”

The dazzling lights dimmed, and Du Tingxuan pulled out the long lightning energy spear from the black-cloaked man’s chest. Instantly, it reverted back to runes in his palm.

Watching the stunned expression on the black-cloaked man’s face, Du Tingxuan stated lightly: “You can't Du Tingxuan’s son."

His words were spoken in a calm tone, yet it was piercing and domineering!


When Du Tingxuan’s voice faded, from the inside of that terrifyingly powerful black-cloaked man, lightning streaked out, enveloping his entire body, turning him into a mist of blood.

With just one move, someone that’s even more terrifying than the Demonic Lightning Lion was killed by Du Tingxuan.

Everyone had a horrified expression!

Du Zhenwu and Du Zhixiong were also dumbstruck, it was clearly written on their faces that they had no idea that their Third Bro’s strength had reached such a level.

This was definitely no ordinary expert, reaching the extent of a super expert!

“Du Clan’s Third Master!”

Overcoming their shock, these four words were carved deeply into everyone’s heart.

Therefore, the strongest in Stone City was not the Demonic Lightning Lion that had protected Stone City for several hundreds of years, and definitely not the newly sprouted Du Shaofu.

It was Du Tingxuan, that Du Clan’s drunkard, Du Shaofu’s dad.

One fool young master, one drunkard father, this pair of father and son were famous in Stone City, whereas today, this pair of father and son was known throughout Stone City in different light.

Everything that happened today was too shocking.


In the next moment, sharp gasps sounded.

“Oh Mom, I was fooled by my father for sixteen years.”

Du Shaofu looked at his dad that was standing in the air; he swiftly regained his calm after a brief moment of surprise. Yet, it was obvious from his chest, the pounding of his heart.

“Why didn’t you make a move?” Du Tingxuan looked at the white-cloaked middle-aged man.

In the white-cloaked man’s eyes, shock lingered still. When he heard Du Tingxuan’s question, he replied: “It makes no difference even if I make a move. I was fooled, it seems that all these years, you were not idle.”

“What do you plan to do?” Du Tingxuan looked at the white-cloaked man, asking.

“That depends on whether you plan to kill me or not.” The white-cloaked middle-aged man said wryly.

“I don’t plan to kill you.”

Du Tingxuan looked at the white-cloaked middle-aged man and said: “I killed one because he wanted to kill my son, and I’m not killing you because I want you to go back and tell them that your side was the first to violate the covenant.”

“Indeed it was us that violated the covenant first.”

The white-cloaked man smiled bitterly, and said to Du Tingxuan, “Pardon my frankness, I am not your opponent with your current strength but then again, for us, you are still too insignificant, what can you do?”

Du Tingxuan smiled slightly instead, and brought the wine jug that always accompanied him to his lips, drinking a gulp of wine from it, “I’m still young, and my son is even younger, as long as we’re alive, there is a chance.”


The white-cloaked man repeated the word without much hope: “In fact, you know very well, how slim is this chance.”


Du Tingxuan shook his head in disagreement, “You also know, this is more than me and my son, you broke the agreement, and this involves more than just me and my son.”

The white-cloaked man frowned as if he had no words to refute.

“Scram, go back and tell them, while I am still alive, never think of touching my son. Unless I’m dead.” Du Tingxuan didn’t care being polite with the white-cloaked middle-aged man.

“I will convey the message.”

His eyes swept over Du Shaofu below one last time before he disappeared in a flash, vanishing from Stone City’s sight.

When the white-cloaked man was gone, the burning stare from the ground fell onto Du Tingxuan’s body.

Du Tingxuan looked below, at the blood of river running through Stone City, a wave rippled in his eyes.

Wind blew, carrying the thick scent of blood.

“The blood that Stone City spilled today needs to be repaid with blood!”

Du Tingxuan’s long sleeve flicked, and in the middle of the sky, angry thunder rumbled and countless runes of lighting flashed, then it vanished in an instant, but dark clouds continued to gather.


All of a sudden, the Pulse Spirit middle-aged man that overwhelmed Bai Wei lagged, his eyes dazed as a streak of lightning struck down, winding around his body.


This Pulse Spirit middle-aged man cried out tragically and turned into a mist of blood.


Sounds of screaming continued to ring out from different corners of Stone City, enough to make people's heart shiver.

Then, in the troops of Liuyun County, as long as it was a warrior of Pulse Connecting and above, a streak of lightning would appear, winding up their bodies and turning them into mists of blood.

Miserable and tragic wails echoed for a brief moment. In that short span of time, over a hundred Pulse Connecting warriors died without leaving any traces of themselves.

All Pulse Connecting and above warriors from the Liuyun County were annihilated.


The people watching below swallowed their saliva nervously, dumbstruck and speechless!

This horrifying way of killing sent shivers down their spine, creeping the hell out of them!

One streak of lightning fell onto the cage that was confining the Demonic Lightning Lion, directly shattering the cage. 


Regaining its freedom, it let out a low growl, and its huge eyes fell on Du Tingxuan: “Didn’t expect your cultivation has reached such a degree, truly the first talent of Stone City that I’ve ever seen.”

“I owed you a favor that year.” The edge in Du Tingxuan’s eyes reduced significantly as he looked at the Demonic Lightning Lion, revealing a slight smile.

“That year, you secretly snuck into the Lightning Pool, and didn’t know that the Lightning Pool needs three years every time before it opens.” The Demonic Lightning Lion shook its entire body, also smiling.

“At that time, you gave a drop of your blood essence and kept the secret for me, that’s why, I owe you a favor, but these years, I have been occupied and had yet to repay it.”

In Du Tingxuan’s eyes, there was a trace of an apology. It was because of that one drop of blood essence from the Demonic Lightning Lion that helped paved a smoother path in his later cultivation. Despite that, all these years he hadn’t been able to return that favor.

“Your son has repaid it for you, the interest was quite generous as well.” The Demonic Lightning Lion laughed and said.

“That’s right, that is my son.” Du Tingxuan’s smile widened. In the next second, the space around him fluctuated, and he vanished right before everyone’s eyes.


After Du Tingxuan disappeared, the Demonic Lightning Lion let out a deafening roar: “The blood debt accumulated in Stone City, repay it with blood! Leave none alive!”


Terrifying killing intent spiraled to the sky; slaughter once again enveloped Stone City!

There were no more experts within the Liuyun County troops that came. Powerless against Stone City, what awaited them was butcher by the red-eyed Stone City warriors claiming vengeance.

Blood debt must be repaid with blood, and the killings continued till sunset!

On the streets of Stone City, blood flowed thick, bodies and limbs scattered.

Spent and exhausted, even walking was an effort and in the end, Du Shaofu was helped by his cousin sister Du Xue to the Du compound.

The rest of the juniors, Du Hao, Du Yan, Du Gui, Du Yu and the rest had been killing enemies. Each one of them was dripping in blood; their eyes were red from killing enemies, they were not a disappointment for the Du Clan's younger generation.

Fu Yibai was still digging the ant nests, and his expression wasn’t welcoming seeing Du Shaofu’s return. Extremely reluctant as he tilted his head up and called out: “Big Brother, how about we make another bet, whoever stare at this ant nest the longest will win. If you lose, then you must call me Big Brother instead.”

“Not interested.”

The most important thing for Du Shaofu right now was to adjust his condition and heal.

“Don’t go ah, we can wait till your injuries heal before we make a bet.”

Fu Yibai shouted. All these years, the thing that he desired the most was to win back the bet that year. There was no way he would lose, he had never lost a bet.

Back in his yard, Du Shaofu did not see his drunkard dad, so he returned to his own room.

Du Shaofu called out to Zhen Qingchun in the little tower but there was no reply, so he sat on top of the bed and adjusted his breathing.

Night entered but no one in Stone City was asleep. The cruel battle of that day replayed over and over again in the minds of the Stone City’s residents.

Throughout the night, the three families’ forces cleaned up Stone City, collecting the corpses of their people. Watching the lifeless bodies of their comrades, friends and relatives, cries filled with grief resounded in the night endlessly, lingering anguish and despair drowned the city.

Three days later, in Du Shaofu’s room.

“Hu~~!” Du Shaofu stopped practicing.

Breathing out the foul qi from his mouth, the pale golden light in his eyes covered deep within and ruddiness returned to his pale face, but it was obvious from the fluctuations that came out from his body that his injuries haven't fully healed.

“Brother Qingchun.”

Du Shaofu took out the little tower, transferring xuanqi into it but there was no reaction from the little tower. This made Du Shaofu’s heart tighten as he became nervous and worried.

Although he always talked back to Zhen Qingchun and doesn’t seem to put Zhen Qingchun in his heart, Du Shaofu had already taken him as a real big brother in the short span of time that they knew each other. More like a teacher and a brother as Du Shaofu was truly grateful for Zhen Qingchun’s guidance.

“He exhausted his spiritual force, and most likely entered a slumber period at the moment. There won’t be any big issues.”

A faint voice sounded as a stalwart silhouette appeared in Du Shaofu’s room.