Martial God Conqueror - Chapter 112

Edited by Fingerfox and Lifer.

From the dazzling orb like the sun, the terrifying figure once again barked angrily, causing the mighty beasts around to roar, and spiritual energy fluctuated violently.

“Haha, who dares to say that my son and daughter are hell spawns, obviously their talents are top class! Who said it was Heaven’s penalty? It was obviously a vision manifestation. A godly reincarnation; an auspicious omen of a Heaven Born Saint Supreme!”

Standing next to the otherworldly woman was an upright looking man that let out a bitter smile.

The man wore battle gears, both hands clenched tightly into fists, and a pair of black obsidian eyes that shone like the stars in the darkest of the night in his resolute face. Asymmetrical brows enhanced his noble air, broad shoulders and wide chest as his robes fluttered without wind -- a majestic picture. “If you want to touch children, then you’ll need to ask the ‘Lightning Dragon’ in my hand if it agrees or not!

And the long spear in the upright man’s hand penetrated the ground as he stamped it down. Streaks of lightning snaked on its surface, while rumbling sounds reverberated in the air.

“Du Tingxuan, I might as well execute you today! Everything happened because of you, the three of you, father and hell spawns should never have come to this world, kill!”

The thunderous voice echoed, indifferent, cold, and at his one-word order, several figures leapex out, hands held divine weapons, straight towards the young man.

“Ao Tong, take care of Shaofu and Shaojing.” Du Tingxuan said reassuringly, his tone laid-back.

Just as his voice faded, the several figures had reached him; in that split second, a wave of tyrannical atmosphere broke out against them.

“Relying on the likes of you and you want to fight me, Du Tingxuan, scram!”

Du Tingxuan leaped up, his voice bellowed like a thunderbolt. His silhouette was like a majestic lion shaking the heavens with the clouds underneath its feet. An imposing pixiu[1] descended from its throne; one hand gripped the long spear of lightning, robes fluttered wildly akin to a god of war!


The long spear danced in the air, runes swirled, striking out like lightning as dark clouds gathered in the sky, and wrathful thunder shook the mountains.

In a split second, the attackers were knocked back, each of them was vomiting blood and was gravely injured. The star-like glow around them dimmed, runes dissipated, revealing their embarrassing condition before all present. The mountain range shook, shocking the rest of the people.

“Ya ya!”

As if cheering for their father showing off his might, the two little guys’ hands waved excitedly, babbling noises of ‘ya ya’ came from their mouths.

Looking at the two little bundles in her arms, the otherworldly woman had a solemn and worried expression on her face.

“You’ve got skills Du Tingxuan, but still not enough that you can provoke us!”

A silhouette as bright as the sun made his move, bright lights glaring to the eyes with runes soaring to the sky as a gigantic shadow of a beast pounced out of nowhere. Blood-curdling jaws stretched wide that seemed like it could tear the space apart bit towards Du Tingxuan.

“So what, dared to touch my wife and child, you must first step over my corpse!”

Du Tingxuan stood in the air, firm like an everlasting mountain. Spitting out a mouthful of blood essence onto the Lightning Dragon in his palm, it burst out in a stream of terrifying lightning.


Thunderbolts resounded, and the long spear turned into a real lightning dragon, exuding a horrifying aura, roaring towards the heaven; colliding against that shadow of an ancient beast.


Earth split, space shattered, the enormous ancient beast was thrown to the air before turning into dust, ultimately dispersing with the wind.

*Deng! Deng!*

The man enveloped in the bright sun-like glow was pushed back in an awkward state, the bright light enveloping him dulled significantly, revealing the figure of an old man. Just like the rest, an indescribable shock showed in his eyes.

He never did imagine, someone such as Du Tingxuan that cannot compare to him in terms of cultivation could suddenly break out with such momentum. Indeed the person lauded as a freak of a talent. Could the will to protect his wife and children release such terrifying power?

“A great treasure such as the ‘Lighting Dragon’ is too extraordinary for a mundane person like you to hold, might as well give it into my hands today!”

Another person from the middle of the bright orbs moved, tossing out a string of rosary beads. A pure spiritual light glowed from the rosary beads as a secret art was initiated; runes spun out, transforming into a huge ring, restraining the lightning dragon within.


The lightning dragon roared in fury, and struggled vigorously, but despite that the glowing beads kept it in place, unable to shake it off. In the end, the lightning dragon reverted to its original appearance of a spear, the power of lightning around it dimmed considerably.

And that figure appeared in front of Du Tingxuan, and Buddha-like palm struck out, engulfing Du Tingxuan within.


Du Tingxuan hollered! The hem of his battle gears fluttered in the air, his momentum pierced the sky; blood flowed down from the corner of his mouth as if this was all the strength he could exert with his life on the line. Eyes bloodshot from the coercion, and drops of blood stained his battle gears one by one, with all the force he could muster, a lightning fist slammed into the incoming palm.

“A mundane human can never morph into anything better, shatter!

A sound fell like thunder, the palm print wrapped around the lightning fist, crushing it into pieces; the remaining force from the palm landed heavily on Du Tingxuan’s chest.


A splatter of red colored the ground below Du Tingxuan, the runes on his battle gear shattered from the impact. In the end, he plummeted from the sky.

“Shao Ting*…..”

The otherworldly looking woman was startled, and cried out anxiously.

But, several sun-like orbs sped in her direction, blocking her path forward. Four monstrous atmospheres locked onto her.

If this was before she gave birth, with her strength and talent she might not necessarily lose to these four people even if they attack together, but it wasn’t long since she had given birth, and this was her weakest moment, powerless to put on the tiniest resistance.


In that brief moment of exchange, the woman could not fend off so many attackers while carrying the two infants in her hands; instantly, she was struck with one palm by one of the men. The baby on her left side was snatched away by an enveloping energy, falling into the arms of one of the four attackers.

Seeing this, the woman turned deadly pale, and she quickly tightened her hold on the one remaining baby in her hand that was also nearly snatched away. She cried out anxiously: “Shao Ting, hurry and save Shaofu!”

“Those who touch my son, DIE!!!!”

Du Tingxuan spat out another mouthful of blood essence onto the Lightning Dragon, casted a secret art and threw the spear straight at the man with herculean strength. The sun-like barrier around that man exploded into pieces, turning into dust of light and dissipating in the air like fireworks.


The figure within was mercilessly knocked back, he's spurting out blood tragically.


The little guy fell into Du Tingxuan’s arms. Caught in the midst of such an intense and terrifying battle, the little guy did not cry out even once or showed discomfort whatsoever. Instead, his eyes shone brightly − spirited pair of eyes looking at his own father. His little fists danced in the air as if showing the excitement he felt, as if saying he wanted to fight together with his father.

“Shaofu, as long as Dad is here, nothing will happen to you!”

Du Tingxuan promised the child in his arms softly while blood stained him from head to toe, remnants of a shattered battle gear hung sadly on his body. Although his appearance was tragic, the atmosphere emitted from him made others wary. The detrimental points were Du Tingxuan’s slightly pale face and greatly weakened strength from the last secret art he casted earlier.


A loud blast sounded as an attacked landed on Du Tingxuan’s back from a close distance, throwing him forward more than thirty meters away. Blood flowed out uncontrollably from his mouth, but before he fell face down, he forced a turn, sliding the little guy out from the way, protecting him from harm.

“This bastard hellspawn cannot be left alive!”

Another thunderous bark and another strong suction force came from the man within the bright orb. Once again, the little guy landed in the enemy’s hand.

Gravely injured, Du Tingxuan was powerless to stop the palm striking down on the newborn little guy within that sphere of light.


The palm struck down on the newborn little guy, instantly, his limbs went limp. Before it can utter a cry, the once spirited eyes dimmed staring at the dark shadow of a face within the light orb, as his eyelids slowly closed. His little chest stopped moving as he no longer drew breath, his heartbeat faltered and never moved again.  


Heart-wrenching cry reverberated in the air, an anguished roar came from Du Tingxuan and the woman’s throat; sweat mixed with blood flowed down from the corner of their eyes.

However, both the man and woman were powerless at this crucial moment – the man was severely injured, even taking a step was arduous whereas the woman was already detained by the people of her clan, unable to escape. Weak, unable to do anything but watch the little one being destroyed as the palm landed on his little body, both felt as if their hearts followed and stop beating as well.

“A bastard hellspawn has no place in this world!”

The lifeless little guy’s body was thrown without a care onto the cracked ground, and the man made another attack on the heavily injured Du Tingxuan.

“Ninth Enforcer, if you dare to kill him, I will commit suicide right in front of you! When you return to the clan, I’m afraid you cannot complete your task successfully!”

In his current condition, if that palm really hit Du Tingxuan, he definitely could not live; the woman managed to recover some reason in the midst of her grief and cried out determinedly.

The palm halted right above Du Tingxuan’s cranium when the woman shouted, causing the attacker to dissipate the power within that palm. From that sun-like orb, a sharp voice thundered: “Ao Tong, you won’t be able to threaten me, the three of them must die!”

“Then I will die with them!” The otherworldly looking woman retorted without the slightest hesitation.

There's a short pause within the sun-like orb, “Even if you want to die now, you are powerless. We’ll decide about you after returning to the clan.”

After the voiced finished speaking, a dazzling rune shot out towards Du Tingxuan at lightning speed.


A soft sigh shook the mountains, coming from the void above as a light more dazzling than any below appeared in the space above akin to the sun itself was rising on the horizon.


A rune flew out, piercing across space, colliding with the rune aimed to kill Du Tingxuan. The first rune was enveloped by the second rune and both vanished quietly.

“Greeting the Ancestor.”

A strong atmosphere came out from the person within the brightest orb which made every one hasten to salute.

The terrifying beasts surrounding the area also bowed to the ground in submission, not daring to lift their heads.

“Ancestor, please give us your blessings and let us go.” The otherworldly looking woman raised her head, staring straight up, pleading.



[1] Pixiu - mythical animal that brings luck and wards off evil, having head of a dragon and lion's body, often with hoofs, wings and tail/ figurative: valiant soldier.

*Shao Ting – probably what Ao Tong calls Du Tingxuan.