Martial God Conqueror - Chapter 113

Edited by Fingerfox and Lifer.

“Child, you have always been exceptionally smart, why are you so confused this time? Acting without thinking of the consequences, and caused such a big trouble.” From the brightest sun-like orb in the horizon, a seemingly gentle voice rang out.

“Ya ya….”

In the otherworldly looking woman’s embrace, there was still an infant making ‘ya ya’ noises as if the bright ‘sun’ in sight attracted her attention. Staring fixedly in the direction of the bright light, her little hands danced around as if she wanted to reach out and catch the sun.


The person within that shining orb suddenly exclaimed in surprise, and in the next moment, a gentle power wrapped around the small bundle like a prism of rainbows, floating the little infant girl up in a cradle of runes.

“Unbelievable, truly unbelievable!

The person above could not hide the amazement from his voice, and he waved a stream of the prism runes, wrapping around the corpse of the baby male infant. Seconds later, his voice sounded again, “The baby girl is a first grade talent, a Heaven Born Saint Supreme whereas the baby boy was born impaired, veins and meridians incomplete, fated to be ordinary… but, his life is quite strong, there is still a small breath of life left in him…..”

“First grade talent, a Heaven Born Saint Supreme!”

When the revered Ancestor on the horizon uttered these words, the rest of the people were gasping in shock as their eyes stared fixedly into the little girl’s body. A Heaven Born Saint Supreme, how strong and powerful is that?

“Fine, I will conclude this matter today. Ao Tong, you bring the baby girl back to the clan, as long as the father and son lives in seclusion inside the forest, and never attempt to meet with you and your daughter, I will guarantee their lives. No one can touch them.” From the horizon, the voice continued.

"Ancestor…” the woman wanted to plead….

“Do you wish this two, father and son, to truly leave their lives here today?” The voice turned sharp: “This is the final conclusion, no matter who it is, this matter cannot be brought up again.”

Finalizing the matter, the sun-like orb in the horizon dimmed, and the voice dissipated.

“Du Tingxuan, hide yourself and your bastard son deep in the forest where no one can find you. If you ever try to do something, even the Ancestor won’t protect you anymore.”

The person in one of the brightest orb barked with dissatisfaction, looking at Du Tingxuan and the infant boy in his arms without any feelings of compassion, watching condescendingly from high above.


*Ao ao aooo~*

One by one, the bright shining orbs left, riding on their beast mounts. The woman stared at Du Tingxuan that was kneeling down next to the baby boy, drenched in blood, tears flowed down her eyes. Nonetheless, she was powerless to change what had been decided; in the blink of an eye, her silhouette and the baby girl disappeared in the sky.

A long time after those people had left only then did the demonic beasts around the mountain and the forest dared to move.


Du Tingxuan hugged the limp little body tightly, calling out again and again, but no matter how many xuanqi he transferred into the small body, there was no effect.

One hour later, the baby boy’s complexion had turned gray, from a long time ago, his little chest no longer moved and the last breath hanging gradually dissipated.


The light in Du Tingxuan’s eyes dimmed watching the baby boy in his arms slipping away from him.

Time passed waiting for no one; the sky turned dark and the moon rose, hanging on the horizon.

On top of the cliff, Du Tingxuan remained hugging the baby close to him, unmoving, deep into the night.


From the sky above, a sudden lightning struck down. The calmness of the night changed abruptly. Thick clouds gathered from all directions, thunderbolts reverberated in the night sky, lightning up as if it was the day.

But it was dark again in an instant. Then, a powerful tremor quaked the land, causing rocks and mountains to crumble like a tidal wave. The powerful lightning stayed for a long time in the sky above, not dispersing.

The demonic beasts in this piece of land roared facing the horizon as they prostrated in reverence.


From the heavens above, an ancient desolate energy enveloped the entire cliff Du Tingxuan was on, as if it came from a long forgotten era. It traveled through the tunnel of time and space, falling onto the little guy in Du Tingxuan’s embrace.


In that instant, it felt like something was awaken in the world as the great earth trembled, issuing an outcry from the deepest of the abyss, like the stampede of a million beasts.

Heavenly lightning descends, regeneration of Heaven’s Might – a vision!


Du Tingxuan was shocked. Under the coercion of Heaven’s Might his weak body quivered as his hands held the little guy firmly in his arms as he received the ancient energy that came from a different era. Waves of emotions surged in his eyes.

Wrapped by the energy that came from the void, the little guy’s chest actually shook, recovering a tiny fraction of vitality, and in the next second, the little guy on Du Tingxuan’s arm vomited clots of blood and let out a loud wail.

“Wa….. wa….”

The little guy cried uncontrollably, although it was weak, it resounded like a bell of thunder on that cliff…..


On a mountain peak behind the Du Clan compound. 

The sounds of an infant’s cry rang clearly in his ears, his fists were tightly clenched as his chest heaved violently, seemingly having difficulty in breathing. The whole time, tears were rolling down his red eyes.

Everything that happened in that dream-like illusion, Du Shaofu felt and saw everything clearly. His eyes were hazy, within them a sour feeling, bitterness and fury all rolled into a heaviness that suffocated him.

Du Tingxuan walked up, standing before him, his large hands patted Du Shaofu’s back gently in silence for he needed to keep his own emotions in check. Holding back the glistening tears from falling down; perhaps, as a father, he was reluctant to let his son see his weakest and powerless moment.

“Dad, that is my Mom, right?” Du Shaofu raised his head, inquiring his father. When his father used to tell him about his mother, Du Shaofu had always suspected that his father was making it up.

“En.” Du Tingxuan nodded.

“I still have a big sister, or is it a little sister?”

In that extremely real scene, there was an infant girl and Du Shaofu could clearly feel that infant girl has a blood connection with him.

“Your sister was born one hour later than you. You are called Shaofu, she is called Shaojing.” As Du Tingxuan explained, he couldn’t hold back the tears swimming in his eyes anymore, and it rolled down.

“How strong are those people exactly?” Du Shaofu asked, his eyes were clearly red.

Du Tingxuan looked at the horizon far away: “Very, very strong!”

“There will be a day that I would pull them down, I want to see my mother and my little sister!”

Clenching his fists so hard that his knuckles turned white, his fingernails pierced into his palms, and pale golden blood ran along the gaps of his fingers.

“I’m strong, but they are very strong, and now they have come searching for us. More would come, are you afraid?” Du Tingxuan looked over his shoulder at his son, inquiring.

“I’m not afraid, I will strive to become stronger. They send one, I'll kill one. I will kill until I can see my mother and sister.” Du Shaofu stated, and hot tears stained his resolute face.

In that scene, he saw his mother struggling in anguish, the cries coming from her left a piercing pain in his heart!

“I brought you back to Stone City in the past, now I hope you can venture out from here. Grind yourself, go become stronger!

Du Tingxuan emphasized to his son, “Otherwise, both of us will be powerless against them.”

“Then what about you, are we going together?” Du Shaofu asked.

“I have places that I needed to go and cannot stay at your side anymore. That time in the Wild Beast Mountains, I was following you the entire way, I also know about the Golden-winged Garuda and the Purpleflame Demonic Phoenix, but that woman was too strong. Most important of all, she meant you no harm. That’s why I did not show myself, but I am sure she knew I was around.”

Du Tingxuan looked at his own flesh and blood, his son; as a father, he should be a great mountain, protecting his children, unfortunately, he has something more important to do.

“I’m not who I used to be.”

Du Shaofu nodded. These years, he knew his drunkard Dad might seem useless, passing the days in a stupor where in reality, he has been shielding him from harm like a great mountain.

“If you want to see your mother and little sister, you must become strong.”

A shadow of a smile hung on Du Tingxuan’s face as he observed Du Shaofu, yet, there was distress in that smile, “As for me, for my woman and daughter, it is time for me to venture out as well.”

“I suddenly feel envious towards myself, that I have an old man like you.”

Du Shaofu looked at his drunkard Dad. He used to feel sad when he saw others happy being with their family. However, at this moment, Du Shaofu knew how gallant his Dad was, sweeping off all the enemies because of him. Therefore, as his son, he felt proud.

“You’re not bad yourself. I believe you will not disappoint your mother and little sister.” Du Tingxuan patted Du Shaofu’s shoulder and commented in a reassuring voice.

“What is a Heaven Born Saint Supreme?” Du Shaofu tilted his head slightly, “My little sister is a Heaven Born Saint Supreme?”

“A Heaven Born Saint Supreme meant a person that possessed the most terrifying talent. Any Heaven Born Saint Supreme coming into this world could cause the heavens to shake, and thousands of beings to surrender.”

Du Tingxuan explained, there were faint ripples of shock in his eyes before he turned back towards Du Shaofu, “Therefore, you must work hard, otherwise, you’ll lose face when you meet your little sister.”

“Strong as she might be, that swindling little girl, I’m still her big brother. Don’t tell me she would dare to beat me!”

Du Shaofu grinned, in his mind, he was imagining his twin little sister somewhere out there. Would she look like him? Would that little girl know, that in this world, she has a big brother? Would she know of his existence?

Du Tingxuan did not speak anymore. The father and son stood quietly on the mountain peak, looking at the distant horizon.

At this very moment, their hearts desired the same thing.

Many words were spoken between them. From his drunkard Dad’s mouth, Du Shaofu knew after he was lucky enough to survive that, his Dad brought them back to Stone City. He grew up here.

His drunkard Dad knew from the beginning about his impaired veins, but no one in the clan knew, including Eldest and Second Uncle. They also did not know what happened to his drunkard Dad outside.

He had heard his drunkard Dad said that he had spent some time in the Shilong Empire State, as to what he did there, it was never brought up. There were matters there that his drunkard Dad did not divulge much.