Martial God Conqueror - Chapter 114

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Three days later. Du Shaofu was still healing when he was called to the big hall by his eldest uncle.

It turned out to be that Ye Baolin, Ye Zijin, Bai Jiru and Bai Caiyi had come. Even Ye Guang and Bai Wei were present among them.

These two were cultivators of Spirit Pulse realm. However, they were very polite in front of Du Shaofu, like there were no signs of pride that existed inside them.

“What? You want me to be the mayor?”

When Du Shaofu understood their intentions, and, as a result, his mouth curled in amazement. However, he shook his head without delay and said, “You all find another person, I can’t bear the responsibility.”

After how hard Ye Baolin and Ye Guang tried to convince him, he was still not interested.

In the end, everyone knew that Du Shaofu was determined not to be the mayor. Ye Zijin thought of an idea which was to let her father, Ye Baolin, continue to be the mayor of the city and Du Shaofu would be the vice mayor. It was just a title that didn’t demand any real responsibilities. Thus, Du Shaofu would just solely exist in name.

It was difficult to turn down a warm-hearted offer. Therefore, Du Shaofu had no choice and eventually agreed to their proposition. He had nothing to do anyway, so it was fine.

After that, the three families discussed the matter of the city. Du Shaofu could only stay at one side—bored.

Knowing the fact that the city had already returned normal, Du Shaofu’s heart felt comforted. However, the fact that the three families had suffered great casualties made him feel somewhat depressed. They have lost almost two thousand people, and he grieved for those comrades.

After the Ye Family and Bai Family left, Du Shaofu had brought up the matter to leave Stone City to temper himself to his second and eldest uncle. His eldest uncle, Du Zhenwu, felt the most surprised. However, both of them didn’t oppose Shaofu's decision and supported him instead, they just warned him to be extra careful outside.

“Shao Fu, your elder sister is now at the Tian Wu School in Shilong Empire State. Your second brother is in the boundary of Lan Ling Prefecture. He has applied for a job in the Star Dragon Faction. If you have the chance, you can go and visit them. They haven’t been home for a few years now.” Du Zhixiong said to Du Shaofu.

In return, Du Shaofu nodded. His elder sister was his eldest uncle’s daughter while his second brother was his second uncle’s son.

He still remembered that his elder sister and second brother looked after him ever since he was young. They haven’t distanced themselves from him even though he was called the fool young master. They had even warned Du Hao and the others not to bully him constantly or else they would break their legs. Unfortunately, the both of them weren’t always at home.

Thinking back of his elder sister and second brother, his face revealed a trace of a smile. He remembered that the person Du Hao feared the most was elder sister, not second brother. Even second brother was afraid of elder sister’s hot temper.

The night was as cold as a freezing water. There was no moon and clouds in the night sky. It was just a sky that stretched for millions of miles filled with stars.

“When do you plan to leave Stone City?”

In the courtyard, Du Tingxuan was still on his usual chair while staring at the deep night sky. However, the expression in his eyes was deeper than the stars in the sky.

“In two days time...”

Du Shaofu sat at the edge of his father’s chair, holding the new wine pot that he bought for his drunkard dad. He swallowed a mouthful of wine down his throat, and a while later, he could feel his throat burning. As a result, he silently commented that the wine that his father drank was getting stronger.

“Go to the Prefecture of Lan Ling first.” His father said.

“Why would I go there first?” Du Shaofu passed the wine pot to his drunkard dad while he recalled that his second uncle said, that his second brother was in the Prefecture of Lan Ling.

“Liuyun County is a territory that belongs to the Prefecture of Lan Ling. Go and find the lord of the prefecture, Ou Yang Ling. Recount the incidents here in Stone City to him. He should  know what to do.” Du Tingxuan said while receiving the wine pot from his son.

Du Shaofu knew that Stone City had eliminated the army of Liuyun County, and due to this he feared that there would be some troubles soon. Hence, his eyes twitched and said, “But I don’t know the lord of the Lan Ling Prefecture, and I think that it is not a good idea to meet him.”

Du Tingxuan took a sip of wine and said, “I know him.”

While looking at his drunkard dad, he didn’t know what to say.

“After going to the prefecture of Lan Ling, head to Tian Wu School in Shilong Empire, figure out ways to join the talisman school.” Du Tingxuan said.

“What is a talisman school?” Du Shaofu asked.

“There are two branches in Tian Wu School, the martial school and the talisman school. Talisman school is a place that trained and nurture spirit talisman master.” Du Tingxuan said.

Du Shaofu looked at his drunkard dad with doubts and said, “I thought you didn’t like a spirit talisman master?”

“Letting you go to the talisman school doesn’t changed the way I feel about spirit talisman masters.” Du Tingxuan darted a glance at Du Shaofu.

“I will consider entering the talisman school, it is just a consideration though. I need to cultivate my spiritual force now. It is up to you whether you like it or not.” Du Shaofu stood up and entered his room to cultivate the mysterious incomplete cultivation law.

Du Tingxuan didn’t speak and just smiled faintly. He then continued to look at the sky. After a period of time, a sharp brilliant light glinted from his pupils and murmured, “Did you all really think that you are all the god spirit of the heavens and earth? Even if you are, I will pull you all down sooner or later!”

The next day, in Fu Yibai’s room at the Martial Collection Building. Du Shaofu wanted to bid farewell to him but he hadn’t thought that Lao Bai was also wrapping his things up. He had put two of his clothes that were sewn with patches in a pile of disordered things into a wrapping cloth.

“Lao Bai, what are you doing?” Du Shaofu asked with doubts.

“I am leaving the Du Clan.” Fu Yibai said, but his expression was somewhat gloomy.

After listening to him and seeing his slightly pale and dejected face, Du Shaofu asked, “Lao Bai, did you encounter some difficulties? Do you want my help?”

Fu Yibai raised his head, and then looked at Du Shaofu and said with an indignant tone, “I said to that brat, Du Zhenwu, that I have stayed in the Du Clan for a long time. I want to leave the clan to find some amusement, but that brat did not allow me to leave because I am old.”


Du Shaofu’s face froze after hearing his words.

From Fu Yibai’s description, Du Shaofu could discern that his eldest uncle was worried because of Fu Yibai’s age. He didn’t have kids as well. If he left the Du Clan and encountered some dangers, how could they accept it? However, Fu Yibai refused their kindness instead.

“Could it be that you don’t want me to go too? You want me to work for the Du Clan for a lifetime?” Fu Yibai said while rushing towards him.

“Where do you plan to go?” Du Shaofu glanced at Fu Yibai and asked.

“I don’t know. I want to get around every place. I will go wherever the fun is. Hehe…” Fu Yibai had packed up his belongings in just a few breaths’ of time. After seeing that Du Shaofu had no intention of stopping him, his old face revealed a smile.

“The outside is very dangerous. Staying in the Du Clan is not bad. If you want to play, you can play in Stone City.” Du Shaofu looked at Fu Yibai with a pair of helpless eyes.

“I am fed up with being in Stone City, there is nothing fun here anymore.”

Fu Yibai’s eyeballs rolled. The wrinkles on his face squeezed into a smile which looked very sly. “How about this? We nullify the bet that we had last time. If you agree, I will consider staying back.”

“Anyone who is willing to bet must also be willing to accept defeat. I will forever be your big brother. Goodbye, take care!”

Du Shaofu darted a glance at Fu Yibai. This old guy was using the ruse of inflicting an injury on himself to win the sympathy of the enemy. It seemed that he still couldn’t get over his loss last time, and thus, he wanted to nullify it. Realizing this, Du Shaofu turned and left.

“Little bastard!”

Fu Yibai stared ruthlessly at the sight of Du Shaofu’s back. He then thought of something and curled his lips, revealing those yellowish old front teeth as he smiled, and then murmured, “As long as I don’t see that little bastard again in my life, no one will know that I have lost a bet to you. Ya, this is it! I’m really a genius!”

His wrinkled face showed a delightful grin. He took his bundle of things and left the room.

The next day, on top of the city wall. The Demonic Scale Tiger had turned into a mini sized kitten, standing beside Du Shaofu.

Ye Zijin looked at Du Shaofu while showing her delicate white teeth and said, “Be careful on your journey.”

“When Senior Demonic Lightning Lion comes out from of his seclusion, tell him that I am sorry that I have to leave without bidding him farewell.” Du Shaofu said.

“His seclusion last time was interrupted, and, as a result, he was hurt. I’m afraid that this seclusion will be longer than usual. But once he comes out, I will tell him.” Ye Zhijin assured.

“Outside is very much different from home, be cautious at all times.” Du Zhenwu said with caring eyes.

Du Shaofu nodded. The ones who came to bid him farewell were Ye Baolin, Bai Caiyi, Bai Jiru and his second uncle.


At this moment, Du Shaofu rode on the Demonic Scale Tiger. The tiger flapped its wings. After roaring, it spread its wings and rose to the sky, and then gradually disappeared in their line of sight.

Ye Zijin frowned while seeing the fading silhouette of Du Shaofu. It was as if seeing the distance between the two of them getting further and further away.

“Did he truly not belong in Stone City?”

Ye Zijin said in her heart. Her uncle, Ye Guang, had said to her not long ago that Du Shaofu’s heart wasn’t in Stone City. Thus, they were fated to be separated.

“Zijin. Let’s go back.”

After a period of time, the others had already come down from the city wall and returned. However, Ye Baolin was still staring at his beloved daughter on the city wall. On his handsome face, there were some helplessness and a bitter smile but he silently erased them.

“Father, I also want to go out of the city.”

Ye Zijin turned to look at her father. As her head moved, strands of her hair fluttered.

“Why?” Ye Baolin looked at her beloved daughter and asked.

“The Stone City is just too small. There must be plenty of exciting things out there.” Ye Zijin said.

Ye Baolin was silent for a moment, and then he bitterly revealed a smile at the edge of his mouth and said, “A grown girl can’t be kept at home, ai…”

Ye Zijin wanted to say something, but as she stared in the direction of the disappearing figure, her head drooped and remain silent.


Prefecture of Lan Ling was just one of the three hundred and sixty five prefectures in Shilong Empire. Every ‘prefecture’ consisted of over a hundred of ‘counties.’ And, every county had about ten different cities.

A prefecture’s area was absolutely huge, and its population was countless.

According to rumours, each of the three hundred and sixty five prefectures strengths was extraordinarily powerful. Every lord of a prefecture was a duke that settled in one area, and their social status was lofty.

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