Martial God Conqueror - Chapter 115

The whole area of the prefecture of Lan Ling was very huge. The prefecture ruled over a hundred of counties.

However, the people of Lan Ling normally referred their capital city as the headquarters of Lan Ling prefecture. It was because Lan Ling City was the place where the lord lived.

Obviously, Lan Ling City was considered as one of the counties in the prefecture of Lan Ling, it was located at the centre of the hundreds of counties. It was the trade centre of the entire prefecture of Lan Ling and the transportation hub.

The size of the city was ten times bigger than ordinary cities. Accordingly, the city was densely populated.

Due to the headquarters of Lan Ling prefecture being located at the center the prefecture, the place was named Lan Ling City. According to the rumours, it was said that the experts in the city were as high as cloud and most of them remained in concealment.

With the Demonic Scale Tiger’s presence, naturally, it became faster and more convenient for Du Shaofu to go to Lan Ling City.

After knowing the approximate direction of the prefecture of Lan Ling, he estimated that it would only take him two days to reach Lan Ling even after deducting the time of his rest.

However, Du Shaofu had some concerns with the Demonic Scale Tiger at his side. According to his drunkard father, it wasn’t a good thing to have the Demonic Scale Tiger follow him.

The world outside was the world of humans after all. The Demonic Scale Tiger was a mid-Pulse Spirit, which was a prey many humans desired to have. Not to mention its arcane bone and blood essence that were worth more than a city.

As a result, he didn’t dare to flaunt his tiger on his way incase someone noticed the existence of his tiger.

His estimated time to reach Lan Ling was two days, but it took Du Shaofu three days. It was because the inn he stayed overnight at the last day in a small town located in the mountains was actually ran by brigands.

The inn’s folks initially thought that Du Shaofu was young and inexperienced, and he had to be a fat sheep, but they have never imagined that he was actually a misfortune for them.

With the presence of the Demonic Scale Tiger, the consequences they suffered were imaginable. The inn was straightaway demolished by the tiger. After that, Du Shaofu every valuable items he found inside the inn and fell into his storage pouch automatically.

Due to the incident, Du Shaofu became extra cautious the next day. He passed the night in a quiet valley. The aura exuded by the Demonic Scale Tiger was a big help because it deterred any ordinary demonic beasts and birds, making them not to dare go near him.

The red sun rose, shining on the stretch of mountains. Every summit of the mountains looked dark blue. On top of that, mist separated the mountains like silky white gauze. It left only the green tip of the summit, like a charming landscape painting that was delicately drawn. It’s truly a feast in one’s eyes.

Amongst the mountainous terrain, the range of sight in front became vast and boundless. After walking for a bit, a vast amount of different sizes of buildings and empty spaces could be seen. It looked like a big ocean of construction that was both impressive and magnificent.

There was a long stretch of huge city walls, as tall as thirty meters, were built by thousands of kilograms of huge rocks that were piled together, constructed and arranged in an orderly manner. The structure of the city wall made anyone who stood below have some kind of invisible oppression.

Not even a peak-Pulse Spirit cultivator could easily destroy such thick and solid walls.

Silhouettes of mounted groups could be seen that came from all directions entering the city in an orderly fashion. A lot of people were mounted on demonic beasts, which made them look extraordinarily imposing. They should be caravans that came from various places.

The population in Lan Ling City was tremendous. As its area was undoubtedly big, the goods that entered the city and the consumption of goods was absolutely shocking.

Presently, Du Shaofu was standing below the city wall with a shrunken kitten behind him. His gaze fell upon the three big words that were suffused with golden light.


As Du Shaofu raised his head to look at the three big words that could be seen from afar, he murmured to the Demonic Scale Tiger beside him, “We have arrived.”

Du Shaofu and the Demonic Scale Tiger strode beside the group of caravans that were entering the city.

Once he entered the city, he was reminded of the thing called ‘liveliness.’ In the noisy Lan Ling City, streams of people were coming and going on the streets. In addition, the area reverberated with the random hawking of sellers.

It was merely morning, but it was evident how bustling the city is.

The Demonic Scale Tiger followed Du Shaofu, hanging out on the busy street. It had also immediately drawn a lot of attention.

In the city, it was common that the young lads of the wealthy families were keeping demonic beasts as pets. The sons of the richest families even have some rare demonic beasts.

The problem was that Du Shaofu was followed by a ‘stray cat.’ This undoubtedly attracted many pair of eyes.

This was the first time that he came into such a huge city and he was not even seventeen years old yet. However, he had been attracted by various things in the city. Thus, he bought quite a lot of things as he shopped around.

The prosperity of Lan Ling City was amazing. Many varieties of shops were open, there were great arrays of commodities sold in different shops.

Naturally, there were quite many of these shops selling things required by cultivators like martial skills, elixirs, weapons and etc.

After Du Shaofu went in to take a look at a certain shop, he was astonished. The shop in Stone City wasn’t even comparable to this shop at all. Mysterious Grade cultivation law and high-grade dans could be seen here as well.

However, their price had rendered Du Shaofu to be dumbstruck, instantly stopping his impulse.

Late in the morning, a commotion was suddenly heard across the busy street.

“Young lady, your toy is not even worth a thousand xuanbi. It is neither a martial skill nor an elixir. You are clearly cheating me!”

Several people were gathered at the corner of the busy street. There was a youth who wore luxurious clothes and was rolling up his sleeve while holding a palm size thing in his hand. Malicious intent was evident in his eyes while gazing on a fourteen to fifteen year old girl.

Although the girl was still young, her curves were already developed. Plus her delicate and pretty face, she would seemingly grow to be an elegantly graceful and slim lady two years later.

“This is the inheritance of my ancestors. It was said that this thing was very special. If it wasn’t for me needing money to treat my aunt’s serious injuries, I wouldn’t be selling this inheritance.”

The teenage girl felt that the luxurious-clothed youth was uninterested in buying the item, and so, she immediately snatched the palm-sized item from his hand. However, she looked extremely nervous now.

The gaze of the youth made her feel very uncomfortable, it subconsciously made her feel scared.

“If this was a special item, how can you sell it? Young lady, do you know what a thousand xuanbi represents? It represents the ability to buy a set of early-Huang Grade martial skill. One thousand xuanbi also represents the ability to pay for a pretty courtesan for a night in the center ahead, haha!”

The youth laughed. After laughing wickedly, his stare shifted back to the girl and said, “I’m not interested in this broken item. Why not follow and serve me? You can become my personal little girl, who will serve me comfortably. Then, I will give you a thousand xuanbi, how’s that sound? I can see that you are quite fine two years later, haha…”

As the youth talked, his gaze became increasingly disgusting.

“Haha, this girl is not bad, a fine quality indeed.”

“Too bad she has already been taken by young Lord Guo, very admiring…”

A few luxurious-clothed youths chimed in. Most of the brawny men who were dressed in a guard’s uniform had also dirty smiles on their faces.

Although the incident was witnessed by a lot of people, none of the youths who paid attention to the scene came to stop him. Instead, intimidation were seen in their eyes.

Some of them who came to watch the scene straightaway pulled their female companions to their backs.

There were even some of them who, after seeing the youths in front, quickly pulled their female companions and left the scene.

The faces of some married ladies who had seen those luxurious-clothed youths immediately changed. They turned and left, fearing that they would be seen by these youths.

“It is the fourth young lord of Lan Ling, Guo Kun, again.”

“Why is he called the fourth young lord of Lan Ling? He is clearly the fourth young evil of Lan Ling.”

“Lower your voice! Don’t let Guo Kun hear it, or else you will be in serious trouble!”

“That young lady is so pitiful. Why did she unluckily met this scumbag, Guo Kun?”


Among the crowd, whispers could be heard from the people. They were probably discussing the matter in front of them. They lowered their voices as much as possible, fearing that the youth would hear it, but their eyes were still filled with contempt.

“I’m not selling this item.”

The teenage girl was afraid, she turned and wanted to flee. She could tell that these youths weren’t good people.

“Little sister, don’t go first. You should go with me. How about two thousand xuanbi?” The youth who stood in the middle quickly blocked her path, not letting her to move any further.

“No, I want to go back.”

The teenage girl was clearly afraid. Tears were welling up in her pure eyes.

“Then let me send you back, okay?” That youth was persistent. He straightaway gripped her shoulder using his hand while laughing wickedly.

“Ai! This bastard is a scourge of Lan Ling City.”

Everyone around had seen what had happened, but none of them dared to interfere. There were quite a few strong cultivators observing the scene with anger, but ultimately remained indifferent at one side.

Seeing the hand of the lascivious youth reaching her shoulder, she had the urge to dodge it but she was too nervous that she didn’t know what to do. Tears started to trickle down from her face. It had touched the hearts of the bystanders around, urging them to offer their kindness to her.

“Snatching a girl under broad daylight? Do you have no shame?”

A plain voice was heard. A teenage tone could be heard from this voice.


At this very second, a purple-robed youth appeared beside the nervous young girl. He waved his hand and gripped the wrist of the luxurious-clothed youth.

Under the suppression of the shapeless energy, it halted the movement of the youth’s hand. His hand couldn’t even move an inch further.

“Who is that kid? He dares to offend Guo Kun?”

“Seems like he is not a son of the rich families. This kid has no background…he is a fool…”


At this instant, everyone’s gaze fell upon him. The bystanders looked at the purple-robed youth in astonishment.

The luxurious-clothed youth immediately fixed his eyes on him. The kid who suddenly appeared was either a sixteen or seventeen year-old teenager but his face was a stranger to them. The luxurious-clothed youth’s facial expression was slightly stunned for a moment, and after a while, he said with a faint smile. “Kid, are you from Lan Ling City?”

“I’m not.” The purple-robed youth shook his head.

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