Martial God Conqueror - Chapter 116

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Please take note that Pulse Connecting realm will be change back to Maidong realm.

“Then I would like congratulate you because that won’t involve nine of your generations!”

The luxurious-clothed youth smiled faintly as his eyes sank. His wrist shook and a strong energy fluctuated. He was actually in the mid-Pulse Spirit realm. To reach the mid-Pulse Connecting realm at such a  young age, he had an absolutely exceptional gift.

A forceful energy rushed out from the youth’s body, and as a result, he directly broke free from the grip of the purple-robed youth. His palm then clenched into a fist and sent a punch at the purple-robed youth who was only an inch away.

His punch was clean and very skilful. It was no ordinary attack.

“You don’t have such capability!”

The purple-robed youth’s gaze sank. As his arm was shaken off by the luxurious-clothed youth, a plain and big golden energy abruptly fluctuated and faint talisman-like patterns were formed on his arm.

As the punch was about to reach the purple-robed youth, he clenched his fingers into a fist and collided with the attack. Creating an explosion of energy as a result.

“Pulsate fist!”


Consequently, when the two fists collided with each other, a rumbling noise was heard.


In the people's gazes, there were thirteen shocking layers of energy waves overlapping with each other within the purple-robed youth’s attack. It violently landed on the fist of the other youth like a charging wave.

*Ka cha!*

A sound of breaking of bones was heard. The people surrounding the scene were stunned. They saw the right arm of the youth in luxurious clothes weakly dangled down before he let out a wail of pain.


Along with his wail and the cracking sound of the bones, the youth was thrown flying away. His buttocks landed on the street, and afterwards, he spurted blood.

The youth was heavily injured after just one strike!

“That youth is really strong!”

“Not ordinarily strong, no wonder he dared to get in Guo Kun’s way.”

“I have no idea what’s the background of this youth. If he doesn’t have a powerful support to back him up, he will die for sure!”


The bystanders around were exchanging glances with one another with their astonished face.

Although Guo Kun was young, he had already reached the mid-Pulse Spirit realm. His overall strength was deemed to be quite strong in the entire Lan Ling City, but no one had ever thought that he would be easily injured with just a single strike of this purple-robed youth.

“Dared to touch young Lord Guo! Eliminate this brat for me!”

While a few of the youths were still stuck in their startled condition, someone shouted.

Behind these group of youths, the guards lunged toward the youth in purple one after another with powerful energy despite their darkened faces.


Lound sounds exploded from the fighting. Meanwhile, the bystanders on the street were seeing silhouettes consecutively thrown out of the scene through the air in an arc.

Several dozens of burly men were at the early-Pulse Connecting realm and two of them were at the mid-Pulse Connecting realm. However, all these were deemed useless in front of the purple-clothed youth.

*Peng* *Peng* *Peng*

The burly men fell one after another. Some spurted a mouthful of blood, while some of them had their bones broken and couldn’t even muster the strength to stand up.

A few of the youths who clustered behind Guo Kun a while ago didn’t even dare to make a move after witnessing the scene. All of them involuntarily retreated away from the purple-clothed youth by many steps. Afterwards, they ran to Guo Kun who was the first guy that was thrown away by Du Shaofu.

“Brat! You dared to attack us? Dare to declare your name!”

When those youths saw that not even Guo Kun and their guards could bear the purple-robed youth, their eyes exuded a glint of fear. This young man was truly scary.

“Du Shaofu!”

Both of his eyes slightly moved. He then looked at the teenage girl who was frightened witless. His eyes suddenly showed a doubtful expression and said softly while frowning, “Why didn’t you attack? They won’t be able to do anything to you.”

He saw someone was seizing a young girl as he came out. Naturally, he wouldn’t be able to accept such a lawless act. He had guessed the different status of those few youths in Lan Ling City, but it didn’t matter even if he revealed his name. He didn’t belong to the city after all. After meeting the lord of the prefecture of Lan Ling, he would immediately leave without bothering these few absurd youths.

The teenage girl regained her senses. Her sparkling eyes turned to Du Shaofu like a frightened kitten. Her eyes were about to well up with tears, she seemed like a delicate and touching girl. She then timidly said, “I was too nervous. When I am struck with nervousness, I will forget any solutions to the problem.”

“It’s okay now. Go home now.” Du Shaofu instructed the teenage girl.

“You are a good man, can you do me a favor? Can you let me borrow a thousand xuanbi so that I can buy a dan to treat my aunt’s injuries.” The girl lifted her head and looked at him. Her gaze was as pure as a paper.

Meeting the gaze of the girl, his heart was slightly touched. He couldn’t help but think why did he not meet such a sister before.

“How about this? You can bring me to see your aunt, maybe I have some ways to treat her.” He said after a moment of hesitation, he said.

“Is it true? Then I have to thank you very much. My name is Xingyu, Dai Xingyu.” Her pure gaze was now filled with happiness.

“My name is Du Shaofu.” He said.

“I heard it just now.” Dai Xingyu said happily. Her slender body straightened, showing her attractive and graceful curve.

The both of them vanished from the crowd. The youths just now had their eyes filled with embarrassment, and thus, they didn’t attempt to stop them.

“Young Lord Guo, what now?”

One of the luxurious clothed youth looked at the youth whose arm was injured by Du Shaofu with weak eyes and asked.


As soon as the youth’s voice fell, he was slapped fiercely by Guo Kun’s left hand on the face. His face was left with a red palm print. Stinging pain started to crawl up from his cheek.

“Remember, if I am beaten up next time and you all aren’t also beaten up, the lot of you no longer need to follow me.”

Guo Kun then looked at the several youths beside him with a cold expression and continued, “I will give you all a chance. Find the whereabouts of that brat by tomorrow morning. If you all can’t, you must bear your own consequences!”


An hour had already passed,  Dai Xingyu was leading the way back. Du Shaofu saw finally the aunt of the teenage girl in a remote old house.

Above the bed was a lady who was in a comatose state. Her face was pale white but it didn’t affect her pretty face.

This comatosed lady seemed to be only twenty one or two years old. She wore a long skirt. Probably due to lying on the bed, her dress was tightly stuck to her body, revealing her awesome body shape. Her curve was very attractive and her bosom was pushed up high…

“Brother Shaofu.”

Dai Xingyu called him with a familiar tone as if she had known him for a long time. She looked at the lady lying on the bed worriedly, her tears almost trickled down on her face and said, “I have already checked her, but I have no idea what has happened to her. Quickly help me save her.”

“Is she really your aunt?” Du Shaofu doubted. Judging from her age, it didn’t seem like she was Dai Xingyu’s aunt.

Dai Xingyu nodded solemnly while her clear and bright eyes looked at him, afraid that he wouldn’t believe her and said, “My aunt is younger than my mum a lot. So, my aunt isn’t much older than me, but she is really my aunt.”

Du Shaofu, however, had already walked to the lady on the bed without replying to Dai Xingyu.

Seeing that beautiful face, Du Shaofu had an uncontrollable urge to focus on that attractive curve. He silently thought that ‘This little girl is as pure as a white paper and she just simply brought someone home with her. Such a beautiful aunt is lying immobile on the bed. If the stranger who came has evil intentions, the consequences were imaginable.’

However, a moment later, his random thoughts disappeared and his seriousness surfaced on his face. He condensed a palm seal, extending the light of talisman from his palm, and consequently, covered the body of the lady.

As Du Shaofu was working, Dai Xingyu was pulling the corners of her clothes while tightly biting her own tender red lips. Her bright eyes were full worries.


Du Shaofu’s palm print remained but the talisman on his palm vanished as his eyes became sullen.

“Brother Shaofu, how is my aunt?”

Dai Xingyu saw Shaofu’s darkened expression and felt an extra pound of worries.

“You are Spirit Talisman Master too, can’t you see it?”

Du Shaofu looked at Dai Xingyu with doubt. From the aura that Dai Xingyu exuded, he could sense that she was actually a peak-Second Star Spirit Talisman Master even though it was hard to notice.

Ever since he cultivated the incomplete cultivation law from the beast bone, he felt that he could easily notice other people’s cultivation level. As long as their cultivation wasn’t that far apart, he would be able to detect it even if the person tried to conceal it.

Therefore, Du Shaofu felt rather strange. Judging from her cultivation as a peak-Second Star Spirit Talisman master, although she might not be able to get rid of those a**h*les, she would have no problems in escaping.

He couldn’t imagine why this girl, who had such a cultivation, would be stuck in a state of confusion whenever she encountered a dilemma.

She looked at him after hearing his words. A tinged of red had crawled up on her face before she said, “Brother Shaofu, even though I’m a Spirit Talisman Master, I only have the cultivation level and have no knowledge of treating people because no one had ever taught me before.”

As she spoke, she thought of something and suddenly spoke again, “But I know how to set a talisman array, but if I am nervous at that time, I won’t be able to do it as well.”

Du Shaofu was left speechless while looking at this naïve girl and said with a frown, “Your aunt was poisoned by someone. The poison is very strong. So your effort of buying dan to treat her injuries would be useless.”

“Poisoned?” Dan Xingyu asked. Her eyes became nervous. Immediately, tears started to trickle down on her face while pulling the corner of Du Shaofu’s robe, and uttered, “Brother Shaofu, you must have ways right? Please help me save my aunt.”


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