Martial God Conqueror - Chapter 117

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“The poison isn’t lethal. It is the poison of delusion. The victim would hallucinate and fall into a coma.”

He had already gained some knowledge about poison from Zhen Qingchun. Although this poison was very strong, it wasn’t a big problem for him. It was merely an inconvenience.

After checking the lady, he found out that she was also a warrior. Her strength and cultivation level wasn’t low. She was already at the early-Pulse Connecting realm. In other words, his cultivation wasn’t as powerful as hers.

“Delusion poison? What should we do now?” Dai Xingyu had heard of such a poison before. Her tears started to slow down, but she still felt very nervous.

“I have to make some antidotes for the poison. There shouldn’t be a problem.”

Du Shaofu nodded and said to Dai Xingyu, “I need a quiet room to refine the antidote. You, help me guard the entrance, no one is allowed to disturb me.”

“You are also a Spirit Talisman Master?”

Dai Xingyu looked strangely at Du Shaofu with doubts and asked. “I thought that you were a warrior. Those bad guys weren’t your opponents at all.”

Du Shaofu didn’t answer Dai Xingyu but only smiled faintly. He silently implied his command for the Demonic Scale Tiger to guard the compound while he was making dans.

The old house seemed very simple but it looked quite elegant. There was a wide space in the house. It seemed like the house was owned by a big family but it was empty now. According to Dai Xingyu, only the two of them lived in this big house now.

The building had been left empty for a very long time, but it was still somewhat clean. He let Dai Xingyu and the Demonic Scale Tiger guard outside the door while he sat cross-legged in one of the rooms. Seals started to condense in his palm and the Spirit Talisman Cauldron could be seen in front of him.

“Delusion poisons are almost the same, so its antidote didn’t require any special items. A grasp of Pure Blood Grass, a Tranquilizing Fruit…”

After finding the recipe of the antidote in his mind, he started to concoct it. The five elements of talisman energy in the Spirit Talisman Cauldron fluctuated. A wave of hot energy whistled out of the cauldron.

Outside the door, Dai Xingyu could also feel the vibration of the wave of hot energy coming out of the room. Her eyes were slightly anxious as she stared at the kitten-sized Demonic Scale Tiger below her and said, “Why did brother Shaofu brought a kitten along with him? I have always heard it from grownups that males don’t keep a kitten as pets nor do females keep dogs.”

The Demonic Scale Tiger violently lifted its head and stared at Dai Xingyu. It said this in his heart, “YOU are the kitten. I am a tiger, an exceptional Demonic Scale Tiger at that!”

Dai Xingyu suddenly became interested in the Demonic Scale Tiger. She made a circle surrounding the tiger and then squatted down beside it. She then brought the Demonic Scale Tiger into her arms, gently touching the delicate scales on its body and said softly, “This little kitten is quite special. I think brother Shaofu called you little tiger but that name doesn’t suit you. You have loops of scaled on your body, I will call you Little Loops okay?”


The Demonic Scale Tiger glared at Dai Xingyu while its throat was letting out a soft roar. The roar was suppressed because of its size, so it sounded slightly like the meow of a real kitten.

After seeing the ‘little kitten’ in her arms responding, she delightfully smiled and said, “You have agreed then, I will call you Little Loops from now on.”

The Demonic Scale Tiger was blowing up inside. It wasn’t an ordinary Demonic Scale Tiger. Why should it be called Little Loops?

“It seems like you really like the name ‘Little Loops’ a lot. I like it too. It is very nice, isn’t it? Little Loops.” Dai Xingyu praised herself for giving such a good name to the Demonic Scale Tiger and continued to keep the kitten into her arms.

Such a pitiful Demonic Scale Tiger, to be held by a little girl in her arms but didn’t dare to reveal its true identity.

As time slowly passed, Du Shaofu was alone, concocting dans in the room. Now, he realised that concocting a dan wasn’t as simple as it sounded. Without the help of Zhen Qingchun, he faced a lot of difficulties.

Nonetheless, he didn’t make a mistake in the process of concocting. This antidote wasn’t a high-grade dan, so it wasn’t as difficult. He was already a Three Star Spirit Talisman Master which made concocting so much easier.

He could spiritually sense the changes in the Spirit Talisman Cauldron, including the temperature, liquid, herbs and etc. He didn’t dare to miss a single step as a tiny mistake would affect the success rate of the medicinal liquid.

After persisting for several hours, Du Shaofu had finally reached the final step of the process. His spiritual force controlled the blending of different elixirs and medicinal liquid. With the high temperature, it gradually blended and mixed into a new medicinal liquid.

This was his very first attempt at concocting but he completed it excellently. He was afraid that Zhen Qingchun might wake up and see this. He would be cursed again in his heart if that happened.

As the final step was done, he kept his Spirit Talisman Cauldron. A volume of medicinal liquid had been kept in the already prepared empty emerald bottle.


After the last step, he sucked in a deep and long breath. Although this antidote wasn’t that difficult to refine, but the concentration needed wasn’t little. His face looked slightly pale-white.

*Ga Zhi* (creaking sound)

Du Shaofu pushed open the door of the room. It was already late at night and Dai Xingyu was still guarding the front door.

After the Demonic Scale Tiger saw Du Shaofu, its’ eyes revealed helplessness and reluctance. It was about to be annoyed to death by this talkative and self-praising girl. Calluses were already forming in its ears but it couldn’t do anything to stop her from speaking.

When he reached the room, his left hand gently squeezed the slit of the lady’s lips and opened it. Her lips could attract anyone, as if her lips contained an aroma that people desired to taste so much.

Du Shaofu was firmly in place. He slowly poured the antidote into the lady’s mouth.

“Brother Shaofu, why hasn’t aunt awakened?” Dai Xingyu asked nervously while carrying the Demonic Scale Tiger in her arms.

Du Shaofu checked the pretty lady again and said, “There shouldn’t be any more poison in her body but it will take some time before she wakes up. Furthermore, she had some injuries on her body as well. I will help her to treat those wounds too .”

“Thank you very much brother Shaofu. You are a good man. Aunt has always said that men are not good things, but brother Shaofu, you must be a good thing.” Dai Xingyu said happily. Then, she felt that there were some mistakes in her words and said, “No, I was wrong. Brother Shaofu is not a thing…”

“No also, brother Shaofu, I don’t mean that…”

Dai Xingyu became suddenly so nervous that she wanted to cry, she didn’t know how to convey the message. She didn’t feel right with how she said it, causing her to express her real thoughts.

Du Shaofu’s felt helpless and he waved his hand and said, “Alright, I know what you mean. You and little tiger continue to guard outside. I will help you treat your aunt.”

“En.” Dai Xingyu nodded and said, “Brother Shaofu, it doesn’t sound nice to call this little kitten ‘little tiger’. I have already given it a name, it is called ‘Little Loops’, what do you think?”

“Little Loops?” He was stunned for a moment before he faintly smiled at the Demonic Scale Tiger and said, “Not bad, we’ll call it Little Loops then.”


The Demonic Scale Tiger roared with its tiny voice but it didn’t seem to make that much of an impact. It was then carried away by Dai Xingyu out of the room, leaving Du Shaofu and the pretty fainted lady in the room.

If this pretty lady was conscious, she would definitely pinch Dai Xingyu’s backside for allowing a stranger in her  room while she was unconscious.

One should know that there were many young, talented, rich and famous people who was so infatuated with her that some of them were even willing to sacrifice all of their fortune just to approach her.

“She is quite pretty.”

Du Shaofu was still staring at the unconscious lady. As he observed her carefully, the more astounded he was with her beauty. Comparing her with Ye Zhejin or Bai Caiyi, although they were all beautiful, this lady had a sense of elegance and an aromatic scent. She would definitely attract more men than the two of them.

Du Shaofu felt that he should be an upright gentleman. So even though this lady was unconscious, he shouldn’t have any kinds of evil thoughts.

Furthermore, he was still young and should focus on cultivation.

Thus, Du Shaofu only appreciated the exceptional beauty of this lady and started to treat her injuries after that.

After thoroughly checking twice, he found out that this pretty lady had some untreated injuries in her shenque. These injuries had been left there for a period of time and had hampered her cultivation.

Based on Du Shaofu’s intuition, these injuries had already affected her for three years and she was unable to advance her cultivation level.

She might be at most twenty two years old. She was already a peak-Pulse Connecting warrior three years ago? She had already reached such a realm even before she turned twenty? This lady must have some absurd talent.

However, such an injury was somewhat difficult for Du Shaofu to treat as he had to touch this lady’s body. Furthermore, her injuries were located in her shenque, which was slightly below her abdomen. Although there was a layer of dressing, he still felt ‘shy’ somehow…

“I am here to save people. She is the aunt of Dai Xingyu, meaning that she is my senior.”

Du Shaofu muttered before his face revealed a mild smile. His hand condensed a seal and began to treat the lady’s injuries. Palm seals were condensed one after another with the fluctuation of talisman symbol. Then, his palm was tightly placed on the lower abdomen of the pretty lady.


Although the pretty lady was still unconscious, a groan was heard from her throat, along with the trembling of her body.  


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