Martial God Conqueror - Chapter 118

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It was almost daybreak, in the room, the seals from Du Shaofu’s fingers were still moving on the lady’s body. After the last seal dissipated, the light of talisman symbols vanished.


A long breath was released. His face was pale now. Most of his energy had already been consumed.

Treating the previous wounds on her shenque was more difficult than he had ever imagined. Those injuries consisted of some sort of stubborn cold energy.

Those cold energy couldn’t be gotten rid of so easily and it had the effects of corrupting the xuanqi, which made it very insidious.

Initially, Du Shaofu felt something strange, the injury didn’t heal within three years even though it doesn’t seem very serious. An ordinary Three Star Spirit Talisman Master who was proficient in alchemy could treat her with ease, she could even adjust her condition to heal herself.

Nevertheless, he knew the reason behind it now. Those cold energy rendered any ordinary Spirit Talisman Master helpless in such circumstances.

However, Du Shaofu was cultivating the Golden-winged Garuda cultivation law. This cultivation law had great prowess and was a natural suppressor of cold energy. This had coincidentally allowed Du Shaofu to remove the stubborn injuries in her body.


Du Shaofu was staring at the still unconscious lady. He estimated that she would soon wake up unless his antidote didn’t work. He left the lady’s room, his face carrying a smile.

*Ga Zhi* (The sound of creaking)

The door opened and with another creak, the door was closed. The unconscious lady on the bed suddenly opened her eyes. Her long eyelashes were moving. Her eyes were akin to a lake during the autumn season, it could attract the heart and soul of a man.

“Who was that? He was actually able to treat my old injuries? He was also quite an honest guy. He didn’t make a move on me. Could it be that I am not attractive enough? Judging from his back, he looked quite young…”

The lady mumbled. A tinged of red crawled up on her pale face.

In fact, she was already awake half an hour ago. The moment she woke up, she could feel that someone was touching her body. It shocked her, she thought that she had fallen into the hands of those evil bastards.

However, after feeling the strong xuanqi entering into the area around her shenque, she knew that the man was treating her injuries. That pair of palms were moving with tenderness on her body, without taking advantage of her by touching those parts that shouldn’t be touched.

She was a female after all. Although she had relationships with some males, she had never been approached so closely by a male. Thinking back to those gentle fingers that were moving on her body just now, the parts of her body that was touched by him exuded some sort of warmth, as if the blood flowed faster in those areas, especially under her lower abdomen. That was…when she thought of this, both of her mind and heart were confused.

“Brother Shaofu, how is my aunt?” Seeing Du Shaofu coming out of the room, Dai Xingyu’s looked at him with expectantly clear eyes.

“She will be fine. The longest time she would take to wake up would be one to two hours. I will return to the room to adjust my condition and replenish my energy.” Du Shaofu said to her.

“En, I will bring you to the room.”

She felt very happy after hearing that her aunt was fine. Her worries could finally be released and the feeling of happiness filled her emotions.

“No need, I know where it is, you should also rest early.” Du Shaofu said. He wasn’t treating himself as a guest in this house anymore.


The Demonic Scale Tiger had found its chance. It slipped through her embrace and immediately came to Du Shaofu’s side. It didn’t want to be held by her anymore.

“Alright, thank you brother Shao Fu.”

She said happily and then went to see her aunt. She didn’t want to disturb her aunt from resting, so, she bounced back to her own room.

Darkness had already covered the sky. The vast area of Lan Ling City was covered by the night sky. Stars could be seen shining brightly in the dark.

“Young lord Guo, I have found that brat’s whereabouts.”

In a luxurious courtyard, the youth who still carried the mark of a palm on his face said respectfully to a youth who was in the embrace of a lady, enjoying a massage. “I have sent my dad’s men to search for him,and finally found where that brat is located.”

The youth who was listening had a pale face. His body was leaning, against a lady’s embrace. Both of his eyes were half shut, enjoying the massage. His eyes sparkled when he heard the news, a cold light illuminated from his eyes and he asked. “Did you manage to obtain any information regarding the brat’s background?”

“I don’t have any information about that. There’s an old house, he should be together with the teenage girl.” The youth answered immediately.

“Humph! I don’t care who he is. If this score can’t be settle, I, Guo Kun, won’t be able to maintain my reputation here in Lan Ling City!”

His face sank. A cold aura was exuded. His anger frightened the charming lady to the point where she could be seen shivering. Her eyes were filled with fear and hoped that the young lord wouldn’t express his anger on her.

The youth who had the palm mark on his face hesitated before mustering his courage to speak. “Young Lord Guo, this brat’s power isn’t ordinary. Should we ask my dad for help?”

“Trash! Humph!”

Guo Kun stared at the youth, made a cold humph and said deeply. “He is just a brat! You want everyone in Lan Ling City to know that that brat has caused a great disturbance among us? Do you want to show how incapable we are to the entire city? Or should I ask for my dad’s help?”

“Young lord Guo is right. I was wrong.” The youth with a palm print felt embarrassed and was afraid that he would receive another slap from the young lord.

“If we can’t even find a solution to handle that brat, then the only word to describe us would be ‘trash’.”

Guo Kun stood up with a cold and proud eye expression. Then, he said with a deep voice. “I will seek He Jun’s help. I think he alone will be enough to handle that brat.”

“That’s right, find young master He. He would certainly be able to finish off that kid.” The youth with a palm print on his face revealed a joyful look.



As the first beam of sunlight start to appear in the bluish purple dawn, Du Shaofu stopped his cultivation. He breathed out a long breath of Qi. After readjusting his condition for several hours, he had recovered much.

After walking out of the door, he stretched his back. He took a deep breath of the fresh air in the backyard. It was really refreshing and almost all of his energy had been replenished.


A low and deep roar was heard. The Demonic Scale Tiger came to Du Shaofu’s side. Its eyes were on alert as if it was telling him something.

Du Shaofu’s face sank and muttered. “Was it those rich bastards from yesterday?”

*Bang* *Bang*

Early in the morning, the big door of the old house was forcefully opened. It was a very firm door, but a simple kick had detached it from the door frame. The next moment, hundreds of people walked truculently into the congested house.

“Guo Kun, why did you bring me here for?”

Among the people, a stalwart youth walked out of the group and standing beside him was Guo Kun.

Guo Kun was exactly a head shorter than him. His gaze swept around the old house and said, “I brought you here to find a brat who is actually very strong, I just don’t know whether you are his opponent.”

“Not even you can defeat him?” The stalwart youth looked at Guo Kun. He had broad shoulders and his chest muscles were pushing out of his clothes.

“Who are you all? Why did you trespass into my house?”

At this moment, Dai Xinyu rushed out into the courtyard. When her gaze fell on those hundreds of people, including Guo Kun, her face turned ugly and said. “It’s you, bad guys.”

“Little girl, we meet again.” Guo Kun’s eyes moved and said. “Where’s the brat from yesterday?”

“I have no idea……….brother Shaofu isn’t here, he is gone.”

Dai Xingyu appeared to be slightly nervous but she wasn’t stupid. So many aggressive people came, they must be here to find brother Shaofu for revenge. He wouldn’t be able to defeat so many people, that is why she couldn’t allow them to find brother Shaofu, she even hoped that brother Shaofu was truly gone.

“Little girl, you don’t even know how to lie.”

Guo Kun’s face sank while staring at the nervous Dan Xingyu’s face. He instantly found out that she was telling lies and said, “Find the brat first, then I will play with you slowly.”

“I never thought that young lord Guo and young master He will pay me a visit in person. This is truly remarkable.”

A voice as clear as silver bells was heard. In the yard, a lady who appeared to be in her early twenties walked out. She walked slowly, mincing her steps. Her body was as delicate and tender as a jade willow.

There were pretty girls outside, but they lacked an elegant disposition. Some might have it but they didn’t have a pretty face. This lady however had both qualities.

This lady wasn’t merely pretty, she also carried an elegant atmosphere with her. Her dark and shiny waist-length hair reflected the light that shone on her hair. She wore a long dress that enhanced her elegance even more, like an immortal beauty from a painting.

Everyone immediately looked at the lady, most of their eyes were glued.

Guo Kun and He Jun were also astonished because they knew this lady, they didn’t expect to see her here.

“Aunt, they are bad guys. They bullied me yesterday. If it wasn’t for brother Shaofu, I might not be able to return home yesterday.”

Dai Xingyu quickly found her safety behind the lady’s back after her appearance. She then thought of something and said, “Aunt, you have recovered, this is great! You have really frightened me! I didn’t know what to do, luckily I met brother Shaofu.”

“Alright, I am here now, don’t be scared.”

The lady patted Dai Xingyu’s beautiful hair before looking back at Guo Kun and the others. How could she not know what kind of people they were?

“Miss You Ruo, why are you here? This little girl is your…”

Guo Kun was surprised as his gaze fell upon Murong Youruo. He heard the little girl calling Murong Youruo aunt.

“This old house was bought by me a long time ago. Xingyu is my elder sister’s daughter. My sister is a lot older than me so my age gap with Xingyu is very small.”

Murong Youruo’s pupil was as clear as an autumn lake. After glancing at Guo Kun, He Jun and the others, she said, “Young lord Guo and young master He, why have you come all the way here with your soldiers, have I offended any of you?”


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