Martial God Conqueror - Chapter 119

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“We are looking for a brat named Du Shaofu. Since this is Miss Murong’s house, we will give you face. We just need to take him away.” Guo Kun said to Murong Youruo. His tone had completely changed, it became similar to one of a gentleman.

Murong Youruo knitted her eyebrows. She knew these people’s identity and their powers. They were the kind of people who could swagger in a big city with just their social status.

“Young Lord Guo, there are only two people in this house, me and her. There isn’t any other person.” Murong Youruo said.

Guo Kun was stunned. Then, his eyes that were fixed on Murong Youruo slightly sank and said, “Its okay, we’ll just search the entire house.”

“Young Lord Guo, that isn’t very nice.” Murong Youruo said.

After hearing her response, his expression became sullen. He moved two steps forward, and fixedly stared at Murong Youruo, and then said, “Murong Youruo, do I really look like an idiot to you?”

She was startled. She already knew it in her heart that this Guo Kun wasn’t an idiot, and so she quickly explained. “How could Young Lord Guo be an idiot? If you were an idiot, there won’t be any smart people in the city anymore.”

“Since you know that I’m not an idiot, why are you still patronizing me? Don’t even think that I won’t dare to touch you because you are protected by someone. You have to know that you are merely exalted by someone to have such a privilege. I gave you face because I respected the person who supported you, or else, why would I even put you in my eyes? Don’t even think that I am stupid.”

Guo Kun sounded slightly angry. If it wasn’t because of her relationship with that man, he would’ve already made a move on this fine lady. However, with that man interrupting him, he coouldn't do a thing, which, as a result, annoyed him.

Murong Youruo slightly sighed. She felt that she was incapable sometimes. This wasn’t the clan that she was with before, this was Lan Ling City. In this place, there were many things that couldn’t be decided by her. If it was before, she didn’t need to care about these people even if they have a powerful support behind them. However, the current situation was different.

“You look like an idiot. Don’t you know that you’re an idiot?”

Dai Xingyu gazed at him with a pure expression and said, “It is also true. If you’re an idiot, it’s impossible that you will know about it, but all I know is that you’re certainly a bad guy.”

Along with Dai Xingyu’s words, Murong Youruo’s face changed.

“Haha, truly meaningful. Guo Kun, don’t tell me that you have really became an idiot?” He Jun laughed after seeing Guo Kun getting scolded by a little girl. The scene had definitely pleased him.

“Little girl, come over here.” Guo Kun’s face sank. He would certainly target the person who had ridiculed him. However, he could only express his anger at Dai Xingyu when He Jun had laughed at him.

“Young Lord Guo, Xingyu didn’t mean that.” Murong Youruo continued to explain. She couldn’t imagine that this girl could actually blurt out such offensive words. However, she instantly stood in front of Xingyu.

“Who do you think you are? When no one backs you up, you are nothing. Get lost!”

After seeing Murong Youruo’s attempt to protect the little girl, he raged and straightaway waved at her.

Guo kun was using his left hand because his right hand hadn’t recovered yet. It couldn’t be fully healed within a short period of time.


A deep noise exploded. A plain golden light illuminated the room. In the next moment, they saw Guo Kun’s body being thrown away from his original position.

At this time, He Jun’s gaze moved along with Guo Kun. His eyes were filled with surprise.


A youth in purple with a wild kitten beside him appeared in front of their of sight. He had a resolute face and a pair of sharp eyes. Although he was only sixteen or seventeen years old, the expression in his eyes could cause people’s heart to shiver.

Murong Youruo curiously stared at the young man. Her eyelashes were moving as she blinked; her gaze as clear as pure water.

She knew that Guo Kun’s power wasn’t low, he was at the mid-Maidong realm, slightly stronger than her.

Of course, she had never exposed her cultivation level to anyone in public.

However, this youth in purple sent Guo Kun away with just a single attack. It was enough to tell their difference in their power.

Murong Youruo could also see that this young man in purple was the one who treated her injuries yesterday. It was her first time seeing this youth’s face. He was younger than her but his face was steadfast, and his sharp gaze made her feel that this young man wasn’t similar to Guo Kun and the rest.

“Brother Shaofu.”

Dai Xingyu’s worried heart had turned into delight after seeing Du Shaofu and said, “These bad guys have come again.”

“It’s okay. I am the villain for the villains and also the incarnation of righteousness. Don’t be scared.” Du Shaofu said with a composed tone and a smile, patting his chest in front of  Dai Xingyu.

“You aren’t from Lan Ling City?” Murong Youruo looked at Du Shaofu while her black eyebrows that was slightly frowning.


Du Shaofu only looked at Murong Youruo clearly now. Although he knew that she was a very beautiful lady, the feeling was entirely different when she was standing in front of him. Under the long eyelashes, her eyes exuded a spiritual brilliance. Her tenderness and elegance reached him as the breeze softly blew. She was truly beautiful.

This lady was like a flower, but she was absolutely not a vase. This was Du Shaofu’s feeling. He could feel that something was tapped in his heart while staring at this girl. It had flickered his ardent feelings for her.

“Are you alright?” Du Shaofu then added another sentence to ask this girl. It was common sense that someone would usually say another word to this pretty girl to get her attention.

“I am alright. Thank you.”

Murong Yourou looked at Du Shaofu with thankful eyes, but she didn’t understand why a tinge of red started to appear on her face from her cheek. Was it because that she thought of this youth’s palms moving on her body? Although he was quite honest, she had never been touched by any man before, not even a layer of dress on her body.

‘What am I thinking? Why do I have such thoughts? This young man is only three years older than Xingyu.' Murong Youruo said silently to herself, and then the redness on her face faded.

“That's good.” Du Shaofu nodded. He felt relaxed and comfortable while talking to this girl.

After landing, Guo Kun lifted his head and looked at Du Shaofu without any surprise, but with a cold eye expression instead. He then looked at the stalwart figure He Jun beside him and said, “He Jun, it is this kid. I’m afraid that you aren’t his opponent as well.”

Those guards who seemed to be as ferocious as wolves didn’t even dare to make any moves because these two young lords didn’t give them any orders. Furthermore, the opponent was too powerful. Naturally, they wouldn’t grab the chance to get beaten up.

“He is undeniably strong. Did you purposely let me come here to deal with him?”

He Jun looked at Guo Kun and said, “You want my help? Fine, but don’t treat me like an idiot. I am preparing to make a breakthrough in my cultivation so I will require several active dans as supplements.”

“Your White Tiger Sect lack a few ordinary dans?” Guo Kun stared at He Jun. He knew that He Jun didn’t really need just a few of those normal dans.

“I prefer to earn it myself.” He Jun said it with solemn tone.

‘You prefer to rob. Only Meng Laicai will earn it himself’ Guo Kun said it in his heart but, in the surface, he nodded at He Jun and said, “No problem, I will give you a few of them after this.”

“Good.” He Jun smiled faintly. Then, his stalwart figure walked towards Du Shaofu.

He Jun had walked five steps forward. Every step he took made the floor crack. The atmosphere around him alarmed everyone. His stalwart body was like a beast. He then stared at Du Shaofu and said, “Brat, Guo Kun said that you are very strong. He said that even I, He Jun, can’t even compete with you.”

Du Shaofu looked at He Jun. His tall figure made Du Shaofu slightly raise his head and said, “Who’re you?”

“The same as Guo Kun. He also one of the four lords in Lan Ling City. His White Tiger Sect is the biggest in the city and he is also their young master, He Jun. His favourite hobby is to rob people’s items.” Murong Youruo said to Du Shaofu softly.

“Murong Youruo had already told you about my identity. I am called He Jun.” He Jun said to Du Shaofu.

Du Shaofu looked at He Jun again with a sympathetic face and sighed. “You have been betrayed by Guo Kun. He just wants to use you. It is not good to befriend this kind of man.”


Guo Kun made a humph after listening to Du Shaofu’s words. Meanwhile, his glare was fixed on Du Shaofu.

“It doesn’t matter. My friendship with him isn’t very deep nor good. It’s just that someone has deliberately made the four of us to become young lords. As for the part where he is taking advantage of me, it doesn’t concern me as long as I don’t lose anything.” He Jun said to Du Shaofu.

“No…” Du Shaofu shook his head and continued to show him the sympathetic face and spoke. “Guo Kun purposely wants you to come here, not for you to handle me, but for me to handle you. Compared to you, my relationship with him is deeper.”

“You have a relationship with Guo Kun?” He Jun doubted it because he couldn’t see through this fact.

“Bastard! When did I have a relationship with you?!” Guo Kun who was behind He Jun couldn’t help but shout.

However, Du Shaofu was indifferent. Instead, he looked at Guo Kun and said, “As the saying goes, beating is love and scolding is affection. There isn’t a relationship that is without scolding and beating. I have broken your arm and scolded you yesterday, doesn’t it represent the depths of our relationship?”


Guo Kun was angered and his face turned as red as tomato.


Dai Xingyu couldn’t help but laugh. Murong Youruo also laughed with her mouth closed, but her eyes were staring at the back of the youth with some worries.

“You have a glib tongue like Meng Laicai, which I don’t like.”

He Jun shook his head, his eyes immediately revealing some ferociousness that was focused on Du Shaofu and uttered, “I think that you haven’t yet received a beating from me. How about this? Hand over your storage pouch and I won’t beat you.” As his voice faded, a strong fluctuation of energy rushed towards Du Shaofu, creating an instant and explosive energy.

Du Shaofu’s face sank. He looked again at He Jun, thoroughly judging his capabilities.  

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