Martial God Conqueror - Chapter 12

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On Du Shaofu’s resolute face a smile appeared, condensing one handseal after another. The world’s energy seemed to be vibrating and attracted by the handseals, rushing endlessly towards Du Shaofu. Strands of xuanqi flowed rapidly through the few specific meridians finally gathering together around his palm, making the air ripple as if boiling water.

At this moment, Du Shaofu’s aura suddenly became fierce and frightening, like a sleeping wild beast awakening. 

At the same time, Du Hao, Du Chong and Du Yan’s eyes swelled up with shock.  

"Raging Storm Waves Palm!"

Du Shaofu struck out his palm, xuanqi surging out and, suddenly, a thunderous sound was heard. Following the palm trail, layers of waves consisted of wind scattering in the air like waves crashing against Du Hao, Du Chong, Du Yan and the rest of the group again and again.

*Puchi!* *Puchi!* *Puchi!*

Bearing the brunt of being in front Du Hao, Du Chong and Du Yan simply did not have time to defend. Blood spewed from their mouths, and in the end, their bodies inverted out falling heavily on the ground a few meters away. Bleeding, face pale and struggling to get up unsuccessfully.


Cries echoed out as the young boys and girls who were laughing sarcastically behind the trio were swept away one by one as if pebbles by the storm-like wind. Each one falling heavily and painfully on the ground while the sarcastic expression they had had yet to fade.

This moment totally blew away all of their ridicule, contempt and disdain.

When everything calmed down, the area around the training field’s iron gates was in ruins.

The sudden commotion had long roused the attention of all the members Du Clan that were still on the training field. Everyone’s jaw dropped, unable to close looking at the scene at the iron gates.

Du Shaofu, without missing a beat, walked directly to Du Hao, Du Chong and Du Yan’s body. Under the stunned gazes of those around, Du Shaofu’s hand searched their bodies and dug out two small cases containing base building dans and a jade bottle filled with the blood essence of Violent Stone Demon Wolf and very nonchalantly took them away.

"Within three days return all the dan that you three have stolen from me, if not, every time I see you, I will rob you. I’m serious.”

Finishing his words, Du Shaofu patted his butt and walked away.

Leaving only those on the training field not far away looking as if they have seen a ghost. Everyone was left in a wind of confusion.

When Du Shaofu’s figure completely disappeared from everyone’s astonished eyes, some of them finally realized that Du Shaofu who was being laughed at earlier had publicly robbed the top three of the clan's sparring competition.

"The top three amongst the younger generation……"

Then everyone around the training field looked at the Du Hao, Du Chong and Du Yan. The three of them can’t even get up from the ground.

Thinking back on their words of ridicule earlier, those who had laughed in disgust at Du Shaofu could not help but feel their face burning as if they have been slapped severely…

Dusk, the sun is setting in the west, sunlight trickling away.

"Second Brother, is there any special movement recently from those families?”

In one of the Du Clan’s compound's courtyard, a dashing man of about more than forty asked Du Zhixiong while sitting down.  

Du Zhixiong shook his head and said: "Those families did not have any movement recently instead something interesting happened in our clan today. I don’t know if Big Brother cares to listen.”

"Oh, today should be the younger generations’ sparring competition. Could it be there is someone among the little ones who performed outstandingly?”

The dashing man immediately showed an interest. As the Patriarch of the Du Clan, of course, he is very much concerned about the younger generation of Du Clan. This person was precisely the Du Clan Patriarch, Du Zhenwu. His name is well-known throughout Stone City.

Du Zhixiong’s smile was somewhat complicated. It seemed he was unsure of how to word it: "The little ones were pretty good, but the interesting one is Third Brother’s little kid, Shaofu…”

“Shaofu ..."

Du Zhenwu sighed slightly hearing the name. The bright eyes on his dashing face welled up with pity and complexity. He then turned to look at the robust man again, "Is it his illness has turned for the worse? He is truly pitiful. If given a chance, even if I paid a steep price, I would also like to have a Spirit Talisman Master to take a look at him.”

"Big Brother, I think it is not necessary."

Du Zhixiong eyes move, and then continued saying to Du Zhenwu: "Today in the little ones’ competition, Du Hao, Du Chong, and Du Yan became top three, but .........."

“But what, Second Brother, since when did you speak so hesitantly," Du Zhenwu looked at Du Zhixiong, this hesitant nature was not his usual character.

"Du Hao, Du Chong and Du Yan were rewarded with the bloodessence of Violent Stone Demon Wolf, and base building dans, but just as they reached the iron gates, it was robbed away by Shaofu.”

Du Zhixiong took a deep breath and looked at Du Zhenwu, suppressing his heart that was still unable to calm down, and said, "With just one move, Du Hao, Du Chong and Du Yan were blown away and about a dozen others are also injured. The skill Shaofu used was ‘Raging Storm Waves Palm.”

"Raging Storm Waves Palm? Second Brother, you're not kidding me right!" Du Zhenwu suddenly stood up, his stiffened face staring straight at Du Zhixiong with a hint of golden gleam in his eyes.

Du Zhixiong earnestly nodded and said, "Just one stroke of the Raging Storm Waves Palm. I saw it with my own eyes!”

"Quickly, quickly find Shaofu, I want to see him immediately!" Du Zhenwu eyes quivered, and then his stiffened face slowly revealed a smile.

When the annual sparring competition ended, the final result has left the entire Du Clan dumbfounded.

'Du Hao, Du Chong and Du Yan, the top three of the younger generation, Du Clan’s strongest younger generation was defeated in one move, in under a second, by Du Shaofu who was long considered as a fool. Was this young master really a fool?'

The entire Du Clan was in shock and in the shortest span of time, this message was made known to the whole Stone City. 

Of course, Du Shaofu was naturally unaware that he has alerted the different powers of Stone City.

"I have yet to practice any exercise law, what should I do with these things?"

Night. In the room, Shaofu was looking at the harvest of his robbery on the table -- the two base building dans and a bottle of blood essence. However, instead of being ecstatic about the items that could further enhance his cultivation, his face revealed a slight trace of struggle.

But Du Shaofu understood that he was different from the common people. These were good things, but he had yet to practice any exercise law while the xuanqi in his body has already reached the peak. Whether it was the Violent Stone Demon Wolf’s blood essence for baptism or the base building dans, it was useless to him at the moment.

"No, I have to get the Purple Qi Sunworship scripture as soon as possible."
Du Shaofu secretly made up his mind, the most important thing was the exercises law, and what he wanted was of course the Du Clan’s strongest Purple Qi Sunworship scripture.