Martial God Conqueror - Chapter 121

Second regular chapter!

After observing the change in He Jun’s countenance, Du Shaofu held him up warmly. Besides that, the thing that stupefied everyone the most was that Du Shaofu took out a dan and squeezed it inside He Jun’s mouth and said in a sympathetic tone, “This is a healing dan, you have been injured quite badly by me. I apologize for that. Actually, I didn’t want to fight you. If it wasn’t because of Guo Kun’s plot, I wouldn’t be fighting you.”

He Jun stared at Du Shaofu. Presently, his mind was unable to think clearly but everyone could see that his face was confused and his eyes were twitching because of conflict.

He knew that this kid had beaten him up, but the kid had sincerely turned into a good guy that stood on his side. This kid was brazen, even more brazen than Guo Kun. However, he still felt some logical sense behind this kid’s words.

“Why are you not coming over to hold your young master? Quickly bring him back to treat his injuries. His foundation would be affected if he is treated late.”

Du Shaofu said to the dozen of disciples. He Jun didn’t have any strength to stand anymore after eating over a dozen punches.

“Young master…”

“Quickly hold your young master.”

Those disciples regained their senses from their trance. Then, all of them clustered around He Jun and lifted him back to the sect. They didn’t want to let their Young Master fall under the hands of such an unpredictable and unlucky star.

Before He Jun went out, his eyes gave a glare to Guo Kun. Clearly, although he felt that Du Shaofu was brazen, he couldn’t just ignore his words.

Guo Kun’s eyes were twitching, his facial expression turned ugly and said, “Du Shaofu, we will meet again!”

As his voice fell, Guo Kun turned and left. He Jun, who had suffered serious injuries, had already left. So, it was pointless for him to continue staying there. Although he had brought over a dozen people with him, even if they rained their attacks on him, they wouldn’t be able to stop that terrifying kid. Eventually, there was no point continuing to stay there.

After the battle ended, he gained a deeper understanding about the scariness of this kid.

“Did I say you can go?”

A plain tone of voice was heard, accompanied with a chilling aura.

Guo Kun turned to the owner of the voice. Consequently, he felt the chilling aura exuded from the kid’s sword-like brows. It was the true chilling aura.

“What do you want? You would dare touch me? You won’t be able to leave Lan Ling City even if you have wings!”

Guo Kun stared at Du Shaofu. He didn’t know why, but those chilling eyes gave him some kind of a shaky feeling. This was a feeling that he hadn’t felt before in Lan Ling City. He was slightly regretful for not bringing some powerful experts with him.

Murong Youruo, whose pretty face was still in a state of shock, wanted to say something. However, when Du Shaofu decided to deal with Guo Kun, she held it in.

There was a bitter smile displayed on her pretty face. Since he could handle He Jun, Guo Kun wouldn’t be a problem at all. Perhaps, he had some kind of powerful background and support behind him. The support he had must be so powerful and influential that he didn’t even need to fear the White Tiger Sect.

Du Shaofu didn’t reply because it was no longer necessary. When Guo Kun’s voice dropped, Shaofu appeared before him.

Guo Kun had realised his movement, but due to his injuries yesterday, he couldn’t  move his left hand temporarily. Thus, he didn’t have the strength to defend himself. He could only retreat, his expression was constantly changing.


Due to Du Shaofu’s speed, a violent impact caused by his punch landed on Gu Kun’s chest.

His body flew away. As Gu Kun landed, Du Shaofu lunged forward and sent him flying again with a kick, sending him further away from his original position while blood was dripping from his mouth.

*Pu Chi*

The moment Guo Kun’s body was about to land on the ground, Shaofu’s devil-like silhouette appeared again. Both of his hands held both of Guo Kun’s legs. Then, he treated Guo Kun like a sandbag. He lifted Guo Kun over his head and slammed him to the ground violently.

*Bang!* *Bang!* *Bang!*

The smashing sound was heard thrice consecutively. It hurt Kun so much that he could produce different kinds of wails because of the pain. His head was bleeding and his bones were fractured.

“I represent justice to punish you!”

Du Shaofu didn’t slam him to the ground on his fourth attack. He just threw Guo Kun like a rock. The next second, Guo Kun’s body flew out of the courtyard and landed on a place that no one knew about, they could only hear a crash from afar.

“Remember, if you come and provoke me again, I will take your life!” Du Shaofu said loudly. After finishing, he patted his hands and a storage pouch appeared. Naturally, he kept it under his arm as if it was perfectly justified.

“Young Lord Guo…”

In the courtyard, dozens of people ran out of the house with astonishment. Their Young Lord’s life was not yet determined and they were clueless about where he had fallen to. Hence, there was nothing they could do to this kid.

Also, none of them could deny that they would certainly die if they were the ones being slammed to the ground.

Dai Xingyu’s mouth was wide open, her body was shaking. Clearly, she was shocked.

Murong Youruo’s pupil revealed some splendour before returning to her usual composure.

“I apologize for this, it seems like you two have to find a new place to stay.”

Du Shaofu looked at the girls with an apologetic face. He was worried that Dai Xingyu and her aunt would get involved in the conflict after he beat He Jun and Guo Kun.

“That isn’t necessary. At any rate, Guo Kun and He Jun won’t be able to overly trouble me.”

Murong Youruo looked at Du Shaofu with her slightly moving eyes and said, “What do you plan to do now? Guo Kun and He Jun won’t let this matter go.”

“I don’t have a clue on what to do, I have never thought about this.” Du Shaofu smiled and said.

“ I just feel that I must beat them up to uphold justice.” He continued.


Murong Youruo finally couldn’t help it and laughed. She was suppressing her urge to laugh when Guo Kun and He Jun were still there, but now she could let it all out.

“Brother Shaofu, your storage pouches.”

Dai Xingyu came before Du Shaofu and passed the five storage pouches that she had collected from the leaders. Her little heart was still pounding, she hadn’t completely regained her composure after the shock.

“I have already given it to you. Perhaps you need it when you are finding a new place to stay.”

Du Shaofu said to Dai Xingyu. This little girl seemed poor. If they needed a new place to stay, they would certainly need some finances for that. One could already see that when she tried to sell her inheritance for only a thousand xuanbi.

“Even if this storage pouch is mine, I can’t open it.” Dai Xingyu said while blinking.

“You are a Spirit Talisman Master, why can’t you open it?” Du Shaofu asked. These storage pouches didn’t belong to some powerful expert, so it wasn’t that hard to open.

Dai Xingyu lifted her head, stared at Du Shaofu with her pure gaze and said in a weak tone, “I haven’t learnt how to open a storage pouch yet...”

Du Shaofu was stunned. He then helplessly took the storage pouch over.

“Xingyu, I have already said it before, don’t reveal your Spirit Talisman Master identity to anyone.” Murong Youruo came to her side and knitted her eyebrows.

Dai Xingyu replied innocently, “Aunt, I didn’t reveal my identity. It was brother Shaofu who detected it.”

Later, she realised that she hadn’t introduce him to her aunt. She then said, “Aunt, this is brother Du Shaofu, it was him who saved and treated your injuries.”

Murong Youruo already knew that this youth was the one who saved her, but she was still surprised when she heard that he could sense Xingyu’s Spirit Talisman Master’s energy. Her brows slightly twitched before returning to her usual calmness. He was merely a sixteen or seventeen year old youth, but he could already defeat He Jun and Guo Kun. How could this youth be a simple person?

“Brother Shaofu, this is my aunt, Murong Youruo, isn’t she pretty?” Dai Xingyu lifted her head and said to Du Shaofu.

“En…Very pretty.” Du Shaofu didn’t really know how to reply. He only nodded. He felt that Murong Youruo was a pretty nice name.

“Little Loops.”

Dai Xingyu suddenly saw the demonic-scaled tiger and hugged it like a kitten in her arms. She gently stroke its head and said, “Little Loops, were you frightened just now? I was scared. Those bad guys were too bad. Don’t be afraid because I will protect you.”

Du Shaofu gave a glance to the demonic-scaled tiger and acted as if he didn’t see it.

“Roar…your father is the demonic-scaled tiger, a special demonic-scaled tiger. How can your father be scared!?” The tiger reluctantly roared in its heart, but nothing could be done. It could only endure its grievance.

“I have to thank you this time.”

Murong Youruo looked at Du Shaofu. Her eyes had returned to her usual composure and said, “Where is Young Master Du from? Have you found a residence in Lan Ling City?”

“I’m not a young master of any sect.”

Du Shaofu smiled, he wasn’t a young master of any prominent sect. Obviously, she wanted to know his background. He then said, “I am just from a small area, I’m afraid that you haven’t even heard of such an insignificant place before. I just reached Lan Ling City yesterday.”

“Hmmm…” Murong Youruo knitted her eyebrows after hearing this. She looked then at Du Shaofu and said, “We should go in and talk.”

There was a small living room in the old house. It was clean and plain but exquisite.

Du Shaofu sat down. Murong Youruo made a cup of tea for him. The fragrance of the tea overwhelmed one’s smelling sensation. It stimulated Du Shaofu’s sense of smell.

“This tea is delicious…”

He impatiently sipped the tea. The fragrance from the tea leaves filled his tongue and nose, stimulating it to the maximum, as if a wave of sensation had moved through those senses. He felt the sweetness on his tongue

“Brother Shaofu, my aunt is very skilful in making tea.” Dai Xingyu said agreeably.


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