Martial God Conqueror - Chapter 125

The Third regular chapter! 

Despite the demonic scale tiger’s disappointed look, Du Shaofu implied it to continue looking after Dai Xingyu before leaving the old house.

The door of the old house was restored to its original state but there were visible streaks of repair. It should be Murong Youruo who found someone to repair it.

Du Shaofu mounted on his horse outside the old house and asked Huang San curiously. “Huang San, where is Story Garden?”

“Story Garden…”

He and the other five changed their expressions and looked at Du Shaofu in a strange way.

“I understand. Young master wants to go there. Young master is without a doubt different.”

Huang San sighed in his heart. Story Garden was a place that he longed to go. However he didn’t have the capability because a night there would be equivalent to spending a year worth of income.

Du Shaofu got slightly confused upon seeing their strange expression. He then asked. “Why? Don’t you all know about Story Garden?”

“Young master Shaofu, I do know about the Story Garden, but I have never entered it.”

Huang San sounded embarrassed. Afterwards, he turned to the brawny man in blue clothes and asked politely. “Captain Zhang, I think you must have entered Story Garden before. Why don’t you share it with young master Shaofu?”

The brawny man, who was called Captain Zhang, turned slightly red and felt a little awkward. He darted Huang San a glance before he spoke. “Young master Shaofu, actually, I only went there once with my friends. That is the biggest and the most popular place for carnal pleasure in Lan Ling City. Not only were the ladies  there beautiful, but they were also equipped with different kinds of talents, such as being a master in chess, Qin (musical instrument), writing, drawing and etc. There are a lot of advantages that you can get over there. One trip to that place is enough to make you forget about your home.”

“So it turns out to be a place for carnal pleasure.”

Du Shaofu twitched his eyes and suddenly thought of the boss of Story Garden. He was one of the four young lords of Lan Ling City, Meng Laicai. He couldn’t imagine that Murong Youruo would ask him to go there. The only way to find out why was to go there.

He pondered about it for a moment. He had six people following him and all of them called him ‘young master’, so in order to avoid the people there from finding out that he was a newbie in Story Garden, he had to bring them along. He then said to them. “Let’s go there, I will treat you all to wine today.”

“Thank you young master Shaofu.”

The six of them were delighted and surprised. Which male in Lan Ling City wouldn’t want to go there? Most males couldn’t enter due to the extravagant spending. Today, their new young master had agreed to bring them to Story Garden. How could they not be delighted? Initially, they thought that today’s trip would be bitter and boring, but their young master’s response had completely changed their expectation.

Huang San in particular, was the most excited. He was the person chosen by young master. He had the opportunity to work with the four captains from Lan Ling Prefecture’s private army and also with the captain that he admired the most. It didn’t really matter whether he would be promoted or not. This scenario alone was enough to stir up the envy of those who always disdained him.

*Deng* *Deng*

The horses’ hoofs hit against the ground while it galloped with quick speed and a fierce aura. The Black Demonic Scale Horse would certainly attract the attention of others wherever it goes.

At dusk, most of the places in Lan Ling City were still brightly lit and bustling with activities. The most bustling place was the ‘Snowy Moon Street’ which wasn’t very far from the centre of the city.

Snowy Moon Street was even more crowded than during the day. There were countless men who had gathered here, ranging from men of letters to wealthy businessmen.

The place that was visited the most in this street was Story Garden.

Story Garden was the heaven of all men, it could make them forget about the concept of time.

Due to mounts being prohibited from entering the street, there was a place outside the street that would specifically house them. Snowy Moon Street was a place that was crawled with playboys and other people. Most of the playboys would have beasts as their mounts. Thus, no mount was allowed to enter the street or else it wouldn’t be enough to occupy all of them.

“This place is really crowded.”

Du Shaofu and the other six dismounted, before walking towards the Snowy Moon Street. They were astounded to see the brightly lit carnal place full of young beauties.

The two sides of the street were surrounded by brothels. On the top floor of a pink red pavilion, many enchanting girls in sheer clothes were waving their delicate arms. There were plenty of men who couldn’t resist the temptation and had walked inside the building.

“Young master, Story Garden is just ahead.”

Not long after walking on the Snowy Moon Street, Captain Zhang pointed forward and said to Du Shaofu.

He fixed his eyes on the front. He saw a big place that was situated at the center of the street, with a palace and a garden. It was also connected to the two big streets. The palace looked grand and the garden looked majestic. Fresh fragrance was lingering in the air, while lamplights illuminated the place, the atmosphere was extraordinary.

Seeing it from afar, this garden didn’t look rudimentary at all, it was unique.

‘Is this Story Garden…?’

Du Shaofu was surprised, however, followed by the other six, he continued towards their destination.

The doorway of Story Garden was full of people so everyone had to enter in a queuing manner. There were quite a lot of wealthy merchants amongst the crowd. They too, had to queue in order to enter Story Garden.

There were also wild and arrogant young masters of some wealthy families present in the queue. None of them tried to cut the queue. Some of them were discussing topics related to women which wasn’t too pleasant to hear.

“The supporter of Story Garden isn’t a simple person.”

Du Shaofu was contemplating. It would be impossible for such a formidable place to exist without the support of someone powerful.

“Young lad, do you have a membership card of Story Garden?”

When it was Du Shaofu’s turn, he walked forward to the doorway but was politely stopped by a young doorman who had a smile on his face.

“Membership card? What is a membership card?”

Du Shaofu was stunned but suddenly thought of the card mentioned by Murong Youruo before. This was not a place that could be entered by anyone, one should have a membership card to enter this place.

After listening to him, the young doorman said to Du Shaofu with a smile. “Our Story Garden has three types of membership cards, namely the Silver, Gold and the Supreme Card. The price of a Silver Card is a hundred thousand xuanbi. After purchasing the Silver Card, you would become our distinguished guest. You would also be able to receive the best service each time you visit Story Garden.

The price of a Gold Card is five hundred thousand xuanbi and those who possessed them are considered as our important guests. If you own one of them, you would be able to enter Story Garden without queuing up by using another doorway. The best room would also be reserved for you. Additionally, you will have the privilege to choose beauties first and there are also many more benefits.

If you purchase our Supreme Card which costs three million xuanbi, you would become our most premier member. Story Garden would become your second home and your satisfaction would be guaranteed.”

The doorman explained everything to Du Shaofu in a single breath. It was enough to tell how well his martial art level was. Then, he prompted Du Shaofu with a smile. “So which membership card would you like?”

Even Captain Zhang was startled. It wasn’t because he didn’t have a hundred thousand xuanbi. As a martial cultivator, he didn’t carry such a huge amount of cash.

Adding up all the armours, weapons, medicinal pills and etc., his net worth was only about ten thousand xuanbi. He sucked in a breath of cold air, thinking about the five hundred thousand Golden Card and Three Million Supreme Card.

Even if he  sold all of his possessions to buy a Golden Card, he would be broke by the time he went inside and couldn’t afford anything.

Captain Zhang and Huang San had zeroed in on Du Shaofu. They didn’t know how much their young master would spend in this place. But from their observations, their lord loved young master dearly and would be willing to give an extravagant amount for him to spend.

While their eyes were still fixed on him, he shook his head at the young doorman and said. “I won’t buy a membership card, I am here to find Murong Youruo.”

Captain Zhang and Huang San’s facial expression changed instantly after hearing this. Even the smiling young doorman’s facial expression changed slightly but he still maintained his friendly smile and said. “This young lad, most of the people who come to Story Garden also wishes to find young lady Murong Youruo. If you wish to go in, you have to buy a membership card, only members are allowed to come in.”

“A hundred thousand xuanbi is way too expensive. I don’t think that I would be buying one.”

Du Shaofu shook his head solemnly. He said to himself, ‘Is Murong Youruo very famous in Story Garden? Otherwise, why would so many people find her? I don’t think that it is someone with the same name as hers. This is Story Garden, a place for carnal pleasure. Could it be…?’ He turned to the young doorman and said. “But I really have to go in to find miss Murong Youruo.”

Some people who were listening to the conversation were stunned, thinking that this boy must be here to cause trouble.

Not far away from the doorway, a few tough looking man immediately walked towards them and stood behind the young doorman who was still smiling slightly.

Huang San and the others’ faces changed again after seeing the current situation, they certainly couldn’t allow anything to happen to the young master.

“This young lad, don’t fool around.”

The young doorman looked at Du Shaofu. The smiling intent in his eyes had faded a little. He then said, “There are still a lot of people queuing behind you. Go home and fool around somewhere else.”

“I have already told you. I am here to find a person. Why are you not letting me in to find her? Is it because this place is run by a bunch of brigands?” Du Shaofu said in a solemn tone.


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