Martial God Conqueror - Chapter 127

The Second regular chapter!


The youth in robe gave out a shrill cry. A punch landed on his mouth before he could even finish his words, spurting out blood.


Another punch landed on his nose .


The youth in robe whined. He was an intermediate Xiantian warrior but he was totally powerless in front of Du Shaofu. He was like a human sandbag that fell to the ground after a series of punches.

*Bang* *Bang* *Bang*

Du Shaofu didn’t show any sign of stopping. He violently trampled on the youth’s abdomen and chest until blood was flowing out of his mouth, which made everyone’s mouth wide-open open.

After a few tramples, he stopped and bent his body down. His fierce eyes turned into a gentle gaze. He then asked. “Now, could you please give me your membership card?”

“I…I give you…”

The blood was still dripping and it looked very horrible. There were quite a few bones that were broken by his beating. The youth had  endured the unbearable pain while taking out a silver shining jade card from his storage pouch.

There was a flickering talisman on top of the card, which was obviously made by a Spirit Talisman Master.

“This storage pouch looks nice, I also want it.”

Du Shaofu straightaway took the storage pouch with the card from the youth and then smiled contently and said. “See, I have told you that I will beat you if you don’t give me the card. Why didn’t you believe me? Now that you have given me the things I wanted, I guarantee that I won’t beat you up anymore.”

As soon as his voice faded, Du Shaofu stood up and walked to the young doorman. He waved the card that he had just gotten from him and said. “This should be the membership card that you mentioned, right? Can I go in now?”


The smiling young doorman was stunned. He didn’t know what to do, this was the first time that something like this happened in story garden.

“If you still refuse to let me come in, it only means that you are deliberately making things difficult for me. In that case, I will beat you up as well.” Du Shaofu stared at the young doorman and said.

The young doorman had just realized how cunning and ruthless this purple robed youth was. He unwillingly nodded after looking at those brawny men who were still lying on the floor. He said. “Young master, please come in!”

“Huang San, let’s go in.”

Du Shaofu shouted . Then, he straightened his body and went through the large door into the Story Garden like an experienced mature guy. He wouldn’t let others know that he was coming here for the very first time.

“Is this okay…?”

Huang San met the eyes of Captain Zhang. The word ‘shock’ was written all over his face. He looked at those who still laid on the ground, bleeding. Then, he took a deep breath and quickly went in with his comrades, following behind Du Shaofu.

“What is the background of this youth? He is very strong.”

“Is he trying to stir up troubles?”

“Was Guo Kun and He Jun really beaten up by him? He does have such a powerful strength that surprises everyone.”


As Du Shaofu and the rest walked into Story Garden, the bystanders around started to gossip about the incident. They sighed and asked, how does he still have the mood to go in there after the incident. This has certainly widened their scope of knowledge.

“Bastard, I won’t forget you. I would make you pay for what you did. I would certainly make you suffer horrendously!”

The youth in robe was staring at Du Shaofu’s back. He couldn’t stand because his ribs were broken. His reputation was severely affected after this incident, even his storage pouch was taken away. How could he let this matter go unresolved?

After Du Shaofu and his guards entered Story Garden, they saw a magnificent and splendour building in front of them, it instantly caught their eyes . They couldn’t help but feel impressed by it.

The roof of the building was covered with legendary luminous pearl with the size of an ostrich’s egg, it was glittering dazzling light that intoxicated any viewer.

The lobby was large and was full of people who blocked their line of sight. It was akin to the legendary place of alcohol and meat – Den of Ecstasy.

“Young master and gentlemen, please come in!”

As the seven of them were observing the place they were in, a group of pretty girls had joined in. The seven girls automatically curled their delicate hands around their arms as if they were their lovers who had been separated for a long time. It gave them a warm feeling that couldn’t be described, it was as though they had just returned home.

“Miss, I am here to find miss Murong Youruo.”

This was Du Shaofu’s first time here after all. A girl older than him straightaway rolled her arm around his, but he quickly shook off her grip.

“Mister, you aren’t being courteous. Although I’m not as attractive as junior sister Murong Youruo, you should at least ask for my name before finding her.”

She looked twenty something years old. When she saw Du Shaofu’s face again, she darted a quick charming glance at him and continued to curl her arms around his. She then said in an affectionate tone. “Gentlemen, do you think I am right?”

“Agree. Miss is right about this.”

Captain Zhang and the others replied pleasantly. They realized that their young master was here to find the widely known miss Murong Youruo. They were impressed by how extraordinary he was, which made them thought that young master’s age gap wasn’t as big as they thought after all. They now felt that young master had become like a man like them.

Du Shaofu lifted his chest when they were still chuckling. He forcefully put his hand on the pretty girl beside him and pinched. He said. “What a soft and fruitful one! I will ask for you name the next time I visit here.”

“Young master is amazing.”

The rest were stunned before laughing out loud. But none of them knew that these girls were doing a real job.

The girls of Story Garden sell their talents and skills, not their bodies. So if the visitor could get along with the girl, she would allow some informal contact. If the girls find the visitor unapproachable or disgusting, the girl could retaliate or complain.

This was how the Story Garden worked. It wanted the customers to feel the addiction and charm of these girls that kept pulling them in but  was very hard to get.

Furthermore, those who came here were no ordinary people.

The pretty girl was stunned for a moment. She thought of tricking this handsome purple-robed youth who seemed to be here for the first time. She didn’t expect him to be so bold though. Despite that, she wasn’t angry. With an unchanged expression, she widened her eyes a little at Du Shaofu. This time, she had prepared to defend herself if he touched her again. She then said. “Young master is being naughty.”

“Women won’t love men who aren’t naughty.”

Du Shaofu pretended to be an old-man smiling at her and said. “Alright, bring me to see miss Murong Youruo.”

Her eyes slightly moved before she said. “I assume that young master is here for the first time? Did you know that not everyone is allowed to see her?”

“Why?” Du Shaofu asked curiously.

The girl continued. “Because junior sister Youruo is the most popular courtesan in Story Garden. All of the girls here only shows their talents, not their bodies. Also, junior sister Youruo would only see one customer a day and she is already booked.”

“I see…”

Du Shaofu frowned. He was thinking whether this Murong Youruo of Story Garden was the one he was trying to find. Could she really be a courtesan in this place?

When she saw his expression, she added. “I have a way, if young master really wants to meet junior sister Youruo so badly. She will be playing the Guzheng* on the musical balcony of the pavilion later. I can find you a private room in the second floor so that you can have a clear view of her. If you are lucky, you may be able to attract her attention.”

“Alright, bring me to second floor then.”

Du Shaofu nodded. Before he left, he said to the rest of them. “Captain Zhang, Huang San, have fun downstairs. All the bills will be on me. I’m going to the second floor to find a friend.”

“Many thanks to young master Shaofu. We will wait for you downstairs.”

Huang San nodded. He thought. ‘How can he be just looking for a friend? Clearly, he is looking for a courtesan.’

“Please come with me, young master.”

The pretty girl had seen different kinds of men. Naturally, her eyesight had become sharp. Her respect for this purple-robed youth just went higher  when she saw how Captain Zhang and the others, who were no ordinary warriors talking to him respectfully.

The private room of second floor was nicely furnished and renovated. This floor was free from the din on the first floor which made it very serene and intimate.

When the window of the room was opened, he could see a balcony roughly ten meters wide sticking out of the building. At the present moment, there were a few pretty girls who were dancing there. Those elegant turns and graceful movements seemed so soft, delicate and attractive, which received aloud applause from the lobby below.

“Young master. There are good quality wine, desserts and fruits prepared in this room. Do you want me to call for a few more girls to come and accompany you? We all have talents that can surprise you, you know.”  The pretty girl asked.

“Do you have girls here who are Spirit Talisman Master?” Du Shaofu asked.

“About this…” The girl was surprised and her face twitched. She thought that this had to be a joke. How could the dignified Spirit Talisman Masters sink themselves into these professions that weren’t socially respected? She replied. “Young master does know how to make jokes.”

“I am not joking. If you don’t have, forget it. You can leave. I’m fine being alone here.” Du Shaofu said.

“Alright, if you have anything that requires my assistance, just call me.” The girl looked at him in a strange way and nodded. She politely closed the door of the room before leaving.


*Guzheng – a Chinese musical instrument

All name of skills will not be capitalized as they are considered common nouns but they will be italicized. Some terms are subject to change when better suggestions are selected.