Martial God Conqueror - Chapter 128

The Third regular chapter!

On the third floor of Story Garden, there was an exquisitely decorated box like room. A man was gazing out through the window with a cold and detached aura. His face looked indifferent despite the awful din outside. Then, he stood up, put his hands behind his back and lowered his head. His eyes were covered by a few streaks of hair.


The door of the box like room was opened, it was followed by a youth. He looked quite fat but still decent. He had a good-looking face and always carried a smile. His smile was so warm and soothing, it was akin to sunlight shining upon the darkness.

“What have you here come for?” The cold-looking youth who was gazing at the window asked. The fat youth closed the door before he sat comfortably in a seat. He was wearing a comfortable and loose robe, which showed his cheerful disposition.

“You should have heard about it, I guess?” The youth beside the window said without turning his body or head. His voice was cold.

The face of the fat youth hardened a little before he said with a bitter smile. “You are talking about the matter regarding He Jun and Guo Kun? They have been beaten this morning. I received the news late this morning. Just now, someone has come to inform me that the man who is hard to get along has come to Story Garden.”

“That man is mainly here for Murong Youruo. I want to know what his background is. Is he a just a valiant warrior or a high status young master?”

The youth at the window finally turned his head. Under the dim light in the box like room, his long black hair shimmered. He had the kind of eyes which bent upwards to the corner. Below his nose bridge was two valve-shaped lips. His golden long clothes showed pride and aloofness.

“I don’t know whether he is a valiant warrior or a high status young master, but I just got the news that the youth who beat Guo Kun and He Jun is currently at the second floor.”

The fat youth said. Then, he revealed a smile and continued. “I admired the way he entered Story Garden though. It was quite special. He had severely beaten up your guard captain’s son.”

The cold-looking youth wasn’t interested in the incident that happened outside the doorway. He looked at the fat youth, his brows twitched slightly and said. “I heard that he stayed in Murong Youruo’s residence last night. Could he be a follower of that man? why did he dare to beat up Guo Kun and He Jun?”

“Not possible. Do you think that that man would let Murong Youruo stay under the same roof with another man?”

The fat youth shook his head in disapproval and said. “You should already know the personality of that man. He has no interest towards people like us. It would be fine as long as we don’t offend him. He has come alone tonight. I’m afraid that the youth was hired by Murong Youruo personally to express her grievance against Guo Kun and He Jun. As such, the youth is definetely not working under that man.”

“What is the reason of that youth for coming here?”

The cold-looking youth raised his head, turned to the fat youth and said. “First was Guo Kun and He Jun, is he looking for you now?”

The fat youth knitted his brows after hearing this. He then said. “I heard from my underlings that he is here for Murong Youruo as well.”

“So it is possible that this youth is here to find that man.”

The cold-looking youth looked at the fat youth for a while and said. “Are you interested in meeting that youth?”

“What has happened to you today? Not everyone has the qualifications to meet us.” The fat youth said with a smile.

The cold-looking youth eyes became sharp. He then said. “He has the qualification because he beat up Guo Kun and He Jun. Furthermore, he is in your place now. How can we refuse to meet him?”


On the second floor in the box like room, Du Shaofu was tasting the fine wine on the table. The door opened and a pretty girl walked in respectfully. Her respect for him had grown slightly compared to last time.

“You found me a lady Spirit Talisman Master to accompany me in drinking wine?” Du Shaofu lifted his head and asked.

The girl gave a bitter smile and replied respectfully. “Young master, our young master of Dong Clan has invited young master to the room on the third floor to have a chat.”

“Young master of Dong Clan of Story Garden?” Du Shaofu put down his wine cup and looked at the pretty girl.


The pretty girl nodded. She was confused and couldn’t figure out this youth’s identity. He must be an exceptional person to be able to attract the attention of their young master.

Furthermore, their young master had only instructed her to convey the message to him and not bring him there. Naturally, both carried a different weight of meaning.

Du Shaofu knitted his brow and asked. “Is your young master Meng Laicai?”

“Yes.” The pretty girl was slightly stunned before she nodded faintly. She became very interested with this young man’s identity. There were only a handful of people who could call their young master’s name directly.

“Go back and tell Meng Laicai that if this is about the matter of Guo Kun and He Jun, I suggest that he should forget it because I will surely beat him up.”

Du Shaofu looked at the pretty girl and said. “If Meng Laicai’s invitation is to apologize to me about the incident outside the doorway, ask him to come down himself. I am too lazy to go up.”

“I will inform our young master now.” The pretty girl was afraid. She then left the box like room with fear.

“Meng Laicai…”

Du Shaofu muttered. His face returned normal and continued to drink the fine wine on the table, afraid that the wine’s taste would be ruined.


“Did that youth said it in such a way?”

In the box like room on third floor, the fat youth looked at the pretty girl and asked. His eyes were widened.

The pretty girl nodded nervously and replied. Yes,young master,  every word.

“Alright, you can leave.”

The fat youth gestured at the pretty girl. She nodded and left with some reluctance.

“What do you think?”

As the girl left, the cold-looking youth said to the fat youth with a smiling intent in his eyes. He looked enthusiastic, he said. “I am still wondering where that youth came from. I have my assumptions but they are so vague..”


The fat youth stood up and stretched his back, and said, “Since he wants me to go down and apologize to him, then I should obliged. This is my business and everyone who enters is my guest. I must let my guests feel at home in this place.”

“I shall accompany you since I am free right now.” The cold-looking youth said.


In the box like room, Du Shaofu who was drinking wine, shifted his gaze outside as the din dipped into silence and the dancing girls retreated.

“Now, let’s welcome Miss Youruo to perform a song for us.”

A clear voice came from somewhere in the Story Garden. Subsequently, on the platform, purple flower petals were drifting in the air, before landing on the floor as white fog started to materialize around the platform until it was fully blanketed

“Miss Youruo has arrived.”

“Miss Youruo,please.”


As soon as the songstress had arrived, the crowd roared and applauded with joy.

Du Shaofu looked out from the window, amazed. He saw a blurry image of a person sitting on the platform. Then, the sound of a ‘Ding…’ was heard. It was a clear and melodious sound, akin to the music of sanctuary of Story Garden, shutting all the din up.

Du Shaofu’s eyes were fixed on the dimly lit platform covered with thick fog as the purple flower petals drifted above the image of a person. He could sense the gracefulness of the girl behind the fog.

She was sitting down in the fog with a Gu Zheng in front of her. Her ten fingers were gently plucking the musical instrument, producing the music which sounded like the sound of nature that came from the wild.

In the beginning, the sound was refreshingly calming and had lasting appeal. It was a fine music to listen to. It was like a music which carried some kind of magical power which would gradually intoxicate the listener.

“Illusions are shapeless, once you meet them, it becomes unforgettable…

Meeting in the summer will bring you smile, so does it matter if you don’t know the person?

That year when it was drizzling, the melody of Gu Zheng stretched across the lotus pond as the water and sky connected. The boat drifted into the picture, scaring away the pair of mandarin ducks…

Since you won’t return why don’t you forget it?

Since you don’t have the fate why did you swear?

Everything that happens is like water without trace…”

The beautiful voice of the girl blended perfectly with the melody, as if she was telling the story of young girl’s mind. In the beginning it was about pleasant emotions but later it turned into resentment, which gave the audience a sad feeling that couldn’t be described.

Story Garden was supposed to be very noisy at this hour but the music had drowned every sound, it caught their attention and senses.


The door of the box like room on the second floor was opened. A cold-looking youth and a fat youth walked in.

Du Shaofu was still looking at the platform.

“How was miss Youruo’s music?”

The fat youth didn’t sound familiar. He sat beside Du Shaofu instantly.

“In fact, I don’t know. Although the music is nice, It felt like something is missing.”

Du Shaofu’s eyes moved slightly. After listening to the beautiful music from the unknown beauty, he had to admit that it was sonorous but something was still lacking from it.

As his voice faded, he added. “About the lyrics, it was about love which is a topic that I do not have a deep understanding with, so I can’t comment much about that.”

The fat youth intentionally gazed at Du Shaofu and asked, “What about the name that I gave to this place, ‘Story Garden’? What do you think about it?”

Du Shaofu finally turned his head towards the fat youth and said. “Story Garden is from a very popular poem and it is a conservative but romantic name. It is not a bad name, but it is a waste to be used in your place.”


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