Martial God Conqueror - Chapter 132

The First regular chapter!

“Oh ya, I have a very important matter that I have forgotten to tell you all, but promise me you won’t tell anyone.” As Meng Laicai face was getting darker, Du Shaofu’s gaze turned mysterious and shifted towards Meng Laicai and Han Xin.

“What is it?” Han Xin and Meng Laicai’s interests were piqued, turned and craned their necks to Du Shaodu as if they were afraid that others would have heard them.

As the two heads got closer, Du Shaofu suddenly moved. A pair of knuckles was sent out like dragon heads, it violently hit two noses that were only inches away.

Among the four young lords, the one that was well known for his strength was He Jun, the second was Han Xin, Guo Kun and Meng Laicai had relatively the same strength.

*Bang* *Bang*

Du Shaofu suddenly struck. There was no way that Han Xin and Meng Laicai could avoid it. The sound of the impact exploded before cracking sounds from their nose bridge were heard.

*Ka* *Ka*

Han Xin and Meng Laicai’s nose bridges were broken and blood was trickling down, but they endured the extreme pain so as not to wail.

The strong men of Meng Laicai were gazing at one another. They would have sprang over at Du Shaofu if they didn’t know his identity. Where should they find the courage to touch him after knowing that he was someone from the Lan Ling Prefecture. He wasn’t just someone, he was a special relative of the Lord of Lan Ling Prefecture.

The bystanders around also gave each other a stare. A second before, they were still friends, good friends, but the next second the impossible happened.

Han Xin and Meng Laicai both covered their noses and kept their wails in their throat. The others were impressed by their endurance. Now, these two victims were fixing their eyes on Du Shaofu.

Du Shaofu swept his hands, dusting away the dirt and touched his blood stained nose. Then, he continued while looking at the two of them. “What I want to tell to the two of you is, don’t ever try to use me again next time, otherwise, you will have my knuckle sandwiches to eat.”

He paused for a moment and continued before sighing, “You two have used me to offend my ‘sister’, causing her to bite my nose. I have to return the favour to the two of you because I can’t do that to her. Now that you two also have your noses injured, it is no longer unfair. Alright, I will leave now, will come back to have fun some other time. Brother Meng, thank you for your hospitality.”

His voice faded. Du Shaofu was still covering his nose with one hand while marching off of Story Garden.

Captain Zhang and the others were exchanging glances and caught their breaths, and followed behind Du Shaofu quickly.

Today, they had clearer understanding of what Young Master Shaofu, the one who just fell down from the sky, could do. Why would this terrifying young master need protection from them? It was merely a day since he reached Lan Ling City, but all of the four young lords were already beaten by him. Who else could be on par with his domineering actions in Lan Ling City?

In Story Garden, everyone was still staring at Du Shaofu. They made way, forming a pathway as he passed, no one dared to block him.

There were some rich merchants who expressed their admiration towards his actions by nodding and smiling, as if they were thinking of building a good connection with this young master of Lan Ling Prefecture.

Han Xin and Meng Laicai fluttered their eyes as they watched Du Shaofu’s fading silhouette from their line of sight.


The moment Du Shaofu stepped out of the doorway, his eyes turned doubtful.

He saw an army of roughly a thousand guards standing in an organized manner, and was very close to each other; they were all wearing armour and were holding different kinds of weapons. Their Qis were overwhelming.

A few experts who were mounting on beasts ride stood in front of the army, they looked stronger than everyone else.

“Dad, it’s him. He is the bastard who injured me and stole my storage pouch.”

Before the thousands of army was a stretcher, carried by two people. On top of the stretcher was a youth tied up with white bandage. He looked at Du Shaofu and smiled coldly. “Brat, you are finished today for beating me up. I will let you feel what it’s like living while wishing that you are dead.”

“Young Master Shaofu, these are the city guards of Lan Ling City.” Huang San walked to Du Shaofu’s side and looked at those guards who were standing close to each other, but he didn’t look worried at all.

Du Shaofu recognized the youth who was bandaged like a mummy. He was literally the youth in robe who was beaten by him. He wrinkled his brows slightly and asked Huang San, “Which is stronger, the city guards or Lan Ling Prefecture?”

“Young Master Shaofu, are you joking with me? The city guards belong to Lan Ling City and is controlled by the city lord. The city lord would behave himself properly in front of the prefecture lord, our Lord. So, naturally, this army is not greater than Lan Ling Prefecture. Besides, not even the private army in Lan Ling Prefecture would dare deny our lord. You should know that the private army could not be compared to these city guards.” Huang San patted his chest and said as beside him was a captain of the private army.

“Brat! Who are you? You look very young but dared to use violence against my son? It seems like you aren’t putting me in your eyes.”

A middle-aged man with a medium sized body and wore a yellow armour stood at the center of the few experts. He gazed at Du Shaofu, he did not expect that the one who beat his son was actually only sixteen to seventeen year old youth.

“I don’t even know who you are. Why should I put you in my eyes?”

Du Shaofu put his other hand on his nose while his other hand was pointing at the dumpling-like young prince Lin and said, “That ‘bandage’ is your son? You have come at the right time. Your son caused me some pain after hitting him with my fist. You can compensate with some medical fees to settle the matter. Of course, if I don’t receive my compensation, I will beat not only your son, but you as well; when I see any of you outside. In fact, I have to beat you for not educating your son well and also for justice.”


The middle-aged man cackled coldly. His cold gaze was fixed at Du Shaofu and said, “Where did this brat came from? What a presumptuous brat! If I don’t teach you a lesson today, my name shall be written upside down!”

“What is going on…?”

The people inside Story Garden walked out to see what’s going on. It seemed like the commotion outside had drawn the attention of those inside.

“City guards.” The people who entered Story Garden weren’t ordinary civilians. They immediately recognized them the moment they saw guards.

“Young city lord.”

A lot of the army guards immediately recognized Han Xin who was covering his nose the moment he came out of story garden. Their eyes turned attentive.

“Greet young city lord.”

At this instant, the middle-aged man with the surname of Lin dismounted and greeted him. He was the captain of the city guards, but his rank was nothing in front of the young city lord.

“What are you all doing here?”

Han Xin stared at the thousands of guards and at the youth on the stretcher before making sense of what Meng Laicai had said just now.

“About this…”

Captain Lin didn’t know how to answer because he couldn’t use the excuse that he brought so many soldiers just to avenge his son.

“Brother Han, are they here to attack me?”

Du Shaofu finished his question and walked towards Han Xin while covering his nose, just like him.

As soon as his words faded, all the rich merchants whose face were carrying a faint smile stared at Captain Lin with widened eyes. It was akin to digging your own grave to oppose this violent youth. They were expecting to watch a good show.

“Brother Han…”

Captain Lin immediately felt uncomfortable when he heard the purple-robed youth called the young city lord ‘brother’.

Han Xin’s face twitched. He gave a frustrated look at Captain Lin and said. “You should be Lin Ming. Bring your men and leave now.”

“No, don’t leave first.”

Du Shaofu interrupted and said to Han Xin with a smile. “Brother Han, I have just beaten you up. These people are probably here to take revenge for you. How could you ask them leave?”

When Han Xin heard this, his eyes twitched and started to feel unpleasant.

“Beaten the young city lord up…”

Captain Lin’s eyes changed drastically. Now, he could feel those mocking eyes of the rich merchants of Lan Ling City. Even the young city lord didn’t say a word when  he was beaten up by this purple-robed youth. Suddenly, he felt that he would really suffer some nasty consequences.

“Lin Ming, you really have guts!”

Captain Zhang finally walked out from the crowd. He knew that this was the right time for him to emerge. He could no longer let his young master continue the play.

“Captain Zhang.”

Lin Ming recognized Zhang Lin. As the captain of the city guards, he had seen Zhang Lin before. He didn’t immediately notice Zhang Lin because of his casual uniform. His face changed drastically and his unpleasantness started to overwhelm him.

Captain Zhang’s robe fluttered and moved forth with his cold eyes staring at Lin Ming. He bellowed. “Lin Ming, are you trying to rebel the lord of Lan Ling Prefecture? Or is this the city lord’s intention, trying to initiate a rebellion against us?”

Han Xin’s eyes turned bigger as he listened. This was the thing that he had been most afraid of, this time, his dad would certainly be implicated.

“Rebel? I didn’t have the intention and I wouldn’t dare. Why would you pose such a statement?”

Lin Ming was petrified. He absolutely didn’t have the intention to begin any kind of rebellion in the city and he absolutely wouldn't dare.

“You don’t dare to? How” do you explain this army of the city guards that you’ve brought here? To deal with  young master Shaofu of Lan Ling Prefecture, right? That is also rebelling against the lord of Lan Ling Prefecture. Isn’t this an obvious act of opposition?” Zhang Lin shouted.

“Young master Shaofu of Lan Ling Prefecture?”

Lin Ming shivered when he heard what Captain Zhang said. He was definitely confused  right now, but he knew that misfortune had already knocked on his door.


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