Martial God Conqueror - Chapter 133

The Second regular chapter!


Lin Ming’s face was imprinted with a palm. Han Xin’s slap landed violently on his face and shouted. “Piece of trash, get out of my sight, now!”

“Hold on.”

Du Shaofu interrupted. His eyes fell on Lin Ming and said. “My initial thought is that someone is trying to beat me up, but instead, someone wants to start up a rebellion in our city.”

“That’s isn’t true, I’m not starting a rebellion.”

Lin Ming could feel his face getting hot and was in panic. When he received the news, he thought that it was just a spoiled kid of some wealthy merchant who beat his on up, so he wanted to bring his army over to return the favour to the spoiled kid.

However, he didn’t think that his son had offended a person that he couldn’t offend.

Du Shaofu turned to Lin Ming and said. “If you aren’t starting a rebellion, does that mean that you are here to beat my arse?”

“Young gentleman, this is not what I meant.”

How could Lin Ming possibly admit his intention? He was shivering from head to toe. This purple-robed youth in front of him even dared to beat up the young city lord, how could they afford to offend such man?

“If you aren’t here to beat my arse and not here to start a rebellion either, could it be that you are here just to take a stroll with your army of guards?”

Du Shaofu shouted. Then, he turned to Zhang Lin and said. “Captain Zhang, bring this guy back for interrogation. Find out who is the mastermind behind this possible rebellion?”

“Roger that!”

Zhang Lin replied. A few of his people followed behind him to take Lin Ming into custody.

“Help me young city lord! Help me young city lord.” Lin Ming begged Han Xin for help. At this moment, he regretted what he did so much .

“Trash!” Han Xin gritted his teeth. How could he still care about this Lin Ming? It would certainly involve his father as well. He needed to inform his father fast. If the Lord of Lan Ling Prefecture interfered in this matter, his dad would also be brought in for questioning. 

“Let’s go.”

Du Shaofu didn’t care about the people around them. He just turned and left. The over thousands of guards didn’t dare to move. What else could they do now that their captain was taken in custody?


The young master Lin watched his father being detained by other people. He couldn’t regain his senses. 

Lin Ming was looking at his son. His eyes became fiery. If this wasn’t his own son, he would have sliced him off.

“Huang San, do you still remember what this person wanted to do to me?”

Du Shaofu walked over to that young master Lin and stopped suddenly. Then, he made a few steps back. He looked at young master Lin and said to Huang San.

Huang San answered in serious tone. “Young master Shaofu, this person said that he would let you feel what it’s like neither living nor dying.”

“I will hand him over to you.” He marched off as soon as he finished.


Immediately after that, pitiful cries was heard from young master Lin.

Outside the huge door of Lan Ling Prefecture, Du Shaofu, Captain Zhang, Huang San and the others returned to the compound, mounted on their Black Demonic Scale Horses.

“Hold it right there!”

As Du Shaofu was about to pass the huge door, a sudden shout was heard. After that, a figure of a thin youth appeared in front of them. She was Ou Yangshuang who left earlier just now.

“Big young miss.” Captain Zhang, Huang San and the others greeted her.

“Anything?” Du Shaofu looked at the Ou Yangshuang who was disguised as a man. He felt a sense of relief that his first kiss wasn’t given to a man.

Ou Yangshuang stared at Du Shaofu and the others and said. “None of you are allowed to tell my mum and dad about today’s incident in Story Garden, otherwise I will deal with you all.”

After she said that, Ou Yangshuang turned and went into Lan Ling Prefecture.


In Lan Ling Prefecture, Du Shaofu’s room had already been prepared earlier by a female servant. Originally, he wanted to stay in Murong Youruo’s place but he couldn’t resist aunt Shan’s nagging. Ultimately, he promised to stay overnight in Lan Ling Prefecture.

Du Shaofu was sitting crossed-legged in his room. He lifted his head while covering his nose. It was lucky that he didn’t bleed that much.

“I have to make a breakthrough fast. My cultivation is still too weak.”

Du Shaofu muttered while he was thinking about his own mother and twin sister whom he had never seen before, and the powerful force which separated their family. Only when he had become stronger would he be able to get rid of them some day. But then if he was weak, all of his ambitions and hopes would be just empty talk. In this world, one needed to be powerful enough to do what they desired.

He knew that everything that happened today in the Story Garden was due to Lan Ling Prefecture.

If he didn’t have any status in Lan Ling Prefecture, he wouldn’t have gotten out of Story Garden today. In other words, he just borrowed other people’s strength to go through his hardship. 

“I should only rely on my own strength. I have to work hard to increase my cultivation. After meeting the lord of Lan Ling Prefecture, I would head to the school. I hope the lord of Lan Ling Prefecture would come out of his seclusion soon.”

A shining golden light flashed through on his resolute face. He was condensing a hand seal before his body was encompassed by loops of golden light.

The sky was covered with black curtains as the moon was hung high up in the sky and the moonlight shone down. 

In the study, a middle-aged man was sitting crossed-legged as his body was circled with talisman symbols. His xuanqi fluctuated and his Qi was active.


The door of the study was pushed open. A man in black came in and stood aside.

*Chi* *Chi*

The middle-aged man kept his hand seal and the circling talisman marks around his body gradually faded. A good-looking face became visible. His thick eyebrows curled and pointed upwards. His masculinity flashed in his limpid eyes. He was the lord of Lan Ling Prefecture, Ou Yangling.

“My lord, he has already returned.”

The man in black looked at Ou Yangling and said. He added. “He is not bad.”

“You have never praised anyone.”

Ou Yangling turned to him and continued. “I know that he is not bad because he is the son of my brother. The thing that I wanted to know is how good is he?”

The man’s eyes moved before answering. “Tonight, he has trespassed Story Garden and beaten up Han Xin and Meng Laicai. The captain of the city guards brought a thousand guards there because his son was also beaten, but that captain was brought back to our prefecture after that instead. This was because he and Zhang Lin claimed that the city guards and Han Qiang was going to start a rebellion.”

Ou Yangling listened , a flash of delight could be seen in his eyes. He then asked with a smile. “Did he return in good condition?”


The man in black shook his head and said. “He and big young miss engaged in a fight. She was there for a young lady named Murong Youruo. However, big young miss didn’t gain the upper hand in the fight. Besides, he is merely a peak Xiantian warrior.”

“Peak Xiantian realm.”

Ou Yangling’s eyes twitched, smiled bitterly  and said. “My daughter is a peak Maidong warrior and he is only a mere peak Xiantian warrior. That clearly indicated that he is the son of that fellow.”

“Lord, what should  we do now?”

The man in black looked at Ou Yangling and said. “Over these years since my lord has arrived in Lan Ling City, Han Qiang has been harboring a grievance against my lord despite agreeing on the surface. I think that our chance has finally come this time.”

Ou Yangling stood up with his hands behind his back and paced in the study before he said. “Although Han Qiang is a little arrogant, he is smart, otherwise I won’t be keeping him here.”

“My lord must have wanted to use him because losing someone like Han Qiang is nothing to him.” The man in black said.

Ou Yangling smiled slightly and said to him. “Since this incident was started by the juniors, we shouldn’t involve ourselves in it. I believe that Han Qiang would also never put his attention into this. If he does, it only proves that he is not Han Qiang.”

“My lord, is this okay? He has just arrived in Lan Ling Prefecture. He still lacks the experience here.” The man in black sounded worried.

“Yes, he lacks the experience, but he has already beaten up the four young lords of Lan Ling City in just a single day. Isn’t this enough to prove his capability? As for that Han Xin, although he is still young, he is smarter than his father. What I want to find out is which one of them is better, Han Xin or him.” Ou Yangling said softly. His eyes were expectant and curious. 

“Han Xin is indeed good, he was able to maintain his cool today.” The man in black moved his eyes slightly and asked. “If he is better than Han Xin, what’s next?”

“If he is better than Han Xin, I would personally ask him to leave.”

Ou Yangling muttered. “If he is smarter than Han Xin, what else could I teach him? I think that brother of mine deliberately want to make me suffer.”


“Is that kid that strong? Where’s he from?” In the silent hall, an athletic man said with a frown.

“I have no idea where he is from. No, he isn’t that strong but just slightly unpredictable. We were caught by the surprise.”

Han Xin replied. His injured nose was bandaged with medicinal plaster. He then added. “That kid is shameless and heartless.”

“Don’t find excuses for your defeat.”

The athletic man looked at Han Xin and said. “When you are defeated it means you are defeated. You lose when you can’t handle your opponent.”

“I haven’t lost yet.” Han Xin said. 

The athletic man turned to him and said. “Alright, I would  entrust Lin Ming’s matter to you. You haven’t met any competitors all these years. Meng Laicai could be one, but he is unwilling to compete with you. You have found one today.”

“I won’t lose.” Han Xin said. His eyes were burning with fire.

The next day, when the people of Lan Ling City woke up early in the morning to begin their usual activities, a few stars were still hanging on the corner of the sky. The city gradually turned bustling and lively.


Du Shaofu kept his hand seal to stop his cultivation. The golden light surrounding him returned to his body. A foul Qi was breathed out. He now felt that his body was full of lively Qi rippling out of his body.   


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