Martial God Conqueror - Chapter 136

The Second regular chapter!
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“Little Loops, don’t be afraid. Brother Shaofu will be fine.” Dai Xingyu carried the Demonic Scale Tiger in her arms while her eyes were watching the scene with worry. Her heart was pounding really fast.

“I appreciate your help but there are the people of West Pro Society. They have greatly outnumbered us. You should leave now.” The youth struggled to raise his head and scanned around, seeing the roughly ten brawny men with boiling murderous intent before them and said to Du Shaofu.

“West Pro Society.”

Du Shaofu’s brow fluttered slightly, turned to the brawny men and said. “Leave now. I don’t think that I will want you as my friend. You would only regret it if I make my move.” 

“Where did this naïve kid came from? did he come here to die!”

A man who looked like the leader glared at Du Shaofu. He then yelled at his members. “Kill the both of them! Now!”

“Kill them!”

The ten members nodded with a sinister smile. Their murderous intent erupted and the xuanqi fluctuated in their bodies. Holding their blades, they charged at the both of them.

At this moment, the youth had already lost all of his hope to survive and was already prepared to face his death.


All of a sudden, the unexpected happened. The bystanders’ vision blurred when the purple-robed youth vanished and turned into a chain of golden afterimages. Consecutive deep cries were heard afterwards.

*Bang* *Bang* *Bang*

Ten silhouettes were seen flying away, rubbing against the ground. They tumbled away and only managed to after tumbling for 15 meters. All the blades had already fallen from their hands. They couldn’t even stand but spurted out blood instead. The Qi surrounding their bodies dissipated.

“My shenque is broken…”

“Me too…”

The ten brawny men with murderous expressions earlier were letting out wails of pain now. Their shenque had been destroyed. In other words, their cultivations had been crippled and they wouldn’t be able to cultivate in the future.

They lifted their heads and looked at the purple-robed youth in fear. They couldn’t imagine that they had been crippled by a youth that came out of nowhere.

“It’s your turn!” Du Shaofu lunged towards the leader of the group.

He was shivering with fright while looking at Du Shaofu. His forehead was beaded with cold sweat. He then spoke with a frightened and hoarse sound. “Brat! We are the people of West Pro Society. They would certainly hunt you down if you touch m.....”


Before he could even finish, his body was already sent flying away. His body was dripping with blood in mid air. When he landed on the floor, he was no longer moving, he had already lost his vital force.

The injured youth gaped at the purple-robed youth. He gasped an air of relief. He had never thought that this seemingly young purple-robed youth had reached to such a powerful extent.

“Powerful kid.”

The bystanders around gasped in surprise while they looked at him.

“You are…?” The youth asked Du Shaofu with caution after recovering from his shock.

“Is there a person called Du Yunlong in Star Dragon Society?” Du Shaofu came to the youth’s side, ignoring those pitiful brawny men.

The youth paused for a while before he nodded and said. “Yes, he is one of the masters of our society. But I’m afraid he is being hunted by the people of West Pro Society outside the city now. West Pro Society had given the orders to uproot our society in the city.”

“Outside the city? Where? Tell me now!”

Du Shaofu’s face changed instantly. He looked at the youth with cold and murderous intent that unknowingly lowered the surrounding temperature. 

The youth shivered when he sensed the cold and murderous intent coming from Du Shaofu. His hair stood on its end and said. “I don’t know. I think they are not very far away from the city because it was just a while ago when they started fleeing.”

“Xiao Hu.”

The current expression on Du Shaofu’s resolute eyes was enough to kill someone.

Before he left Stone City, his Second Uncle told him about his second brother Du Yunlong. He interfered in this fight because he heard the name Star Dragon Society. His heart was burning with anxiety now after hearing that his second brother’s life was in danger.


The Demonic Scale Tiger understood and immediately jumped out of Dai Xingyu’s arm. It then turned into a few-meters-large ferocious tiger. 

“Help me take care of the people of Star Dragon Society. If I’m still not back after tonight, help me inform aunt Shan that I would return as soon as this matter is resolved. Tell her not to worry about me.” Du Shaofu turned to Ou Yangshuang who was standing not far away and said. Then, he leaped onto the Demonic Scale Tiger’s back.


The Demonic Scale Tiger had been stifled in these past two days. It instantly let out a roar before spreading its wings and flew upwards. Its body continued to enlarge until it was 60 meters large. Its wings created a storm. Then they vanished in the whirlwind and moved towards the direction outside of the city.

“Little Loops is a Demonic Tiger…”

Dai Xingyu was frightened and her face turned pale, thinking that she was carrying a demonic tiger all along.

“That tiny kitten was in fact…” Murong Youruo’s eyes moved slightly. She finally understood why Little Loops was left in their old house, it was to safeguard them against any bad guys. Some kind of ripple started to occur in her heart.

“He actually has a Mailing demonic beast.” Ou Yangshuang’s cold eyes began to move a little.

There was a continuous stretch of mountains ahead.

Within the mountains was a gorge occupied with not less than a hundred people with sullen faces.

All of their eyes were staring at the path that was occupied by at least two hundred men who were holding blades. 

There was a twenty one or two year old youth in the first group. He was wearing a cloud robe and his dark hair fell equally on his shoulder. His hair fluttered slightly as the breeze blew. His stalwart body was stained with traces of blood. He had blood-red eyes that was as violent as a beast.

This group roughly had a hundred of them. They all looked pale and their eyes were red. They were holding their weapons in their hands as they cautiously stared ahead.

Their ages varied greatly. The oldest were the elders and their youngest didn’t even reached the age of twenty yet, but all of them possessed a similarity. An emblem was stitched on top of their shoulders. There were five stars and a dragon circling around them. 

“Master Du, what do we do now?” A youth looked forth before he turned to the stalwart leader and asked.

The stalwart youth slightly raised his head, his dark hair was dancing mildly off his shoulder. His bronze skin was flowing with xuanqi. His face turned fiercer and his eyes turned brighter red. He replied in deep tone. “We might survive if we go all out. Run whenever you have the chance. I have already prepared for this day to come. Star Dragon Society would no longer exist.”

“It’s all Bao Kongle’s fault! He betrayed us and joined West Pro Society, causing two thousand deaths on our side. If I am still alive after today, I would surely rip that bastard off with my blade.”

The three middle-aged men gripped their big blades while their eyes stared murderously. 

“Du Yunlong. There is no way for you to escape. Surrender now and we might give you a way out. Any resistance would only result in death. Stop your unnecessary struggling.” 

The trio’s body circled with talisman light. One of them threatened Du Yunlong with a smile. Their eyes were cold-blooded.

“Chou Jiang, did you really think that I would believe what you just said? I’m afraid that if we surrender now, we would be killed more quickly because we are unarmed.” The stalwart youth in robe stared coldly at the three men and said. He was crystal clear about Chou Jiang’s personality and his way of doing things.

“Haha! Du Yunlong, you are indeed smart for your age. But it doesn’t matter anymore. Your intermediate Maidong cultivation could never defeat me. Stop your useless resistance now. If you agree to join our society, I could guarantee that you will have the same position as you have before. You will become more powerful than what you have been in Star Dragon Society.” A brawny middle-aged man said.

The youth in cloud robe’s eyes turned red and said. “There is no need for that. I belong to Star Dragon Society. I have been with the society since it was first established. Come and kill me if you are capable enough. I would make sure that the West Pro Society would be annihilated if I escaped today!”

As his voice dropped, a powerful Qi suddenly overflowed from his body. He held his combat blade tight, it was surrounded by talisman patterns and a fierce Qi.


The man named Chou Jiang cackled at the sky before darting him a furious look. “You refuse to accept an offer but accepted a punishment instead?! Du Yunlong, you are truly seeking death!”

The youth in the cloud robe pushed the ground hard before springing forward, causing cracks on the ground. “Listen everyone! Whoever can flee, flee now! Avenge our fallen brothers one day!”

“Kill them!”

The youth in cloud robe was followed by a hundred men, the atmosphere  was filled by xuanqi. Alone, they are only a tiny and weak little soldier, together, they became very frightening. It trembled the void slightly, the fragments of rock on the ground trembled out of the way.

“Overconfidence! Kill them for me! None of them shall be kept alive!”

Chou Jiang smiled coldly as he saw the youth in cloud robe charging at them. He barked at his men and charged forward to meet them.

“This will be the end!”

The youth in cloud robe bellowed. He swung his combat blade at one of the stalwart enemy, severing him in half but at the same time, the hundred of them were surrounded by two hundred enemies.

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