Martial God Conqueror - Chapter 137

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*Bang* *Bang* *Bang*

As the bloodshed began, blood was splashing and wails were heard everywhere.


Chou Jiang swung his impressive blade and a light of blade with a talisman pattern shot out, killing a middle-aged man. After that, he appeared in front of a youth in cloud robe.

Both of their eyes met. It was full of murderous aura. They moved without saying a word.

“Intermediate Maidong realm warrior! You aren’t my opponent!”

Chou Jiang bellowed. He swung his blade and another blade light rushed to the youth in cloud robe. The blade light shredded the air as it travelled, creating a ‘Hu La La’ sound.

“You won’t know that until you tried. A Maidong realm warrior at its peak might not be able to kill me!” The youth in cloud robe bellowed as he swung his combat blade to deflect the attack.

*Hu La La*

Two blade lights collided, causing an explosion of xuanqi that crushed the stones, leaving slash marks on the ground.

*Bang* *Bang*

Their attacks collided again after a few seconds. The rippling energy from the impact caused both of them to stagger backwards and in a split second, they returned to their positions and sent out their attacks again.

The both of them were tied after ten rounds but the youth in cloud robe was already spent, his opponent was two levels higher than him after all. If he was only a level lower than his opponent, he wouldn’t be worried about anything.

*Deng* *Deng*

The both of them collided their blades once again. A sudden fling of a blade light caused the youth in cloud robe to stagger after deflecting it. At the same time, Chou Jiang’s left hand formed a palm seal, this caught the youth in cloud robe by surprise, hitting him directly. 

“Du Yunlong, you are no match for me even though you are the ace of Star Dragon Society. You might be able to fight me after a few years. Now, you will die!” Chou Jiang smiled as he dragged his blade and walked slowly to the youth in cloud robe.

The eyes of the youth in cloud robe became dark red as he gazed at the incoming Chou Jiang. His hand was holding the combat blade tightly. Then, he stepped heavily on the ground and pounced like a beast. The blade light cut through the particles in the air then to Chou Jiang.

“Hao Yang Blade Art!”

Chou Jiang bellowed and the blade in his hand swung. His body was covered with intense xuanqi and the blade was encompassed with talisman patterns. It was an all-out-attack. A while later, it turned into a blade light that froze the incoming blade light, causing it to dissipate.

The face of the youth in cloud robe changed dramatically. He wanted to retract his sword to initiate another attack but his sword was stuck and it can’t be moved no matter how hard he tried.

“Your cultivation is far from enough to fight me, I won’t give you time to grow stronger either.”

Chou Jiang smirked. A shapeless and terrifying energy rushed out, blanketing the blade.

*Ka* *Ka*

The middle of the sword curved unusually before it broke.

*Pu Chi*

When the combat blade of the youth in cloud robe broke in his hand, he was sent backwards, the part between his thumb and forefinger became numb and he spurted out a mouthful of blood.


Chou Jiang took the chance to send a palm attack with his left hand, crushing the defensive barrier formed by xuanqi and it violently struck the youth’s chest.

*Pu Chi*

The youth in cloud robe received a heavy attack. His body was sent flying and he fell on a huge rock ten meters away. Blood was flowing out of his mouth and the huge rock behind him cracked.

*Jie* *Jie* (chuckle)

Chou Jiang smiled coldly and slowly walked forward. A lot of the youth’s allies wanted to stop him but they were too busy defending themselves. They could only watch as Chou Jiang, who is holding the blade that shone a cold light walking slowly towards the youth in cloud robe.

“You were right. Even if you surrendered, I would still kill you, the ace of Star Dragon Society. How could I allow a future threat of West Pro Society to grow?” Chou Jiang raised his blade. His eyes were full of murderous intent. He slashed his blade at the defenceless youth in cloud robe.

The youth in cloud robe narrowed his eyes upon seeing the blade attack. There was a dagger hidden in his right sleeve. He had no choice but to use it to destroy both of them together.


At this very moment, when everyone thought that the youth in cloud robe was going to die, a sharp noise resounded through the air. A cold golden light flashed through like lightning before striking strongly on Chou Jiang’s blade.


Fiery sparks were created. A huge amount of energy pressed against Chou Jiang’s sword, he almost lost his grip on the sword. His body was pushed and he staggered sideways.

Chou Jiang only managed to stabilize his body after several steps. His eyes changed when he noticed that it was a small dagger that hit his blade. Even though it was hurled from a distance, the force of the dagger was very powerful. He could tell how powerful the attacker was.

The thing that happened next stunned the youth in cloud robe.


At this time, the sky rolled and a gust of wind passed through the people below before a huge flying tiger appeared in their sight.

All of them were petrified, they immediately stopped fighting because there were no such beasts in this mountainous terrain.

As they continued to watch, they saw a tiger covered with a king like patterned scales. It roared ferociously as it flew towards their direction. Its wings was 60 meters long. The tiger then appeared just above them.

*Hu La La*

The flapping of the wings created many gusts of wind, blowing the stones and sand into the air.

“My goodness! That’s a Demonic Scale Tiger!”

“This Demonic Scale Tiger has already reached the Mailing realm!”

Everyone was gazing at one another in fear. The pressure of the wind suffocated them and blocked the circulation of their xuanqi.


A purple silhouette jumped down from the tiger’s back. He stood before the youth in cloud robe and frowned at him. After a while, he loosened his facial muscles and turned his pout into a smile on his resolute face.

The youth in cloud robe struggled to get to his feet as he looked at the youth in purple robe like he had seen a heavenly god that descended from the heavens to rescue him. As he stared at the steadfast face and the profound gaze under his sword-like brows, he recalled something. His body twitched and his eyes was filled with excitement. He then said. “Third Brother, you are Third Brother. I must be dreaming!”

The youth in cloud robe couldn’t believe what he just saw, he was petrified. He wouldn’t have thought that the godlike being who just descended from a huge beast was his Third Brother – the one who couldn’t cultivate because of broken veins when he was born, the one who looked dumb and was called fool young master, the one who needed constant protection from him and Big Sister.

“Second Brother, it’s good that you are fine. Take this pill and let me handle the rest of the matter.”

Du Shaofu came close to the youth in cloud robe with a smile. He tossed a pill to him. He was able to recognize this youth in cloud robe from far away, this youth was the son of his Second Uncle – Du Yunlong, also his second cousin brother.

Just now, he was lucky that he was able to find a dagger and hurled it towards the enemy. It was conceivable what would happened if he came a few seconds later. He gasped in a cold breath of air after thinking about it.

Du Yunlong took the pill and swallowed it while his eyes were still fixed on the steadfast face as if he was looking at a stranger.

Was this man his Third Brother? Du Yunlong was thinking of asking the help of a skilful Spirit Talisman Master the next time he returned to Stone City. As long as the master could treat his mental dumbness, it didn’t matter even if he couldn’t cultivate, but all of these were no longer present on his body, either the Qi or his demeanour. 


The disciple of Star Dragon Society who was haunted by the people of West Pro Society earlier came with Du Shaofu. He quickly came to Du Shaofu’s side while the people of West Pro Society were still dazed by the Demonic Scale Tiger. His eyes were full of gratitude for Du Shaofu’s kindness for he had saved his life.

The others started to realise that this was the brother of their master. They felt very much relieved as the tiger alone could help them win this war.

“Who is it? This is the matter between West Pro Society and Star Dragon Society. It is not of any outsider’s business. I suggest you not to interfere in this.”

Chou Jiang shifted his gaze to Du Shaofu after looking at the Demonic Scale Tiger. The expression in his eyes turned heavy. He had never thought that Du Yunlong knew some strong people.

“Third Brother, this man is the brother of the master of West Pro Society, Chou Jiang, a peak Maidong realm warrior. He is a tough enemy to deal with.” Du Yunlong’s expression turned heavy when he heard the threat of Chou Jiang.

“Second Brother, I have already said that I will handle this matter, okay? You don’t have to worry about it. We can regroup again later.”

Du Shaofu gave his Second Brother a smile and turned, looking at Chou Jiang who wasn’t far away. The expression in his eyes darkened and shot out a cold light. He then said. “You just tried to kill my Second Brother, tell me, how is this unrelated to me?”

“Second Brother…”

Chou Jiang’s face instantly changed after hearing this. His eyes looked at the Demonic Scale Tiger again before squeezing a smile to Du Shaofu. “I think I must have misunderstood master Du. It’s nothing, we will retreat and leave now.”

Chou Jiang made a gesture to leave because he knew that the tiger alone was already enough to pulverize all of them.

“You are not leaving. Kill yourself now and I’ll promise you that you will have a complete corpse! If you force me to act, I could not guarantee that you’ll still have a corpse!” The cold words came out of his mouth. How could Du Shaofu let go of a person who tried to kill his Second Brother?

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